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Access System Asset Management | Kerrect Group
Access System Asset Management | Kerrect Group. Kerrect Group can help you comply with the mandatory requirements for annual inspection and testing of your facade access systems. Kerrect Group take on your responsibility for your systems, providing a full inspection, proof load testing, logging and annual certification service to all your buildings. By allowing us to do this, you ensure that you maintain compliance with current regulations.

Acoustic Performance Floors for Multi-Residential | Karndean
Acoustic Performance Floors for Multi-Residential | Karndean. A SOUND SPACE FOR MULTI-RESIDENTIAL BUILD. Tried and tested, the complete Karndean LooseLay flooring range boasts enhanced acoustic properties which surpass the minimum standard required by the National Construction Code (NCC) for multi-residential builds. In Australia, the NCC requires a minimum acoustic performance rating of 62 decibels (dB) for a floor in a Class 2 or 3 building.

Anchor Nuts for Blind Hole Installations | East Coast Industries
Anchor Nuts for Blind Hole Installations | East Coast Industries. The 228S is designed specifically for blind hole installations where a double sided fitting hold would otherwise not be possible. Able to be used with handrails, balustrade, signage and many more uses. This new product is a readily available stocked item. Our products are manufactured through strict quality control procedures from high quality stainless steel all for competitive wholesale prices.

Anodising Perforated Aluminium Panels | Universal Anodisers
Anodising Perforated Aluminium Panels | Universal Anodisers. Moore Park pathway over Anzac Parade. The unique design of the perforation within the panels provides great interest to the structure. The panels have been anodised by Universal Anodisers in Satin Hardcoat Oriental Gold. The anodised finish provides a visual beauty to the bridge with metallic lustre that will not denigrate over time, it creates a very hard surface that will not peel.

Architectural Lighting LED Projector | WE-EF
Architectural Lighting LED Projector | WE-EF. WE-EF introduces mini-LED projector to complement FLD100 series. WE-EF is proud to present the new FLD111, a compact 6-watt LED projector with a nominal luminous flux of up to 607 lm. The square luminaire body measures just 95 mm x 95 mm and has a depth of 55 mm. Despite its compact dimensions, the FLD111 achieves high visual performance with only three LEDs.

Balustrade Product Purchase Incentives | Miami Stainless
Balustrade Product Purchase Incentives | Miami Stainless. Spend over $200 & WIN. Make any purchase over $200 from March 9 - March 26 and automatically enter the draw to win a Home Theatre Package valued at over $6000 supplied by The Big Picture People.

Bespoke Solid Oak Parquetry | Antique Floors
Bespoke Solid Oak Parquetry | Antique Floors. Antique Floors enhance the space without taking away from the beauty of this South East Queensland home with their bespoke solid oak parquetry, engineered oak flooring, custom stairs, Marie Antoinette finished in natural oil with a blond finish.

Bushfire Roller Shutters Rated BAL-40 | Rollashield
Bushfire Roller Shutters Rated BAL-40 | Rollashield. AS 3959-2009 - Bushfire Roller Shutters by Rollashield. In September 2012, when big storms wreaked havoc in Australia's Alpine Region, a Jindabyne house owner, was very glad he had storm proofed his house with Rollashield Shutters. There were wind gusts above 150km per hour in the storm. The NSW SES had requests for assistance where properties had sustained roof damage and imploded windows.

Calacatta Kitchen Marble | Sareen Stone
Calacatta Kitchen Marble | Sareen Stone. Top end designers and builders are choosing Calacatta Marble as their material of choice. Synonymous with luxury, Calacatta Marble is featured in some of the finest hotels, restaurants and celebrity homes throughout the world. There are various selections of Calacatta Marble available in the marketplace and the prices vary widely, depending on the selection chosen.

Certified Fall Arrest Netting | Kerrect Group
Certified Fall Arrest Netting | Kerrect Group. Certified fall arrest netting combined with a materials catching overlay, provides protection below work areas from falling tools, materials and even building or structural elements. Certified fall arrest netting can be used independently or as part of a fall protection system for workers above, overhead netting systems.

Collective Safety Netting Solutions | Kerrect Group
Collective Safety Netting Solutions | Kerrect Group. To protect all workers above and below Collective Safety Netting Solutions can be used. Certified fall arrest netting (BS-EN 1263) with or without a materials catching overlay, provides a complete 'soft catch' alternative or supplement to traditional fall arrest systems and PPE. Installed beneath the work area, safety nets allow workers full freedom of movement and thought enabling them to focus on the job in hand.

