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A solid 'block' for students with Uni-Base Board lightweight cladding from Unitex
Uni-Base Board(TM) lightweight cladding features on the new Kingsbury Gardens Apartments, which are part of the award-winning Springthorpe Estate. Just minutes to LaTrobe University in Melbourne's north, the development is sure to be a future hive of activity for students.

A Finnleo sauna will meet your individual needs in a special design or unique location
The options are only limited by your imagination... innovative use of glass windows and doors, unusual angles, unique bench configurations - with a Finnleo Sauna, you can achieve them all. Your design, in partnership with Finnleo experience and quality, assures unmatched form and function.

Accordian PVC strip doors from DMF International... a better advantage
To increase the range of effective solutions for flexible PVC doors, DMF International have introduced some options for their Visiflex Strip Doors. There are applications whereby the static strip door is not satisfactory, having a requirement for the PVC strips to be opened at times.

Acoustica's Kliptex® Decorative Fabric wall and ceiling system adds design & flair while absorbing noise
With the Kliptex(R) Decorative Fabric Wall and ceiling System you can add design flair and absorb unwanted noise in restaurants, reception areas, theatres, schools and meeting rooms. You can also use Kliptex(R) without the sound absorbing substrate to create stunning public areas.

AutoGlide curtain tracks from Silent Gliss
It is estimated that 75% of burglaries occur when properties are unoccupied. To aid security, Silent Gliss has introduced Autoglide, a curtain track system that automates opening and closing of curtains at set times or according to daylight levels.

Britex maintenance-free, low flush / waterless urinals - Australia's lowest flushing urinal
The Britex 'Arid Mist' Urinal Pod is Australia's lowest flushing urinal. As part of our WELS testing, our Britex Arid Mist Pods achieved an extremely low flush rate of just 0.467 litres per flush.

Building insulation systems from Thermomass for office, retail and warehousing facilities
In the distribution business, time is money. No one knows that better than Thermomass. Thermomass is the durable, energy-efficient choice for fast construction of today's large distribution warehouses.

Catering for the Builder, Tradesman and Handyman, no job is too small - Edcon Steel
Edcon Steel is more than just the largest merchant and structural steel fabricator on Sydney's North Side, we also look after the smaller needs of our clients, no matter what the size.

Curved glulam from Dale Glass Industries
Curved glulam has been manufactured for long time, and DGI has been producing curved glulam tops for the last 25 years. We have achieved the mastery necessary to manufacture a product suitable for all aesthetic, practical, architectural and structural purposes.

Dale Glass Industries Country finish - A finish for timber surfaces
Dale Glass Industries Country Oil is formulated as an alternative to two-pack polyurethane. Although not quite as tough, it is far easier to maintain. Our unique formula is a blend of urethane fortified natural oils which is resistant to water, most chemicals and stains.

Decorative tiles from Dune Australia are going further in decoration
The Dune name is recognised world wide as a leading brand in decorative tiles � a reputation earned through innovative and fashionable designs, premium quality products and a high standard of customer service.

Devi's DeviRail™ heated towel rail is a practical, useful and economic inclusion that dries your towels
Whilst keeping them warm and fresh and are ideal for cold wet winters and summer humidity. If fewer washes are required you may also save water, detergent, time and energy. They can even be used to dry small articles of clothing.

Dune Australia for all your decorative products including ceramics, glass, marble and travertine
Dune has earned its reputation as a market leader through differentiation in design, quality and customer service. The Dune brand is recognised world wide as the leading brand in decorative tiles.

Durable floors - providing protective high performance coating/topping systems
Durable floors expertise is to provide suitable protective and performing protective coating/topping systems for Industrial and Commercial environments with durability and easy maintenance being of primary concern.

Economical floor heating, safe floor heating & invisible floor heating from Comfort Heat
All Comfort Heat floor heating cables are safe and exceed Australian standards with a 10 year guarantee. Comfort Heat floor heating is totally concealed in your wall cavities and floors ensuring no external damage.

Erapol SP Series - High Performance sprayable elastomers from Era Polymers
The Erapol SP Series is a range of polyether based two component spray systems designed to be sprayed at a ratio of 1:1 by volume through a high pressure spray machine such as manufactured by Gusmer.

Erapol ET Series - high performance TDI / Polyether Elastomers from Era Polymers
Erapol ET Series is a range of polyether based prepolymers intended to be reacted with MOCA or Ethacure to produce high performance polyurethane elastomers in the hardness range of 83 Shore A up to 75 Shore D.

Europe's finest bathroom accessories from Pomd'or available at Argent Australia
Pomd'or, Spain's leading bathroom accessory brand is pleased to introduce five exciting new ranges. Based in Barcelona Spain and with more than 30 years of experience and exports to more than 50 countries, Pomd'or is a leading brand in European bathroom accessories and is world renown for its designs.

