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Access Covers and Grates Brisbane | EJ
Access Covers and Grates Brisbane | EJ. Brisbane's Indooroopilly Shopping Centre: A New Showcase for EJ. One of Brisbane's largest shopping centres in the near west suburb of Indooroopilly has just undergone a major rebuild including the resumption of multiple residential blocks and the re-building of roads around the very busy property. As a result, much of the neighbouring infrastructure required a complete overhaul.

Acoustic Wall Panel Feature | Supawood
Acoustic Wall Panel Feature | Supawood. Creative acoustic wall panel feature by Supawood enhances school theatre. SUPAWOOD's SUPACOUSTIC NCK acoustic wall panels have provided the flexibility to improve acoustics as well as create the precise look the designers conceived for the new Central Coast Grammar school performing arts theatre at Erina Heights NSW.

Airport Covers and Infrastructure Solutions | EJ
Airport Covers and Infrastructure Solutions | EJ. Lift Off for the Avalon Airshow 2015 EJ Top Performers Headline. Not only will you witness some exhilarating stunts at this year's Avalon Airshow, you'll also be able to navigate through a display of new, innovative products from the world leaders in infrastructure access covers and grates, EJ. Inspect a range of access covers specifically designed and classed for airport runways and tarmacs.

Aluminium External Blind Colours | Evaya
Aluminium External Blind Colours | Evaya. The 80 C Rolled Edge Aluminium Slats of the ev80 are: - Reinforced with copper free aluminium alloy to provide added strength and flexibility - 0.45 mm gauge, chemically pre-treated and stove enamelled. - Roll Formed and Machined on our premises utilising the most advanced technology and operating systems. - Scratch, shock and corrosion resistant - Available in a range of Standard Colours - Custom Colours available upon request.

Anodised Finishes for Facade Screens | Universal Anodisers
Anodised Finishes for Facade Screens | Universal Anodisers. Satin Pale Bronze was the specified finish for the perforated panels on the project's facade. The anodised finish enhances the fabulous design created by Hassell and will provide longevity and metallic lustre. Anodising is integral to the metal, sun and shade will create optical illusion as to the colour perceived giving the facade a life of its own.

Architectural LED lighting Surface Mounted | WE-EF
Architectural LED lighting Surface Mounted | WE-EF. WE-EF adds efficient, precise and versatile LED versions to its OLV series. OLV300 LEDs can accentuate facades, cast grazing light, set the scene for shapes and textures, bring out the contours in buildings and, at the same time, illuminate adjacent pathways. WE-EF OLV300 surface mounted wall luminaires can achieve creative and functional lighting for an impressive range of applications.

Attic Storage Solutions Video with Shaynna Blaze and Attic Group
Attic Storage Solutions Video with Shaynna Blaze and Attic Group. Looking for more space in your home? Attic Group's ambassador Shaynna Blaze (Interior Designer, Selling Houses Australia, The Block) discusses various Attic Storage options to help maximise your home's storage potential. Many homeowners have been thrilled with their new attic storage space.

Balustrade System for Marina Quays | Axiom Group
Balustrade System for Marina Quays | Axiom Group. A landmark project in the West Melbourne growth area of Wyndham, Marina Quays is a truly iconic building. Marina Quays consists of over one hundred luxury apartments and forms part a large scale development of the Werribee South Coastal region. Axiom Group supplied to the project the Balustrade System and the Internal Frameless Showerscreens.

Bold Paint Colour Palette Modhaus Video | Dulux
Bold Paint Colour Palette Modhaus Video | Dulux. A playful approach to design allows us to reconnect with a time when there were less restrictions on our creativity. Modhaus takes its cues from design movements where colour was explored using bold playful combinations. Memphis design of the 1980s is at the core of this trend.

Bronze Electroplating | Astor Metal Finishes
Bronze Electroplating | Astor Metal Finishes. The below case study illustrates how various metal substrates are able to be transformed with a specified ASTOR METAL FINISH. The Potting Shed, located within The Grounds of Alexandra precinct, was completed in October 2013. In this project three of Astor's finishes have been used; 'Alhena' Antique Brass + Clear Satin, 'Gemini Natural' Aged Copper + Oil & 'Crucis' Florentine Bronze.

Cavity Sliding Door Frame | Smooth Doors
Cavity Sliding Door Frame | Smooth Doors. The cavity sliding door frame from Smooth Door Systems, consists of slimline trims that continue along the entire perimeter of the opening, from the cavity collar, alongside the top track and down the closing end jamb. When this is done it achieves a beautifully uniform look and assists in concealing any imperfection in the plaster, which lines the wall and the bulkhead.

