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12 Metre Wide Cantilever Gate | Magnetic Automation
12 Metre Wide Cantilever Gate | Magnetic Automation. Fully customisable MCG XL cantilever gate. To accommodate a wide opening space for a coal export site, Magnetic Automation installed a 12-metre MCG XL cantilever gate with Magnetic's powerful MSL 20MC motor. It was installed at the entry point to the site to protect against unauthorised foot traffic in a high vehicle thoroughfare.

Access Cover Specification Information | ACO
Access Cover Specification Information | ACO. Choosing the right access cover for a particular application is vital to the prevention of problems and product failures in the future. When choosing access covers for your next project, there are eight key factors to consider. They include: loadings, size, aesthetics, security, gas tightness, water tightness, cover orientation and handling.

AFS Walling Solutions Achieves CodeMark Certification
AFS Walling Solutions Achieves CodeMark Certification. Australian walling system manufacturer AFS Walling Solutions has taken another major leap forward, with its LOGICWALL® system achieving CodeMark certification. This reinforces that the product complies with the National Construction Code (NCC)* and AS3600-2009 (Concrete Structures) and evidences its suitability for use in the design of a concrete structure.

Architectural Brick Design Features | PGH Bricks & Pavers
Architectural Brick Design Features | PGH Bricks & Pavers. Inject life into home designs with PGH Bricks & Pavers. Five design ideas for new builds or renovations. Brick is back. Architects, designers and homeowners are embracing brick's inate durability and aesthetic flexibility to build the homes of tomorrow, according to PGH Bricks & Pavers. We are seeing a resurgence in the use of brick to create impactful architectural features inside and out.

Atlas Acqua Ceiling Fans | Prestige Fans
Atlas Acqua Ceiling Fans | Prestige Fans. On a recent trip to Bundaberg in Queensland, Peter our National Sales Manager noticed that the Atlas Acqua fan was slowly taking over the town. Firstly, Peter went into the Bargara Brewing Company where he noticed a number of the Atlas Acqua ceiling fans keeping both the patrons and the workers cool while enjoying the wonderful atmosphere of the brewery.

Australian Standard Compliant Building Materials | ISPS Innovations
Australian Standard Compliant Building Materials | ISPS Innovations. ISPS Innovations number #1 in acrylic splashbacks, engineered Bonethane polymer sheeting, Printed Splashbacks, custom joinery & resurfacing using CulourTek creations. ISPS Innovations manufacture and supply customisation with our total building material range. Our total innovative splashback polymer wall panels & CulourTek creations range has been quality tested since 1998.

Award Winning Kove LED Adjustable Luminaire | Intralux
Award Winning Kove LED Adjustable Luminaire | Intralux. Intralux Australia is proud to announce the winning of both the 2015 International Luminaire Design Awards and the Light of Lights Award 2015 at the recently held 2015 IESANZ International Awards Celebration in Brisbane, Australia. Kove LED Adjustable - Award Winning, Australian Made, specification grade pelmet lighting system.

BRIO Hinged Access Covers | EJ
BRIO Hinged Access Covers | EJ. Gladstone's APLNG Plant Safely Covered by BRIO™. Pre-planning and development of the massive Australia Pacific LNG Project began in 2008 and is now poised for its first LNG export shipment. Getting the project up and running has been a real labour of love between the three joint-venture partners Origin (37.5%), ConocoPhillips (37.5%) and Sinopec (25%).

Carpet Tile Range Video | Nolan.UDA
Carpet Tile Range Video | Nolan.UDA. Introducing the updated 2016 Carpet Tile range. In 2013, Nolan Carpets launched a versatile and stylish range of carpet tiles from the globally renowned TOLI corporation in Japan. Since then, we've worked with valued clients around Australia to help meet project specifications, as well as adding creative flair.

Cast Iron Access Covers and Frames for Barangaroo | EJ
Cast Iron Access Covers and Frames for Barangaroo | EJ. EJ Hops into Sydney's Barangaroo Parkland. It's slowly but surely taking shape - the massive and impressive Barangaroo development on the shoreline of Sydney Harbour. And digging in for its share of the action, EJ has been a significant supplier of grates and access covers throughout the new Parklands. A stroll along the pathways reveals that galvanized mild steel grates are dotted throughout.

Cedar Shingles | Cedar Imports Australia
Cedar Shingles | Cedar Imports Australia. Cedar Imports Australia offers, Cedar Shingles. Features; Thickness: 11 mm thick at butt end. Length: 450 mm (nominal). Width: various. Cover: Roof - 1 bundle per 2.3 m² at 140 mm exposure. Minimum roof pitch - 180. Blue Label Premium Cedar Shingles Clear grade, fully quarter sawn. Recommended for roofing applications. Red Label Cedar Shingles General Purpose grade, with limited sap wood. Contains both quarter and back sawn.

Cedar Shiplap Cladding | Timber Cladding Melbourne
Cedar Shiplap Cladding | Timber Cladding Melbourne. Timber Cladding Melbourne offers Cedar Shiplap Cladding, that is a stylish, natural and strong alternative to traditional softwood and manufactured cladding systems. Shiplap boards are profiled to produce an overlap, which allows for a continuous timber cladding look with uninterrupted, clean lines. Cladding can be used in both vertical and horizontal alignment.

