E-Flex Solar Pipe Insulation by Thermotec Australia

pipe insulation

Thermotec E-flex - UV stable high temperature
solar hot water pipe insulation

A flexible closed cell EPDM foam material suitable for use on hot and chilled water lines with outstanding ultraviolet and weather resistance, making this product highly suitable for Solar Hot Water applications. This product is highly flexible and provides a neat appearance when fitted to exposed water lines.

Material: EPDM closed cell foam
Density: 60kg/m3 nominal
Service Temperature: -57C to +150C continuous (intermittent 180C)
Thermal Conductivity: W/m.K 0.036 @ 24C
Ozone Resistance: Excellent
UV Resistance: Excellent
Weather Resistance: Excellent
Flexibility: Excellent
Flammability: AS1530.3

  • Ignitability 0 (range 0-20)
  • Spread of flame 0 (range 0-10)
  • Heat evolved 0 (range 0-10)
  • Smoke developed 5 (range 0-10)

ASTM D 635: Self-extinguishing
JIS K 6911: Non-flammable
Suitability: Solar Hot Water systems hot and cold pipes

*Other sizes available on request

E-flex 13mm wall = R0.38
BCA 2012 requirement = R0.30

13mm wall x 9mm I.D.
13mm wall x 13mm I.D.
13mm wall x 19mm I.D.
13mm wall x 25mm I.D.

pipe insulation