Ceiling Fan Advantages | Prestige Fans
Ceiling Fan Advantages | Prestige Fans. Fans don't only have their technical capabilities of cooling and have the ability to accent a space through design they can also shift the overall feeling and mood of a given space. Ceiling Fans work on a very simple principle, being that when the fan spins, it causes an up draught of air in a room.

Column and Capital Forming System | Ezytube
Column and Capital Forming System | Ezytube. Ezytube was selected by Westform (NSW) Pty Ltd to supply all column and capital forming systems at the prestigious ATP Seven project at the Australian Technology Park (ATP) at Everleigh (Redfern-Waterloo area) Sydney. The $123 million, 43,500 m2 project consisted of ten levels of commercial office space, four TV production studios, street level retail and two levels of car parking.

Composite Structural I Beams | TECBUILD
Composite Structural I Beams | TECBUILD. TECBEAM® joists are composite structural 'I' Beams which have a continuous steel web and timber flanges. Tecbeams composite beam design is an ideal combination of the structural properties of both steel and timber. This result in a light weight beam with structural properties resembling more like those of a steel beam rather than a solid timber beam.

Concrete Look Tiles | MDC Mosaics
Concrete Look Tiles | MDC Mosaics. Styles that benefit from the use of Concrete look tiles. The colours and textures available in the concrete look range of tiles lend a perfect base for the following design styles - Urban/industrial/warehouse style - Minimalist - Modern - Moroccan. The concrete look tiles provide you with floors or walls that will lift your space from the ordinary to one that is unique and stylish.

Custom Machining and CNC Routing Services | Allplastics
Custom Machining and CNC Routing Services | Allplastics. Antenna Mount Precision Machined & Assembled. Allplastics Engineering completed an intricate design project to disassemble, manufacture and reassemble an antenna for the National Measurement Institute. The aim of the project was to eliminate all the slack in the connections and to minimise the movement of the arm when it is rotating.

Custom Made Formliner Video | Reckli Form-Liners & Moulds
Custom Made Formliner Video | Reckli Form-Liners & Moulds. How to create a custom-made formliner? Get more knowledge about how a custom-made formliner is produced. This videos shows how your creative idea gets fulfilled.

Decorative Pool Fencing | QAQ Architectural
Decorative Pool Fencing | QAQ Architectural. Its summer time again, and with it brings heat and celebration leading every Australian to the nearest swimming pool. So why not revamp your pool area to incorporate style and safety. Fencing is a necessary fixture for every pool setting so instead of purchasing drab, generic pool fencing why not style up your setting with more interesting patterns.

Designer Show Garden Edging | Formboss
Designer Show Garden Edging | Formboss. FormBoss™ metal garden edging has been incorporated into dozens of designer landscaping displays throughout Australia. Formboss has been utilized by multiple award winning designers to complement their existing show gardens. Earlier this year we sponsored Flemings and Phillip Johnson Landscapes for their Chelsea Flower Show display.

Double Stop Descenders | 3M Safety
Double Stop Descenders | 3M Safety. 3M SAFETY AUSTRALIA & NEW ZEALAND INTRODUCE THEIR NEW UPGRADED ROLLGLISS™ NOWORRIES™ DESCENDERS. Re-designed for improved performance and greater capacity! Capital Safety, the global leader in fall protection has announced the launch of their new re-designed DBI-SALA® NoWorries Double Stop Descenders.

Dr Chau Chak Building Insulated with Foamular Extruded Polystyrene
Dr Chau Chak Building Insulated with Foamular Extruded Polystyrene. UTS Building Uses Foamular Extruded Polystyrene Insulation. The Dr Chau Chak Wing UTS building used Foamular Extruded Polystyrene in its recently completed construction. Regularly said to resemble a crumpled paper bag it is the first building in Australia designed by world acclaimed Architect Frank Gehry.

Driveway Sealer and Enhancer | Dry-Treat
Driveway Sealer and Enhancer | Dry-Treat. The driveway of a pleasant town in the Netherlands was in desperate need of a make-over. The dull, dreary Chinese bluestone was fast becoming an undesirable feature of this Bleiswijk residence. Even more alarming, the porous surface had no protection against water ingress and oil stains. INTENSIFIA™ was chosen to revitalise this driveway whilst providing premium water and oil repellency.

