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Floor Joist System TECslab from TECBUILD

tecbeam construction

A smarter and more cost effective alternative to concrete floors.

TECslab™ combines TECBEAM® I-beam joists with Hebel® PowerFloor™ to provide a lightweight flooring system at around half the cost of suspended, reinforced concrete utilising removable formwork

  • Exceptional acoustic, vibration and thermal insulation comfort levels
  • Up to 240 minutes fire resistance from above and 90 minutes from below
  • Easy to work with standard tools, no wet trades

TECslab™ - Two great construction systems working together

TECBEAM® engineered I-beams deliver benefits not available with suspended concrete.

  • Greater spans in a lightweight beam system with reduced sub-structure
  • Plumbing, ductwork and other services can be run through the TECBEAM® web holes, without a suspended ceiling. Reducing floor cavity height
  • Fire-rated plasterboard fixed to the underside of TECBEAM® joists achieves required project FRL for fires from below
  • In long spans floor vibration is easily controlled by using strongbacks
  • The continuous steel web in TECBEAM® joists produces 60% lower floor creep than other timber joists, saving in post construction maintenance such as sticking doors

The Hebel® PowerFloor™ system consists of 75mm steel-reinforced Hebel® panels glued and screwed to the frame to provide a solid floor at a quarter of the weight of standard concrete.

  • PowerFloor™ provides a solid feel floor without the bounce, flex and squeak of timber sheet flooring
  • Excellent thermal and airborne noise insulation properties
  • PowerFloor™ provides a 240 minutes fire rating for fires from above and up to 90 minutes from below
  • Eliminates sticking doors and post construction maintenance

TECBUILD Systems Profile

For enquires please contact Jack Haber at Tecbuild Systems on 0411 502 000


TECBUILD Systems Profile

For enquires please contact Jack Haber at Tecbuild Systems on 0411 502 000




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