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900mm Access Covers | EJ
900mm Access Covers | EJ. The MAXIMO™ That's Made For Two - EJ Lands The Big 900mm Cover. There are times when a large 900mm access would be absolutely the perfect answer in a manhole. Whether the bigger aperture accommodates the freer movement of installations or for safety reasons where a rescuer and accident victim can both be hoisted out together, the new, wider access MAXIMO™ 900 will revolutionise access solutions.

Anti-Static Clear Polycarbonate Range | Allplastics
Anti-Static Clear Polycarbonate Range | Allplastics. Allplastics Engineering has launched a new range of high performance antistatic, static dissipative and conductive coated plastic sheet and film from SciCron Technologies. The products are coated with proprietary coatings that offer the best practice coating application and chemistry. It is designed to control static electricity for a wide range of end uses.

Automated Swimming Pool Chemical Maintenance | Waterco
Automated Swimming Pool Chemical Maintenance | Waterco. Waterco's ChemfloPlus makes automatic water management easy. When it comes to chemical maintenance of pool water, Waterco's ChemfloPlus system is designed for effective, accurate, energy efficient operation - at the touch of a button. The ChemfloPlus has been created to continuously analyse pool water chemistry and accurately sanitise and control a pool's pH level, keeping the water safe and healthy.

Balustrade Post Assembly | East Coast Industries Australia
Balustrade Post Assembly | East Coast Industries Australia. The 270-ASSY is a Base and Post Assembly with an M12 fixing into the ground. It is specifically designed for our exclusive slide over glass brackets, but can be used for many other balustrade purposes. The 270-ASSY is an easy to install DIY option. The M12 rod is secured to the ground using a chemset.

Basement Waterproofing | Bayset
Basement Waterproofing | Bayset. Newton Waterproofing Systems Go 'Down Under'. Newton Waterproofing Systems visit Brisbane to share knowledge with Bayset Specialist Trade Supplies. In December 2014 Bayset Specialist Trade Supplies, Australia's premier supplier of waterproofing materials, welcomed Stuart Tansey, Newton's Technical and Training Manager, to their offices in Brisbane, Australia to spend a week facilitating Bayset.

Bullet Resistant Doors | Technical Protection Systems
Bullet Resistant Doors | Technical Protection Systems. Bullet or also known as ballistic resistant doors and windows are available in a number of international ballistic ratings. They combine independently tested frames and glass types. Door and window systems with ballistic ratings: Forster Presto - Non insulated, cost effective steel framing system. - narrow profiles. - Single and pair doors. - Fixed screen. - Bullet proof FB4 according to EN 1522 (G0, G1 & G2, AS2343).

Bushfire Shelter Fire Rated Doors | Pyropanel
Bushfire Shelter Fire Rated Doors | Pyropanel. Pyropanel assisted Swinburne University - Faculty of Science, Engineering and Technology, as well as Frankston Concrete Products in the design, building and testing of an above ground bushfire shelter; utilising our expertise in fire rated door systems. The launch of the bushfire shelter occurred on 2nd December 2014 at Swinburne University's Industry Open Day.

Cast Ductile Iron Trench Grates | EJ
Cast Ductile Iron Trench Grates | EJ

Colour Trends 2015 Video | Dulux
Colour Trends 2015 Video | Dulux. Continual connectivity through technology has reinforced our basic human desire to connect in the real world. Connect with the earth by feeling the soil between our fingers, connect with ourselves by taking time to pause, connect with our heritage by relearning forgotten skills, connect with our playful side by indulging in colour. How will you explore your connection?

Commercial Garden Edging | Formboss
Commercial Garden Edging | Formboss. FormBoss™ metal garden edging is the system of choice for parks and public spaces. Designers love using FormBoss™ for public projects as it provides crisp lines throughout their project, and stays in shape while lasting many years. Landscapers love installing it because it's just so simple. Over the years we have been involved in many high profile public applications.

