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Altro Website Navigation Updates
Altro Website Navigation Updates. Here at Altro we are pleased to announce the launch of our new homepage and navigation for our website. We have designed these to make it easier for you to use our website especially when viewing on a mobile phone or tablet as these become more mainstream. We have introduced a new menu to make it simpler and quicker for you to find the products that you want straight away!

Aqua Bianca Marble Tiles | Sareen Stone
Aqua Bianca Marble Tiles | Sareen Stone. Marble is trending right now in everything from bed linen to wall art to interior accessories. At Sareen Stone our marble tiles are ever popular. When we think of marble we often imagine heavy veining and strong colouring. But there is an alternative. For a clean, bright, white marble, Sareen Stone's Aqua Bianca Marble will delight. Unlike the darker, moodier marbles, Aqua Bianca gives an impression of lightness & airiness.

Autex Commercial Carpet Range | Nolan.UDA
Autex Commercial Carpet Range | Nolan.UDA. Project Spotlight: Back to School with Autex Carpet. With students around Australia heading back to school this week, we would like to take this opportunity to focus this project spotlight on some schools from around the country. Whilst most project spotlights are based on recently installed jobs, the purpose of this editorial is to demonstrate the longevity of the Autex Commercial Carpet ranges.

Bathroom Drainage Design Information | ACO
Bathroom Drainage Design Information | ACO. Determining how to incorporate drainage into the design of a bathroom can be a challenge. Drainage must fit in with the floor layout perfectly in order to function properly; the grate design must flow congruously to the style of the bathroom; and there must be a functionality and practicality about the design that allows you to go about your daily routines without interruption.

Blind Hole Anchor Nuts | East Coast Industries Australia
Blind Hole Anchor Nuts | East Coast Industries Australia. Stainless Steel Anchor Nuts for Blind-hole Installations from East Coast Industries Australia. Introducing ECIA's new M12 Anchor Nut (S/S 304). The 228S is designed specifically for blind hole installations where a double sided fitting hold would otherwise not be possible. Able to be used with handrails, balustrade, signage and many more uses. This new product is a readily available stocked item.

Bush Fire Blockout Roller Shutters | Blockout Industries
Bush Fire Blockout Roller Shutters | Blockout Industries. When it comes to your house in bushfires, your doors, windows and glass areas are highly vulnerable to the effects of Bushfires. Radiant heat can shatter glass area, allowing flames to enter a building quickly and spread to internal fittings such as curtains and blinds. Other effects created by bushfires such as wind and turbulence carry debris that can shatter windows before a fire arrives.

Cabinetry Hinges Indaux Range | Nover
Cabinetry Hinges Indaux Range | Nover. COMING SOON - the new and improved Indaux hinge range from Nover - now including a 165, 30, 45 and blind corner option - all with integrated soft close dampener. Also to be introduced is the new bi-fold hinge using the same mounting plate as the soft close. This new offer from Nover and Indaux is comprehensive and competitive with significantly improved factory settings for faster install and smoother function.

Certified Beams for Multipart Access Covers | EJ
Certified Beams for Multipart Access Covers | EJ. Multiparts Are Only as Tough as Their Certified Beams by EJ. EJ has been manufacturing multiparts in Australia for 30 years. With this kind of hard-core experience you can bet we've built a bank of knowledge relating to best practice. Like multipart longevity is directly proportional to the integrity of the beams supporting them.

Clear Polycarbonate Sheets for Robotics | Allplastics
Clear Polycarbonate Sheets for Robotics | Allplastics. In 2015 Allplastics provided Clear Polycarbonate Sheets to the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) for Team 4613, Barker Redbacks. Due to the outstanding toughness and machinability, Polycarbonate was an exceptional choice for the robot systems.

Coastal Precinct LED Lighting Solutions | WE-EF
Coastal Precinct LED Lighting Solutions | WE-EF. Creating a memorial park of remembrance in Wellington. New Zealand's war memorials in the nation's capital, Wellington, are not lone monuments but rather are significant and cherished sites of remembrance following the creation of a visitor-friendly precinct opened in April 2015. In 2012, the New Zealand Government announced its plan to create Pukeahu National War Memorial Park in Wellington.

