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Evolving Elements Terraglaze Plus+ Acrylic Roof Membrane

Evolving Elements Terraglaze Plus+ Acrylic Roof Membrane

JPS Coatings embraces a futuristic aesthetic with their Terraglaze Plus+ Acrylic Roof Membrane - a high gloss clear or coloured coat developed to compliment the company's professional roof coating system, Evolving Elements. Consistent with their mission of developing new products with the finest materials and latest technologies, the Victorian-based company remains at the forefront of competition, continuously setting the industry bar high for quality, performance, and value.

Regardless if restoring the beauty of an old, aged unglazed Terracotta roof or giving it a new, modern look, Terraglaze Plus+ does all the work. Acrylic-based, the top coat offers limitless benefits from appearance to functionality, exceeding traditional coatings in the market.

Why Consider Terraglaze Plus+ Acrylic Roof Membrane for Your Next Purchase?

Vibrant Gloss

Terraglaze Plus+ provides a vibrant gloss for your roof which is an exclusive, beautiful finish attainable without the need for luxurious spending. This effect creates a unique impression that helps the roof to stand out or conveniently blend with the existing landscape. The acrylic roof membrane is available in over 36 tint pack colours to suit almost any roof design.

Dirt and Dust Repellant

One of the most common problems of unprotected roofs is the buildup of dust, which slowly deteriorates the finish and the value of your property over time. Terraglaze Plus+ however, is formulated to repel dirt pickup. Its acrylic and gloss properties prevent the gathering of particle deposits, making the roof easy to clean and healthier in the long run.


JPS Coatings' acrylic roof membrane is a highly durable pigmented or clear coloured finish designed to withstand Australian weather extremities. Working as an effective protective shield, it flexes at peak temperatures without cracking or flaking.

Lasting Roof Value

Terraglaze Plus+ Acrylic Roof Membrane is applauded for its strong adhesion to aged roofs (provided the correct application method is adhered to). Built to last in style, colour, and functionality, it improves the overall character and appearance of a Terracotta system.

Contact JPS Coatings or visit www.jpscoatings.com.au to find out more about Evolving Elements Terraglaze Plus+ Acrylic Roof Membrane today.

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JPS Coatings Profile

03 9357 6644



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