Commercial Flooring for Adelaide Oval | Nolan.UDA
Commercial Flooring for Adelaide Oval | Nolan.UDA. A stylish and adaptable flooring solution that's easy to maintain and resistant to food & drink stains, mud, sweat and blood. Autex Avondale. As you can imagine, the brief relating to the recent upgrades were challenging in terms of accommodating an increase in patronage as well as aligning with the oval's original aesthetics.

Commercial Cantilever Umbrellas | Instant Shade Umbrellas
Commercial Cantilever Umbrellas | Instant Shade Umbrellas. Cantilever umbrellas are a great shade option for commercial environments such as hotels, resorts, or anywhere with outdoor dining. The umbrella post being off to one side means it is out of the way of tables, chairs and/or sunbeds. 360-degree rotation also provides great flexibility of seating configuration.

Composite Access Cover with Cast Iron Frame | EJ
Composite Access Cover with Cast Iron Frame | EJ. EJ Convenes A Marriage Of Convenience: Cast Iron Frame Meets Composite Cover. As if to prove the point that EJ is the constant source of innovative access cover solutions, they have introduced this revolutionary, hard wearing composite cover/cast iron frame combination. The cast iron frame provides stability and rigidity once installed, while the precise-fitting composite cover makes handling a breeze.

Concrete Surface Retarder | Reckli Form-Liners & Moulds
Concrete Surface Retarder | Reckli Form-Liners & Moulds. RECKLI CR Type N is a solvent-based concrete surface deactivating agent used to produce fine to coarse exposed aggregate concrete. This done by using either a negative or positive process. RECKLI CR Type N is available in twelve different washing depths.

Concrete Surface Deactivating Agent | Reckli
Concrete Surface Deactivating Agent | Reckli. RECKLI CR Type PV is an aqueous concrete surface deactivating agent that is used to produce fine to coarse exposed aggregate concretes. This is done by applying the positive process. RECKLI CR Type PV particular feature is its integrated sealing compound, which serves as an effective means to protect the early-strength concrete against premature moisture release and weather impact.

Construction Costs Comparison | Tecbuild Systems
Construction Costs Comparison | Tecbuild Systems. The debate about relative cost benefits of advances in timber multi storey construction, has recently been taken up by all the major design, construction and development news blogs. Perhaps the Tasmanian Government should have the final say.

Contemporary Engineered Oak Flooring | Antique Floors
Contemporary Engineered Oak Flooring | Antique Floors. A custom finished engineered oak flooring in extra wide and long boards, finished in 'Nude' by Antique Floors at Rozelle in Sydney. A bespoke contemporary engineered floor that enhances a harbor side location.

Containment & Encapsulation Netting | Kerrect Group
Containment & Encapsulation Netting | Kerrect Group. If you are after an immediate containment solution for the short or long term you cannot go past containment and encapsulation netting. Kerrect containment netting solutions are available in a wide choice of colours and mesh sizes to suit individual applications enabling discrete application while still maintaining the safety and effectiveness of the encapsulation system.

Creative Aluminium Splashbacks | DecoSplash
Creative Aluminium Splashbacks | DecoSplash. DecoSplash is the latest solution for creating an exciting and unique splashback for your kitchen. DecoSplash is an aluminium splashback with a polyurethane coating that allows for any photographic image to be sublimated into the coating. The image retains a beautiful clarity and vibrancy of colour that livens up your kitchen The DecoSplash polyurethane coating has excellent chemical resistance.

Custom Machining Replacement Parts | Allplastics
Custom Machining Replacement Parts | Allplastics. Allplastics Engineering machines plastic parts and components for a wide spectrum of industries. With modern facilities housing CNC Turning, CNC Routing and milling we can manufacture customised components for breakdown and production runs. Plastic machining offers an alternative to traditional steel, bronze, stainless steel and aluminium parts.

Dance Studio Floor Coatings | Whittles Waxes
Dance Studio Floor Coatings | Whittles Waxes. Find out why professional dancers choose Whittle Waxes. The floor is of course the main product in any dance studio, costing in our case the best part of one hundred thousand dollars. To that end, we researched different products trying to find the best one. We were determined to use the best and most environmental product on our 400 square meter dance floor.

DigitalART™ Photographic Splashbacks | ISPS Innovations
DigitalART™ Photographic Splashbacks | ISPS Innovations. DigitalART™ on Bonethane & IPA Acrylic Splashbacks by ISPS Innovations with GripTek™ backing. Ferretti Designer Interiors bring you DigitalArt™ splashbacks by ISPS Innovations. Beautiful high gloss polymer panels in Bonethane or IPA Acrylic. Suitable for wet areas, shop displays the applications are endless & with optional GripTek™ backing.

