Dutcham Flooding Defence Barrier Animation from Flooding Solutions

The Dutchdam is a revolutionary flood-defence barrier which is immediately deployable in an emergency and is permanently installed in quays or quay walls alongside rivers at risk of flooding.

The extruded aluminium folding part of the device is stored in a folded position in a housing duct, which forms part of a foundation construction. As a result, the entire system is stored in the ground AT THE POINT OF NEED.

This not only has important financial advantages (no off-site storage and dramatically reduced manpower requirements) but also offers a rapid deployment time, which greatly aids the safety aspect. As a result of climate change there is a greater likelihood of more substantial rainfall occurring in a shorter time, which means that the immediate deployment of the Dutchdam is very advantageous.

The very short reaction time makes it possible to make the decision about deployment at a later point in time. Unnecessary costs and the inconvenience regularly associated with flood barriers using partition walls are therefore minimised.

The first Dutchdam to be installed in Australia has been commissioned by the Richmond River County Council for a site at Lismore, New South Wales. This project is scheduled for completion in November 2008.