Center Pull Hand Towel Dispenser | Star Washroom Accessories
Center Pull Hand Towel Dispenser | Star Washroom Accessories. Center Pull Hand Towel Dispenser is fabricated of ABS Plastic White finish. The dimension of the Dispenser is (WHD) 240 x 325 x 210mm. Unit has Plastic lock and the cover swings away for loading. The capacity of the Dispenser is 1 x standard roll centre feed paper towel. It is secured to wall with mounted screws at holed provided.

Certified Door and Window Sealing Systems | Raven
Certified Door and Window Sealing Systems | Raven. Designed to meet or exceed Australian, New Zealand and European standards and building codes, Raven offer a tested and certified range of door and window sealing systems for the containment of energy, the exclusion of noise, weather, insects, vermin, fire, smoke and bushfire embers. Don't put your project at risk with products that only claim 'deemed to satisfy'.

Combination Cavity Sliding Door Solutions | Smooth Door Systems
. Smooth Door Systems, being solution focused and evolutionary in the field of cavity sliding door elements, has increased its manufacturing facilities to accommodate our customers with special COMBINATION cavity sliding door requirements.

Concrete Pumping Service | Insulbrick ICF
Concrete Pumping Service | Insulbrick ICF. Insulbrick ICF now offer a Concrete Pumping Service. Professional concrete placement is essential to any ICF project. All our operators are trained ICF installers with years of experience pumping concrete into ICF walls. Our research tells us that the biggest concern customers have building with ICF is finding a concrete pump operator with ICF experience.

Contoured Ceilings Wave Blades Video | Supawood
Contoured Ceilings Wave Blades Video | Supawood. Wave Blades - Sculptured Features. In the past creating a unique touch for your project within budget constraints was challenging as traditionally it involved a custom joinery unit which was laborious to document and very expensive. But now SUPAWOOD have developed WAVE BLADES, a proprietary ceiling system which makes creating contoured wooden blade features affordable and easy to specify.

Counter Top Security Doors | The Australian Trellis Door Co
Counter Top Security Doors | The Australian Trellis Door Co. SECURITY DOORS FOR RECEPTION COUNTERS, CANTEENS, SERVERIES. The Australian Trellis Door Company's (ATDC) unique range of security doors is suitable for securing reception counters, canteens, bars and serveries. ATDC's security doors are extremely versatile-they concertina sideways out of the way and out of sight when not in use making them almost invisible during trading hours.

Creating a Commercial Rooftop Garden | Projex Group
Creating a Commercial Rooftop Garden | Projex Group. A problem for commercial buildings is the struggle to make space for a landscaped garden where people can sit, relax, and have their lunch amongst living plants. We all know the benefits of having live plants in the workplace, but many businesses simply don't have the room for a break out area that's outdoors. In these instances, a rooftop garden is an ideal option that isn't considered nearly as often as it should be.

Decorative Screen Interior Feature | QAQ Architectural
Decorative Screen Interior Feature | QAQ Architectural. QAQ decorative screens installed inside walls can create an air of openness in the most modern, stylish way. This is a compressed hardwood 'Cayman' installed alongside a modern stairway, an ideal solution to the wear and tear of a high-traffic area if you have children. QAQ screens come in a variety of designs, materials, and can be custom cut to fit any size space in your or your client's home.

Decorative Stone Inspiration Video | DecoR Stone
Decorative Stone Inspiration Video | DecoR Stone. DecoR Stone's inspirational brochure showcases the application of products such as Ledge Stone, Stacked Stone, Travertine, Crazy Paving, and Ardesia. These natural stone products are shown in various application settings both external and internal.

Dual Valve Wall Mounted Liquid Soap Dispenser | Star Washroom
Dual Valve Wall Mounted Liquid Soap Dispenser | Star Washroom. S-483. Dual Valve Wall Mounted Liquid Soap Dispenser is fabricated of type 304 stainless steel Satin Finish. It holds 2 Litres of Liquid Soap. The Soap Valve has chrome plated brass housing with ABS plastic mechanism. The Sight gauge indicates refill time. The dimensions of the Dispenser is 435x85x115. It is secured to wall with mounted screws at holed provided.

Dulux Colour Forecast Video Future Past
Dulux Colour Forecast Video Future Past. Future Past takes its cues from steampunk merging with modern design - creating a new version of the old. Deep and decadent traditional hues are made modern with the addition of mustard, pink and purple.

Eco Friendly Reversible Gym Mats | Sherwood Enterprises
Eco Friendly Reversible Gym Mats | Sherwood Enterprises. EVA 30mm GYM MATS AT SHERWOOD ENTERPRISES QLD. Brisbane based Sherwood Enterprises the family Flooring Distributor sold out quickly our shipment of Eva reversible mats, but there on their way now back into stock. We had great request for our high quality reversible Red & Black Eva Mats as well as Blue & Red so we have both colours coming into stock in our next container.