Commercial Shower Head | RBA Group
Commercial Shower Head | RBA Group. RBA Group offer a commercial showerhead. Features include; High Polished Chrome Finish. Extremely Vandal Resistant. Water Saving. Matching Handle & Taps Available.

Composite J8 Electrical and Data Cable Pits | EJ
Composite J8 Electrical and Data Cable Pits | EJ. J8 Utility Pits Spark New Interest They're Light and Strong from EJ. The revolutionary new breed of composite J8 electrical and data cable pits are not only made to last longer than ever, they're built to make installation easier, too. The first thing you'll notice is how light the newer material is to transport and manhandle on site.

Composite Cover for Off-Roadway Drainage Access | EJ
Composite Cover for Off-Roadway Drainage Access | EJ. In the most torrential downpours, if there's a roadway to drain, COMMANDO™ by EJ takes no prisoners. COMMANDO™ is the cutting edge solution. It's light in weight but strong and durable having been 3rd party tested to Class B load rating. This side entry pit system is installed on footpaths where the preference is for an off-roadway drainage pit for inspection, cleaning and maintenance.

Concrete Paver Finish and Protection | Dry-Treat
Concrete Paver Finish and Protection | Dry-Treat. Paver-Finisha™ provides a new level of enhancement and protection for concrete pavers. It is a new technology that replaces traditional coatings which fade, yellow, whiten, crack and peel. Better Protection - Paver-Finisha™ is not a coating. Paver-Finisha™ creates a layer of deep color enhancement and protection from water and oil-based stains.

Condensing Hot Water Heaters by Meridian | Automatic Heating
Condensing Hot Water Heaters by Meridian | Automatic Heating. Located at the Geelong Grammar School's Corio campus, the innovative $16M Handbury Centre for Wellbeing not only embraces environmentally sustainable design but is part of a much wider focus. The design approach to heating the 25m swimming pool has also focused on energy efficiency through the use of two High-Efficiency Meridian Condensing water heaters, supplied by Automatic Heating.

Cross Ventilation with Louvre Windows | Safetyline Jalousie
Cross Ventilation with Louvre Windows | Safetyline Jalousie. Penrith Baptist Church, NSW. The architect's goal was to create a comfortable environment for the parish to enjoy all year round without relying on air conditioning. There were several aspects that appealed to the architect about Safetyline Jalousie louvre windows: 1. The cross ventilation achieved by louvre windows was key to the design and complemented the other sustainable design features of the building.

CSR and Boral Bricks Unify Under PGH Bricks & Pavers
CSR and Boral Bricks Unify Under PGH Bricks & Pavers. On November 20th, sky high above Melbourne, the CSR and Boral Bricks joint venture introduced the new face of Boral Bricks to more than 150 Victorian building professionals at Eureka Tower. Hosted by AFL great, Tim Watson, the event announced that Boral Bricks is now trading under the PGH Bricks & Pavers brand.

Custom Height Partitions for Airport | Portable Partitions
Custom Height Partitions for Airport | Portable Partitions. Creating baggage screening areas at Sydney Airport with portable partitions. Airports of all sizes require passengers to undergo security screening and have their luggage and hand baggage x-rayed. But since the onset of the September 11 terrorist attack in the US, airports worldwide have become more stringent with security.

Cyclone Rated Window Shutters | Rollashield
Cyclone Rated Window Shutters | Rollashield. Storm Protection Perforated and Non-Perforated Rollashield Shutters. Protect your windows from storms with Rollashield Shutters and enjoy the added benefits of Rollashield Shutters. Category 3 Cyclone rated AS1170.2-1989. Sound transmission Class 39 As 1276-1979. Storm shutters can span up to 6.4m wide in one piece and be powdercoated to the colour of your choice.

Dual Fuel Hospital Heating Systems | Automatic Heating
Dual Fuel Hospital Heating Systems | Automatic Heating. Hospital Heating Systems : Using dual fuel boilers for redundancy. Where redundancy is required for critical heating processes, such as the ongoing operation of health care facilities, dual fuel burners can provide uninterrupted operation in the event of a primary fuel disruption.

Dynamic Lining Design and Installation Solution | Supawood
Dynamic Lining Design and Installation Solution | Supawood. Design & construct capability turns unique idea into reality. IGA Romeo's Food Hall, MLC Centre in Sydney is a great example of Supawood's Design and Construct service. The client wanted something dynamic to reflect their new market direction aimed at catering for a diverse array of shoppers. The designers, Saunders Global, had a concept involving multiple lining types but no standard products existed.