Engraved Plaques & Memorials | Architectural Signs, Sydney
Engraved Plaques & Memorials | Architectural Signs, Sydney. Convicts Plaque - Great North Road. The Old Great North Road is regarded as a major engineering contribution to Australia's early colonial settlement. It served the purpose of connecting Sydney to the rapidly developing farmlands of the Hunter Valley. Extending north from Sydney to the Hunter Valley, the Convict Trail follows the route of the 240 km Great North Road, built between 1826 and 1836.

Extended Warranties on Luminaires | Brightgreen
Extended Warranties on Luminaires | Brightgreen. Unbeatable warranties? Brightgreen have got you covered! For a limited time only, we are offering our customers extended warranties on Brightgreen luminaires. Our industry-leading lights are designed to outlast the competition and we are happy to back our high-quality LEDs with this special offer: Products that are normally covered by 3-year warranties will now be supported by a 5-year guarantee.

Exterior Lighting for Adelaide Oval | WE-EF
Exterior Lighting for Adelaide Oval | WE-EF. Creating a superior exterior - Adelaide Oval. As a provider of exterior lighting products, the WE-EF brand makes a significant impression on visitors to the newly redeveloped Adelaide Oval as well as facilitates their use of the space. The scope of this project means numerous WE-EF products have been installed throughout the site to perform different functions.

External Blind Automation Controls | Evaya
External Blind Automation Controls | Evaya. EV80 Controls. SOMFY As a world leader in automation systems, Somfy offer a range of control solutions to suit your needs. Somfy's unique and stylish range of controls provides users with the ultimate in convenience - all at the touch of a button. In conjunction with the broad range of Somfy sensors and without the need for occupant intervention, you have the ability to create comfortable, energy efficient environments.

GECA Releases New Paper and Recycled Products Standards
GECA Releases New Paper and Recycled Products Standards. Three new standards for paper and recycled products from Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) have been released and are accepting products for certification. GECA's Paper and Stationery Products, Sanitary Paper Products and Recycled Products standards have been updated from previous standards, with an expanded scope and revised criteria to set new environmental benchmarks for the products they cover.

Heavy Duty Multi-Part Access Covers | EJ
Heavy Duty Multi-Part Access Covers | EJ. One of the latest innovations from EJ is set to revolutionise the use of multi-part covers in the Asia-Pacific region. Made in the US, this is essentially a very large 2 part hatch, 1200mm x 1200mm with a powerful gas ram on each cover that makes opening and closing a very simple and ergonomically safe action. This new dual part cover is rated heavy duty and has been tested in an assembly using two covers in the one frame.

Height Safety Training | Kerrect
Height Safety Training | Kerrect. Kerrect Groups unique modular height safety and rescue training system is Nationally Accredited and it allows you to select the training modules most appropriate to your work environment. It is now a mandatory requirement of AS/NZS 1891 that height safety training is carried out for all persons working at height in a harness. Training is provided either at your site or at our training centre.

Hitch Reciever Key Vault HitchSafe | Keywatch Systems QLD
Hitch Reciever Key Vault HitchSafe | Keywatch Systems QLD. HitchSafe Vault, for security of Keys, Drivers Licence, Credit Cards using a Hitch Tow Bar Receiver. Ever worried about carrying your keys around, fearing the possibility of losing them when you are participating in outdoor activities? Ever had to leave your car keys somewhere safe or with someone else for other people to use your car?

Hydro Construction Products Launch New Website
Hydro Construction Products Launch New Website. Hydro's NEW website is here! Visit hydrocp.com.au. Are you still looking for the perfect product for your construction project? Save some time and visit our new mobile and tablet compatible website.

Hydroxypure Chlorine Free Swimming Pools | Waterco
Hydroxypure Chlorine Free Swimming Pools | Waterco. Waterco's Hydroxypure system installed in Dubai reindeer pool. When thinking about reindeers, most people's minds turn immediately to snow, freezing winds and the North Pole (and Santa and his sleigh). The last place on earth one would expect to find a herd of reindeer is in a backyard in the middle of Dubai, which is home to over two million people and has a climate that can be described as 'tropical desert'.

Interchangeable Balustrade Fittings | East Coast Industries
Interchangeable Balustrade Fittings | East Coast Industries. At ECIA's we specifically develop our products to be fully interchangeable. ECIA provide you the customer with one of the most comprehensive ranges and build options available. Our products are available in 400grit (satin) or 600grit (mirror) polish 316 stainless steel. If we don't have exactly what you are looking for we can create custom products just for you.

