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Premium Interior House Paints for a Seamless Architectural Finish

Premium Interior House Paints for a Seamless Architectural Finish

Evolving Elements premium interior house paints have made it easier for builders and designers to achieve a seamless architectural finish. JPS Coatings formulated the environmentally friendly paints by combining their expertise in building techniques with the finest grade ingredients.

JPS Coatings supplies a variety of flat and semi-gloss interior house paints, each with a distinct characteristic to their particular purpose. These paints excel for their low odour and low VOC properties benefitting the people and environment.

Flat paints create a warm ambience because they absorb light. They effectively hide any imperfections of the surface and are ideal for low traffic areas. In contrast, semi-gloss interior house paints are brighter and reflect light. Easy to clean and stain resistant, they are great for kitchen or bathroom walls, windowsills, as well as wooden surfaces.

Evolving Elements Premium Interior House Paints Product Range

Interior Acrylic Matt Finish

A smooth acrylic-based house paint that provides a matt finish. It excels for its superior stain resistance, exceptional washability, and concealment of uneven wall surfaces for a seamless finish.

Interior Acrylic Lo Sheen

A smooth acrylic wall paint ideal for covering imperfections on most wall surfaces. It dries with a Lo Sheen finish and can be tinted in a wide colour range. Ideal for brick and masonry applications.

Water Based Gloss Trim Enamel

A silky smooth and highly durable water-based enamel paint that protects plus accents the overall look of your interior. A resilient, wear-resistant, and non-yellowing coating, this interior paint is formulated to last in style and function. Applied on doors, window frames, metal surfaces, and more.

Water Based Semi-Gloss Trim Enamel

Smooth and durable, Evolving Elements' semi-gloss trim enamel provides a subtle wall surface. It also protects the interior without compromise on style.

Ultra Flat Ceiling White

A high-cover, flat ceiling finish typically used to increase the opacity level in living areas with high illumination. It can hide surface cracks or flaking plus prevents the growth of fungi or bacteria because of its anti-fungicidal additives. Ultra Flat Ceiling White can be tinted in a select range of colours.

For further inquiries, contact JPS Coatings or head over www.evolvingelements.com.au.

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JPS Coatings Profile

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