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Purafil ESD by Airepure Australia prevents chlorine releases

The Problem

Located in the mountains outside Melbourne,the Silvan Disinfection Plant was classifiedunder state government legislation as a majorhazard facility. According to plant project managerStephen Answerth' "Melbourne Water wasrequired to reduce the risk of a chlorine release"'so far as practicable.'"

Plant representatives considered using wetscrubbers, which were less expensive butrequired more maintenance and could harmhumans, wildlife, and the environment.

Purafil ESD Provides The Solution

To prevent accidental chlorine (Cl2) releases,Silvan opted to use a Purafil Emergency GasScrubber (EGS) that measured 10 feet in diameterby 15 feet tall held 25,000 pounds ofCSO� media. Local Purafil representativeJames McIntosh (Airepure Australia) facilitatedtheir request.

In the event of an unintentional Cl2 emission,the EGS would follow these steps to eliminatethe gas from the air:

1) Released Cl2 is drawn into the scrubberthrough a blower and contacts dry-scrubbingmedia.

2) Media react with Cl2 and permanently convertthe gas to nontoxic solids.

3) Clean air is discharged to the outdoors witha Cl2 concentration of less than 5 parts per billion(ppb).

The EGS requires significantly less maintenancethan a wet scrubber. It does not needheaters for outdoor applications, and it has justone moving part--a blower. Instead of using liquidcaustic, the EGS neutralizes chlorine withdry-scrubbing media, which are highly porous,spherical pellets that permanently transform thegas into harmless solids. As long as media donot react with chlorine, they do not need to bereplaced; they only require occasional testing todetermine remaining life and to project changeoutdates. Non-toxic and non-hazardous,media do not require special handling and canbe disposed in landfills.

"The dry scrubber was selected because it is asimpler system and does not involve having liquidcaustic soda on-site," Answerth said. "Theneed for the scrubber was driven by legislativerequirements to draw in the risk contour from achlorine release."

About Purafil ESD

For more than 15 years, Purafil ESD has beenthe premier single-source provider of clean airto over 100 North American and Europeanclients. A division of Purafil, Inc., Purafil ESDmanufactures a broad range of dry-scrubbingchemical media and scrubbers that removeodorous, toxic, and corrosive gases at waterand wastewater applications.

Purafil ESD's Emergency Gas Scrubber (EGS)removes the contents of a fully-loaded chlorine(Cl2) or sulfur dioxide (SO2) cylinder in a worstcaserelease scenario and discharges less than5 parts per billion. The EGS works in temperaturesranging from -40 degrees to 200 degreesFarenheit.

In the event of a release, the EGS drawsCl2/SO2-laden air through a bed of dry-chemicalmedia. The gases react irreversibly with themedia's chemical impregnant, and the productsof this reaction are solid salts that can be disposedof in common landfills.

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Airepure Australia Pty Ltd Profile

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