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Concrib concrete sleeper retaining wall system

Concrib has for several years been producing a concrete sleeper retaining wall system that looks good, lasts a lifetime, never rots and is termite free.

Recently Concrib introduced a flat-face concrete sleeper beam to compliment the original radiused-face beams. The new profile presents a clean, contemporary feel to the traditional sleeper wall system.

Concrib concrete sleeper wall systems are compliant with AS3600 Concrete Structures and AS 4678 Earth Retaining Structures. With a natural concrete finish, the walls are easily coated with most popular concrete sealants.

Concrib offer an obligation free design-advice-budget planning service. Maximise your land value with a Concrib Retaining Wall. Visit us at www.concrib.com.au

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07 3375 1800

601 Boundry Road, Richlands, QLD, 4077



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