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Comcork WalkEasy flooring by Safety Flooring

A unique floor that's easy on the body, easy on the ears, easy on the environment, easy to walk on and extremely durable across a broad spectrum of uses. It's Comcork WalkEasy - the flooring of the future.

WalkEasy is made from carefully blending cork, including recycled wine corks, and selected polymers to provide a floor covering with "springiness" and lift. Cork is made up of millions of tiny cells - cells that contain an air entrapment, and this is one of the reasons why WalkEasy is so comfortable and supportive.

This energy absorption characteristic also provides a surface which is able to withstand the demands on pedestrian surfaces - WalkEasy actually absorbs pedestrian impact resulting in a floor covering that is easy to walk on and lasts so long - WalkEasy has been installed in some of the most demanding applications, such as the Queensland Bus terminal stations, Sydney Buses and Ferries.

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