Company Profile Video | Nolan.UDA
Company Profile Video | Nolan.UDA. Here at Nolan.UDA, we continue to endeavour to bring our valued customers accessible and comprehensive information on products and services. View the video below for more details regarding our comprehensive product range. Contact our customer service team for more information.

Concealed Fixing System for Decking | Simmonds Lumber
Concealed Fixing System for Decking | Simmonds Lumber. A great use of the Merbau Klevaklip concealed fixing system.

Concrete Surface Protection Products | Reckli
Concrete Surface Protection Products | Reckli. RECKLI concrete surface retarders. Surface finishing of concrete. High-quality surface retarders and deactivators change its surface properties. They reveal the character of the concrete - its internal structure - without distorting it. RECKLI surface protection and RECKLI-Graffix®. Protect your high-quality objects with impregnation and surface protection systems that are adapted perfectly to the requirements.

Contemporary Kitchen Sink Mixers by Dorf | GWA
Contemporary Kitchen Sink Mixers by Dorf | GWA. Dorf Brings More Choice and Style to the Kitchen with New Sink Mixer Collection. Dorf, Australia's leading brand in kitchen and bathroom tapware, has delivered more choice and style with the release of its latest collection of tapware to suit any Australian kitchen. Dorf's new products the Villa, Hepburn, Enigma and Vixen sink mixers - capture today's crisp, contemporary aesthetics, without compromising on water efficiency.

Council Drainage Solutions | EJ
Council Drainage Solutions | EJ. Councils are constantly upgrading their infrastructure, employing the latest available in smart thinking technology and construction. A classic example of this was executed in the Moreton Bay Regional Council district and noted in the local council newsletter, Battersby's Bulletin. The problem was the two poorly performing, older type roadside storm water drainage pits in the low spot in Ben St., Arana Hills.

Custom Acoustic Room Dividers | Portable Partitions
Custom Acoustic Room Dividers | Portable Partitions. Portable Partitions Australia (PPA) has introduced a new custom design service for its premium acoustic room divider range. PPA is the market leading supplier of portable room dividers, mobile partitions, privacy screens and temporary movable walls. PPA's premium acoustic room divider range is currently available in two finishes - acoustic fabric and acoustic polycarbonate.

Custom Pavement Drainage | Hydro Construction Products
Custom Pavement Drainage | Hydro Construction Products. Jimmy's on the Mall - Brisbane QLD. Situated in Brisbane's iconic Queen Street Mall opposite the Myer centre, stands Jimmy's on the Mall. This stylish restaurant recently underwent a complete re-modelling including the addition of a second story. Work was completed in time for the G20 Summit in Brisbane in November 2014.

Custom Designed Mosaic Flooring | Trend
Custom Designed Mosaic Flooring | Trend. Louvre Lens - France. Custom design mosiac floor (1 x 1 cm - 3/8 x 3/8). The Louvre-Lens is an art museum located in Lens, Pas-de-Calais, Northern France, approximately 200 kilometers north of Paris. It displays objects from the collections of the Musée du Louvre that are lent to the gallery on a medium or long-term basis.

Customised Residential Mouldings | Chad Plaster & Facades
Customised Residential Mouldings | Chad Plaster & Facades. Our team of experts here at Chad Plaster & Facades completed a project where we were to supply and install external mouldings and have them fixed to the face of a garage with 20mm spacings to give it a 3 dimensional appearance. Chad also custom made light weight mouldings which were fixed around the external windows of the building.

Decorative Perspex Ceiling Panels | Allplastics
Decorative Perspex Ceiling Panels | Allplastics. PERSPEX® Frost creates a New Dimension in School Chapel. The Allplastics team supplied PERSPEX® Frost blades in the chapel of Cranbook School. The blades are creating a floating illusion of bright lights from above. To create this illusion the PERSPEX® Frost colours Glacier Green, Artic Blue and Crystal Clear were used. The PERSPEX® Frost blades were installed by Valcore and designed by Schiavello.

