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GECA releases new adhesives standard

GECA is pleased to announce the release of its newest standard for Adhesives, Fillers and Sealants, which now covers a wider variety of products and sets a new environmental benchmark for the industry.

The new standard, which replaces GECA's previous Adhesives standard, now includes recognition for joint sealants and fillers, plus a stronger focus on industrial and commercial adhesives. GECA chose to expand the scope of the standard in response to increased demand from industry professionals for greater certification options.

Products can be certified under the Adhesives, Fillers and Sealants standard to demonstrate that they meet GECA's strict criteria for lower environmental impact, human health and safety, and ethical working conditions for workers. Read more.

Showcase your GECA approved products to the Queensland market

GECA is proud to be a Supporting Partner of SEE Sustainable Experience 2015 being held in Brisbane in June. The event is all about protecting and promoting Queensland's built environment.

SEE Sustainable Experience will tie together case studies with sustainable solutions while offering integrated educational options within a value-led and relaxed networking environment.

It's a perfect event for visitors to meet suppliers and manufacturers who are at the leading edge of the sustainable building industry in Australia.

Former CEO Rupert Posner says "Our key tool is running a transparent and credible ecolabel that enables consumers to make more sustainable choices. GECA is pleased to support SEE Sustainable Experience 2015, which has the same objective."

As part of our Supporting Partnership, we are organising a GECA area at the show. This area will be for suppliers who have GECA certified products. If you are interested in exhibiting, please contact Anthony on 0413 803 987 or anthony@australianliving.com.au.

Have your say on GECA's paper and recycled products standards

Three new standards for paper and recycled products from GECA are still available for public comment until 10 November 2014.

GECA's Paper and Stationery Products, Sanitary Paper Products and Recycled Products standards have been updated from previous standards, with revised criteria to set new environmental benchmarks for the products they cover.

The Paper and Stationery Products standard covers paper and stationery products sold in Australia, while the Sanitary Paper Products standard covers toilet paper, facial tissues, paper towels, table napkins, general purpose wipes and other paper products used for cleaning or personal hygiene.

GECA's Recycled Products standard is applicable to products made from at least 50% recycled glass, plastics, rubber, timber, and fill and foundation materials such as sand and gravel. Read more.

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