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Acoustica Industries has discovered the most effective way to convert sound energy into silent kinetic energy
It uses a very ancient design: the pyramid. The company is now providing a range of pyramid shaped foams which absorb, scatter, deflect and diffuse sound energy, rather than only absorbing it.

Ampere manufactures and sells the best range of electrical accessories
Ampere electrical contractor supplies are available from the majority of electrical wholesaler outlets in Australia. Ampere distributes electrical contractor supplies in each Australian state or territory through a network of their own warehouses or through selected agents.

Axolotl Ozone is a specialist in manufacturing formed, blasted and deep carved glass for both exterior and interior use
Axolotl Ozone glass products include feature walls, awnings, frameless doors, signage, water features, table surfaces and cladding.

Be Adventurous with Dulux Duratec® range of strong, vibrant paint colours
Dulux has launched Duratec, a new range of brightly coloured finishes. For decades, the colour choice of powdercoatings has been conservative. Now the availability of strong vibrant colours allows the specifier to use more adventurous effects on aluminium components for exterior environments.

Bent and Curved Glass - The unique qualities of curved glass could contribute to the success of your next project!
Bent and Curved Glass Pty Ltd manufactures curved toughened, curved laminated and curved annealed glass for a broad range of architectural applications.

Bring the essence, colour and beauty of the natural world to your living area with decorative pebbles from DécoR Stone
Using DecoR Pebble's extensive assortment of quality and decorative pebbles and the new range of DecoR Met l'art stainless steel tiles, an award winning mosaic artist has manifested her creative vision into a lasting tour de force.

Cementaid's Caltite concrete treatment was specified and used for the Shark Aquarium at Ocean Park - Hong Kong Island
Aquaria constructed earlier at the Park had problems with chloride-induced corrosion. Animal health risks caused by leachate from damaged, corroded concrete, as well as stress on animals from maintenance disruption were concerns.

Central Station's sandstone solution from Di Emme - creating another cost effective custom finish
When it came to recreating an exceptionally authentic sandstone finish for the new Rail Heritage Centre at Central Station, the creative team at Di Emme Creative Solutions were commissioned based on their ability to provide superior quality hand applied custom finishes.

Commercial Lattice - Australian Made by Superior Screens Australia
Superior Steel Lattice has evolved from many years of research and development and now represents the best example of this popular household and commercial product. The name Superior Steel Lattice is a registered trademark and the product is patented in Australia.

Cooler living with Saint-Gobain specialty window films Solar Gard®
Solar Gard Window Film will dramatically reduce the solar energy that enters your home, office or shop, which makes it unnecessarily hot and uncomfortable during summer.

Discover the world of Rolletna - Rolletna Window Furnishings
Design and architectural elegance has become the forefront of Rolletna Window Furnishings. With its constant move for new and innovative products, Rolletna is guaranteed to suit any window application.

DMF International - There's a DMF VISIFLEX Solution to Suit Every Doorway and Screen Problem!
These can be made to suit most applications, no matter how big or small the opening is, these come in variety of strip sizes, from 100x2mm to 300x5mm. If required wider sheets, up to 2200mm wide can also be used. Have a look at all available PVC strips, sheets and rolls.

ECO Specifier - Environmentally Preferable Products, Materials, Technologies & Resources
ECO Specifier - ecospecifier is an award-winning knowledge base of over 3000 environmentally preferable building materials, technologies, resources & links to eco-preferable products & best-practice innovative design tools and strategies.

Enjoy the natural beauty of the new fireplace from Cheminées Chazelles with a dual opening system
This superb fireplace offer one of the most imposing curved glass front on the market and comes with the unique Dual opening system: lateral opening door and vertical opening door out of view to enjoy the natural beauty and atmosphere of an open fire.

Envirofan Intuitive Underfloor and Sub-Floor Ventilation Design Without The Use Of Flexible Ducting
At Envirofan our approach is cutting edge. When we start with a blank canvas, we finish with one. This is to maximise effective cross-flow in subfloor and undefloor areas without obstructions.

Era Polymers are playing it safe with EMD73 Rubber Binder, binding rubber crumb together at Creative Recreation Solutions
Creative Recreation Solutions used Era's EMD73 Rubber Binder to bind the rubber crumb together, once successfullly mixed it is then trowelled out to create a decorative yet safe surfacing.

Extend your indoor living into the great outdoors with Vergola Systems
The covering of the outdoor area with a twin A-frame Vergola configuration has enhanced the Northerly perspective with an added black trim matching the powdercoated framing of the windows and doors.

Heatray Heating Solutions by Celmec International - Warms you and not just the surrounding air
The HeatRay product range offers innovative heating solutions for outdoor leisure and dining applications, providing year-round weather protection and comfort. HeatRay uses electric radiant heating panels to produce evenly distributed energy which warms people and objects, not empty space or the surrounding air.

