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Elastomeric Roof Coating: Evolving Elements Top Coats from JPS Coatings

Elastomeric Roof Coating: Evolving Elements Top Coats from JPS Coatings

Elastomeric roof coating is the most cost-efficient choice when it comes to roof restoration. It offers above-grade protection through its extremely thick yet flexible coating, effectively repairing and preventing hairline cracks for completely waterproof roof substrates. A leader in the building and design industry, JPS Coatings proudly supplies the most trusted elastomeric roof coatings in Australia - the Evolving Elements Professional Roof Coating System.

Formulated using diamond-grade materials plus cutting-edge technology, Evolving Elements elastomeric roof coatings preserve your roof aesthetics while also preventing flaking, wear, and tear even after many years of direct exposure to UV rays, rain, frost, and wind. The professional roof coating system also allows your house or building to maintain an ideal interior temperature all year round, and effectively reducing dependency on heating or cooling systems.

JPS Coatings offers a comprehensive range of top coats extensively designed to restore the old beauty of or provide a modern look for newly installed roof tiles.


Unprotected hip and ridge roof tiles are vulnerable to cracking and water penetration, causing premature deterioration and the possibility of costly repairs. Addressing this concern, JPS Coatings recommends the use of their top coat, Durapoint, a ready to use and pre-coloured acrylic pointing compound best used for hip and ridge roof tiles. It expands and contracts as the temperature changes, meaning it does not waver or flake even after extreme weather. Highly versatile, Durapoint is ideal for concrete and unglazed terracotta tiles. Not recommended for use with fibre cement sheets.


Duramembrane provides a highly durable pigmented flexible finish made from 100% acrylic. The elastomeric roof coating was formed in consideration of the Australian and South East Asian weather conditions. It provides excellent resistance to extreme weather and keeps your roof protected for a long time. Its high gloss level with an excellent hiding ability allows for a better roof appearance while also improving its resistance to moulds and lichens.

Terraglaze Plus+

Terraglaze Plus+ is an extremely high gloss roof coating formulated with 100% acrylic. It produces a clear or pigmented colour finish with incredible strength to resist harsh weather conditions, and is ideal for maintaining a good surface condition of Terracotta tiles for a long time. The attractive gloss finish prevents easy dirt pickup, unlike traditional top coats, meaning a healthy roof substrate is maintained with minimal upkeep.

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