Directional Signs | Architectural Signs Sydney
Directional Signs | Architectural Signs Sydney. The Importance of Directional Signage. Directional signage is a great way to ensure buildings and attractions can be located easily. It has many benefits, including boosting local businesses, promoting the use of local amenities and providing the nearest location for facilities. It is vital for visitors and locals to be provided with information and guidance to ensure they get the most out of the environment.

Durable Garden Edging | Formboss Metal Garden Edging
Durable Garden Edging | Formboss Metal Garden Edging. The FormBoss™ steel edging simply will not split, warp, buckle, crack, chip or invite termites like traditional edging. It will give you total freedom of design, with clean designer looks for your garden edges, at any height from flush, up to 500mm retaining walls. The clean lines offered by FormBoss™ are quite unique and will do wonders for the look and feel of your garden.

Earthy Tone Paint Colours Earthwerks Video | Dulux
Earthy Tone Paint Colours Earthwerks Video | Dulux. Reducing our impact on the earth continues to be a crucial community goal as we aspire to get in touch with nature on a more personal level. Earthwerks explores our desire to have greenery in our homes and workspaces. The urge to get our hands dirty, to create things from scratch and to be aware of the source of our food drives this trend.

Efficient Heating for Large Areas | Celmec
Efficient Heating for Large Areas | Celmec. The Thunder Road Brewing Company is a brewery with one of its locations in Brunswick, Melbourne. Thunder Road Brewing Company sought out Celmec for a heating solution for its large warehouse style brewery area and for the mezzanine area above. The brewery wanted heaters that could be mounted up high and that suited the decor of the space.

Elastomeric Polyurethane Formliners | Reckli Form-Liners & Moulds
Elastomeric Polyurethane Formliners | Reckli Form-Liners & Moulds. Reckil is the world leader in design and manufacture of elastomeric polyurethane formliners and moulds. The use of elastomeric polyurethane formliners for patterning and texturing concrete surfaces has achieved the widest acceptance from the point of view of quality and economy. Many millions of square meters endorse this.

Energy Saving Roller Shutters Video | Somfy
Energy Saving Roller Shutters Video | Somfy. Winter comfort with Chronis Easy RTS. Your roller shutters close automatically at nightfall to protect your interior from the winter cold. Summer comfort with Thermosunis Indoor WireFree RTS. In summer, when the sun beginsto beat down and temperature rises in the room, the roller shutters are lowered automatically.

Bi-Fold Wardrobe Doors | Cowdroy
Bi-Fold Wardrobe Doors | Cowdroy. The Overlay Bi-Fold is a bi-folding door track system designed for wardrobe doors, large cupboard doors, pantries, closetsand concealed rooms in confined areas such as laundries. The overlay feature means you only see the doors, not the track or framework behind. The double wheel assemblies are compact but sturdy enough to takeup to 25 kg per door leaf and feature dual side rollers to prevent doors jumping off the track.

GECA Releases New Refrigerants Standard
GECA Releases New Refrigerants Standard. A new standard for refrigerants from GECA has been released and is accepting applications for certification. GECA's Refrigerants standard has been updated, with revised criteria to set new environmental benchmarks and reflect industry changes. Refrigerant manufacturers can choose to have their products certified against this standard to demonstrate their environmental, health and ethical credentials.

Gym and Dance Studio Flooring | Sherwood Enterprises
Gym and Dance Studio Flooring | Sherwood Enterprises. Sherwood Enterprises established in 2004 in QLD is 100% Australian Family Operated & Owned & we are delighted to advise additional Gymnasium Fitness, Pilates, Yoga Dance Floor ex-stock in 2015 - DIRECT TO YOU. Sherprise Export quality recycled rubber m2 gym fitness tiles are in stock meeting Aust Fire standards and only Premium Rubber is used for our Gym Fitness tiles ensuring consistent colouration.

Heat Reflective Paint | Keim Mineral Paints
Heat Reflective Paint | Keim Mineral Paints. New to Australia - Keim Coolit AP Ultra Heat reflective Mineral Paint. Keim Coolit AP is the first mineral Paint for masonry with infra-red reflective technology, developed specifically for hot and extreme climatic conditions. This unique attribute results from the use of specially selected natural raw materials.

