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Applying Evolving Elements Acrylic Primer Undercoat from JPS Coatings

Applying Evolving Elements Acrylic Primer Undercoat from JPS Coatings

Striking a perfect balance between function and sustainability, Evolving Elements has emerged as one of the best acrylic primer undercoats in Australia. The highly integrated paint and protective coatings were developed by JPS Coatings, an industry leader in building finishes.

The undercoats use 100% acrylic resins that effectively prevents stains. It boasts maximum flexibility with practicality and quality; they are designed to last even when faced with a variety of weather or temperature extremes. JPS Coatings supplies acrylic primer undercoats at the most competitive price to keep budgets down.

JPS Coatings offers three Evolving Elements Acrylic Primer Undercoats, each intended for different purposes;

Surface Prime Plus+

A water-based acrylic coating containing rust inhibitors and passivators, an effective primer agent for Zincalume® and Galvanised Iron or other bare iron roof substrates. It provides an easy application with minimal upkeep and strong adhesion that will neither crack nor flake over time.


A water-based acrylic undercoat formulated with high solids designed to level and fill weathered concrete roof tiles. Produces a smooth and even surface, thus improving the outcome of the finished roof coating system. To ensure proper adhesion and prevent flawed application of Levelcoat, it is important to prepare the substrate beforehand. It is recommended to detach rainwater tanks from the guttering system in case of rainfall before the coating is fully cured and after subsequent coatings.


When looking for a primer with excellent penetration plus binding properties, Primecrete is a premier choice. The acrylic primer undercoat adheres well on a variety of substrates and is the most ideal for chalky or dusty roof surfaces. It increases the durability of the overall roof coating system, especially over large areas. User-friendly, it quickly dries after two hours of recoating.

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