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New Concrete Coatings Range - Beton™ from Era Polymers

New Concrete Coatings Range - Beton from Era Polymers

Urethane Coatings Launch Beton™ - New Concrete Coatings Range

Urethane Coatings are pleased to announce their new concrete floor coating range Beton™. The coating systems currently available in the Beton™ range are:

Spartan Coat 100

A two component highly durable aliphatic topcoat for concrete. Ideal applications for Spartan Coat 100 include; Factory floors, car parks, garages, driveways, shopping centres.

Betonthane UV 40

A single component aliphatic polyurethane concrete coating. When cured, Betonthane UV 40 produces a high gloss, tough and hardwearing film with excellent resistance to yellowing. Applications include; Garages, factory floors, driveways.


A two-part Crack & Spall Repair System for concrete. Due to the ultra-low viscosity of Conpatch it can penetrate deep into the cracks of the concrete for excellent adhesion and added strength resulting in a quality long lasting repair.

BetonKote™ UV Gloss 1K

A new generation one component water borne polyurethane coating. Use BetonKote™ UV Gloss 1K for a polyurethane gloss film finish offering extremely hardwearing and long-lasting protection to your concrete floors.

Concrete & Paving Gloss

This is a clear single component high solids acrylic sealer, with a high gloss finish and excellent resistance to weathering. A great finish which protects your concrete floor. A tinter range will be available soon so you will be able to add a little colour to your finish.

Enhance, protect, and increase the longevity of your concrete floor; Doing it better with Beton™. For more information on Beton™ visit www.urethanecoatings.com.au.

Concrete Coatings Range  from Era Polymers

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