Heatray Tube Radiant Heaters | Celmec
Heatray Tube Radiant Heaters | Celmec. Situated in Sydney's North Shore suburb, McMahons Point, is the Commodore Hotel, an establishment renowned amongst locals for its food and great atmosphere. The Commodore and Celmec have had a long relationship, as the Commodore was one of the first locations in Sydney to feature Celmec's Heatray Umbrellas with Electric Radiant Heaters (ERH) just over a decade ago.

Heavy Duty PVC Swing Door | Premier Door Systems
Heavy Duty PVC Swing Door | Premier Door Systems. Prem-SWING PVC doors can be used for pedestrian and vehicle traffic. The doors feature clear see through panels for safe two-way traffic, operation is push to open with automatic close. The PVC panels are available in 5mm and 7mm thicknesses and the frame is constructed of an attractive anodised aluminium frame. Premier Plastics can install and service PVC Doors for openings up to 3000mm wide x 3000mm high.

Heavy Traffic Retail Flooring Products | LATICRETE
Heavy Traffic Retail Flooring Products | LATICRETE. A Spartacote Polyaspartic Coating System gives your floor Customisation, Durability and Fast Return to Service. Heavy traffic entrances within commercial retail settings represent some of the most demanding environments for any flooring system. These applications must be durable enough to stand up against harsh cleaning chemicals as well as constant foot and cart traffic.

High Wind Capacity Roll Doors | DMF International
High Wind Capacity Roll Doors | DMF International. A very fast door with high wind capacity. High speed PVC roll doors are an effective means of protecting the working environment for food processing areas, warehousing and distribution, cleanrooms and manufacturing plants. DMF have been manufacturing and supplying high speed doors in Australia, NZ and SE Asia for over 25 years.

High Speed Insulated Doors | DMF International
High Speed Insulated Doors | DMF International. The use of high speed insulated doors is increasing in the Australian market place. These types of doors offer a greater level of thermal and sound insulation than the standard high speed PVC doors, and are useful in high trafficked areas that require speed of operation to preserve the temperature. However, not all of these types of doors offered on the market are the same. How is this you may ask?

How to Choose an Acrylic Splashback | Innovative Splashbacks
How to Choose an Acrylic Splashback | Innovative Splashbacks. Doing your own splashback can be tough. Glass is heavy and notoriously easy to break. And tiles are time consuming to install and leaves you with dreaded mouldy grout to clean. Little wonder acrylic is fast becoming extremely popular for DIY-ers. It's 25 times stronger than glass and only half the weight. This makes it easy to install and very safe.

Human Claw Supported by Global Truss | Design Quintessence
Human Claw Supported by Global Truss | Design Quintessence. Managing Director, Michael Petrani, of Diversity Rigging in Melbourne spent months designing, engineering and building an epic interactive indoor life size structure take on the classic claw crane arcade game that has never before been seen in Australia. The structure stands at an astonishing 7m x 7m compiled of F34P Global Truss ground support components.

Infrastructure Solutions Asia-Pacific Evolution | EJ
Infrastructure Solutions Asia-Pacific Evolution | EJ. A Thirty Year History Of Unique Service Evolves Into EJ Asia-Pacific. Back in 1985, Tim Bottomley established an exciting new service for industry and municipalities sourcing access covers and grates for their extensive infrastructure projects across Asia-Pacific. Very cleverly, he positioned his company as the one which could supply most orders within days instead of the standard offering of his competitors.

Insulated Vinyl Cladding | Mitten Vinyl Australia
Insulated Vinyl Cladding | Mitten Vinyl Australia. If you are looking for professional house cladding suppliers and installers of most styles of wall cladding for new buildings and renovations throughout Australia and New Zealand look no further than Mitten Vinyl. Mitten Vinyl also supply DIY cladding for those home builders and renovators who want to do the job themselves.

Internal Folding Door Track System | Cowdroy
Internal Folding Door Track System | Cowdroy. All Weather Internal Folding Door Track System. The Allweather internal folding system is a robust multi-folding system designed for heavy doors in a folding application. Suitable for up to 8 doors in one direction in both left-hand or right-hand openings.

Intruder Resistant Doors & Windows | Technical Protection Systems
Intruder Resistant Doors & Windows | Technical Protection Systems. The team at TPS can assist with glazed solutions to address protection from intruders for any sized project. Our systems are available in both fire and non fire rated versions using a variety of different Forster profiles. Intruder resistant doors and windows are tested to rigours European Standards, and are available in a variety of different ratings.

