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Some of the many benefits of using Tecbeam joists: economy, comfort, confidence, safety and more

Significant savings in overall construction project costs.

Ultimate user comfort and confidence
Utilizing TECBEAM's very rigid joists and unique strongback system provides total control over vibration and guarantees every floor feels "solid" and has minimal "bounce" under live loads. TECslab® floors produce the ultimate in solid-feel lightweight floor structures by combining TECBEAM joists with aerated concrete flooring panels or a solid concrete topping.

Higher Safety Margins if overloaded
TECBEAM joists are not subject to catastrophic collapse during high overloading and are exceptionally ductile, so provide large safety margins for high load applications (such as storage areas); they are eminently suitable for constructions in earthquake and cyclone-prone areas.

Flexibility in design

  • Provides long spans between supports for relatively shallow floor depths.
  • Enables cantilevered balconies to be easily constructed using web holes.
  • Easy to replace unwanted bulkheads by running support beams internally.
  • Can be notched out at the ends to fit easily into steel support beams.
  • Can be angle cut at the ends to allow for sloping lower roof-lines.

Saving on Steelwork
With the capacity to support load bearing walls, point loads and upper floor set backs, due to TECBEAM's strength, stiffness and low creep factor.

Easy installation of services
Through TECBEAM's wide aperture holes, which are larger and more frequent than in many competing products.

Environmentally friendly
TECBEAM joists are constructed from 100% recyclable galvanised steel and small section plantation grown softwoods and replace deep section solid timber joists traditionally sourced from old growth native hardwoods or imported Oregon.

Ease of use on site
Rugged and easy to handle on site, relatively lightweight, with no special fixings/welding or cranage; supplied made-to-measure and able to be cut anywhere.

Fast order fulfilment
With a wide range of standard lengths kept in stock and able to be cut-to-length and delivered quickly, normally 24/48 hours turnaround for house lots.

TECBUILD Systems Profile

For enquires please contact Jack Haber at Tecbuild Systems on 0411 502 000


TECBUILD Systems Profile

For enquires please contact Jack Haber at Tecbuild Systems on 0411 502 000




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