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Paper & Recycled Products Standards for Public Comment by GECA

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New paper and recycled products standards out for public comment

Three new standards for paper and recycled products from Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) are now available for public comment.

GECA's Paper and Stationery Products, Sanitary Paper Products and Recycled Products standards have been updated from previous standards, with revised criteria to set new environmental benchmarks for the products they cover.

Paper and Stationery Products and Sanitary Paper Products

The Paper and Stationery Products standard covers paper and paper-based stationery products, such as exercise books, envelopes, and paper-based filing products, sold in Australia.

The Sanitary Paper Products standard covers toilet paper, facial tissues, paper towels, table napkins, general purpose wipes and other paper products used for cleaning or personal hygiene.

Both of GECA's new paper standards aim to promote sustainable forest management, reduction in toxic air and water emissions, using less energy and fewer hazardous chemicals, and better waste management.

Recycled Products

GECA's Recycled Products standard is applicable to products made from at least 50% recycled glass, plastics, rubber, timber, and fill and foundation materials such as sand and gravel.

Recycled content can be a major component in consumer and industrial products. Recycling certain materials has paved the way for a lower impact on the environment compared with the use of newly sourced (virgin) materials, with recycled products often having the same strength and performance characteristics of their non-recycled equivalents.

Tell us your feedback

GECA welcomes comments on the standards from the public and industry professionals until 10 November. Draft copies of each standard are available on the GECA website using the links above. Please submit comments and feedback to standards@geca.org.au. Read more.

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