Design Specific Acoustic Panels | Keystone Acoustics
Design Specific Acoustic Panels | Keystone Acoustics. Keystone Acoustics' signature panels are available in a wide range of standard slotted, perforated and patterned options. Our years of experience in manufacturing and engineering solutions have enabled us to offer options that others cannot. We work alongside architects and designers alike to create acoustic panel solutions to match their specific design requirements.

Domestic Gas Hot Water | Bosch
Domestic Gas Hot Water | Bosch. Bosch, the inventors of continuous-flow gas hot water systems, offers a wide range of reliable & efficient gas hot water systems to suit the needs and lifestyles of today's modern households. Our gas hot water systems are among the most economical in the market. High efficiency ratings mean you'll save on running costs while lowering your impact on the environment.

Driveway with Porous Surface Installation Video | StoneSet
Driveway with Porous Surface Installation Video | StoneSet. Porous Driveway in 30 seconds. Watch this quick video guide of a porous driveway installation carried out in January 2015.

Eco Friendly Planter Box Waterproofing | Radcrete
Eco Friendly Planter Box Waterproofing | Radcrete. A link between the new University Town and the National University of Singapore (NUS) campus spans across the busy Ayer Rajah expressway. The NUS Campus Link Bridge is a 290m long viaduct, with one vehicle lane in each direction, a sheltered pedestrian walkway and a bike lane. RADCON Formula #7 has been chosen as the environmentally-friendly waterproofing solution for the planter boxes, curving along both sides.

Efficient Framing and Glazing for Natural Light | Paarhammer
Efficient Framing and Glazing for Natural Light | Paarhammer. Natural Light Equals Happy Home. Light in the home is more valued than ever before. We strive to take advantage of the building's orientation for energy efficiency, to include views and invite nature into our homes, and to enjoy free flowing spaces for entertaining and our individual lifestyles.

External Blind Operation | Evaya
External Blind Operation | Evaya. As a general rule, the ev80 is lowered in the vertical or closed (0 degrees) position and raised in the horizontal position (90 degrees). The slats can be tilted and rotated at various angles between these parameters. This may be altered, if required, with a maximum 180 degree operating range. Blade angles can be adjusted incrementally to control solar glare and heat gain whilst allowing the entrance of natural light during summer.

Exterior Low VOC Paint Finishes | Painted Earth
Exterior Low VOC Paint Finishes | Painted Earth. Fumes emitted from exterior paints and wood finishes contribute to an environmental air quality that is poor in our cities and towns. Many people don't understand the implications of this, thinking that because it is outside it is not important to use a low VOC product. However the fumes, or VOC's, emitted from exterior paints and finishes will affect the health of the person applying them.

Fast Opening Gates | Magnetic Automation
Fast Opening Gates | Magnetic Automation. Products built to last by Magnetic Automation. Built to last - Magnetic Automation installed two 12-metre MTG track gates, three MHTM™ boom gates and one MCG cantilever gate for a major distribution centre. Our customer required a solution for gates with fast opening times, 100% duty cycle, and that would aesthetically fit in with the building style.

Fixing Assemblies for Glass | East Coast Industries Australia
Fixing Assemblies for Glass | East Coast Industries Australia. East Coast Industries Australia has a large range of glass fixing assemblies for frameless glass and balustrades. Here is a uniquely designed Glass Fixing Hand rail Bracket. It is designed to suit Ø50.8mm Tube and is to be welded to Hand rail. Can also be used as a Wall Bracket or can be welded to post as a horizontal Glass Bracket. They are made from high quality Stainless Steel (316).

Freestanding Goods Lift | Southern Lifts
Freestanding Goods Lift | Southern Lifts. Boxlift® is a freestanding goods lift, that is specifically designed for goods in the commercial and industrial sector. It offers innovative and ground-breaking advantages over traditional goods lifts: Boxlift® features include; - Freestanding modular design. - No machine room, no pit and no major building work. - Fast and easy installation. - Special assembly tools. - Maximum space-saving. - Safe and reliable.

