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A cleaner, safer and healthier adhesive range - our Dust Less Technology.
A cleaner, safer and healthier adhesive range - our Dust Less Technology. Davco's patented, award winning Dust Less Technology is at the core of our sustainability initiatives.

Access covers and grates from EJ
EJ Australia Pty Ltd is an Australian Company which manufactures high quality gas-tight covers, greasetrap lids, grates, municipal castings and roof and floor drain outlets. Our mission is to be the leading manufacturer and supplier of access covers and grates in Australasia.

ADIS Automatic Doors Wave wireless activation pad
ADIS Automatic doors recently released WAVE sensor is a wireless hands free activation pad, the Australian designed and made sensor is for use with automatic sliding applications that operate in crowded or confined spaces, the WAVE has proven a great success on bar doorways within clubs and pubs. The compact sensor has a defined area of sensortivity of 100mm, this allows persons to move around in front of a doorway without unintentionaly activating the auto door and can be fitted to the moving d

AliFrost aluminium frame cabinet doors from Mitchell Laminates
AliFrost(R) aluminium frame cabinet doors from Mitchell Laminates contain a range of genuine Perspex(R) Frost branded acrylic inserts with a unique ability to with stand finger marks. Using Perspex(R) Frost inserts, within AliFrost(R) aluminium frame doors, gives the same appearance as frosted glass, but with numerous added advantages.

AliMesh® kitchen doors from Mitchell Laminates for an industrial look
AliMesh(R) Aluminium frame kitchen doors, finished in 55mm Box frame with Bronze mesh inserts has been used for the refurbishment of Sundowners Travel office. Designer Tony Baenziger used AliMesh(R) Aluminium frame kitchen doors, finished in 55mm Box frame with Bronze mesh inserts, from Mitchell Laminates to create an industrial inspired looking staff kitchen for Sundowners Travel, Melbourne.

Aquagalv® by Dulux Protective Coatings heavy duty, waterborne coating
Environmental sustainability is a core element of the Dulux Protective Coatings business philosophy, particularly in the move away from solvents and towards water-based alternatives. One outstanding result is Dulux Aquagalv(R) - a waterborne, alkali-metal inorganic silicate coating.

Austech So Safe graffiti remover
Graffiti is becoming an increasing problem is Australian's urban environment. The market currently contains many Graffiti removers, but they contain chemicals that can damage the user health and the environment.

Avant-garde technical systems from MAPEI Australia
MAPEI products contribute to quality of life by modifying and improving aesthetics, comfort and the safety of our environment. MAPEI products are everywhere; our homes, under the floors, in the concrete columns or in the surfaces of historical buildings.

Axolotl metal art - Sculpture by the Sea
Art has been a major part of Axolotl since its inception. We have worked with some of Australia's best artists and sculptors including Richard Goodwin, Colin Lancely, Janet Lawrence, Warren Langley, Terrence Plowright and Gaye Porter.

B002 Bike Racks by DO Smith & Sons
The B002 bicycle rack will secure bicycles of all sizes. This sturdy bike stand utilizes semi circular tyre grips and can be manufactured in continuous lengths to suit any number of bicycles.

Biflex automatic door systems from ADIS Automatic Doors
Automatic Biflex door system is the perfect solution for high traffic flow areas where PVC curtains are used, the Biflex door operator will automatically open and close a PVC curtain preserving the clarity of the curtain whilst delivering protection against dust and minimising temperature loss.

Bluestone and sandstone paving by KHD Landscape Engineering Solutions
KHD Landscape Engineering Solutions has been providing quality Bluestone, Sandstone and Granite products to the building industry for over five years. KHD and its staff are committed to providing independent advice and service on a personal level, while providing the right stone product to suit any project.

BraceWall Brackets new from MiTek Australia
The Australian Standard for residential timber-framed construction (AS1684) requires building to be sufficiently braced against the action of wind with structural bracing walls. AS1684 further requires an effective connection between the top of all braced frames and the roof trusses above.

Classic Swedish floor finish from Synteko
Synteko floor finishes solve all coatings problems. Synteko proudly produces the best Swedish finish in the industry. Nothing coats like Synteko Classic. Nothing brings out the natural wood beauty and luster like Synteko Classic Swedish finish. Nothing solves coating problems like Synteko Classic.

Coloured wall mount standoffs from SI Retail
So you have tried Aluminium Wall Mounts with a soft chrome finish... What about now trying standoffs in colours to suit your branding or store theme? Wall Mounted Signs are now available with Blue, Red or Green Wall Mounts to suit your acrylics. These wall systems great for modernising your store signage and can be fixed to almost any wall! They are ideal retail signage options for retail outlets, restaurants and offices.