Electric Track Curtain | Silent Gliss
Electric Track Curtain | Silent Gliss. When it comes to Silent Gliss new electric curtain track system, it only takes three convincing arguments to sum it up. Impressively...silent. The electric track system is the most silent of its kind thanks to new and high-quality, dual-component roller technology, an innovative track coating, and a brushless motor.

Engineered Building Products EasyCat App Video | MiTek
Engineered Building Products EasyCat App Video | MiTek. Short instructional video on the use of the EasyCAT app. MiTek has a huge range of engineered building products, made to answer specific on-site needs. All are designed and engineered to meet the individual requirements of each particular job. This is especially important when it comes to ensuring load-bearing requirements are met.

ExoFit STRATA™ Harness Video | 3M Safety
ExoFit STRATA™ Harness Video | 3M Safety. With the ExoFit, ExoFit XP and ExoFit NEX, this product family's legacy is a big one to uphold, but ExoFit STRATA is up to the challenge. The most comfortable, lightest-wearing, truly innovative safety harness ever created. ExoFit STRATA™ features our exclusive LIFTech™ load distribution system, it takes the weight off your shoulders and redistributes it down to your hips.

Expol Underfloor Insulation Installation Video | Foamex
Expol Underfloor Insulation Installation Video | Foamex. Expol Underfloor Insulation from Foamex is one of the most cost effective ways to insulate against weather extremes. The expanded polystyrene panels are placed snugly between the floor joists to create a thermal barrier and to stop heat escaping in winter and entering in summer. Perfect for retro-fitting to existing homes, pole homes and as insulation for new homes.

Exterior LED Lighting Development | WE-EF
Exterior LED Lighting Development | WE-EF. The secret of success: Expertise coupled with inventive spirit. Seven years ago, WE-EF's world premiére of the RFL500 LED street and area lighting luminaire together with the OLC® One LED Concept lens technology caught the industry's attention at Light+Building 2008. Behind those innovations were many years of intensive LED development.

External Retractable Window Shutters | Blockout
External Retractable Window Shutters | Blockout. EXCESS heat and light problems are becoming a recurring nuisance, especially in projects consisting of large panels of glass windows. Light is great, but imagine if you could control it? This is where Blockout can help by reducing heat intake by 90%, Heat loss in the home by 70% and reduce light levels by up to 99%. At just a flick of a switch you can set the desired light level with this fully retractable Blockout Shutter.

External Aluminium Blind Manufacturing Video | Evaya
External Aluminium Blind Manufacturing Video | Evaya. The 80 C Rolled Edge Slats of the ev80 are manufactured from aluminium reinforced with copper free aluminium alloy to provide added strength and flexibility. The material is 0.45 mm gauge, chemically pre-treated and stove enamelled. Roll formed and machined on our premises utilising the most advanced technology and operating systems.

Flexible Cement Based Tile Adhesive SMP Evo | Davco
Flexible Cement Based Tile Adhesive SMP Evo | Davco. SMP Evo is the latest tile adhesive developed by Davco. It has been specially designed for premium stone, marble & porcelain tiles. The main force of SMP Evo is the very fine rendering that it will give to noble stones. It has been formulated for all common substrates; building boards including plasterboard, compressed and fibre cement sheet, rendered brickwork and blockwork, existing ceramic tiles.

Flexible LED Strip Lighting | Intralux
Flexible LED Strip Lighting | Intralux. The product Xenflex LED, is a flexible LED strip lighting, that is suitable for many applications. Features: - A fully serviceable strip lighting system with replaceable LED lamps for easy maintenance and sustainability. - Lamp colours available: 2500k, 2700k, 3000k, 4000k and Blue. - 5 LED chip PCB. - A LED lamp life of 50,000 hours - 70% luminous output - 25c ta. , 30,000 hours - 70% luminous output 40c ta.

Florentine Bronze with Clear Gloss | Astor Metal Finishes
Florentine Bronze with Clear Gloss | Astor Metal Finishes. Astor Metals Finishes Floretine Bronze, is a dark aged copper, to almost black, which is then relieved at edges, corners detailing to highlight the copper. What was once seen as a very traditional Victorian finish, has been specified in modern projects with great success. Application - Florentine Bronze can be applied to any metal including aluminium, brass, stainless steel & mild steel.

Full Body Safety Harness ExoFit STRATA | 3M Safety
Full Body Safety Harness ExoFit STRATA | 3M Safety. 3M Safety Australia & New Zealand Introduce Their New ExoFit STRATA™ Full Body Harness. Designed and tested with third-party research, offers real measurable comfort and fall protection for at-height workers! Capital Safety, the global leader in fall protection has announced the launch of their latest fall protection and safety innovation, the DBI-SALA® ExoFit STRATA™ harness.

General Area Vinyl | Forbo Floorcoverings
General Area Vinyl | Forbo Floorcoverings. Forbo Floorcoverings Eternal General Area Vinyl offers a complete range of high design visuals and unsurpassed European technical performance. All of Forbo's Eternal floors, are engineered for functionality, easy care and exceptional long term performance. They are Green Tag Level A Certified, phthalate free and produced using energy from 100% renewable sources.