Full Height Corner Meeting Cavity Sliders | CS Cavity Sliders
Full Height Corner Meeting Cavity Sliders | CS Cavity Sliders. The Village at Coorparoo. Following from the successful delivery of Stage One, CS Cavity Sliders are currently working with McNab Construction on Stage Two of this 58 unit independent living complex. This high quality, multi-level development is the only integrated retirement living community in the south/east city fringe.

Green Certified Low VOC Products | LATICRETE
Green Certified Low VOC Products | LATICRETE. As the first manufacturer of tile and stone installation systems, LATICRETE offers products that are independently tested and certified to the highest 'Green' standards for low VOC in both commercial and domestic construction. A wide array of low VOC products from adhesives and underlayments, waterproofing and crack suppression, thin-bed adhesives, medium bed adhesives and finally grout.

Green Roof Insulation | Foamular
Green Roof Insulation | Foamular. Green Roof Gardens are becoming an increasingly popular roofing option for concrete roofs, with many modern cities demanding a percentage of total roof space be green. A green roof is a roof surface, flat or pitched, that is planted partially or completely with vegetation and a growing medium over a waterproof membrane. It increases thermal mass and improves insulation, creating more stable temperatures in the building below.

Heated Umbrellas for Outdoor Dining | Celmec
Heated Umbrellas for Outdoor Dining | Celmec. Degani, Barkly Square. Celmec and Degani have had a long relationship. You can see a range of Celmec's products at many of Degani's outdoor areas across Melbourne and country Victoria. The most recent Degani installation has been in Barkly Square, Brunkswick in Melbourne. This area is prone to cold winds and the outdoor dining area was often left unused on cooler days.

High Traffic Flooring for Schools | Trend
High Traffic Flooring for Schools | Trend. Wheatly Elementary School, Washington, DC. Trend Q 538 - 537 - 512.

Hydronic Hot Water and Heating Checks Video | Bosch
Hydronic Hot Water and Heating Checks Video | Bosch. Handy boiler checks. Are you currently experiencing problems with your boiler? Watch our video to discover our handy boiler checks to assist in troubleshooting your Bosch Hydronic Boiler.

Insulation Installation Fire Safety | Kingspan
Insulation Installation Fire Safety | Kingspan. Fire safety: Insulation installation methods in the spotlight. Insulation innovator Kingspan Insulation urges architects, building certifiers, fire engineers and building authorities to pay particularly close attention to installation methods of rigid insulation boards used in concrete soffits applications, warning of serious fire safety risks.

Insulated Vinyl House Cladding | Austech
Insulated Vinyl House Cladding | Austech. Duratuff Select Vinyl Cladding utilised on a home is a finalist at the Building Designer Australia 2014 Design awards. A recently built new home on the Central Coast of NSW at Buff Point, designed and project managed by Harris Building Design Services, entered into the Building Designer Australia 2014 Design Awards and became a finalist in two categories.

Intelligent Power Switches Envirotouch | Thermofilm
Intelligent Power Switches Envirotouch | Thermofilm. Envirotouch™ - Intelligent, Energy Saving Lighting and Appliance Control. With electricity prices at an all-time high, it is more important than ever to minimise energy use. Be it at home, the office, schools or shops, everyone is looking to reduce their bills. The new Envirotouch™ range of energy saving timer switches gives you the power to control the usage of energy throughout the workplace and home.

Interior Design Electroplated Finishes | Astor Metal Finishes
Interior Design Electroplated Finishes | Astor Metal Finishes. Understanding the potential of Astor Metal Finishes and its applications results in impact fitouts: whether it be a residential, shopfitting, hospitality or a corporate fitout. Electroplated finishes and the variety that Astor offers, has been the basis for design concepts and branding throughout.

Interlocking Recycled Rubber Pavers | Sherwood Enterprises
Interlocking Recycled Rubber Pavers | Sherwood Enterprises. Installation of Interlocking Recycled Rubber Pavers at the Magic Millions Complex has been completed for the new parade ring. The interlocking recycled rubber pavers provide safety & stress relief with anti fatigue under foot shock absorption, traction slip resistance ensuring safety whilst parading and they are water permeable so they drain quickly.

