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New 2000 Lumen Tru-Colour LED Lighting from Brightgreen

2000-lumen Tru-Colour LEDs from Brightgreen
T2000 H Curve.

Brightgreen launches a new collection of 2000-lumen Tru-Colour LEDs

Australian LED technology company Brightgreen launches the new 2000-lumen collection, featuring 4 commercial-output LEDs - the T2000 H Curve, the D2000 SH Curve, the D2000 SHX Curve and the D2000 Curve.

Providing a powerful 2000 lumens of brightness, each luminaire offers double the light output of any other light in the Brightgreen range. The collection allows designers to achieve higher lux levels with less fittings - offering more lumens per dollar.

LED technology from Brightgreen

Brightgreen Profile

1300 672 499

Collingwood, VIC, 3066

Brightgreen Profile

1300 672 499



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