Global Truss Disabled Access Ramp | Design Quintessence
Global Truss Disabled Access Ramp | Design Quintessence. Ultimate Family Entertainment Centre Gets Ramped Up! With the centre taking off and a hit for the families on the western side of the hills, co-founder Kate Smith thought it would be ideal for their centre to also cater to the kids with special needs. Design Quintessence had the perfect answer to suit their requirements with the assistance of the Global Truss Disabled Access Ramp, which can go up to a height of 900mm.

Gloss Level Surface Finish Information | Mirotone
Gloss Level Surface Finish Information | Mirotone. Selecting the right type of gloss level for your home can prove to be quite a challenging and daunting task. How many times have you opened a magazine, visited a showroom, or friend's home or even watched a television renovation show to see varying gloss levels on different surfaces being used; and wondered how the owners managed to integrate different gloss finishes so seamlessly.

Granite Step Treads | Sareen Stone
Granite Step Treads | Sareen Stone. New all-in-one step treads from Sareen Stone. Brand new to Sareen Stone's extensive range of granite stone is their Grey Granite Step Treads that are supplied in one piece of stone. This exciting and innovative product will prove a real time saver for landscapers and builders, mainly because the step tread and riser are combined - they are cut from one block of stone.

Granite Tile Protection Case Study | Dry-Treat
Granite Tile Protection Case Study | Dry-Treat. Blakehurst is a suburb south of Sydney, situated on the banks of the Georges River. The owners of the beautiful Blakehurst home had just finished renovating their backyard and were in need of permanent protection for their granite tiles around a saltwater pool and backyard, as well as the patio. Simon from Bailey Trade Services was tasked to seal 240m2 (2400 sq. ft.) of honed granite.

Hand Rail Bracket with Saddle Welded Coach Bolt | ECIA
Hand Rail Bracket with Saddle Welded Coach Bolt | ECIA. ECIA have in stock a new hand rail bracket series with a saddle welded, coach bolt fixing. If you are looking for something a little different to promote your hand rail then why not try this one. The new 205SLS-C+SA hand rail brackets are a stylish and modern alternative to existing brackets on the market.

Heat Recovery Ventilation | Homevent
Heat Recovery Ventilation | Homevent. In today's day and age, modern houses are generally sealed and the air is laden with moisture and pollutants. The moisture & pollutants are created from the daily activities of the occupants of the house. The installation of an air exchanger inside the house will remove stale and polluted air from the house to the outside and replace it by an equivalence of fresh air.

Heating Solutions for Landscape Garden Design | Thermofilm
Heating Solutions for Landscape Garden Design | Thermofilm. A recent design by Steve Taylor of COS Design, shows how best to utilise a small space, in an inner city courtyard in South Melbourne. Steve explains that 'the owners asked us to turn a cold, never used courtyard into an inviting, liveable and functional space with a plunge pool for the summer months, flexible shade and an alfresco kitchen'.

High Speed White Hand Dryer | RBA Group
High Speed White Hand Dryer | RBA Group. RBA Group offer White High Speed Hand Dryer. Features include; - High Speed - efficient drying time. - Quiet Dryer - 72dB(A). - White High Gloss Epoxy Finish. - Luminance contrast.

Insulated Structural Roof Panels | Versiclad
Insulated Structural Roof Panels | Versiclad. An outdoor structure is a solid investment for several reasons. It can be less expensive than a full home extension, taking a smaller bite out of your budget or home equity. Outdoor structures are in demand by home buyers. A well-designed, functional outdoor structure adds more value to your home than its cost. Insulated roof panels and passive designs save on energy costs.

Interlocking Horse Stable Mats | Sherwood Enterprises
Interlocking Horse Stable Mats | Sherwood Enterprises. Sherwood Enterprises is delighted to now stock the Ultimate Anti-fatigue Stable Stall or Float Flooring matting which is 20% softer than rubber mats but still highly resilient durable & long lasting performance. Our Range No 4000 Interlocking Eva Green Horse Animal mats are 1830 x1220x25mm Thick with a pebble traction surface.

Internally Lit Perspex Plinths | Allplastics
Internally Lit Perspex Plinths | Allplastics. PERSPEX® Frost for Luminocity's Exhibition Space. Allplastics supplied the contractors, Dark House Production Design with four custom fabricated internally lit Perspex plinths and forty-two linear metres of internally lit Perspex surfaces supported by custom-made wire frame legs, which in the final installation covered nearly 450m of LED tape.

Interior Brass Surface Finishes | Axolotl
Interior Brass Surface Finishes | Axolotl. Masterclass in Brass. Brass finishes have become prominent in the design and home-wares sphere over the past twelve months. There has been a move away from the high shine and even finish of gold and chrome towards metals with warmer aesthetic; softer more appealing tones such as brass and bronze that can be treated with beautiful texture and patina.