Lever Block | LB Wire Ropes
Lever Block | LB Wire Ropes. Lever block, robust design, cancer charity support. The Challenger Lever Block uses the latest technology to ensure you of a higher quality, robust design with a high level of operator safety which is easier and safer to use, ensuring a longer service life. Choosing the Challenger brand also directly supports cancer charities in Australia.

Lorient Seals and Grilles for Fire Rated Door Sets | Pyropanel
Lorient Seals and Grilles for Fire Rated Door Sets | Pyropanel. LORIENT SEALS AND GRILLES APPROVED ON PYROPANEL DOORSETS. Pyropanel is pleased to announce that approvals are now in place allowing a wide range of Lorient door seals to be used on Pyropanel Fire Rated Door Sets. Lorient has an international reputation for designing and manufacturing a wide range of innovative door sealing solutions for the containment of fire, smoke, sound and energy.

Marie Antoinette Parquetry | Antique Floors
Marie Antoinette Parquetry | Antique Floors. Timeless Marie Antoinette recycled Australian hardwood parquetry by Antique Floors for Felton Construction's French Provincial Display home at Bella Vista.

Marine Powder Coating with MarineKote® | Vertikote Group
Marine Powder Coating with MarineKote® | Vertikote. Vertikote Group, one of Australia's leading powder coating and industrial paint finishers, has released a new range of Pacesetter® coatings including their new high performance MarineKote® system which provides some of the most durable anti corrosion protection available. This exclusive system involves specialised preparation and use of ultra-durable powder coatings.

Miniature Electronic Cam Lock | Keywatch Systems QLD
Miniature Electronic Cam Lock | Keywatch Systems QLD. NFC Technology now available MiniK10 miniature electronic cam-lock from KSQ. KSQ announce the release of their new MiniK10 miniature electronic cam lock that features the latest NFC (Near Field Communication) technology for wireless management of locker and cabinet locks.

Modular Cantilever Sliding Gates | Magnetic Automation
Modular Cantilever Sliding Gates | Magnetic Automation. Five modular cantilever gates from Magnetic Automation Pty Ltd were installed at a major mine site to maximise security in the remote environment. The mining industry requires strict control of vehicles of all sizes entering and exiting any mine site, especially in remote sites located in the rugged Australian outback environment.

Outdoor Heating for Clubs | Celmec
Outdoor Heating for Clubs | Celmec. Mulgrave Country Club is a community club that offers sporting and function facilities to its members. To celebrate its fifty-year anniversary, the Mulgrave Country Club has undergone major developments and refurbishments. Teaming up with Bate Design, Celmec has been a part of this refurbishment assisting in the extension of function areas through the installation of outdoor heaters.

Polymer Concrete Drainage Pits | EJ
Polymer Concrete Drainage Pits | EJ. Don't Just Dig a Hole for Yourself - Fill it With a Polymer Concrete Product from EJ. Early this year, EJ will have available, a range of polymer concrete pits with matching covers. But these are not just any old poly-concrete pits. These bad boys are packed with clever thinking and are made to a high standard.

Robotic Pool Cleaners | Waterco
Robotic Pool Cleaners | Waterco. Waterco unveils next generation Trident robotic pool cleaners. Waterco has enhanced its product suite of robotic pool cleaners with the addition of two new Trident robotic cleaners from Maytronic's. The new models - the Trident (Standard) and the Trident PRO - have been designed for cleaning efficiency, particularly for finer filtration collection.

Rooftop Waterproofing with Radmyx | Radcrete
Rooftop Waterproofing with Radmyx | Radcrete. Belmont Plaza Shopping Centre Waterproofed with Radmyx. Radcrete Pacific Pty Ltd has won many substantial rooftop waterproofing contracts for suburban shopping malls. Belmont Plaza on the NSW Central Coast has had the post-tensioned car park roof slab along with the suspended bowling green slab protected with Radmyx - Radcrete's crystal growth admixture - to ensure complete below grade waterproofing.

Rust Look Steel Garden Edging | Formboss
Rust Look Steel Garden Edging | Formboss. Corten is an alloy designed to give you an aesthetic rust that looks fantastic and lasts for ages. This steel has an increased resistance to corrosion. This is due to the steel forming a protective layer on its surface under the influence of the weather, which regenerates continuously over the steels life.

Safety Balustrades | Allplastics
Safety Balustrades | Allplastics. Balustrades - Safety and Aesthetics Combined. We offer a diverse range of materials, which can be utilised for balustrades for indoors or outdoors. Ranging from the clear Arcylic to the Textured Alltexturo® or the Perspex® Frost all out sheets can be Cut to Size and the edges polished. Whether it is safety or aesthetics that you seek, Allplastics will assist you in your project.

