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Managing Organisation Structures within Care Software

Having a care business can be a difficult task if you don't have the right software. CareVision is the ultimate care platform and it is able to cater to different organisation structures (maybe you have a home care business or running a charity). This Australian-designed software allows you to toggle different parts of your organisation structure, mainly:

  1. Branches - Stand-alone, self-contained organisations; branches cannot share staff and clients
  2. Regions - Within a branch and is used to define locations or geographic areas; clients will only have one home region while staff members may operate across multiple regions
  3. Departments - Within a branch and is used to define various business units; staff and clients may be a part of multiple departments. For example, Home Care Department, Disability Support Department, and Private Care Department

Managing Organisation Structures within Care Software
Organisation Structures, Departments, and Regions on CareVision.

Streamlining services and functions is made easier when the structure of your business is created. When you add departments and regions, it will also be possible to filter the system faster, like figuring out funding sources or getting claim files.

You may create your organisation structure on CareVision and enable department and region settings. If you need help with the step-by-step instructions, you can watch the guide at CareVision Academy.

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CareVision Profile

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