Poly-Tek Australia architectural mouldings

  • Extensive range of moulding designs available.
  • Customised designs can be tailored to suit your needs (minimum order quantities may apply).
  • Mouldings are supplied in 2.5 metre lengths.
  • Contain no ozone depleting C.F.C's.
  • Compliment all styles of houses.

Poly-Tek Architectural Mouldings comprise of a 'high density' fire retardant polystyrene core sprayed with a 'high impact' hardcoat Polyurethane/sand coating. Our completed product replicates a 'rendered style' finish which can simply be painted over with any outdoor acrylic paint.

Poly-Tek Architectural Mouldings provide you with a product of superior strength and durability against the elements and are more durable than comparable cementitous finished mouldings.

Poly-Tek Architectural Mouldings make for an easy 'do it yourself' installation (installation instructions are available upon request).

Poly-Tek Building Products offer design versatility that is more cost effective and site efficient than many traditional Fibre Cement or Timber alternatives. You are only limited by your imagination when it comes to Poly-Tek's creative capabilities.

Please feel free to enquire about other products available.