Concrete scans for construction remodeling from ScanMan
Cutting or drilling floors in factories, schools, shopping malls or any regularly re-modelled facility without a scan or 'x-ray', as it's commonly known, first can be a dangerous and potentially expensive proposition for any contractor. The facility owner as well may be exposed to down time and severe disruptions should a forgotten utility be destroyed.

Construction adhesives and protective coatings from MAPEI Australia
Construction adhesives and protective coatings from MAPEI Australia.

Covers, lids, grates and castings by EJ
EJ Australia Pty Ltd is an Australian Company which manufactures high quality gas-tight covers, greasetrap lids, grates, municipal castings and roof and floor drain outlets. Our mission is to be the leading manufacturer and supplier of access covers and grates in Australasia.

CraftStone Fieldstone cladding from Austech External Building Products
Westfields Figtree has recently gone under a transformation, including the use of Cultured Stone to clad part of its exterior. Aspen Dressed Fieldstone was chosen for the exterior wall sections. Fieldstone's large unique pieces created a dramatic and robust external feature wall that looks and feels like real stone.

Craft Stone cladding from Austech External Building Products at Sydney Motor Show
Austech's range of Craft Stone has been chosen as the backdrop to the Chrysler Jeep Exhibit at the Sydney Motor show.

Custom wrought iron fabrication by Budget Wrought Iron
Budget Wrought Iron specialise in both internal and external wrought iron work, such as balustrades for staircases, gates for your driveway or doors for your home. If you have any specific needs we can create a unique wrought iron design in the exact style that suits you and deliver your original wrought iron work to your home or your business.

Daylighting innovation from SolaTube
In the 1980s sole Australian inventor, Steve Sutton, created the concept of the tubular skylight; an energy-efficient alternative to the poorly designed and leak prone traditional skylights that were on the market at the time. His concept involved a light-capturing system positioned on the rooftop that redirected light down through a highly reflective cylinder to a diffuser at the ceiling level.

DMF International Dock Levellers
To compliment our range of high speed automated doors and PVC doors for dock applications, DMF can also supply a range of dock levellers. These dock levellers can be front of dock mounted or pit mounted, and can be mechanical or electro hydraulic, ranging from 12t to 20t capacity.

DMF International high impact traffic doors
The latest in high impact swing door technology is the DMF Traffic Doors. These cater for high levels of impact traffic and has a semi automatic operation, allowing the door to close automatically from either direction of opening. The heavy duty V-Rotor hinge can swing 180*, and has an optional 270* swing, which makes it ideal for openings leading into hallways.

DMF International Swingflex doors for commercial applications
DMF has been supplying PVC Swingflex doors for many years, for various applications including commercial kitchens, laboratories, hospitals, supermarkets, warehouses, freezers and coolrooms. These PVC traffic doors are ideal for protecting a working environment from dust, temperature or noise, in which there is a lot of traffic flow.

DOS215 electric hand dryers by DO Smith & Sons
The DOS215 electric hand dryer is manufactured to the highest international standards and is sold throughout Europe and USA.

East Coast Industries Australia stainless steel rods and handrail brackets
East Coast Industries Australia (ECIA) offers a large range of threaded rods and elbow handrail brackets designed to be compatible with our glass fittings and balustrade components.

Electric detection perimeter fencing from Australian Security Fencing
Australian Security Fencing has taken perimeter security to the next level with this unique range of EDS Electric Detection System products. The EDS fencing system is one of the few perimeter systems largely developed and manufactured in Australia and is continually proving to be the most reliable and cost effective method for perimeter security.

Envirofan damp solutions via subfloor ventilation
Envirofan has provided damp solutions since 2001. It predecessor Solarfan provided damp solutions since the 1970's. How did they do this? Damp solutions is achieved mainly in the design of their subfloor ventilation systems and in the installation of their units.

Enviro-friendly Australian pebbles from DécoR Stone
Practical landscape designer and architects are using DecoR Stone's range of Australian Natural Stones to create designs that mirror and manifest the Australian landscape. In response to this trend, DecoR Stone has added new colours and sizes to their collection of local Australian pebbles.

Envirofan damp solutions utilising 12 volt sub floor ventilation systems
In answering this question 'Are 12 volt sub floor ventilation systems powerful enough in providing damp solutions' really depends on who provides you with the answer. Ask a company that installs 240 volt sub floor ventilation systems and they would probably tell you, 'No'. Ask a company that installs 12 volt sub floor ventilation systems and they would say 'Yes'.