High quality, cost-effective modular water tanks for Australians, built by Australians - Hunt Engineering
Tank Industries manufactures high quality, cost-effective modular water tanks for the fire fighting/sprinkler industry and water supply markets. A division of Hunt Engineering and Staff Pty Ltd, the company is dedicated to high quality and committed to service.

Joinery Including Cupboards, Doors, Drawer Runners & Systems to Handles & more!
For all your Joinery including cupboards, doors, drawer runners and systems to Joinery handles, knobs, hinges, laminates and timber veneers.

Kitchens - Cabinets & Joinery including Bench Tops, Cabinet & Wardrobe Accessories, and more!
Looking for that perfect kitchen? - Cabinets and joinery including bench tops, cabinet and wardrobe accessories, cupboards and doors, with granite and marble, joinery handles, knobs, laminates, shelving and timber veneers then come to Spec-Net, your online Building And Construction Directory.

Landscaping & Outdoors - Decks & Balconies including Balusters, Insect Screens, Outdoor Furniture and more!
For all Your Landscaping and Outdoors - Decks and Balconies including Balusters, Insect Screens, Outdoor Furniture, Shade Structures and Timber Decking Needs, Come to Spec-Net, Your Online Building And Construction Directory.

Landscaping & Outdoor - Urban Fittings – Including Artworks & Sculptures, Exterior lighting Fountains, Statues and more!
For all of Your Landscaping and Outdoor - Urban Fittings - Including Artworks and Sculptures, Exterior lighting Fountains, Statues, Light poles, Litter receptacles, Bicycle Parking and Storage and Signage Solutions - Come to Spec-Net, Your Online Building And Construction Directory.

Miami Stainless fittings are throughout all areas of the world and still with the lowest offered prices
Miami Stainless is a supplier of Stainless Steel Marine Fittings to customers worldwide. Our customers choose to buy from us because of our Low Prices, Best Quality Products and Speedy Service.

New Colorbond® "Louvre" provides style and privacy for residential and commercial needs - Superior Screens Australia
Superior Screens Australia Australia Pty Ltd has launched a 55mm Louvre in COLORBOND Slatting, which can add style to commercial or residential premises while also meeting residential privacy regulations.

News Limited enjoy the benefits of installing a Southwell Goods Hoist in their Printing Facility
News Limited has recently included a Southwell Goods Hoist in their building addition at their Printing Facility at Chullora. What's special about this job is that its Southwell's first manufactured clear enclosure Goods Hoist.

New product arrivals from Waterco; optional extras putting the secondary seal on your water pumps and filters
Optional Extras for the Micron SM Deep Bed Commercial Filters, Waterco Fish Tail laterals, Waterco's Secondary Seal, Waterco Hydrostar MKIII, Hydrostar Commercial MKIII vs MKII.

New super abrasion resistant acrylic revolutionises architectural and building applications from All Plastics Engineering
Allplastics has introduced a new Super Abrasion Resistant (SAR) acrylic sheet which has finally provided architects, designers, builders and manufacturers with a real alternative to glass. No longer can it be said that acrylic scratches easily, indeed this revolutionary material displays a clear difference to all other clear glazing materials.

Nover - Specialists in Kitchen & Joinery Supplies
Nover is an Australian specialist wholesale distributor of essential products for the kitchen, shop fitting and furniture industries.

Projex - Wolfin Waterproofing at elegant Parsley Bay
Alexander Tzannes, architects, designed a superb new house incorporating an 1880s boatshed and extensive land right alongside Sydney's Parsley Bay. The house has been built to take advantage of the Parsley Bay frontage without overpowering it in any way.

RBA Turns Wet Hands Dry with the 'Élan' Stainless Steel Warm Air Hand Dryer
The 'Elan' Stainless Steel Warm Air Hand Dryer from RBA and Bobrick, is sensor operated and comes with a 5 year Warranty to provide Building Managers with peace of mind.

RBA rubbish bins - Got rubbish? Put it in one of the bins from RBA's range of stainless steel waist receptacles!
Got some rubbish? RBA has somewhere for you to put it! RBA's range of stainless steel waste receptacles is designed for use on any commercial project.

Roof Cladding including Clay & Terracotta Roof Tiles, Concrete Tiles, Metal Roofing, Plastic & more!
For all Your Roof Cladding including Clay and Terracotta Roof Tiles, Concrete Tiles, Metal Roofing, Plastic and Fibreglass Roof Cladding, Glazing Systems, Slates and Shingles.

Sani Flush Sensor System from Britex
From Britex, comes the ideal way to maintain optimum hygiene levels and resolve many frequently encountered problems in male washrooms - the Sani Flush Sensor System.

Sharp and clean with pleasing architectural features which is both waterproof and self draining - Smartfix® systems
Smartfix Industries - a proud Australian owned family company - can claim over thirty years of experience in commercial construction together with a truly enviable reputation for quality service.

Simple DIY balustrade Solutions from Miami Stainless
For a stainless steel wire balustrade system on a budget, that is modern, stylish looking, and very simple to install; then the standard hand swaged method from Miami Stainless is the ideal choice.