Eco-friendly water saving washroom solutions from Zip Water
Zip manufactures and distributes an extensive range of touch-free eco-friendly products for commercial washrooms. These include water saving urinal flushing systems, soap dispensers, taps and hand dryers. The product range also includes thermostatic mixing valves and flush valves.

Finnleo Sauna and Steam - get the most from your experience
As with any form of leisure or exercise, there are generally some good guidelines to follow. For the optimal sauna experience, we'd like to make a few recommendations.

Flotex with Sanitized® at the cedars with Karndean Australia
The addition of Sanitized(R) antimicrobial treatment to the Flotex manufacturing process means that when Flotex floors look clean, they really are clean � an essential criterion for hospitals, nursing homes, schools and clinics.

Flotex now with Sanitized® from Karndean
Flotex has been a staple within the design market and now with the addition of Santized(R) to its manufacturing process, there are even more reasons to look at this unique flooring surface.

Foamular's Metric XPS has got the green factor with reduced ozone layer depletion
The GREEN factor is a priority with Foamular Metric. From manufacture to end use, Foamular Metric contributes to minimization of ozone layer depletion in a number of ways.

Green roofs: designs with decorative pebbles from DécoR Stone
DecoR Pebble Company Director, Geoff Iles, says that green roofs projects like the Four Tower 'Yarra's Edge' development are a blend of new aspirations and necessities. 'This green roof epitomises the new direction that designers are adopting universally enabling contribution to a healthier environment while incorporating aestheticism.'

G.V. Kinsman supplying the electrical installation industry highest quality products and systems
G.V. Kinsman Pty Ltd was established in 1967 as a manufacturer's agent based in Melbourne, selling into the broad electrical industry.

Hopleys Sheetmetal - serving the industry for over 75 years
Hopleys motto of 'Anything In Sheetmetal' has been further enhanced in recent years, with the introduction of the latest in new equipment and the doubling of our factory floor space.

Increase the life of your carpet with CarpetCare
Stair Trak safety treads from Carpetcare are safe, economical, attractive, available to choose from deco match colour range and manufactured from non slip - non shrink - resilient rubber.

Mapei's Eco Products with little to none VOC emissions
The following is a list of MAPEI's most common products with zero to very low VOC emissions. These products have been approved through the U.S. Green Building Council (LEED), the Carpet and Rug Institute (Green Label Plus), GEV - European Association for the Control of Emissions in products for Flooring Installation (Emicode EC1) and are Green Star IEQ compliant as verified by ecospecifier.

Maxim Louvres have a vast array of standard products for the control of sun glare, heat and privacy
Maxim Louvres Pty Ltd is an Australian manufacturer specialising in the manufacture of exterior and interior louvre blinds and screens. Our product base is further enhanced by our ability to custom manufacture products to suit the unique requirements of many projects.

Monarflex screen printing - Getting your message across
Imagine your message being as big as your building. Monarflex can print your message, corporate logo or other visual onto the sheeting in full colour at a very competitive cost.

New Wolfin membrane to block cell-phone transmission
Wolfin's new 'cellphone block' membrane has been specifically designed to block mobile phone transmissions in and out of sensitive buildings constructed with flat roofs � whilst still acting as a stand-alone waterproofing system.

Open Shutters provide the ultimate custom made shutters
Based on sales figures, Open Shutters are Australia's most popular brand of custom made shutter. We are also Australia's most awarded shutter maker.

Premier Door Systems manufacture Rapid Auto-Roll Doors to suit just about any environment
From small internal doorways or large external openings subject to high wind, to freezers or Class 1 Zone 1 areas. The entire range of doors enjoy the following benefits and safety features: Door panel constructed from polyester reinforced fire retardant PVC, coated with a UV absorber In-line safety beam to prevent door from closing on objects parked in doorway.

Prevent your mirrors from steaming up with Devi Heating Systems
A simple and invisible solution to the problem is available in the form of a heating mat fitted behind the mirror. The mat heats the mirror to eliminate the effects of the temperature difference.

Pyropanel is a proven market leader in the fire protection industry
Pyropanel Developments Pty Ltd is dedicated to excellence in the fire protection industry. Its products are designed for protection of life and property.

Quality solid timber cabinet doors from Dale Glass Industries
Quality solid timber doors provide a look that is contemporary, traditional or rustic. Unlike man-made materials, natural timber has a rich distinctive appearance with unique colour and grain variations.

Rollashield - manufacturing external shutters for Australia
Rollashield has been manufacturing external shutter blinds in Australia since 1975. While the concept may have been imported, the current Rollashield product is designed to meet special requirements of the Australian environment.

Non-slip Stair Strip from CarpetCare stops carpet wear and tear
Carpetcare Pty Ltd offers a non-slip stair strip to stop carpet wear at its most vulnerable point - the front edge. Using hardened aluminium and a rubber inlay the tread can be applied to existing or new carpet.