Efficient Cooling and Heating Case Study | Automatic Heating
Efficient Cooling and Heating Case Study | Automatic Heating. Melbourne Market, Epping. Central cooling plant: Such is the large demand for refrigeration to keep fresh produce and flowers cool that the new facility features one of the largest central refrigeration reticulation systems of its kind. Critical to the ongoing performance of the system, Automatic Heating supplied an expansion system.

Efflorescence Cleaner Eff-Erayza™ | Dry-Treat
Efflorescence Cleaner Eff-Erayza™ | Dry-Treat. Eff-Erayza™ is a powerful efflorescence, rust stain and mortar mess remover, but it doesn't release toxic, dangerous fumes and it won't burn you. Eff-Erayza™ is the replacement for for traditional muriatic and phosphoric acids. Non-Fuming - Eff-Erayza™ doesn't release toxic, dangerous fumes and temporary skin exposure does not cause burns.

External Wall Insulation Foamular XPS Extruded Polystyrene
External Wall Insulation Foamular XPS Extruded Polystyrene. Foamular XPS for External Wall Insulation. Create a significant reduction in the energy needed to heat or cool your home by applying Foamular Extruded Polystyrene Insulation Sheets to your external walls. Foamular Extruded Polystyrene commonly known as XPS is an ideal energy efficient substrate for EIFS, especially with render finishes.

Flexible Hose Sink Mixers | Phoenix Tapware
Flexible Hose Sink Mixers | Phoenix Tapware. Phoenix Tapware Releases New Kitchen Sink Mixers. Introducing the latest additions to the Phoenix Tapware product offering, the Blix, Vezz and Prize flexible hose kitchen sink mixers. Crafted by our Australian design team, these sink mixers feature sophisticated forms and have been specially designed for freedom of movement to meet the needs of any household.

Flexible Flow Meter for Pool Heaters | Waterco
Flexible Flow Meter for Pool Heaters | Waterco. Waterco's flexible flow meter modified for pool heaters. FlowVis® factory calibrated for unparalleled accuracy. Waterco's most sophisticated precision flow meter for swimming pools, spas, fountains and water features now has a specialised model ideal for pool heaters. Since the introduction of the FlowVis 50/65mm, we have found a need for the 40mm model, particularly from pool heater equipment suppliers and installers.

Foamular Extruded Polystyrene Insulation Passes NFPA 285 Fire Test
Foamular Extruded Polystyrene Insulation Passes NFPA 285 Fire Test. Foamular Extruded Polystyrene insulation has successfully passed the NFPA 285 fire test in many variations giving architects options in exterior wall design. The purpose of NFPA 285 is to test to determine that combustible foam plastic insulation, when exposed to fire on the exterior face of the wall, does not spread flame over the surface or through the core of the otherwise non-combustible wall.

Furniture Preservation Coatings | Mirotone
Furniture Preservation Coatings | Mirotone. Want to preserve the new look of your furniture & fittings? Here's how to keep it looking newer for longer! Are you fearful that your new furniture or kitchen won't look new in a few months. That's a common question we get asked all the time here at Mirotone. You've spent thousands of dollars buying the perfect furniture or installing your dream kitchen and you want to make sure that it stands the test of time.

Gas and Water Pipe Fitting System | Viega
Gas and Water Pipe Fitting System | Viega. Viega products used for high tech plumbing solution at Capri on Via Roma. This modern marketplace on the Isle of Capri on the Gold Coast in Queensland certainly doesn't fail to impress with its contemporary architecture and waterfront location. Just above the heads of visitors at the Capri on Via Roma is a very complicated set of pipework that brings the entire building its gas and water supplies.

Glen Dimplex Aquires Real Flame
Glen Dimplex Aquires Real Flame. We are proud to officially announce that Real Flame has been acquired by the Glen Dimplex Group. This is the most exciting news to hit the Australian gas fireplace industry in many years. Founded in 1973, Glen Dimplex is a leading international group, the world's largest manufacturer of electric heating, and also holds significant global market positions in domestic appliances, cooling, ventilation and renewable energy solutions.