Euro Cav flush finish cavity sliding door from Altro Building Systems
The full height detail is designed to allow the underside of the track to finish flush with the ceiling, providing a smooth continuous flow from room to room. The Euro Cav flush finish cavity sliding system offers a totally square set finish around the perimeter of the frame giving a seamless transition through living areas.

Fire, smoke, sound, weather and energy containment by Kilargo
Kilargo is a privately owned Australian company with strong international ties. From its modest beginning in 1985, Kilargo (previously Lorient Australia) quickly built a reputation for developing innovative fire & smoke containment products for the door industry.

Flotex® textile floor covering systems by Karndean Designflooring
Flotex is a unique textile floor covering made by electrostatically flocking short, super dense, impervious nylon fibres onto a completely waterproof backing. Made in the United Kingdom and meeting ISO14001 Environmental Management Standards, the Flotex Modular Tile version contains over 50% recycled content in the final product.

Forcefield from Australian Security Fencing to secure premises
The system includes between 1-9, two channel ForceField(R) controllers and a keypad. Applications can include a maximum of 18 individual electric fence zones or 9 full live wire dual detection fence zones.

French provincial tiles by Designer Ceramics Australia
Origins in the mid 1600's. Revival Style in the 1920's and 1960's. This style was based upon the high fashion style of Louis XIV and Louis XV, but simplified for the rural manor homes and chateaus of the French provinces. This style has a relaxed European look creating style and elegance.

Grab and shower curtain rails from Star Washroom Accessories
Star Washroom Accessories supply commercial washroom accessories. Our products include Paper Towel Dispensers, Waste Receptacles, Automatic Hand Dryers, Grab Rails/Disable Rails, Toilet Tissue Dispensers, Liquid Soap Dispensers, Shower Seats, Bathroom Accessories, Stainless Steel Mirrors and Security Accessories.

Heat-On outdoor panel heaters from Heat-On Systems
Heat-On panel heaters, available from Heat-On Systems, are environmentally friendly, energy efficient and will become the next generation heating system for residential and commercial applications. High energy heaters are typically oversized for most rooms and are ineffective in circulating warm air around a house.

Horizontal Cable Lifeline fall arrest system by Miller Fall Protection
The Soll Xenon Horizontal lifeline system is the ideal solution for protecting workers at height. The dual protection design of the Xenon system allows workers to be restrained from reaching a point where a potential fall hazard exists and also provides fall arrest protection in the event of a fall.

Hydronic radiant under floor heating from Hunt Heating
Under floor heating is clean, safe and zero-allergen central heating system with extremely low maintenance costs. Water is heated via a high-efficienty Sime boiler and circulated through a network of highest quality Multitherm PE-RT polyethylene pipe, laid in the floor slab.

HydroTap energy efficient quick drink system from Zip
Drinks in the workplace are something that all of us take for granted, but they can be the source of frustration and expense, often creating messy working conditions. For this reason, many companies are looking for drinks solutions that are easy to use, energy efficient, inexpensive and simple to maintain. While kettles are often used to prepare hot drinks, they are in general not very energyefficient and time is wasted waiting around for water to boil. Kettle cords also represent a safety hazar

Industrial and commercial flooring from BASF
Whatever you produce, store, sell or exhibit; wherever you, your family or your employees work or spend their leisure time - we take care that you do it on sure ground. This is not all, BASF's complete range of flooring products spans the requirements of everything from high chemical resistance to severe impact and abrasion to floors that provide the highest level of aesthetics required in architectural installations.

Joint sealants from BASF
Joint sealants are used to seal joints and openings between two or more substrates. Their main purpose is to prevent air, water, and other environmental elements from entering or exiting a structure while permitting limited movement of the substrates. BASF offers a comprehensive range of joint sealant and sealing systems allow for the sealing of joints from facade work to floors to wide high movement joints.

Karndean Australia plank & tile flooring
Made from an exceptionally form of customised vinyl, Karndean flooring replicates all the beauty of natural flooring materials with none of the practical drawbacks. Focusing on close attention to detail, Karndean has developed a process by which colours, textures and sizes are reproduced to the highest possible degree of realism.

Keystone Acoustics at the University of Sydney
Keystone Acoustics at the University of Sydney.