Landscaping Trade Show Display | KHD
Landscaping Trade Show Display | KHD. KHD Partners with Love It Landscaping for Grand Design Live Home Show. KHD was pleased to partner with Love It Landscaping for the Grand Design Live Home Show in Melbourne on 17-19 October 2014. The display, designed by Troy Lovett, featured a full outdoor setting featuring: - KHD Green Wall - Water Features - Lighting - Cladding - Retainer Walls - Paving - Decking.

LED Path Lighting | WE-EF
LED Path Lighting | WE-EF. Greater safety on cycle paths. VFL520 LED street and area lighting luminaire with the new [P65] lens. Bicycling is gaining popularity throughout the world, and a growing number of cities are responding positively by providing dedicated networks of urban bike paths. However, the growing number of cyclists also increases the danger of accidents - especially at night in areas with inadequate illumination.

LED Street Lighting Case Study | WE-EF
LED Street Lighting Case Study | WE-EF. Green living in the suburbs - LED light for the Zauberwinkel residential area in Poing. Poing, in the district of Ebersberg, Bavaria, Germany, wants to be free of fossil fuels and non-renewable energy sources by 2030. With this in mind, the local authority employs a Climate Protection Officer and has initiated a number of projects dedicated to the use of renewable energy sources and energy efficiency.

Lift Speed vs Waiting Time | Shotton Lifts
Lift Speed vs Waiting Time | Shotton Lifts. We often see specifications for lifts requiring travel speeds of 1.0m/sec or more. With the great heights that commercial and high rise buildings go to these days, speed is a very important factor in reducing the time (or wait) we have when travelling in a lift. But what if the building isn't going a great height? What if the building is only two or three levels with a travel distance of only 3.0m or 6.0m?

Light Weight Ceiling Beams | Supawood Architectural Linings
Light Weight Ceiling Beams | Supawood Architectural Linings. Light weight beams a dominant feature throughout shopping mall. SUPAWOOD's SUPASLAT lightweight MAXI BEAM dominates the mall ceilings and food precinct throughout the multimillion dollar redeveloped Ocean Keys Shopping Centre in Clarkson WA. The design by Taylor Robinson involved the vast use of assorted profiles to form feature beams on the ceiling and mall bulkheads.

Load Skates | LB Wire Ropes
Load Skates | LB Wire Ropes. Load skates, facilitate moving / positioning a wide range of loads. Pacific Load Skates are designed to facilitate the moving, positioning or installation of a wide range of loads, including heavy equipment, machinery and bridge structures. The optional turntable and positioning handle ensure that these load skates are suitable for many applications.

Loading Dock Floors | Rhino Linings
Loading Dock Floors | Rhino Linings. When combating potential hazards around loading docks floors, slip resistant surfaces, clear unfettered access and defined pedestrian walkways can help solve this problem. A loading dock, whether it be for a warehouse, hotel, shopping centre or industrial premises is the key point of access for the delivery and dispatch of stock.

Marine Flooring Protection | Rhino Linings
Marine Flooring Protection | Rhino Linings. When you own a boat it is important to maintain safe flooring for your deck and other access areas on your vessel. Safety is paramount for both you and your crew especially when it comes to the issue of a slippery boat deck, a regular occurrence particularly if you are a fishing enthusiast. Rhino ArmaFloor provides an exceptional non-slip coating to help alleviate this problem.

Maximum Security Implementation | Magnetic Automation
Maximum Security Implementation | Magnetic Automation. Magnetic installed 2 rising steps, 2 boom gates, a custom-built turnstile, MSG slide gate and Sally Port doors in a correctional centre. Government institutions, such as correctional centres, have very stringent guidelines and standards for these types of facilities which must be adhered to. Magnetic delivered heavy duty and tamper proof products within budget and on time.

Minimising Risks with Fall Prevention Systems | 3M Safety
Minimising Risks with Fall Prevention Systems | 3M Safety. Working to the Height of Safety - How to Minimise Risk with Fall Prevention Systems. Introduction. Working from height is a core element of the construction industry, and it is also an area that carries a significant amount of risk. Fully compliant fall prevention systems must be installed on both commercial and residential sites to protect workers from the myriad of dangers.

Natural Modern Timber Floor Finishes | Renaissance Parquet
Natural Modern Timber Floor Finishes | Renaissance Parquet. NEW NATURAL TIMBER COLOURS BY RENAISSANCE PARQUET. 'Natural modern' is praised among designers in residential and commercial projects. As the name suggests 'natural modern' is a type of interior design and decoration style that combines the use of recycled furniture with natural sustainable finishes. Timber oil manufacturer have been working on natural oils that would keep the natural aesthetic of the timber.