Interior Bi-Folding Door System | Brio
Interior Bi-Folding Door System | Brio. Bifold 16 is an interior bi-folding door hardware system. It is suitable for both residential and light commercial bi-folding cupboards and wardrobes up to 16kg per panel. Bifold 16 is ideal for openings with non-rebated jambs as only a simple frame at the head is required to take the steel top track which is finished in white.

Klevaklip Concealed Fixing for Decks | Simmonds Lumber
Klevaklip Concealed Fixing for Decks | Simmonds Lumber. A great use of the Merbau Klevaklip concealed fixing system with no nails or screws to be seen on the surface.

LATICRETE Corporate Profile Video
LATICRETE Corporate Profile Video. Get to know LATICRETE! Our people, our values and our 50+ years of innovative products.

LED Catenary Luminaires | WE-EF
LED Catenary Luminaires | WE-EF. Flexible problem-solvers: WE-EF RFS500 LED catenary luminaires. WE-EF RFS500 LED catenary luminaires can be centrally installed above streets, footpaths, alleyways or even large public spaces to provide optimal illumination. They are particularly effective problem-solvers in historical settings. First, they provide efficient lighting even in areas that are difficult to access, such as tight, narrow backstreets and awkward, angular spaces.

Marine Insulation and Fire Protection | TBA Firefly
Marine Insulation and Fire Protection | TBA Firefly. A new innovative product which provides standalone 'B' Class Insulation/Fire Protection 'NAUTILUS MFB30' is suitable for marine vessels of all sizes. It is a strong, flexible, lightweight membrane which offers both B15 and B30 fire, smoke and thermal protection. It is a 10mm thick non-combustible woven composite blanket which weighs just 2.2kgs/m2.

Marine Metal Restorations | Astor Metal Finishes
Marine Metal Restorations | Astor Metal Finishes. Whether it be a new boat and its aluminium component, a new aluminium winch drum or restoring old marine, Astor have been involved with many metal restoration works donated to the National Maritime Museum and their fleet.

Modern Low VOC Paints | Painted Earth
Modern Low VOC Paints | Painted Earth. Interior paints and wood finishes are able to help put the finishing touches on an enjoyable living or work space. However fumes from regular paints and wood finishes can create poor indoor air quality for up to five years after painting or renovating. By choosing modern low VOC paints and wood finishes you are able to avoid smelly and toxic fumes.

Nature Inspired Paint Colour Collection Wildland | Dulux
Nature Inspired Paint Colour Collection Wildland | Dulux. Driven by our basic need to connect with the environment around us, we surround ourselves with colours that reflect untamed landscapes from the harshest ice terrains to the wildest forests and mountains. Wildland illustrates a story through the contrast of light and dark, a story of discovering the beauty in what nature has created and embracing imperfections.

Non-Combustible Marine Smoke Curtain | TBA Firefly
Non-Combustible Marine Smoke Curtain | TBA Firefly. Nautilus Smokebar. Lightweight, non-combustible, woven glass to provide flexible Smoke Barriers to C Class Standard. Used as C Class Non-combustibility Smoke Curtains on ships and offshore platforms, to give protection from both smoke and flame.

Non-Insulated Glass Systems | Technical Protections Systems
Non-Insulated Glass Systems | Technical Protections Systems. Non-Insulated systems are able to provide certified fire resistance for Integrity only, approved to AS1530.4. These systems are suitable for stopping the spread of fire from flame movement only, but not necessarily restrict the spread of heat, and are not suitable for creating a habitable environment for building occupants.

Outdoor Entertaining Furniture | Cosh Living
Outdoor Entertaining Furniture | Cosh Living. Cosh Outdoor Furniture gives you an opportunity to render an interesting look to the outdoor area. The company avails you designer furniture for the café, pool side area, alfresco dining area and the outdoor area. The friendly staff believes guiding the customers to get the right match as per the need and taste. Get in touch to glorify the look of your outdoor space.