GreenTag Certified Cork Flooring | Preference Floors
GreenTag Certified Cork Flooring | Preference Floors. Preference Floors is pleased to announce that their exciting new waterproof Corktech product Hydrocork has achieved Greentag certification. Hydrocork is a significant breakthrough flooring product providing all of the natural benefits of Corktech with its revolutionary waterproof core along with a robust vinyl layer to suit residential renovations and commercial fitout.

Heatstrip Outdoor Heaters | Thermofilm
Heatstrip Outdoor Heaters | Thermofilm. Heatstrip Classic outdoor heaters available from Thermofilm Australia were recently featured in an episode of 'Australia's Best Houses'. Hosted by architectural commentator, Gary Takle, Australia's Best Houses is a television series on Channel 7Two that showcases some of the most visually stunning house projects from around Australia. Heatstrip heaters were featured in the first episode of Season 3 of the show.

Heelsafe® Anti-Slip Grate Range | ACO
Heelsafe® Anti-Slip Grate Range | ACO. ACO's Heelsafe mark Anti-Slip grates comply with a number of Australian and International Standards for pedestrian, wheelchair, bicycle and cane use. The slip resistant grates are available in a range of designs to suit individual application requirements, with a maximum slot width of 10mm to prevent small heels from becoming trapped. Read below to find out which slip resistant grate is suitable for your application.

How to Use Pour On Gravel Binder Video | StoneSet
How to Use Pour On Gravel Binder Video | StoneSet. A quick guide to installing a porous, resin bound gravel pathway using StoneSet's 'Pour On Gravel Binder'.

Hygienic Surfaces for Commercial Kitchens | Altro
Hygienic Surfaces for Commercial Kitchens | Altro. Altro has over 60 years experience in delivering kitchen solutions. Our products are designed to provide the best possible protection no matter what environment it is installed. From the time a kitchen assistant walks through the 'goods in' with the food delivery, until they leave at the end of their shift, they are walking throughout the kitchen and coming into contact with contaminants and slip hazards.

Importance of Building Inspections | Projex Group
Importance of Building Inspections | Projex Group. When identifying problems in construction, it is better to identify them early on, so you don't have to deal with them later. This is especially true when the building is being constructed from the bottom up. Regular inspections can help identify and resolve problems early on, making the construction process much cheaper and practical than having an inspection done on a completed building and only discovering faults then.

Insulated Patio Roofing Panels | Versiclad
Insulated Patio Roofing Panels | Versiclad. A new outdoor area or patio may be the cheapest way to add to your outdoor living space and therefore the most valuable home improvement you can make with the budget and space you have. Versiclad's insulated roofing panels allow year round use of outdoor area.

Intubatt Floor Ceiling Installation Guide | TBA Firefly

Kitchen Resurfacing Solutions | ISPS Innovations
Kitchen Resurfacing Solutions | ISPS Innovations. Resurfacing, benchtops, kitchens, vacuum doors, joinery, vanities. ISPS Innovations manufacture innovative interiors & exteriors to specification & supply nationally. Just some of our range. ISPS Innovations create custom made kitchen designs. Our total range can provide a complete package! Want more ISPS will beat any written quote on custom cut to size & coloured 6mm acrylic sheeting nationally delivered.

Kitchen Exhaust Electronic Air Cleaning Systems | Camfil Airepure
Kitchen Exhaust Electronic Air Cleaning Systems | Airepure. PowerClean ESP Systems Provide 12 Years of Reliable Operation. In 2004, ten PowerClean large scale auto wash ESP systems of various single pass configurations were installed at Melbourne Docklands Harbour Town precinct. These electronic air cleaning systems have provided over a decade of reliable operation and are still functioning as installed without any operational, mechanical or electronic failures.

Komfortline Domestic Sized Windows & Doors | Paarhammer
Komfortline Domestic Sized Windows & Doors | Paarhammer. A new tooling acquisition allows us to manufacture Komfortline (previously known as Builders Range) windows and doors in domestic sizes at a reduced cost. This is a great way for builders to add value and achieve superior energy savings for home buyers.

