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Rendering with Acrylic Polymer Render & Patching Compounds

Rendering with Acrylic Polymer Render & Patching Compounds

As the building and construction industry continues to advance at a very fast pace, JPS Coatings stays on top of the game with their comprehensive catalogue of Acrylic Polymer Render & Patching Compounds.

Since 1988, JPS Coatings has grown to serve all domestic, commercial, and industrial solid rendering and plastering needs. Owing to their committed employees and gold-standard of products and services, the Victorian-based company has emerged as one of the most trusted one-stop shops in Australia.

A Guide to Acrylic Polymer Render & Patching Compounds

Acrylic polymer render is one of the most practical finishing options for new or exisitng houses or buildings. It seals surface irregularities such as dents, cracks, and blemishes, increasing your property value in terms of aesthetics and durability.

JPS Coatings offers different types of acrylic-based patching compounds for particular uses. Learn the specifics of each product and make an informed decision to meet your project expectations;

Polyrend Fine

The Polyrend Fine acrylic-based patching compound from JPS Coatings is a popular rendering material in the building and construction industry. An effective solution for various masonry substrates, it exhibits minimal shrinkage and excellent adhesion. It covers up to 4mm in a single coat and is touch dry in just 60 minutes at 25°C with 50% relative humidity.

Polyrend Coarse

With similar attributes as Polyrend Fine, the Polyrend Coarse acrylic-based patching compound is commonly used for larger surface dents or cracks. It provides coverage of surface blemishes and irregularities up to 6mm in a single coat with a spreading rate of 0.5m² per litre. It is also touch dry in 60 minutes at 25°C with 50% relative humidity.

Fastcoat Skimcoat

A specially formulated acrylic-based patching compound applied over flush jointed blockwork or fibre cement sheeting to ensure maximum adhesion of textured coatings. It effectively adheres to any clean masonry substrate and is completely dry the next day. Fastcoat has a spreading rate of 0.9m² per litre depending on the application method.

For more information, contact JPS Coatings or head over to www.jpscoatings.com.au today.

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JPS Coatings Profile

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