Isernia Limestone Tiles | Sareen Stone
Isernia Limestone Tiles | Sareen Stone. Isernia Limestone - Quality & luxury is now very affordable. Sareen Stone's Isernia sits at the top of the tree when it comes to limestone. Isernia Limestone is an exquisite Italian stone that is both timeless and versatile, offering a beautiful neutral toning to complement any contemporary interior. It can be used as either a wall or floor tile.

Karndean Designflooring Launch New Website
Karndean Designflooring Launch New Website. Australasia's market leader in luxury vinyl flooring Karndean Designflooring is making it even easier for architects, interior designers and contractors to view the intricate details and textures of its product portfolio online, with the launch of its new website. Offering a totally new experience, Karndean.com allows specifiers to search its complete range of authentic wood and stone designs by product range, and also by sector.

Laser Engraving Benefits | Architectural Signs Sydney
Laser Engraving Benefits | Architectural Signs Sydney. Time and technology have delivered us into a future where laser marking, engraving and etching using newer laser technology out-strips the cost and quality of the product so much that the market is changing for manufacturers. High precision laser markings and laser engravings are achievable on almost any type of material.

LED Downlight with Compact Heatsink Design | Brightgreen
LED Downlight with Compact Heatsink Design | Brightgreen. The latest version of our most popular downlight to date - the D900 Classic - incorporates an improved, IC-rated heatsink design for unmatched heat dissipation. The new compact design reduces the risk of air escaping when insulation sits above ceiling joists, increasing overall thermal efficiency and boosting home energy ratings.

LED Floodlight Huntsman Rugged | Pierlite
LED Floodlight Huntsman Rugged | Pierlite. Huntsman LED Rugged Floodlight built to last in arduous conditions. Built with a tough wire guard, weather and dust protection, and an efficient die-casting heatsink design that make this floodlight safe to touch.

Light+Building 2016: Innovative Developments in Urban Lighting
Light+Building 2016: Innovative Developments in Urban Lighting. Increasing numbers of ever-smaller towns and municipalities are discovering the possibilities of lighting for themselves. As a result of rising energy costs, existing systems and installations are being critically reassessed and the competition is shifting from a quantitative 'more, more, more' approach to more intelligent, high-quality lighting concepts.

Liquor Licensing Compliant Safety Barriers | Trellis Door Co
Liquor Licensing Compliant Safety Barriers | Trellis Door Co. Australian Trellis Door Company's (ATDC) industry leading safety barrier was recently installed at a Liquorland site situated within a Coles Supermarket at Gungahlin in the ACT.The project manager and builder on this site was Mainbrace Constructions. ATDC's safety barrier was deemed sufficiently compliant under the ACT's strict licensing laws to secure the Liquorland store.

Mall of San Juan Project Case Study | LATICRETE
Mall of San Juan Project Case Study | LATICRETE. The Mall of San Juan project faced three major challenges: Location and Scale - As with any island, Puerto Rico is limited in its ability to produce large quantities of materials. This is an especially difficult hurdle for such a large project. The Taubman Company needed a supplier that could deliver the right materials on time. Exacting Design Specifications - The project required the highest level of quality and care.

MiTek Compliance Information Video
MiTek Compliance Information Video. The ISO 9001 certification covers the design, manufacture and supply of a range of structural connectors and other fasteners for prefabricated timber trusses and wall frames for the building industry; the design and supply of computer software for fabricator design, estimating and production planning; a design service for timber structures; and the supply of truss plant machinery.

Moisture Resistant and Fire Retardant Linings | Supawood
Moisture Resistant and Fire Retardant Linings | Supawood. The New Life Anglican Church at Oran Park in NSW was a project that required matching timber linings in both solid and acoustic options which could be curved, fire retardant and applied to both the interior and exterior. NBRS & Partners Architects were commissioned to design an appropriate people-friendly building which was inspiring yet sensitive to the surrounding environment.

Motorised Louvres for Sustainable Design | Safetyline Jalousie
Motorised Louvres for Sustainable Design | Safetyline Jalousie. The Ballarat Grammar Centennial Building is a centre of learning excellence for Year 12 students. Environmentally sustainable design and operating principles informed the design brief, with a particular focus on maximising natural light and ventilation. Motorised louvres were used throughout the project, to open and close automatically depending on the ambient air temperature.

Multi-Part G Class Access Cover System | ACO
Multi-Part G Class Access Cover System | ACO. The Shell Aviation Fuel Terminal at Brisbane Airport requires an extensive underground network of pipes to carry the fuel between the domestic and international terminals and the main Shell Depot within the airport precinct. The fuel pipeline installation needed to comply to stringent safety requirements. Shut-off valves are strategically located along the pipelines.

Name Plates for Industry | Architectural Signs Sydney
Name Plates for Industry | Architectural Signs Sydney. Background: Nameplates differ from labels in that they are usually designed for long term identification. Modern manufacturing processes allow for diverse styles of nameplate design. Nameplates can be two - or three-dimensional; made of various metals (aluminum, zinc), stainless steel or brass, man-made materials (e.g. Mylar or Vinyls) or injection-molded plastic; and thickness, color, and size can all be customized.