Pedestrian Turnstiles | Magnetic Automation
Pedestrian Turnstiles | Magnetic Automation. Pedestrian turnstiles helping food retailer monitor employee attendance. One of Australia's leading food retailers is using pedestrian turnstiles from Magnetic Automation Pty Ltd to monitor their employees' attendance at their distribution office. Magnetic Automation installed four programmed turnstiles at the distribution office so that the food retailer could ensure employees entered the site safely.

Picture Framing and Tiled Surfaces Video | Dry-Treat
Picture Framing and Tiled Surfaces Video | Dry-Treat. What is picture framing? A serious issue that is common to natural stone and other porous materials is picture framing. No, we're not talking about that person you pay to enclose a precious memory or an overpriced piece of art. You just renovated your bathroom with some beautiful natural stone tiles. After 3 months you see the tiles darkening around the edges!

Raised Garden Edging | Formboss
Raised Garden Edging | Formboss. FormBoss is so much more than a basic lawn edging system. With FormBoss steel garden edging systems you can also create garden beds in any height, shape or colour you desire. The largest height of edging we sell is 580mm high. This can only be used 100% above the soil level if you are using a circular planter bed under 1500mm diameter (as all the pressure is pushing outwards).

Raven - The Brand of Choice for the Logan Hospital Project
Raven - The Brand of Choice for the Logan Hospital Project. The safety and compliance of buildings relies on hardware and materials that are designed to meet or exceed building code regulations and Australian Standards. Raven Products produces the most comprehensive range of innovative and certified door and window sealing systems and was the preferred supplier for the Logan Hospital Upgrade.

Residential UV and Glare Protection | Window Energy Solutions
Residential UV and Glare Protection | Window Energy Solutions. Block heat, glare and UV rays without ruining your views with Titan 35 Xtra window film. What's better than a home with a fantastic view? For a beach front house in Brighton, however, the expansive glass that provides a virtually uninterrupted view across the bay is a source of tremendous heat, glare and unhealthy UV rays.

Restoration of Metal | Astor Metal Finishes
Restoration of Metal | Astor Metal Finishes. If its metal, the chances are that Astor Metal Finishes can restore it to its former glory, or even bring about anew glory in the way of a new finish. Restoration includes marine, motorcycle and automotive parts, domestic goods, lighting, bumper bars, doorware, signage, church items, furniture.

Roadside Surface Water Drainage | Hydro Construction Products
Roadside Surface Water Drainage | Hydro Construction Products. In an effort to improve the longevity of the sealed roads and provide flood mitigation for properties in the Golf Links Estate, Croydon, Maroondah City Council oversaw road & drainage enhancement works which were completed early in 2014. Hydro Construction Products' Access 2000 channel with ductile iron Heelguard grates was selected to aid in surface water management on the roadside.

Roller Blind Mechanism | TOSO Australia
Roller Blind Mechanism | TOSO Australia. TOSO Australia is spreading a focused message on the importance of quality mechanisms, with a view to driving awareness of the unique point of difference offered by its system. TOSO Australia's Malcolm Young commented: When choosing a roller blind, the mechanism should be as carefully considered as the fabric choice.

Roller Blind Hardware System | Verosol
Roller Blind Hardware System | Verosol. Verosol have provided a smooth and easy to operate roller blind hardware system at the Toshiba Australia offices of North Ryde, NSW. This system features a high performance fabric that delivers superior heat and glare control to maximise the interior comfort of the office. The Verosol spring assisted chain operated Mode Rollers complete with Verosol high performing SilverScreen Semi Transparent fabric.

Rope-Safe Rope Grab | 3M Safety
Rope-Safe Rope Grab | 3M Safety. Ultimate Security & Safety. A unique rope grab designed and certified to meet an array of international standards for use as a secondary back up device for fall arrest. Designed for superior usability, performance and protection on kernmantle rope lifelines to meet the toughest of demands.

