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EJ new range of tree grates (grilles) are durable, functional and architecturally appealing to the end user. They will add to the attractiveness of projects while protecting trees and defining pedestrian precincts. These new products will enable planners, designers and developers to turn their ideas into reality. Other designs are available on demand and we are constantly adding to our extensive range.

Tree grates are a necessity for healthy trees in various settings from urban pathways, campuses, parks to indoor shopping centres. They provide more usable area for pedestrian activity while protecting developing trees and their root systems. The slotted design allows for watering and drainage, minimises the growth of weeds and stops the spread of soil and bark to the adjacent areas.

Landscape designers will find EJ cast iron tree grates to be the strongest and most cost effective way for protecting trees in the urban landscape. Cast iron tree grates are very strong and will stand up well to vehicles accidentally mounting the footpath.

Our tree grilles can be installed directly into a concrete rebate or provided with a galvanised mild steel frame. They're painted with a black bituminous coating; similar to our access covers and grates.

We can also provide our grilles unpainted. In their unpainted state, they will develop a pleasant dark patina that will not weaken the grille as iron unlike steel, is inherently resistant in corrosion from natural elements. Alternatively, we can coat our grilles in a sea-salt and graffiti resistant thermo plastic.

Identify and Customise
Customise your tree grille with the name of your company, city or town. Add your logo or insignia to further strengthen your identity.

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