Natural Ventilation with Automated Louvres | Safetyline Jalousie
Natural Ventilation with Automated Louvres | Safetyline Jalousie. Glen Street Theatre in Belrose, NSW is a thriving cultural hub for the Northern Beaches of Sydney. This redevelopment project included the replacement of an ageing library and the incorporation of a new state of the art library into the Glen Street Theatre site. Normally, in a public space such as this, the design would include fixed windows to accommodate air conditioning and protect against insects entering the theatre space.

Nepean Acquires Ellton Conveyors
Nepean Acquires Ellton Conveyors. NEPEAN®, is pleased to announce the acquisition of another leading supplier of engineered bulk materials handling solutions, Ellton Conveyors. The transaction, effective immediately, includes the business assets and intellectual property of Ellton along with the retention and transfer of the engineering team and key staff to NEPEAN Conveyors Pty Ltd.

NSF50 Certification for Micron Horizontal Commercial Filters | Waterco
NSF50 Certification for Micron Horizontal Commercial Filters | Waterco. Waterco Ltd has achieved another major milestone, with its range of Micron horizontal commercial filters achieving NSF / ANSI Standard 50 certification. They are the largest fibreglass horizontal filters on the market to achieve this certification. 'This is an outstanding achievement - for a number of reasons,' says Bryan Goh, Waterco group marketing director.

Ocean Pool Water Filtering Case Study | Waterco
Ocean Pool Water Filtering Case Study | Waterco. WATERCO CASE STUDY Gordon Pool, Tel Aviv. Unique solution for a sandy issue. Waterco MultiCyclones save historic pool from sudden closures. Ocean baths (pools) are a delightful way to enjoy a dip in the briny deep as they are usually cleansed every day by changing tides or crashing waves. But in the case of Tel Aviv's historic Gordon Pool, a high tech pump installed in the 1950s proved a problem.

Patterned Patio Screens | QAQ Architectural
Patterned Patio Screens | QAQ Architectural. Enclose a back patio to create shade, privacy, and added security with decorative screens in your choice of stylish pattern, and in any material that suits your project - indoors or outdoors. This is QAQ's 'Utah' design in compressed hardwood.

PCA Fire Blanket Fabric Test Video | Colan Products
PCA Fire Blanket Fabric Test Video | Colan Products. Breakthrough Fire Retardant Fabrics. Colan Products has developed a range of Colan PCA™ fabrics including Bushfire and General Fire Blankets chosen by the NSW Police, Fire & Rescue NSW, Melbourne Fire Brigade, South Australian CFS amongst others, using Metis PCA™ fibres and yarns.

Plastic Strip Curtains | Allplastics
Plastic Strip Curtains | Allplastics. Whether you want to control temperature, insects, noise or visibility the PVC curtains will be a great solution for you. These plastic strips has proven to be the most cost effective method of cutting heat loss or retaining chilled air. This year Allplastics supplied the Blackmores Group Facilities in Warriewood with PVC strip barriers for their side door in order to control the room temperature and the outcome was very satisfying.

Polycarbonate Portable Room Dividers | Portable Partitions
Polycarbonate Portable Room Dividers | Portable Partitions. Multi-purpose halls and event centres cater to a wide array of customer needs. Most often than not venues are offered bare, allowing the customer to customise it according to their preference. When an Islamic function centre in Sydney was built, its main halls had big spaces that can accommodate a large number of people and can run any number of event.

Positive Pressure Ventilation | Homevent
Positive Pressure Ventilation | Homevent. Homevent Positive Pressure Unit, which is also known as a PPU, works by drawing fresh clean air from outside into your home via a filter which purifies the air even more. It then pushes it gently and continuously through your home, diluting and displacing any stale, moist air thus preventing it from causing condensation and black mould problems.

Pre-finished Acoustic Wall and Ceiling Panels | Keystone Acoustics
Pre-finished Acoustic Wall and Ceiling Panels | Keystone Acoustics. The concept finish offered by Key-Nirvana decorative panels is the best in its field. Key-Nirvana is durable and is resistant to tape markings. With a range of design choices to offer maximum noise reduction, Key-Nirvana decorative panels and acoustic ceiling tiles are an excellent choice for cost effective quality.

Preston Hire Raises Awareness for Cystic Fibrosis
Preston Hire Raises Awareness for Cystic Fibrosis. PRESTON HIRE AND BROOKFIELD MULTIPLEX JOIN FORCES FOR CYSTIC FIBROSIS AUSTRALIA. Australian construction hire company Preston Hire recently joined forces with global contracting company Brookfield Multiplex at Capital Square construction site in Perth's CBD for Cystic Fibrosis Australia. In a bid to help raise money and awareness Preston Hire installed one of their SuperDeck® loading platforms.

Preventing Efflorescence | Masonry Waterproofing Systems
Preventing Efflorescence | Masonry Waterproofing Systems. I am quite sure that you have all seen efflorescence (salt) exuding from building structures in the past. The containment is crucial. This is attributed to an uneducated building practice in relation to waterproofing. Efflorescence is generally a white crystalline substance which has not been activated for various reasons during the initial hydration process.