S&A Stairs new showroom showcasing the best stairs, doors and windows
Gold Coast staircase manufacturer, S&A Stairs is currently constructing a new showroom at Burleigh. This will complement their Labrador location. Tim Walker, the Manager of Slattery and Acquroff Holdings Pty Ltd has had been busy to ensure the will have the showroom completed on time for the opening in late March.

Site protection - a real solution from Monarflex
From installation to completion, Monarflex provides a fast, reliable protection system that is so tough it is re-usable time after time making Monarflex the most economical sheeting product on the market today.

Synteko Classic floor finish - enhancing the natural beauty whilst maintaining a durable, long lasting floor
Synteko's focus has been to produce quality products for the most sophisticated architect and designers to the most experienced floor sanders and finishes. Synteko's high standard means that the company does not manufacture the cheapest or widest range of products.

Tamper proof key rings from Keywatch Systems Queensland - professional security
Tamper-proof Key Rings from Keywatch Systems Qld are the simplest way to ensure peace of mind over the security of your keys. Tamperproof Key-Rings are the 'no tools needed,' economical choice for the demanding security professional.

The MK-5 Swingflex door from Premier Door Systems is the perfect solution for light vehicle access doorways
Manufactured from unique modular componentry, these doors are custom made to suit your exact requirements. Swingflex Doors form an effective environmental barrier against draughts, noise, heat, cold, dust, fumes and insects.

The Standard Platform from Preston - strength through flexibility
For a major development or construction, the Preston Standard Platform provides the most efficient method to deliver building materials anywhere on the site. Designed for its ease of movement to and from any position, the Preston Standard Platform is fast and easy to assemble using Preston's own rapid installation system.

The KeyWatcher™ from KeyWatch Systems Queensland - electronic key management systems
Morse Watchman's KeyWatcher and KeyBank electronic key management systems are your answer to key control. Providing complete key reports and audit trails, the KeyWatcher is the only key system that comes standard with random key return and locking locations.

The perfect wet area installation from Mapei
In recent times the percentage of failures in wet areas has risen dramatically. In response to this, designers are now looking for companies that can offer a COMPLETE SYSTEM with one warranty.

The CS SpaceMaker from CS Cavity Sliders - functional, efficient and space saving!
A CS Cavity Sliders door unit is a functional and efficient alternative to conventional surface sliding or hinged doors. CS Cavity Sliders enable a door to slide inside the wall space on both sides clear and unobstructed, proving a practical solution for those areas where there is not enough space for a pre-hung door.

The Sustainable Materials for the Built Environment 2007 Conference featuring GECA
GECA will be speaking at the conference on the role of environmental labelling in the green building products sector. Mr Tim Edwards, Director of GECA, will present, 'Barriers to environmental technology and the role of ecolabelling', on the 20th of February. We hope you are able to attend the event.

Thermomass cold storage - is the right choice for the critical demands warehouses and distribution centres
Our insulated walls take advantage of the 'thermal mass' effect. 'Thermal mass' is the ability of our concrete sandwich panels to store energy and hold interior temperatures steady while external temperatures vary.

Ultracolor Plus from Mapei is a versatile and multi-purpose grout with extra benefits
Ultracolor Plus is a versatile, multi-purpose grout with the added benefits of BioBlock anti-mould and Drop Effect water resistant technologies.

VersiTank® swimming pool in-fill from Elmich
Many homeowners are seeking ways to cost effectively in-fill swimming pools due to water restrictions and increased water costs. VersiTanks offer swimming pool owners an efficient and cost effective way to in-fill pools and allow storm water to be captured and stored within the pool confines under landscaped areas. Stored water may be used to irrigate landscaped areas.

Villeroy & Boch - basins, baths and toilet suites at Argent Australia
Villeroy and Boch have manufactured ceramic china for over 250 years and during this time have built a world wide reputation for developing high quality products for the home.

Water features from Di Emme - Create ambience with water
From monumental, spectacular and exciting, to passive and contemplative the fascination of water can stimulate or calm.

Waterco has released their Trimline Bag Filter 75, large suction fittings, and cast iron pumps
Waterco has released a larger bag filter, the Trimline Bag Filter 75, which is one model up from the existing Trimline Bag Filter 50. The TBF 75 houses a larger filter bag with a surface area of 0.27m2, almost double the surface area of the TBF 50 (0.17m2), increasing service runs and decreasing the frequency of maintenance.

Waterco's Fulflo Tri-Cartridge water saving filter
Fulflo Tri-Cartridge Filters are designed to effectively filter out suspended solids from your pool. Fulflo Tri-Cartridge Filters house three individual pleated filter cartridges with a combined surface area of up to 500 sq.ft (46 m²).

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