Natural Coloured Perspex | Allplastics
Natural Coloured Perspex | Allplastics. Allplastics can offer a new range of cast acrylic sheets called PERSPEX® NATURALS is response to market demands for finishes that simulate earthy tones and velvety texture of natural stone. Perspex® Naturals are available in a collection of six colours, offering a choice of pale, mid and deep tones to create harmonious colour combinations which complement other design materials and environment.

Pavement Infill Access Covers | EJ
Pavement Infill Access Covers | EJ. Are These Infill Covers Unbreakable? New Galv Steel Intagrate™ Access Covers By EJ. You've seen it often on footpaths across the country - so called infill covers that have collapsed because either the cover is inferior in construction or the frame warps or buckles. You'll have witnessed where these infilled tiles or pavers have cracked or split and presented a trip-and-fall hazard for those responsible.

Pavement Drainage and Grates | Hydro Construction Products
Pavement Drainage and Grates | Hydro Construction Products. Mackay CBD Upgrade. In late 2014 Hydro Construction Products began supplying our Access 2000 channel with Stainless Steel Heel guard Grate to Vassallo Constructions for a Council Funded project to give the Mackay central business district a facelift. Whilst the project is still many months away from being fully completed, sections of the works have been finished.

Paver Support Adjustable Pedestals by VersiPave | KHD
Paver Support Adjustable Pedestals by VersiPave | KHD. Exxon - Extensive Use of VersiPave®. The Exxon project in Melbourne is a great example of the extensive use of VersiPave® a paver support pedestal with height extensions and height adjustments and can be used in areas such as balconies (as is the case with Exxon), swimming pool surrounds and courtyards.

Perimeter Security ISO and OHS Certified | Magnetic Automation
Perimeter Security ISO and OHS Certified | Magnetic Automation. Magnetic Automation has been part of the Australian perimeter security industry for more than 30 years and are proud to announce we are now certified for Quality, Environment & Safety. Magnetic has been certified to Quality ISO9001:2008 since 2000 and have now officially added Certification for Environment ISO14001:2004 and Safety OHSAS18001:2007.

Polymer Concrete Cable Troughs and Covers | EJ
Polymer Concrete Cable Troughs and Covers | EJ. Safeguard Your Cable Infrastructure With Poly Concrete Troughs & Covers from EJ. For rail and public transport applications, EJ carries an innovative range of Polymer Concrete Cable Troughs and Covers. They consist essentially of two main components - tough polymer concrete channels to 1500mm in length and in 6 different width and height dimensions - complete with a robust polymer concrete cover.

Pool Coping Protection Products | Dry-Treat
Pool Coping Protection Products | Dry-Treat. This impressive Lighthouse Point residence in Florida, USA had a big problem. Its large pool coping, paved in coral stone was at risk of salt spalling and efflorescence. The outdoor area would also be used for dining and entertainment so oil spills would have been a constant threat to the surface. This is why DRY-TREAT 40SK™ and STAIN-PROOF Original™ were chosen for the project.

Premier Door Systems Exhibit at AUSPACK 2015
Premier Door Systems Exhibit at AUSPACK 2015. Premier Door Systems Pty Ltd are exhibiting at the AUSPACK Exhibition - Stand Number 622. AUSPACK 2015 is Australia's premier international exhibition of packaging and processing machinery, materials and associated technology. Not only is it a great opportunity to view our products in action, AUSPACK 2015 will be showcasing over 17,000sqm of brands, products and services.

Radcon Formula #7 Concrete Waterproofing System | Radcrete
Radcon Formula #7 Concrete Waterproofing System | Radcrete. Rachada Rama 3 shopping centre, Thailand. Central Department Store is Thailand's largest developer of one-stop shopping and entertainment complexes with retail outlets throughout Thailand, with a number of new projects in the preliminary stages of construction. Both the owner and the main contractor chose to use the Radcon Formula #7 Waterproofing System on all critical above ground waterproofing.

Reclaimed Timber Floorboards Sydney | Antique Floors
Reclaimed Timber Floorboards Sydney | Antique Floors. ANTIQUE FLOORS - SYDNEY, NSW. This extravagant showroom in the inner western suburb of Rozelle harks back to the imperial homes of yore. Century-old French Oak and reclaimed Australian hardwood have been used to form antique floorboards and parquetry as well as architectural elements including custom-made tables, libraries, and wine cellars.

Recycled Hardwood Parquetry Floors | Antique Floors
Recycled Hardwood Parquetry Floors | Antique Floors. A handmade Marie Antoinette parquetry floor in 100% recycled Australian hardwood by Antique Floors at Rozelle in Sydney. A bespoke reclaimed timber floor that enhances this beautiful Inner West Penthouse.