Laticrete SpectraLOCK™ PRO Grout - the best grout in the business
The best grout on the market just got better. Laticrete has just launched SpectraLOCK PRO Grout. The professional's choice for all types of grouting installations. Grout is now a design element instead of a design challenge when you use Laticrete SpectraLOCK PRO Grout. Laticrete has answered the consumer's expectations on what grout should do, plus overcome difficult installation techniques.

Machine fabrications from Nepean Engineering
'Pearson'Machine No715407/5 3048mm wide X13mm cut sheet guillotine with back gauge, fitting and connection. 'Pearson'Machine No 700105, 12 foot 3 inches wide 250tonne capacity press brake with control panel, foot control,fitting and connections.

Manifold System 2000 underfloor heating by Hunt Heating
Compact in design. Non corrosive with a 10 year warranty. Double O ring seal. Up to 15 circuits per manifold.

Matrix Industries universal resilient wall ties
The Matrix 08 Range of resilient masonry and stud wall ties are the first resilient wall ties made to order for the construction of new and/or existing masonry and stud walls. The ties can be ordered for cavities from 20mm to 100mm and with studs from 64mm to 92mm.

Matrix Industries Helical anchoring system
Matrix Industries has expanded its building solutions products and is now the Australian distributor of a range of remedial ties, crackstitching solutions and innovative building products.

Non destructive testing and GPR from ScanMan
Use of Ground Penetrating Radar for NDT is a common way of examining the interior of products for voids and defects, although some skill is needed in using this method to examine samples and interpret the results, the results can be extremely accurate and cost effective.

Odour-locking Sani-Sleeve for urinals
The Sani-Sleeve offers an effective and enviromentally sound Enviro-Fresh way of dealing with the dual problems of smells and blockages in bowl urinals without the need for harmful chemicals and without the requirement for constant flushing.

OmniCrete OmniGripHF formulated resin system for highways
High performance coloured and high friction surfacing treatments for all classes of roads and highways. Typical applications include coloured demarcation of Bus Lanes, Cycle Lanes, approaches to Pedestrian Crossings and high friction treatments for Intersections and Roundabouts.

Plexicushion by Court Craft for tennis courts
Tennis NSW has selected Plexicushion to be installed at the Sydney Olympic Park Tennis Centre at Homebush which is the home of Tennis NSW. The work involved the removal of the existing surface, base preparation, asphalting and the installation of Plexicushion to all 16 courts.

Pool resurfacing by Hitchins Technologies
Wanting to repair your pool? Then we offer proven answers to your swimming pool and spa coating (painting) requirements. Whether your pool is new or old, Marblesheen, Pebblecrete fibreglass or concrete (painted), we can assist you with an economic, long lasting, premium epoxy coating system, called Epotec hi build coating. Epotec is sold and supported by us, Australia wide.

Powerflo Solutions quality valves and instruments
Powerflo Solutions sell, manufacture and support a wide range of high quality valves and instrume - serving virtually every industry in which liquids or gases are controlled or measured.

Recycled rubber playground matting from Sherwood Enterprises
There is no question it should be safety first when it comes to looking after our children's in there play areas, however many facilities do not comply to AS/NZ 4422-1996 standards. Sherwood Enterprises markets Herculan Safescape Play which is seamless cushioned play surfacing range with Australian Recycled shreeded car tyres and suitable for play ground areas with point elastic properties.

Roller garage doors from Deville Garage Doors
Roller Doors are a functional garage door made from colorbond steel and are a low cost option with the advantage of rolling up behind the garage opening without sacrificing space in the garage.

Ronstan tensile structures - new web site
Check out www.ronstan.com, the new website from Ronstan Architectural! At last a website to match their standing amongst the world's leading providers of complete tensile structures using cable, rod, bar and mesh.

Safety film to foil thieves by WFAANZ
Pharmacies are a prime target for smash and grab thieves wanting to steal prescription drugs and money. Proprietors of pharmacies and other retail outlets are taking precautions against after-hours theft by bolstering security. New, inexpensive measures are available that don't entail hi-tech alarm systems or round-the-clock security guards.

Satin acrylic mirror sheets from Allplastics Engineering
Following the great acceptance of the gloss Coloured Euromir(TM) Acrylic Mirrors in Australia, Allplastics have added three colours of Satin Mirror sheets to its extensive range of architectural and building plastics.

ScanMan concrete scanning safety gear
The ability to safely determine what's inside or below a concrete slab can be not only a money and time saving action, but a huge safety initiative within your business. Often safety comes as a second thought when drilling, cutting or demolishing concrete structures.