Sandstone Anti-Slip Tile | Sareen Stone
Sandstone Anti-Slip Tile | Sareen Stone. Himalayan sandstone is a popular stone that is suitable for all type of exterior projects. The Sareen Stone's Himalayan sandstone stands apart from most Himalayan available in the marketplace as it is calibrated providing consistent thickness and limited colour variation. Sareen Stone's 3-part Anti-Slip finish is created by using a unique process.

Shadowline Cavity Pockets | CS Cavity Sliders
Shadowline Cavity Pockets | CS Cavity Sliders. QIII is a residential tower development in the heart of the East Perth Re-development precinct, bounded by Hay St and Adelaide Terrace, adjacent to the WACA. CS Cavity Sliders supplied over 180 cavity pockets to the project through Diploma Construction. These pockets were custom made to suit on site detail matching a critical underside of head measurement.

Shop Fitting Hang Rails | Astor Metal Finishes
Shop Fitting Hang Rails | Astor Metal Finishes. Astor Metal Finishes work with shopfitters, designers and design managers on a variety of projects. This can include working on Angles, shelves, frames, signage, panels, hang rails and furniture. Myer, David Jones, Westfield, Stocklands, Mainbrace, Amp Capital are amongst the larger clients and we work continuously for Oroton Group, Lindt Chocolate stores, Paspaley Pearls on both large flagship stores.

Soft Colour Palette Slientshift Video | Dulux
Soft Colour Palette Slientshift Video | Dulux. Our digital demands require us to be forever alert. At risk of fatigue and overstimulation, we are taking time to pause, unplug and recuperate. Silentshift's soft colour palette allows us to create spaces which there is minimal pattern and contrast, inviting your mind to rest and be silent. We shift our approach to find a new balance between fast paced and slow living.

Solamander Hydronic Energy Hub System Video | Devex
Solamander Hydronic Energy Hub System Video | Devex. Sustainable Comfort Living. The Solamander™ Hydronic Energy Hub achieves an optimum and pleasant indoor environment with comfort heating on demand throughout the year. This system has been designed to be an environmentally sound and sustainable solution that offsets household greenhouse gas emissions and allows residential home owners to get one step closer to a carbon neutral house.

Spray On Ute Liner | Rhino Linings
Spray On Ute Liner | Rhino Linings. The sprayed-on Ute lining from Rhino Linings outperforms all typical rubber and vinyl mats, and gives your vehicle real protection. Unlike a vinyl or heavy rubber mat, the Rhino liner does not need to be removed to be cleaned. As rubber and vinyl mats can be removed, dirt and waste can migrate below and cause extensive damage to the floor beneath.

Staining and Porous Surfaces Video | Dry-Treat
Staining and Porous Surfaces Video | Dry-Treat. One of the first things a customer will most likely ask when they purchase stone is: 'will it stain?' The answer is yes but fear not, as Gabe is back to explain why this occurs and how stains can be stopped. STAINING is the most common problem in porous surfaces. But fear not, for it is also the most fixable. Will impregnating sealers stop staining?

Supawood Architectural Lining Systems in the UK
Supawood Architectural Lining Systems in the UK. Global Technology - Local Supply. Following 10 years as a market leader in architectural acoustic linings in Australia, SUPAWOOD ARCHITECTURAL LINING SYSTEMS are pleased to announce they have successfully extended their operations into the UK. Through knowledge gained while conquering the Australian market, SUPAWOOD have come to realised the importance of local based manufacturing as the key to the quality.

Sustainable Gym Flooring | Sherwood Enterprises
Sustainable Gym Flooring | Sherwood Enterprises. RECYCLING POST WASTE TYRES INTO GYM FITNESS FLOORING & BENEFITTING THE ENVIRONMENT. As Australian Owned & Operated & the exclusive manufacturer distributor here in Australia Sherwood Enterprises has sold annually thousands upon thousands of Sherprise meter x meter x15mm thick recycled rubber Gym Tiles.

Taits Home Timber and Hardware Promotes Whittle Waxes
Taits Home Timber and Hardware Promotes Whittle Waxes. Taits Home Timber and Hardware promoting Whittle Waxes from the start. For over 40 years Tait Flooring has built a fine reputation for quality, reliability, sales and service in timber flooring products. Directly from the commencement of Whittle Waxes here in Australia over a decade ago, Taits has believed and promoted our products.