LED Signage | Architectural Signs Sydney
LED Signage | Architectural Signs Sydney. When it comes to illuminated signage for your business, you have three main choices: neon, fluorescent or LED. Both neon and fluorescent signs have a long history and have proven themselves reliable, yet lately LEDs have gained attention for their colorful and creative displays. LED is the lighting of the future. Consider these benefits to see if it's right for your business.

LED Downlight D700+ Trio | Brightgreen
LED Downlight D700+ Trio | Brightgreen. D700+ Trio LED downlight. Providing a total of 2150 lumens of brilliant Tru-Colour illumination, the D700+ Trio features three of our award-winning, low-glare D700+ downlights in one stylishly simple fitting. Good things come in threes. Offering the flexibility of three separate universal gimballing downlights, the D700+ Trio allows you to reorient each individual light source.

LED Dimming with Gen3 Driver | Brightgreen
LED Dimming with Gen3 Driver | Brightgreen. Seamless LED dimming has arrived! Available with all of the latest Brightgreen designs, our new Gen3 driver takes the troubleshooting out of lighting control-offering market-leading response times and flicker-free, deep dimming. Find out more about how the Gen3 driver achieves unparalleled control system compatibility and seamless dimming performance.

Machined CAST Nylon Rollers | Allplastics
Machined CAST Nylon Rollers | Allplastics. Allplastics Engineering supply and machine CAST Nylon Sheet, Rod and Tubes. CAST Nylon is suitable for a diverse range of industrial components both for maintenance and original equipment. Some examples where CAST Nylon is used are wear pads, support and guide wheels, conveyor rollers, top and bottom adaptors, sleeves for wheels, rope pulleys, sheaves, hammer heads, insulators, feed screws, scrapers and gear wheels.

Maxiview External Window Shutters | Blockout
Maxiview External Window Shutters | Blockout. Blockout Shutters come with a view. COMBINING the aesthetics of an internal roller blind with the function of a roller shutter makes Blockout Maxiview shutters the most versatile and stylish shading system yet developed. Maxiview shutters by Blockout Industries are designed to protect windows against glare by up to 81%, reduce heat gain in summer and prevent heat loss in winter by around 70%.

Mobile Room Dividers | Portable Partitions
Mobile Room Dividers | Portable Partitions. Quick and Cost Effective New Rooms Using Flexible Partitions. Constructing an extra room from start to finish may seem a bit more effort than you would like to commit to. You tend to apprehend the chunk of time and the huge cost that comes along with it - finding it a challenge on how to create this 'room within a room' without the need for expensive and obstructive renovations.

Modular LED Batten Pierlux ECO | Pierlite
Modular LED Batten Pierlux ECO | Pierlite. Pierlux ECO LED Batten - The clear choice for a quick installation. ECO LED Batten is the ideal batten for clean, even light distribution. Available in 2 size options, it's modular style fuses form with function. This energy efficient LED batten is quick and easy to install. With its captive style end caps, it's an easy replacement for conventional battens.

Multi-Functional Automatic Swing Gates | Magnetic Automation
Multi-Functional Automatic Swing Gates | Magnetic Automation. Magnetic Automation installed two 5-metre MSG swing gates for a quarry site. Each MSG swing gate is powered by a Magnetic PLC controller and SEW® motor. This function allows the gates to operate independently with a 5-metre opening, with one vehicle entering and exiting simultaneously.

Nolan.UDA and Radins Australia Unite
Nolan.UDA and Radins Australia Unite. The Directors of Nolan.UDA and Radins Australia are pleased to announce their forthcoming partnership. There are significant synergies between these two established companies, with both having a reputation for industry knowledge and experience in the field of Commercial and Industrial Textiles.

Paarhammer Windows and Doors for 5x4 House on Grand Designs
Paarhammer Windows and Doors for 5x4 House on Grand Designs. 5x4 Hayes Lane. The motivation for the owner of the 5x4 Hayes Lane Project was to utilise a small, urban footprint of land to construct a liveable dwelling. Whilst maximising the use of the limited space, the building does not sacrifice functionality and an aesthetically grounded contemporary design.

Patterned Pergola Roof with Screens | QAQ Architectural
Patterned Pergola Roof with Screens | QAQ Architectural. Decorative screens can be used to create pergolas, patio walls, garden walls, clad fences, divide rooms, add security to windows and open areas, and all with style and sophistication. With so many designs and materials to choose from, the creative possibilities are endless. This is QAQ's 'Valletta' design in painted compressed hardwood.