Sherwood Enteprises environmentally friendly sports flooring
Sherwood Enterprises has increased our range of Eco-Friendly Gymnasium, Fitness and Sports Flooring and introduced our Recycled Rubber Play Safe surfaces. We are delighted to provide a total product range of floorings when its comes to Gymnasiums, Sports or Multi-Purpose Flooring and Outdoor Reycled Rubber Safe Play areas.

Shower heads from RBA Group
Long regarded as the leader in commercial bathroom equipment supply, RBA is pleased to provide heavy duty shower head solutions to your next project. Our conical designed shower head provides no ligature points for vandalism or suicide and simultaneously offers a minimalist aesthetic to the designer.

Slimline water tanks from Reln Plastics
With rainfall and our dam levels at an all time low and the price of water set to rise, there's never been a better time to install a Reln water tank. The Reln Slimline 2100 provides the ideal solution for capturing precious rainwater to use around the home.

Soap dishes and liquid soap dispensers by Star Washroom Accessories
Soap dishes and liquid soap dispensers by Star Washroom Accessories.

Solaris glass blocks by Obeco Glass Blocks
Obeco Glass Blocks Pty Ltd is Australia's largest importer and distributor of glass blocks. We stock an extensive range of European and Asian glass blocks in a large variety of patterns, colours and sizes as well as specialty blocks for feature walls.

SpectraLock stain resistant grout from Laticrete
The grout that locks in colour and blocks out stains. Combines the performance of epoxy and the ease of use of cement grouts. Is a totally new concept available in 40 standard colours and 200 designer concept colours.

Stainless steel eco hand dryers from Britex
Quite simply, Britex stainless steel automatic hand dryers provide optimal drying performance and are built to last. Manufactured from heavy duty, satin finished stainless steel, Britex hand dryers are uniquely designed, stylish and highly vandal resistant making them perfect for public bathrooms, offices, healthcare and education facilities.

Stainless steel spacers for glass fittings from East Coast Industries Australia
East Coast Industries Australia (ECIA) offers a large range of spacers and stand off fittings. All spacers are high quality stainless steel (316) and are available in both satin finish and high polish.

Stainless steel toilet roll holders from RBA Group
Boasting a 3 Year warranty, RBA's 'top-shelf' commercial toilet roll holders offer a wide range of benefits including: stainless steel mechanisms; single, double and triple roll capacity; and the ability to reduce paper wastage.

Synteko acoustic flooring membranes
Synteko in conjunction with Acousti-Tech of Canada have launched an acoustic membrane with superior sound deadening and environmental properties.

Tech-Dry masonry with pre-sealing technology
Tech-Dry Masonry is concrete masonry with pre-sealing technology manufactured with Tech-Dry's innovative silicone water repellent admixtures. These admixtures significantly reduce water absorption and hence reduce the possibility of efflorescence, mould or mildew staining.

Thermomass aesthetic building solutions
The Thermomass(R) building system offers finishes ranging from natural concrete, paint, sandblasting, exposed aggregate, as well as cast in brick veneer, rustications and reveals. Our building system has been used in scores of buildings that have received numerous design awards.

Tubular handles by D & D Barry with electrical switch
GN 331 / GN 332 tubular handles with electrical switching function are designed for unlocking safety tumblers in sliding or rotating guard doors.

Victorian tiles from Designer Ceramics
This was an innovative period where advances in mechanisation led to further creativity in design and colour usage. Tube lining became a popular method of decoration where fine tubes of slip clay were hand drawn onto the tiles and the reservoirs between the tubes were decorated with different coloured glazes.

Waku telescopic ladders from Little Jumbo Ladders
Waku telescopic aluminium ladders are unique adjustable aluminium ladders which offer portability, safety and versatility. Each of the four models can be used as a step ladder, staircase ladder, extension ladder and two trestles.

Wall Strip shop display system by SI Retail
Can't decide what wall system to use in your store? Usually you can opt for Slatwall or Wall Strip shopfitting systems to display your merchandise. Wall Strip is an easy to install, unobtrusive wall display that hangs and shelves your merchandise without interfering with your colour theme or wall signage.

Waterco commercial water filters
Waterco has introduced a looped lateral configuration for its entire range of commercial horizontal fibreglass filters. Conventional horizontal filter lateral systems consist of straight piping fitted with laterals along the length of the horizontal filter.

Weldlok Industries drainage products - new brochure available
Weldlok Industries has released a new drainage products brochure to mark an update of its galvanised steel grating range. Products in this new brochure comply with the requirements of AS3996-2006. The brochure comprehensively covers the specifications for each grate type and includes a handy Ordering and Installation checklist to help customers select the right product for their needs.

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