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ACO does the Cairns Esplanade.
The Cairns Esplanade is a world class waterfront facility integrating the Cairns Business District and City Port Development into a prestigious gateway to the Barrier Reef. Linked with a mix of spacious promenades and access ways, the development consists of a multimillion dollar upgrade of marine facilities and the creation of an urban waterfront tourism precinct, situated minutes from the CBD.

Acoustica Noise Control keeps it nice and quiet.
Acoustica manufactures and supplies engineered specialised, efficient and cost effective acoustic products. Acoustica Noise Control keeps it nice and quiet.

Axolotl Metal & Ozone Glass Design join forces.
Axolotl Metal and Ozone Glass Design, both pioneers in their field, joined forces in September to create a new division, Axolotl Ozone. Axolotl Ozone will offer everything in architectural glass, including formed and textured, deep carved, etched, heavy weight, sandblasted, colour backed and the new 'Lustre' range.

Ballarat Arts Building gets Reckli patterns in precast concrete panels makeover.
The Ballarat Performing Arts Building at Ballarat Grammar is almost complete and some 1150sq.m of Architectural Precast has been manufactured and erected using our 2/47 Rhein pattern (wood look group). Architects are McIldowie Partners (Melbourne) and Precastor is Cambar Precast (Port Melbourne).

Blockout Shutters solving energy efficiency problems by insulating
Blockout Industries says it can in solve home renovators 2005 BCA requirements by insulating a dwelling against unwanted elements. Fitted externally but controlled inside either manually or with NICE motors, Blockout Shutters currently have over six different product styles to choose from, all having different characteristics from one another with registered designs exclusive to Blockout.

DecoScreen woodgrain insect screen for windows from DecoWood
DecoScreen is now available in the beautiful DecoWood authentic woodgrain finish. DecoScreen is a unique product and solves all of the common problems associated with insect screens.

DecoWood timber finish available for slats & screens
The beautiful DecoWood woodgrain finish is now available for slats and batons used for screens and landscape features. DecoWood is a tough, durable marine grade polyurethane powder coating that has photographic images of real wood incorporated into the finish.

DEVI heating cables, mats & thermostats have an Australian approval.
AS/NZS 60335.2.96:2002 - specifically for flexible sheet heating elements for room heating. Devimats comply to this standard when they are installed in accordance with the Installation Guide.

Décor Pebble shows how ecological sustainability is a matter of design.
The latest fashion or green roofing transforms the crowded and dark urban structure into a green and luxuriant landscape. After the initial sensation of the Mirvac's Yarra Edge apartment endeavor in Melbourne's Docklands, a new project of a massive magnitude has been attempted in Sydney. For both designs, Melbourne based DecoR Pebble has been the principal supplier of decorative pebbles and recycled glass, which made the aesthetic success of the designs possible.

Embelton Impacta Mat stops noise at High-Rise apartments.
An 11 storey property once owned by the Electricity Trust of South Australia is being transformed into an impressive apartment building by Fairmont Homes, offering residents a panoramic view of Adelaide in luxurious parkland surroundings.

Feast Watson® Decking Oil - Protect today, enjoy tomorrow!
Rejuvenating your timber deck is now less time-consuming thanks to Feast Watson's newly formulated Decking Oil. With a one-hour re-coat time and an 18-hour drying time you could be oiling the deck on Saturday and enjoying it by Sunday.

Manage your climate with Saint-Gobain Solar Control Window Film
Light-filled interiors create fabulous ambience. However, sunlight coming through windows can make rooms uncomfortably warm during summer and, conversely, heat generated in colder months is lost, thus increasing energy costs substantially.

Need a vertical lift for a residential or small commercial application? Think Southern Lifts
Southern Lifts supplies a range of hydraulic vertical lifts suitable for almost all residential and small commercial applications. All lifts are supplied in their own structural tower reducing building costs and making them perfect for retrofitting to existing homes.

New range of eco-friendly taps from Zip Water
Zip Water has introduced a new range of automatic touch-free taps. Sink- or wall-mounted Zip AquaSense taps incorporate state-of-the-art design and technology to provide hygienic water-dispensing solutions for washrooms.

Projex waterproof heritage cottage with Wolfin.
The cottage at 16 Mandalong Rd, Mosman, was built over 100 years ago. Its design is typical of the period, with wide shady verandahs and detailed timber work. The house has panoramic views over Balmoral Beach and out to the Sydney Heads. An extra wing has been added, containing three bedrooms, a kitchen, bathrooms and a living room.

Reduce fading in interior furnishings with Solar Gard® Window Films from Saint-Gobain
Solar Gard Window Films help protect interior furnishings from fading by cutting UV radiation, solar energy transmission and visible light. These three factors combined account for approximately 90% of the fade, which accelerates deterioration of interior fittings causing carpets, curtains, uphostery and retail stock to fade, split or crack.

Satin Finish Cast Acrylic Sheet from All Plastics attractive matt frosted glass look; a perfect marriage between plastic & design
Advertising displays, shop fittings, cabinet doors, office partitions, corporate gifts, shop signs, decorative and architectural designs are prominent applications of this newly introduced material which offers many advantages.

Silent Gliss 4210 Roller Blind mechanism requires far less effort to operate than traditional blinds
The 1:2 gear ratio of the Silent Gliss 4210 allows blind operation to be smooth, effortless and fast. The 1:2 gear ratio of the mechanism means that 2m of blind is gained for every 1m that is pulled. This is a marked advantage over slower blinds, especially where there are multiple blinds to be operated on a daily basis.

Sydney Morning Herald readers told how to control noise by Soundguard.
Residential soundproofing has at last got the attention it warrants thanks to the Domain columnist of the Sydney Morning Herald, Jackie Chown. In a September 29 article headed

Synteko floor finishes solve all coatings problems.
Synteko's focus has been to produce quality products for the most sophisticated architect and designers to the most experienced floor sanders and finishes. Synteko's high standard means that the company does not manufacture the cheapest or widest range of products.Synteko produces proven quality products that enhance the natural beauty whilst leaving behind a durable, long-lasting, beautiful floor finish that will completely satisfy you

The Axolotl Group finds gold in glass & metal at Sydney in Bloom.
The Axolotl Group sponsored two landscape architects this year for the third 'Sydney in Bloom' and came up gold twice!

Tougher than Customers! – RBA Group commercial bathroom solutions.
Have you been searching for a commercial bathroom solution which gives you vandal resistance, without looking ugly? The RBA range of Stainless Steel Toilets, Stainless Steel Urinals, Stainless Steel Basins and Stainless Steel Flush Valves is your answer. Our product originates from the world of correctional facilities, but has been fine-tuned to suit commercial projects like pubs, clubs, amenities blocks and train stations.

Uni-TWS thermal wall system helped this rural home overcome its challenges with style – Unitex.
Perched on a busy road and exposed to extreme summers and winters, this rural renovation project presented many challenges. Local builder, John Boyd (John Boyd Constructions), needed to deliver a renovation that not only brought the old weatherboard exterior in line with surrounding new villa style homes but also provided insulation against heat, cold and road noise.

Verosol Shutters delivers new Ambience shutter.
Colour, light control and decoration are the key design elements of Verosol's range of Australian made shutters.The new Ambience shutter is made from Western Red Cedar, a timber that for decades has performed well under local conditions. Resistant to bowing and twisting, Western Red Cedar is naturally light-weight, making the shutters easy to operate.

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