Sandstone Cladding Sealer with Stain-Proof | Dry-Treat
Sandstone Cladding Sealer with Stain-Proof | Dry-Treat. Supermarket Cheese Room. A large supermarket chain was in the process of opening a new store in Sydney's exclusive suburb of Double Bay. The grocery store would supply the local area with local fresh produce and gourmet food in a modern, deli-style surrounding. Key to creating this ambience was the use of sandstone cladstone walls in the cheese room.

Sealed Self Retrating Lifelines Sealed-Blok™ | 3M Safety
Sealed Self Retrating Lifelines Sealed-Blok™ | 3M Safety. 3M SAFETY AUSTRALIA & NEW ZEALAND INTRODUCE THEIR NEW SEALED-BLOK™ SELF RETRACTING LIFELINE RANGE. Sealed-Blok SRL lowers cost of ownership and maximises work site versatility! Capital Safety, the global leader in fall protection has announced the launch of their new DBI-SALA® Sealed-Blok™ range of Self Retracting Lifelines (SRL's).

Shock Absorbing Rubber Pavers | Sherwood Enterprises
Shock Absorbing Rubber Pavers | Sherwood Enterprises. Sherwood Enterprises has currently stock of recycled rubber horse pavers in terracotta red having recently completed purchase bulk containers of Equine Pavers for the supply /installation re: The Magic Millions Parade Ring on the Gold Coast QLD Australia. Easy to install DIY Interlocking recycled rubber pavers with excellent cushion.

Signage and Building & Construction Trends | Architectural Signs
Signage and Building & Construction Trends | Architectural Signs. From offices and factories to hotels, airport terminals and retail complexes, the Commercial and Industrial Building Construction industry constructs most of the buildings in which Australians work, shop and play. The industry's revenue is forecast to total $31.3 billion in 2014-15, up 3.5% on the previous year due mainly to stronger investment in hotel developments, warehousing facilities and transport.

Sliding Door and Walls | Smooth Door Systems
Sliding Door and Walls | Smooth Door Systems. The versatile range here at Smooth Door Systems offers the flexibility of building your own cavity pocket or using the system as a conventional sliding door or sliding wall system. By incorporating our slimline top track and European designed sliding hardware, this system is suitable for large openings and a huge range of door panel sizes whilst maintaining a smooth, stable and reliable sliding motion.

Slimline LED Bulkhead Surface Mounted | WE-EF
Slimline LED Bulkhead Surface Mounted | WE-EF. New luminaire helps University of Queensland (UQ) towards carbon neutral target. WE-EF has developed a superior luminaire for high durability that can be used in a variety of exterior applications, and not just by its own standards. When the sustainability team from the University of Queensland (UQ) was seeking an energy-efficient and cost-effective car park lighting solution, they reviewed all available products.

Space Saving Sliding Doors | Smooth Door Systems
Space Saving Sliding Doors | Smooth Door Systems. When you are purchasing or renovating a home, hotel, apartment or office, one of the biggest objectives - and in some cases, challenges, is to maximize every square inch of space available. The conventional hinged door is no longer necessarily the most effective option when taking this objective into consideration.

Square Stop Jamb Finish | CS Cavity Sliders
Square Stop Jamb Finish | CS Cavity Sliders. Esque Apartments. CS Cavity Sliders recently completed the Esque apartments with Helm in Mosman NSW. Esque consists of 29 Luxury Apartments and was completed by HELM in September 2013. All apartments sold prior to ESQUE's opening and the project was worth $15m.CS Cavity Sliders align with Helm in sharing very similar value propositions.

Thermal Insulation Board Thermasheath-3 | Composite Global
Thermal Insulation Board Thermasheath-3 | Composite Global. THERMOSHEATH-3 is an energy-efficient thermal insulation board composed of a rigid closed-cell polyisocyanurate (PIR) foam core bonded to reinforced, reflective foil facers on each side. THERMOSHEATH-3 utilises a CFC, HCFC and HFC-free blowing agent that has zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) and negligible Global Warming Potential (GWP).