Residential Cavity Sliding Options Video | CS Group
Residential Cavity Sliding Options Video | CS Group. CS GROUP has a range of door solutions suitable for new residential builds as well as renovations. If you are designing a new home, choose CS Cavity Sliders to make the most of that valuable space. The CS SofStop is a soft closing cavity slider, and the newest addition to our product range.

Residential Flooring Video | Karndean Designflooring
Residential Flooring Video | Karndean Designflooring. ADDING VALUE TO RESIDENTIAL PROJECTS. There are many considerations when creating a look unique to a residential build. Whether creating stylish city living or meeting the practical demands of a housing complex, Karndean has the perfect product to match any residential concept. - Individual finishes. It's easy to create the aspirational lifestyle that appeals to home buyers with Karndean's luxury vinyl planks and tiles.

Retrofit Retractable Insect Screen | Brio
Retrofit Retractable Insect Screen | Brio. New for the Brio 612 Screen is the ability to be added to pre-existing window and door systems which have suitable outer frames. The standard screen kit has been adapted to allow for face fix application which can be easily dressed by timber architraves. A simple but effective solution to situations where a door system is already in place but without suitable insect screening.

Retrofitting Lifts with Shotton Engineering
Retrofitting Lifts with Shotton Engineering. Shotton Engineering team assists develop concept to retrofit lift onto an existing industrial complex. In December, the Shotton Engineering department working with a major construction company and their engineers, developed a fixing process that provided a method of cladding panels directly to Shotton Lifts structural tower.

Sesame Green Granite Cobblestones | Sareen Stone
Sesame Green Granite Cobblestones | Sareen Stone. If you are looking for a low maintenance and incredibly durable cobblestone then the Sesame Green Granite Cobblestones is the cobblestone for you. Sesame Green Granite Cobblestones are a stunning feature to any home or commercial landscape as they are light in colour with a slight dark moss green/grey look.

Solar Reflective Roof Membrane Cool Roof | Dulux Acratex
Solar Reflective Roof Membrane Cool Roof | Dulux Acratex. Cool Roof with InfraCOOL® Technology. The built environment includes large areas of roof surface which can absorb the Sun's radiation to act as solar radiators. It makes sense to design a barrier that combats the specific Heat Source, and that means reflecting the Sun's rays BEFORE they're absorbed as heat.

Space Solutions in Education with CS Cavity Sliders
Space Solutions in Education with CS Cavity Sliders. Canada Bay School. CS Cavity Sliders worked with A W Edwards to provide solutions to open space and improve flow between classrooms at their Canada Bay project. Our systems do not have floor tracks, meaning there are no trip hazards and no breaks in the flooring - another important point when working in education.

Steel Restoration and Protection Services | Poly-Tech
Steel Restoration and Protection Services | Poly-Tech. Maintenance of today's marine infrastructure assets can present many challenges. The goal is to keep structures operating at a level that is 'fit for the intended purpose' while minimising the ongoing financial investment required. The key to successful marine infrastructure protection lies in recognising the corrosivity of the environment to which the structure will be exposed.

Stone Facade Cladding with CraftStone
Stone Facade Cladding with CraftStone. Add Craftstone to your Façade! Are you searching for an effective way to update the outside of your home or to complete your new home? Want something that doesn't require too much in terms of maintenance? Stone cladding is the perfect solution for you. Stone Cladding is a great way to create interesting, unique and beautiful facades and this is the reason it is so popular.

Surface Protection Systems | Reckli Form-Liners & Moulds
Surface Protection Systems | Reckli Form-Liners & Moulds. The surface protection systems that Reckli produce are used to provide protection against moisture penetration and/or other chemical actions, for example on precast concrete façades, cast stone structures, terrazzo floors, and in bridge and tunnel construction. The main cause of weathering and damage to buildings is water because it promotes the penetration of concrete surfaces.

Sustainable Hydronic Heating System with Solamander | Devex
Sustainable Hydronic Heating System with Solamander | Devex. Solamander® Hydronic Energy Hub. A sustainable, all-in-one system that's simple in concept, yet sophisticated in performance! The Solamander® Hydronic Energy Hub can prioritise renewable energy sources over non-renewable sources to help reduce the energy costs associated with domestic hot water and other heating energy usages in the home.