Rail Track Drainage and Infrastructure Case Study | ACO
Rail Track Drainage and Infrastructure Case Study | ACO. The road and rail separation project at Springvale, south-east of Melbourne involved lowering the rail line by over 10m at Springvale Road. Springvale Station is a transport hub that has bus, taxi, bicycle and pedestrian facilities. The new rail line is located to the north of the existing tracks. Lowering the rail line created several issues for designers. Drainage of the track was a particular challenge.

Room Dividers for Schools | Portable Partitions
Room Dividers for Schools | Portable Partitions. Instant Child-friendly Rooms Using Customised Room Dividers. Kindergarten is an important milestone in a child's education. It is when children develop their social skills, get exposed to new ideas and concepts, and appreciate the joy of learning with group activities and interaction, such as communicating, drawing, and making things together with other children their age.

Rose Gold and Black Mixer by Dorf | GWA Bathrooms & Kitchens
Rose Gold and Black Mixer by Dorf | GWA Bathrooms & Kitchens. Dorf Creative Collaboration produces stunning results. Throughout its 60-year history, Dorf has aimed to excite creative minds with tapware that allows them to express their personal style. In turn, Dorf has always been influenced and inspired by the creativity of individuals across a diverse range of industries when developing and refining tapware designs.

Rubber and Polyurethane Matting | Projex Group
Rubber and Polyurethane Matting | Projex Group. Projex Group offers Shockmat, a rubber and polyurethane matting solution. This product is taking the commercial and industrial world by storm, due to its versatility, durability and superior impact sound and shock attenuation properties.

Satin Pearl Black Nickel | Astor Metal Finishes
Satin Pearl Black Nickel | Astor Metal Finishes. Astor Metal Finishes Procyon can be either used as an elegant or industrial finish to project detailing. The black nickel is electroplated over a pearl nickel with a powdery finish, giving it a pearl, satellite finish as opposed to the more reflective nickel used or other finishes. For the desire to have blackened metal in a project, Procyon is much more durable than Black Oxide.

Secure Canteen Roller Shutters | Rollashield
Secure Canteen Roller Shutters | Rollashield. Canteen Secure Roller Shutters with Insulation Properties. Public canteens are often targeted for crime. Secure the canteen with Rollashield Shutters. Shutters can be operated manually or electrically. Fitted internally or externally to accommodate the appearance of the canteen. Shutters can be secured to the bench top or be full length.

Secure Window Shutters | Blockout
Secure Window Shutters | Blockout. Blockout Shutters secure all types of houses. Secure protection is required for different dwellings in many different locations and for many different reasons. We secure our homes to protect loved ones, cherished contents and memories. And for many years Blockout Shutters has played an important role in this, by manufacturing a range of shutters that are strong, reliable and durable, to secure residences and protect valuable items in other types of housing.

Solar Powered Full Height Turnstile | Magnetic Automation
Solar Powered Full Height Turnstile | Magnetic Automation. The Magnetic full height turnstile can be generated by a single solar panel attached to the top of the turnstile. Installed at a manufacturing plant, the purpose of this turnstile was to create a barrier for foot traffic against heavy machinery used on the site. Our turnstile was integrated with existing perimeter fencing and was hot dipped galvanised for long-lasting outdoor protection.

Spartacote Concrete Coating System | LATICRETE
Spartacote Concrete Coating System | LATICRETE. Behind the Scenes for creating the SPARTACOTE® Concrete Coatings path at International Surfaces exhibition. This is a behind the scenes look into SPARTACOTE® concrete coatings systems in action on the booth path for the new LATICRETE® International Surfaces' exhibition.

SPEC-INAR Review | Spec-Net Building Index
SPEC-INAR Review | Spec-Net Building Index. Key Points From Our 2015 Specinar. Last November 26, 2015, In-House Group 3, Brickworks studio and Spec-Net brought together a seminar that focused on building interiors that are healthier, more eco-friendly, energy and waste efficient without compromising quality. Attended by over 100 participants from all over Australia, the seminar entitled Future Proofing Your Interiors.

Specialised Airborne Containment Systems | Camfil Airepure
Specialised Airborne Containment Systems | Airepure. Flanders CSC Containment Systems Remove Harmful Airborne Contaminants. Two Flanders CSC Bag In/Bag Out containment housings were installed for the isolation room exhaust system of the newly constructed Emergency Department at Frankston Hospital, Melbourne. These specialised airborne containment systems remove and contain potentially harmful airborne biological hazards from the air stream.

Specialised Heating & Cooling Solutions Video | Devex Systems
Specialised Heating & Cooling Solutions Video | Devex Systems. At DEVEX SYSTEMS, we excel at specialised heating & cooling solutions for new and existing buildings in residential, commercial and industrial environments. We strive to provide superior comfort through high quality, sustainable heating and cooling solutions delivered with service excellence.