Timber Laminate Flooring | Premium Floors
Timber Laminate Flooring | Premium Floors. MAKING NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTIONS FOR YOUR HOME. With every New Year come the obligatory New Year's resolutions. From eating less chocolate, exercising more, to saving more and looking at new job prospects. This year, consider redirecting your energies in setting goals for your home that will make it more beautiful, comfortable and 'greener'.

Touchscreen Control for Aquamaster Pool Management | Waterco
Touchscreen Control for Aquamaster Pool Management | Waterco. Touchscreen control with Waterco's Aquamaster automation system. Easy to use, energy efficient and designed for all decors and lifestyles - Waterco's Aquamaster Pool & Spa Automation system simplifies pool management to the press of a button. The wall mount touch screen control panel can be operated from the convenience of indoors, allowing homeowners to easily manage pool, spa and ancillary functions.

Trafficable Glass Block Paving | Obeco Glass Blocks
Trafficable Glass Block Paving | Obeco Glass Blocks. Trafficable Glass Block Paving allows light to be shared between levels of a building, letting light through the floor to brighten a space below, or creating a decorative feature at night as the light shines up from underfoot. Obeco Glass Blocks Pty Ltd is Australia's largest importer and distributor of glass blocks.

Umbrella Heating for Outdoor Dining | Celmec
Umbrella Heating for Outdoor Dining | Celmec. Beer DeLuxe is a café, salon bar, dining space and beer garden located in Melbourne's Federation Square. The corner in which Beer DeLuxe is situated is well shaded and affected by cool breezes in winter. Beer DeLuxe required not only a heating solution, but something that would draw attention to the establishment.

Vertical Aluminium Beam Facade | Supawood
Vertical Aluminium Beam Facade | Supawood. An appealing functional design for exterior facade. SUPAWOOD's ALUCLICK beams proved to be the answer for the refurbishment of an office building in a key North Sydney location. A product was required not only for use as an open screen to hide the 1st floor carpark but also to form a very visual part of the building's façade as appearance was a key consideration.

Wallwash Lens for Exterior LED Lighting | WE-EF
Wallwash Lens for Exterior LED Lighting | WE-EF. WE-EF is expanding creative lighting possibilities with the new IO-20 LED wallwash lens. A core competency of WE-EF is the development of high-quality and efficient reflector and lens technologies, called the IOS Innovative Optical System. The latest addition to the WE-EF optical accessories toolkit is an IO-20 wallwash lens, specifically developed for WE-EF [M] symmetric medium beam LED optics to refine precision lighting.

Waterproofing Membrane Elastoclad Exteriors RX | Neoferma
Waterproofing Membrane Elastoclad Exteriors RX | Neoferma. The Quest for Extensibility - Laboratory V Real Life. Liquid waterproofing membrane manufacturers have, in the last few years, been chasing the holy grail of extensibility. Some have been able to achieve upwards of 700% Why? If a substrate has a crack, a waterproofer worth his salt, will repair it and pre-stripe it to allow for any future movement before applying the waterproofing membrane.

Window Furnishing Sydney | TOSO Australia
Window Furnishing Sydney | TOSO Australia. TOSO Australia is a new Joint Venture Company that has been established to supply high quality window furnishing componentry to leading manufacturers in Australia and New Zealand for internal blinds. Toso Australia's blinds are sourced from Japans leading manufacturer of window furnishing, with over 60 year's experience, TOSO Company, Limited.

Year In Review | Axolotl
Year In Review | Axolotl. 2014 has seen Axolotl work on some amazing projects including Barangaroo, the Nan Tien Temple, No1 Pacific Place, and our 4th Tiffany & Co store to name a few. It saw the launch of new products including Axolotl Sheet Metals, and our award winning Axolotl Terracotta, as well as the launch of new consultancy Axolotl Art Projects.

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