Sustainable Decorative Acoustic Ceiling Tiles | Supawood
Sustainable Decorative Acoustic Ceiling Tiles | Supawood. Australia's 1st green public building enriched by Supawood decorative acoustic tiled ceilings. SUPAWOOD'S SUPATILE 10 acoustic timber ceiling tiles have been used extensively throughout the public areas of Australia's first government project to achieve a 5 star Green Star Public Building rating.

Sustainable Garden Edging | FormBoss
Sustainable Garden Edging | FormBoss. Looking for a new edge to replace your tired looking and rotten timber edges, Or are you looking to increase the value of your home with landscaping? Perhaps you work in the industry and are fed up with installing edging products that don't do the job... and are a headache to install. FormBoss™ cuts out the problems and allows you to create any shape you desire with strength and ease, increasing the value of your project.

Swimming Pool CPR Charts Co-Branded with Waterco
Swimming Pool CPR Charts Co-Branded with Waterco. Waterco partners with Royal Life Saving Society Co-branding for CPR charts. Leading pool equipment supplier Waterco Ltd has partnered with Royal Life Saving Society - Australia to co-brand Royal Life Saving CPR charts. 'We are thrilled to have forged a partnership with such a highly respected organisation,' says George Flory, Waterco's domestic water care product manager.

Swimming Pool Specialists Waterco Company Video
Swimming Pool Specialists Waterco Company Video. Waterco 30 Year Video. In March 1981, a small company was established in Australia to import and distribute PVC pipes and fittings. Fast forward 30 years and that small company - Waterco Ltd - has since grown to become a major player in the international swimming pool and domestic and industrial water treatment market, with one of the most comprehensive ranges in the world.

The Raven Delta Seal Range
The Raven Delta Seal Range. NEW! RP134 Delta Kerf Seal™ Ideal for smoke and acoustic applications, the RP134 Delta Kerf Seal™ is discreetly located in a kerf groove in the protected corners of rebated timber doors or window frames. - Suitable for use with factory prepared timber joinery - Quick and easy to install - Secure push in locking fit - Can be removed and reused after joinery painting - Seals gaps 3mm - 5.5mm.

Thermal Traffic Doors | Premier Door Systems
Thermal Traffic Doors | Premier Door Systems. If you are after a custom made heavy-duty high impact thermal traffic door then PremIMPACT is the product for you. The innovative semi-automatic operation caters for high levels of impact traffic, allowing the door to close automatically from either direction. HIGH IMPACT THERMAL TRAFFIC DOORS ARE ECONOMICAL SOLUTIONS FOR A VARIETY OF INDUSTRIES AND APPLICATIONS.

Thermal Envelope with Concrete Sandwich Thermomass Panels
Thermal Envelope with Concrete Sandwich Thermomass Panels. THERMOMASS PANELS USED IN AWARD-WINNING HOUSE AT HANGING ROCK. In designing one of their latest projects, Kerstin Thompson Architects' (KTA) have achieved that elusive harmony of correctly proportioned form versus function that manages to seamlessly integrate with the natural surroundings.

Tile and Stone Installation Training Events with LATICRETE
Tile and Stone Installation Training Events with LATICRETE. Training Events - LATICRETE Profit Through Knowledge (PTK). Course Outline: LATICRETE® Residential System offers an understanding of a proven installation solution for all residential floors and walls with innovative, technologically-advanced materials when intense heat, thermal shock, chemical or stain resistance performance are required.

Wall Display Strip System | SI Retail
Wall Display Strip System | SI Retail. This wall strip system is the most popular wall display system for fashion retailers and shopfitters. WALL STRIP FEATURES: - Allow retailers to easily change fixtures and customise the display regularly. - Add panels between uprights to set the feel of the store and change them as needed. - Quick Installation. - Strong and can bear heavy weight. - High quality and stylish look.

Waterproofing Pre-Cast Trafficable Panels | Radcrete
Waterproofing Pre-Cast Trafficable Panels | Radcrete. Radcon Formula #7 waterproofs pre-cast trafficable panels for Carrefour, Thailand. Pre-cast panel construction where topping slabs are emplaced can cause the structure to become volatile under vehicular loading. This volatility will often cause failure with many waterproofing systems. Thailand has overcome this problem through the development of design techniques which give pre-cast construction structural stability.

Wireless Access Control Systems | Gainsborough
Wireless Access Control Systems | Gainsborough. New Yarra Valley Grammar Building Sets the Benchmark for Advanced Security With API Locksmiths' SALTO system. The new Yarra Valley Grammar Maths and Science building has set the benchmark for advanced security by installing the latest in wireless access control systems, called SALTO. The building, recently opened by the Governor General Sir Peter Cosgrove, features a stand-alone system.

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