Terrace Heating with Heatray Heated Umbrellas | Celmec
Terrace Heating with Heatray Heated Umbrellas | Celmec. Warragul Country Club is a not for profit community club in Warragul, Victoria one and a half hours out of the Melbourne CDB. Teaming up with Melbourne based Parkinson Design, Celmec worked with Warragul Country Club for a number of months to provide heating solutions mainly to outdoor areas. The country club wanted to extend the usability of its function room terrace, members lounge terrace and pro shop terrace.

Thermal Protection Solutions | TBA Firefly
Thermal Protection Solutions | TBA Firefly. TBA Textiles manufacture a wide range of thermal protection products that are made of a number of high performance fibres (E glass, Kevlar Pre-oxidised acrylic and others). These products are used in many arduous environments and industries that range from general industrial to smelters, foundries and personal protection.

Tile Installation Systems for Sydney Aquatic Centre | LATICRETE
Tile Installation Systems for Sydney Aquatic Centre | LATICRETE. 12 Years on and Still Good as New - Sydney Aquatic Centre, Leisure Centre at Olympic Park Homebush Bay, NSW. When we say LATICRETE provides proven installation systems for tile and stone application, we mean it, 110%. For example, some of the world renown projects which have LATICRETE installed 'all over them' are: The Petronas Tower - Malaysia, Burj Al Arab - Dubai, Sears Tower - Chicago USA.

Tiling in Hot Weather Video | LATICRETE
Tiling in Hot Weather Video | LATICRETE. LATICRETE Pro tips help ensure best ease-of-use and performance on hot weather installations. Conventional Portland cement tile mortar beds, thin-set adhesives, cement plasters and stuccos are often permanently damaged when subject to hot, dry temperatures or desert climates immediately after installation.

TOSO Exhibiting at R+T Stuttgart Germany
TOSO Exhibiting at R+T Stuttgart Germany. TOSO is pleased to be one of 800 plus Exhibitors and can be found in Hall 8, Stand C32. R+T Stuttgart held from Tuesday the 24th February through to Saturday the 28th February 2015 provides a unique overview of the complete range of products and services of the industries roller shutters, door/gates and sun protection systems.

Ute Lining Application Video | Rhino Linings
Ute Lining Application Video | Rhino Linings. Have you ever wondered what is involved in applying a Rhino Linings ute liner check out this video by Rhino Linings Perth (Beam Rustproofing).

Vehicle Access Control Boom Gates | Magnetic Automation
Magnetic's access boom gates control
vehicle access at freight company's sites. Magnetic Automation Pty Ltd supplied their MHTM access boom gates to a major Australian freight company to control vehicle access at four of their sites. Magnetic's MHTM access boom gate is designed to withstand tough Australian conditions.

Warehouse High Speed Doors | DMF International
Warehouse High Speed Doors | DMF International. DMF International Pty Ltd are Australian manufacturers and suppliers of specialised high speed roll doors that will offer solutions to warehousing problems that can occur. The controlling of temperature, dust, vermin, security, draft, or product separation can be solved by using high speed door types. DMF are manufacturers of PVC high speed roll doors.

Wind Resistant Balustrades | Axiom
Wind Resistant Balustrades | Axiom. Located on the Fitzroy River in Rockhampton this luxury riverfront apartment building has pride of place on Victoria Parade. Boasting a vast selection of one, two and three bedroom apartments, the Axilume balustrade suite was chosen to further enhance the luxurious feel and to compliment the stunning river views. Axiom Group modified an existing suite to grant the developers ideal design.

Wood Grain Vinyl Flooring LooseLay | Karndean Designflooring
Wood Grain Vinyl Flooring LooseLay | Karndean Designflooring. New wood designs unveiled as part of Karndean LooseLay Series Three. Karndean Designflooring has expanded its collection of sophisticated wood designs as part of its LooseLay Series Three launch. Available now, the stylish new hues tap into the trend for popular oak tones, fashionable rustics and deep greys in commercial spaces.

Yoga Panel Heaters | Heat-On Systems
Yoga Panel Heaters | Heat-On Systems. Heat-On Far Infrared (FIR) 1600W heaters, designed for yoga studios. Heat-On yoga panel heaters are manufactured to strict ISO 9001 & 14001 certification in South Korea. Our patented FIR heating technology also provides negative ionisation & antibacterial sterilisation as well as being tuned @ 9 micron meters for exceptional efficiency and system responsiveness.

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