Patterned Garden Screens | QAQ Architectural
Patterned Garden Screens | QAQ Architectural. With over 50 patterns to choose from, QAQ Decorative Screens are an ideal way to express your personality or that of your client's in the most elegant way. Traditional, modern, abstract, nature-inspired, animal-inspired and more - complete the style you're after either indoors or outdoors in any material that suits your design scheme.

Perimeter Protection Cantilever Gate | Magnetic Automation
Perimeter Protection Cantilever Gate | Magnetic Automation. Magnetic's MCG cantilever gate is the perfect solution for your perimeter protection needs. Located at a regional airport facility, this gate serves the purpose of protecting vehicles from the main runway where aircrafts are frequently coming in and out. Complete with our MKA dual-head card reader system, air traffic control are able to successfully monitor vehicle traffic.

Permeable Stable Stall Grids | Sherwood Enterprises
Permeable Stable Stall Grids | Sherwood Enterprises. At Sherwood Enterprises we have had a great response & success with our Interlocking Permeable Drainage Grids installed in Stable Stalls providing reduce urine odour ammonia build up hence improved Indoor air quality in stable complexes, natural drainage and the grid flex's so the weight is dispersed over the entire stall floor.

Personal Fire Blankets Available to Buy Online | Colan Products
Personal Fire Blankets Available to Buy Online | Colan Products. Colan's Frontline Personal PCA fire blankets are now available. Made from PCA fibre they are inherently fire retardant, will not carry flame, melt or drip. The blanket is lightweight (1.9 kgs for 2m x 1.8m) and suitable to be kept in the car or truck, home or caravan. This product has been tested and passed AS4824 (as amended for fire blankets) by AWTA.

Polished Concrete Flooring Permashine System | LATICRETE
Polished Concrete Flooring Permashine System | LATICRETE. BOYER'S MARKET Project Spotlight. A polished, attractive, easy to maintain concrete floor is critical in the retail environment, but getting those results can be a real challenge in the hectic construction phase of the project. The key is to find a contractor with the right products and the experience and flexibility to work around the challenges.

Powder Coated Vandal Resistant Amenity Products | Britex
Powder Coated Vandal Resistant Amenity Products | Britex. Did you know we offer powder coating options for most of our products? Often clients require the strength and vandal resistance of stainless steel but prefer the softer feel of a ceramic finish. Now you can have both (other colours available please consult BRITEX). This Security Recessed Basin is for the James Nash House Mental Health Facility in South Australia.

Recessed Single Toilet Roll Holder | Star Washroom Accessories
Recessed Single Toilet Roll Holder | Star Washroom Accessories. Recessed Single Toilet Roll Holder is fabricated of 304 Stainless steel with polish finish. Spring loaded chrome roller. The size for the holder is (W.H.D) 160x160x90mm. The holder holds Single rolls standard core toilet tissue. It is secured to wall with mounted screws at holed provided. The other similar option is S-642 Double toilet roll holder, S-6416 for Satin finish.

Redundancy Heating for Launceston Hospital | Automatic Heating
Redundancy Heating for Launceston Hospital | Automatic Heating. A joint initiative of the Australian and Tasmanian governments, the multi-million dollar redevelopment of Launceston General Hospital will provide the north of Tasmania with a state-of-the-art, energy efficient healthcare facility. To provide a level of redundancy to this system, the project's mechanical services engineer specified four 1200kW Arizona hot water heaters supplied by Automatic Heating.

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Industry Update | ARA
Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Industry Update | ARA. 2016 is the turning point for the Refrigeration and Air Conditioning (R&AC) industry. It is important because the HVACR suppliers and users have major cost reduction opportunities through energy efficiency and emissions reduction. Australia has the opportunity to adopt policies that will reduce the cost of HVACR services by $10B pa and reduce national emissions by at least 6% from HVACR alone.

Restaurant Acoustic Solution Case Study | Pyrotek
Restaurant Acoustic Solution Case Study | Pyrotek. Echoush Acoustic Panels Successfully Manage the 'Café Effect' in Dux Dine Restaurant, Christchurch. Pyrotek Noise Control's Echohush range has a proven record of accomplishment in reducing noise levels in bars, cafés and restaurants. For example, Dux Dine restaurant, in Riccarton Road Christchurch, needed a solution to the noise levels in their hard-surfaced dining room.