Soundproofing product data out now in Asian & Arabic from Soundguard
Soundguard urges companies to inform their overseas affiliates that they can now access technical data sheets detailing high-tech soundproofing material options in both Arabic and Asian languages online at www.soundguard.com.au.

Superior Screens Australia, COLORBOND® and BlueScope steel are a powerful combination in fencing
Fencing Australia Superior Screens Australia, COLORBOND and BlueScope steel are a powerful combination, practical, durable, stylish and impressive to look at. As a national group of professional COLORBOND experts Superior Screens Australia customizes fencing to any need.

The new range of quality and affordable DécoR Pebble Crazy Pave can help you transform any living area
Enhance a worn-out veranda or add a decorative finish to harmonise a new patio. DecoR Pebble Crazy Pave provides texture and depth to a simple area. The product comes in interlocking tiles which are approximately 600mmx600mm and is available in two colours, Bisque and Russet.

The Tilter Door from Graham Day Garage Doors - a one-piece overhead door for your convenience
The Tilter Door is available with two different hardware types - the J and T type. The main advantage of the one-piece design is that many cladding materials can be used without the need for joins where panels break as in a Sectional Overhead Door.

The most durable 'natural' finish for timber floors and more - The Treatex® Hardwax Oil ECO 1200 from Whittle Waxes
It is especially good for very dense timbers. Eco is not suitable for cork, OSB or very microporous timber. Features: Natural, eco-friendly surface treatment for wooden flooring Virtually solvent-free. Contains 99% solids Penetrates deeply achieving a micro porous surface finish Application quantity of approx. 50 sq m per litre, 1 coat (depending on application and wood type)Available in clear matt and colours

The EcoSmart™ Fire is a dramatic reinvention of the old spirit stove
Using renewable energy and state-of-the-art design and technology, the EcoSmart Fire is environmentally friendly, aesthetically pleasing, highly efficient and cost-effective.

The new Mailsafe Mailboxes in-house powdercoating facility offers a wide range of powdercoat colours
Mailsafe offers a wide range of colour choices including: 30 standard colours. Several premium colours. Custom colours available upon request. Two-Tone colours available upon request. Note: We use Dulux powdercoat colours as standard.

The Silent Gliss 2600 Folding Panel system will enhance the design and flexibility of any living space
Either as a window furnishing or as a room divider. It is a Panel Glide that can also fold and rotate, making for a small stacking space.

The range of window film products from Saint-Gobain offer solutions to suit a wide variety of needs
Whether you're looking to reduce solar heat gain, increase glazing security or create a glazing design feature, the window film products from Saint-Gobain offer the finest quality and range. Window film affords a high level of flexibility, is cheaper than toned glass and is perfect for retrofitting.

The Ronstan range of cable balustrade systems offers performance, aesthetics and longevity
The Building Code 2006 (BCA D2.16) requires cable balustrades to meet specific loads and/or tension. Choice of fittings and careful design are integral to a compliant solution.

The ultimate entertainers delight provided by Vergola Systems in Bayview and Vaucluse
Bayview has a sunny northerly perspective overlooking the beautiful waterways of Pittwater. A combination of three banks of Vergola and a section of fixed roofing to accommodate the acute angles of the deck has been used in the project.

The new Grande Vision with 3 glass sides; the designers fireplace from Cheminées Chazelles Fireplaces
The full width viewing on 3 sides allows for maximum emission of radiant heat. The 3 glass doors of this designer fireplace, can be opened laterally or slide up out of view when you want the atmosphere and beauty of an open fire.

TREK Plus 15, the hardest wearing waterbase polyurethane was specified by David Jones, with extensive testing, from Synteko
Synteko introduces TREK Plus 15 waterbase to the Australian market. Trek Plus 15 has aluminium oxide for ultimate commercial durability.

Unitex Renders and Finishes - build your dream
With Unitex renders and finishes you can easily build your dream. Unitex products range from, lightweight pre-mixed dry powder-based renders to, ready-to-use water-based acrylic finishes matched to light-fast colours and various effects.

When considering bathroom heating, DEVI provides all the options you can possibly need
All DEVI products including Cables, Heating Mats, Thermostats, Mirror Heaters and Heated Towel Rails are Australian Approved - DEVI's thin cable heating systems are approved to the new Australian Standard (AS/NZ 60335-2-96:2002)

Wolfin Waterproofing from Projex - Waterpoofing that Works
The Wolfin membrane itself is a Polyester-PVC compound with no leachable plasticiser. The overall system (membrane, steel profiles, liquid and cast-in details) is made in Germany.

World's Tallest Residential Building features MAILSAFE Mailboxes
One of the very first impressions of the quality of any high-rise property is conveyed by the mailboxes in the entry foyer. Sunland wanted to ensure that nothing would compromise a resident's first impressions of the quality and solidity of Q1 - not even the humble mailbox.

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