Stainless Steel Water Pipe System Sanpress Inox | Viega
Stainless Steel Water Pipe System Sanpress Inox | Viega. Viega's Sanpress Inox: The non-rusting piping system. Viega's Sanpress Inox stainless steel system has been long regarded throughout Europe as the perfect drinking water system. And in Australia, with a trend towards stainless steel in multi-storey buildings as the main riser for the higher pressure rating of the pipe, the Sanpress Inox system provides an effective and efficient solution.

Stone Look Vinyl Flooring | Karndean Designflooring
Stone Look Vinyl Flooring | Karndean Designflooring. New Art Select Stone collection takes Karndean Designflooring into new territory. Australasia's market leader in luxury vinyl flooring Karndean Designflooring is unveiling its new premium collection of Art Select Stone from January 2016. Inspired by natural materials, the collection showcases Karndean's most intricate and realistic embosses to date.

Thermofilm Sponsors HIA Victorian Housing Awards
Thermofilm Sponsors HIA Victorian Housing Awards. As part of our growing sponsorship program, Thermofilm was proud to support the 2015 HIA Victorian Housing Awards last November, at the Crown Palladium. The Awards ceremony celebrates the highest standards of workmanship, design, visual appeal, innovation and environmental sustainability of the HIA Victorian home builders. The Envirotouch switch range sponsored the GreenSmart Energy Efficiency category.

Timber Floor Oil Tinting Paste Video | Synteko
Timber Floor Oil Tinting Paste Video | Synteko. Synteko TINTING PASTE is designed for colouring of Synteko HARDWAX OIL, NATURAL and DOMO. By adding tinting paste to the floor oil, a wooden floor can be coloured as desired while at the same time maintaining all of the benefits and excellent properties of the oil. The tinted oil highlights the natural grain of the wood and provides the wood with a clear, deep colour.

Training Seminars | Devex Systems
Training Seminars | Devex Systems. We offer technically rich and informative training presentations for continued professional development on a variety of specialised heating and cooling product categories for architects, builders, contractors, specifiers, engineers and builders! The aim of these training seminars is to provide you with a technically rich overview of our systems with no sales pitch.

Trench Drainage Systems Advice | ACO
Trench Drainage Systems Advice | ACO. For those of us unordained in the technical world of drainage, choosing the right trench drainage system requires some thought. In the drainage industry, terms like mechanical keying, anti-shunt lugs, integrally cast-in steel rails and knockouts are thrown around willy-nilly. Separately, these words might mean something to you. Together, they are meaningless.

Vinyl Cladding Duratuff Select | Austech
Vinyl Cladding Duratuff Select | Austech. Tired and dated Fibro home gets a Make Over! The owners of this home wanted to give their tired and dated fibro home a modern, contemporary renovation that was both stylish and practical. Hutchinson Construction, Builders and Designers provided both the design and construction for this project; 'We suggested they use a modern, maintenance free and affordable product such as the Duratuff Select Vinyl cladding.'

Wall Mounted Eye Wash Station | RBA Group
Wall Mounted Eye Wash Station | RBA Group. RBA Group offer wall mounted eye wash products. Features include; - Stainless Steel Bowl, 300mm diameter. - Yellow ABS Plastic Eye/Face Wash Spray, integral flip dust covers. - Stainless Steel 15mm stay open ball valve, push handle. - Stainless Steel Wall Bracket.

What Is the Living Cities Alliance and Why It Matters
What Is the Living Cities Alliance and Why It Matters. More than half of the world's population lives in cities. In fact, when put together, almost 13 million people live in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth. That is more than 50% of Australia's population. With our cities' inhabitants growing in numbers along with the looming effects of climate change in our midst, several organizations are already taking action.

White Wall Tiles | MDC Mosaics & Tiles
White Wall Tiles | MDC Mosaics & Tiles. When you think of white wall tiles you usually believe they are your budget saving option. Plain and simple white wall tiles that may not make a big impact but they are affordable and will never go out of fashion. White wall tiles are a great budget saving tile but don't think that you are choosing a plain tile that provides little interest.

Wide Track Guided Blind System Ziptrak | Nolan.UDA
Wide Track Guided Blind System Ziptrak | Nolan.UDA. Following comprehensive market research and customer feedback, Nolan.UDA and Ziptrak® are proud to announce Wider Ziptrak® Blinds in 2016. After extensive research and development, consumers now have the option to enjoy a reliable and robust solution for covering wider openings.

Zero VOC's Timber Floor Finish | Synteko
Zero VOC's Timber Floor Finish | Synteko. Synteko Hardwax Oil is an environmentally sustainable floor finish having Zero VOC's and 100% solids. This unique floor finish enhances the natural beauty of timber floors whilst being extremely durable, economical to apply and maintain and very easy to repair. It is easy to spot repair scratches and any large or small damage area using a simple procedure and the low cost maintenance products.

Zircone Bathroom Tapware Range | Tilo Tapware
Zircone Bathroom Tapware Range | Tilo Tapware. Introduction to the New Zircone Range. Most decorators agree that a great way to establish a bathroom's all-encompassing style is with mixer taps. In fact, one of the very first things people notice when they walk into the room is the tapware. Therefore, when designing a bathroom, it is critical that you select a design in good taste.

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