Retro Remix Paint Colours Video | Dulux
Retro Remix Paint Colours Video | Dulux. Retro remix celebrates the lighter aspects of the new retro movement where experimentation in colour combinations leads to acid brights clashing with faded muddied colours such as browns and olive greens.

Roll Formed Maxiblock Roller Shutters | Blockout Industries
Roll Formed Maxiblock Roller Shutters | Blockout Industries. Blockout Industries most popular shutter the Roll Formed Maxiblock Roller Shutters, are a stronger version of the Original Blockout Roller Shutter. It is manufactured from 41mm roll formed aluminium with a polyurethane foam core and a standard 70 mm track. As an externally fitted roller shutter, it has been designed with high-level insulation properties.

Rooftop Capillary Waterproofing with Radcon Formula 7 | Radcrete
Rooftop Capillary Waterproofing with Radcon Formula 7 | Radcrete. Radcon protects school rooftops from tropical downpours in Trinidad. The rooftop of Couva West Secondary School is yet another successful rooftop waterproofed in the Caribbean by our very professional distributors, Dover Waterproofing Technologies. In tropical climates like Trinidad, wet season can bring torrential rains and thus waterproofing rooftops is a critical issue.

Secure Louvres for Auditorium Ventilation | Safetyline Jalousie
Secure Louvres for Auditorium Ventilation | Safetyline Jalousie. When Gowrie Primary School planned a new auditorium, there was a clear requirement for good ventilation - both during school hours and after the school is closed for the day. Louvres were chosen for use throughout the auditorium, in a combination of glass and aluminium. Security was also of particular concern, because an important function of the louvres is a night air purge.

Securemax Mesh Playground Application | Australian Security Fencing
Securemax Mesh Playground Application | Australian Security Fencing. In 2015, Australian Security Fencing Pty Ltd received several enquiries for a security mesh product suitable for use in young children's playgrounds. From these enquiries Securemax® 338 was developed. Securemax® 338 retains the same vertical wire spacing's as the original 358 product but horizontal wires have been brought in from 9mm to 6mm. Perfect for keeping the littlest of fingers out!

Slip Resistance Standards and Grates Information | ACO
Slip Resistance Standards and Grates Information | ACO. Understanding Slip Resistance Laws. In this article, we'll examine the real life implications of the test methodologies defined by recently released AS 4586-2013 Slip resistance classification of new pedestrian surface materials, and explore how they are relevant to your next project.

Spec-Net Content Concierge Service
Spec-Net Content Concierge Service. We are excited to introduce Content Concierge. A brand-new content creation and marketing initiative from Spec-Net, developed especially for architectural suppliers and service providers. Constant content is the key to any online marketing strategy. Taking the time to craft unique and engaging content is time consuming and often overlooked in a busy schedule.

StoneTech Brochures Available | Sareen Stone
StoneTech Brochures Available | Sareen Stone. Sareen Stone now has the Stone & Tile Care Guide and the Surface Care Product brochures from StoneTech available on their website for download. Information in the Stone & Tile Care Guide introduces all of the products from the StoneTech Professional Range to Protect, Clean and Transform your stone or tiles. It offers valuable information about looking after your stone or tile with a comprehensive list of 'Do's & Don'ts'.

StoneStrong Engineered Retaining Structure | Concrib
StoneStrong Engineered Retaining Structure | Concrib. Stone Strong for 17 Mile Rocks Road Improvements. The development: 17 Mile Rocks Road is a sub-arterial road that links the ever-growing Centenary suburbs of Brisbane with the inner West. As a result of new residential development in the area, 17 Mile Rocks Rd was unable to cope with increased traffic volumes. This was particularly the case at the Duporth Avenue intersection.

Structural Insulated Wall System for Granny Flats | Versiclad
Structural Insulated Wall System for Granny Flats | Versiclad. Have you thought about putting a granny flat on your property? 'A well-constructed and attractive granny flat can definitely add value to the overall property,' says Tony Velardi, a builder who specialises in granny-flat construction. Versipanel Insulated modular building system is a structural insulated wall system offering an insulated core with the strength of a hidden 90x45 timber internal framing.

Surface Drainage Cost Comparison | ACO
Surface Drainage Cost Comparison | ACO. Installed Cost Comparison of 3 Surface Drainage Solutions. Whether light rainfall is frequent or heavy rain pours deluge on the pavement, surface drainage is necessary to prevent damage to pavement and property, and reduces safety hazards caused by the ponding of water. However, there is some diversion within the drainage design industry about which method of surface water drainage is the most affordable and effective.

Surface Mounted Toilet Seat Cover Dispenser | Star Washroom
Surface Mounted Toilet Seat Cover Dispenser | Star Washroom. The Size of Surface Mounted Toilet Set Cover Dispensers 385 x 292 x 65mm.It is fabricated of Type 304-7 Stainless Steel Satin Finish. It dispenses 250 disposable toilet seat cover. It is very easy to install. It is secured to wall with mounted screws at holed provided.

Sustainable Building Project Advice | Elmich
Sustainable Building Project Advice | Elmich. 5 Tips to Design and Construct an Awesome Sustainable Building! Tip 1. If you have roof space, use it! Greenroofs are a low tech and easily installed addition that most of us love from the building users, to the birds and bees. Did you know that the City of Melbourne has found that 328 hectares of the city's roof space could potentially be green!

The Australian Trellis Door Co Launch New Website
The Australian Trellis Door Co Launch New Website. The Australian Trellis Door Co (ATDC) is proud to announce the launch of its new website and corporate logo. A 6 month collaboration with The Website Marketing Group has produced an industry leading website showcasing the latest product releases and innovations recently introduced to ATDC's already extensive range of security doors,roller shutters and folding closures.

Thermofilm TT-MTM Hard Wired Controller Enhancements
Thermofilm TT-MTM Hard Wired Controller Enhancements. Thermofilm have recently introduced several exciting enhancements to the popular TT-MTM hard wired controller. The new features include: - Upgrade to 16 amps capacity, meaning all heaters (including THX3600) can be direct wired - Improved internal fan capacity resulting in a higher internal temperature threshold and greater reliability - The inclusion of a remote control - 250W minimum load no longer required.

Tile, Brick & Stone Streetscape Installation Products | LATICRETE
Tile, Brick & Stone Streetscape Installation Products | LATICRETE. The LATICRETE products in this system brochure are recommended for the installation of ceramic tile, concrete paver and natural stone where an 'Extra Heavy Duty' installation is required normally associated with transit ways, roads, footpaths and streetscapes. These systems are particularly suited to roads and areas required to handle heavy vehicular traffic.

Timber Stains and Coatings | Mirotone
Timber Stains and Coatings | Mirotone. Wanangkura Stadium, Port Hedland. Wanangkura Stadium is Port Hedland's new multi-purpose recreational centre. Mirotone wood coatings were used on the wall panels with MIROSTAIN stains in honeycake, brown and black top-coated with MIROTHANE PU clear, polyurethane coatings to create a striking feature on the walls of the main basketball court.

Urban Lighting Concepts at Light+Building | WE-EF
Urban Lighting Concepts at Light+Building | WE-EF. Light+Building 2016: WE-EF presents urban lighting concepts. From 13 to 18 March 2016 the world's leading lighting trade fair, Light+Building, once again will open its doors in Frankfurt. Around 2,500 exhibitors will present their highlights from the field of lighting and building technology. As always, a high number of visitors are anticipated; this year, around 210,000 specialists and lighting enthusiasts.

Wall Relief for Vision Apartments | ARTPark Australia
Wall Relief for Vision Apartments | ARTPark Australia. ARTPark Australia, Installed Wall Relief into Vision Apartments, Elizabeth St Melbourne. Artist - Mic Baird - Gossamer 2 Free Formed Stainless Steel Mesh - Burnished .2mtr. A spontaneous sculptural forms that offers the viewer the feel of flowing fabric, with invisible mounting techniques the work appears to float on the wall with no visible means of support!

Wall Mounted Tap | RBA Group
Wall Mounted Tap | RBA Group. RBA Group offer wall mounted taps that include an isolation valve. Feature include; Time Flow 4-10 seconds (non-adjustable). Includes isolation valve for ease of maintenance. Recessed aerator. Vandal resistant.

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