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Abrasion Resistant Plastic UHMWPE | Allplastics
Abrasion Resistant Plastic UHMWPE | Allplastics. UHMWPE - Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene Sheets Very Abrasion Resistant. Natural UHMWPE is an excellent general purpose engineering plastic available in Sheets and Rods. It offers very economical solutions for food handling, medical, packaging and other applications and meets FDA, USDA and 3-A Dairy Guidelines for food processing and handling.

Acoustic LooseLay Flooring | Karndean Designflooring
Acoustic LooseLay Flooring | Karndean Designflooring. The researchers, educators, clinicians and innovators at the Australian Hearing Hub are enjoying their new state-of-the-art facility, thanks to the collaborative work of Taylor Construction Group Pty Ltd and Geyer Architects. The design team opted for the soft blonde highlights and distinctive grain patterns of Providence from the LooseLay collection.

Acoustic Ceiling Planks | Keystone Acoustics

All Purpose Concentrated Degreaser | Masonry Waterproofing Systems
All Purpose Concentrated Degreaser | Masonry Waterproofing Systems. Masonry Waterproofing Systems EVO-POWERCLEAN is high strength, all purpose concentrated degreaser and cleaning formulation, containing surfactants specially formulated for industrial, commercial and high strength residential use. Used for the removal of dirt and organics in preparation to sealing.

Allura Flex Modular Luxury Vinyl Tiles | Forbo Flooring Systems
Allura Flex Modular Luxury Vinyl Tiles | Forbo Flooring Systems. Allura Flex loose lay tiles and planks are the ultimate LVT. High quality, dimensionally stable, heterogeneous vinyl tiles that have been specifically designed for loose lay installation. The combination of a glass fleece carrier and multiple calendared layers makes Allura flex unprecedented in strength, performance and quality.

Aquarius Safety Flooring New Colours | Altro
Aquarius Safety Flooring New Colours | Altro. Four New Altro Aquarius Colours. Following the celebration of Altro Aquarius' third birthday, we've now added four new colours to the original and best safety flooring for shoes and barefoot, wet and dry: Sea snail, newt, iguana and gosling. The new contemporary colours include two designs with tonal chips and two plain shades, giving you more choice when it comes to matching walls and surroundings.

Arctic Oak Floorboards | Wild River Timber
Arctic Oak Floorboards | Wild River Timber. Wild River Timbers Arctic Oak floorboard is constructed from the best European Oak (French Oak) for the top layer and bonded onto a multi-plywood base, this ensures longevity and stability. The boards are pre-finished in a DD grade and feature large knots and long cracks (filled). The boards are then smoked, heat - treated, hand scraped, brushed and a white wash oil applied.

Art Consultation Services | SOHO Galleries
Art Consultation Services | SOHO Galleries. Are you proud of your home or work space? do you want to give that extra special something? But are you overwhelmed with choice? We can help, for example this fine oil on canvas commissioned piece by artist M.J was exactly what this wonderful living space was asking for, its subtle earthy tones gracefully complements the wonderful décor and exceptional water views. Im sure we can find something to suit your space.

Artistic Consultation Services | SOHO Galleries
Artistic Consultation Services | SOHO Galleries. Two different artist, Baird, Carambano. Two different mediums, one location. Here at Soho galleries we can assist, guide and help you make the right decision, offering personalised services to cater for each individual. We have the knowledge, connections and the experience to make your artistic journey exciting and find the right piece or pieces to bring your space to life.

Australian Stainless Steel Sculptures | ARTPark
Australian Stainless Steel Sculptures | ARTPark. Lots of stainless steel and glass in your unique space? need something to go with it? Maybe its as simple as more stainless steel? These wonderful stainless steel twirls by artist M.A looks right at home complementing that amazing staircase. ARTPark Australia can offer the architect/designer or home owner the opportunity to consider a vast range of sculptural works by living Australian artists.

Badges for Parties and Events | Architectural Signs Sydney
Badges for Parties and Events | Architectural Signs Sydney. Birthdays are a bigger deal than ever these days and if want to throw a memorable party consider our new birthday party badges. Make your celebrations unique and memorable. Parties are special; whether it's for a Birthday, Farewell Party, Christening or End of Year Business Party.

Balustrade Manufacturing Melbourne | Axiom Group
Balustrade Manufacturing Melbourne | Axiom Group.

Balustrade Wall Mount Bracket | Miami Stainless
Balustrade Wall Mount Bracket | Miami Stainless. E5254-50MP Wall Mount Bracket. Mount balustrade posts easily and securely with this wall mount bracket new to Miami Stainless. Wall Mount Bracket Suits 2 inch Tube SS316 Mirror Polish. Miami Stainless supplies wall mount brackets in mirror polish to suit 2 inch tube. Use this bracket to side mount posts for wire balustrade or glass pool fence on decks to increase floor space.

Benefits of Green Walls | KHD Landscape Engineering Solutions
Benefits of Green Walls | KHD Landscape Engineering Solutions. What are the Benefits of Green Walls? Greenwalls are becoming increasingly popular in residential and commercial buildings and with so many benefits it's no wonder more designers and architects are using them. Greenwalls are particularly well suited to urban environments where there may not be much natural landscape around and they can be used to create a sense of privacy and enclosure in buildings.

Big River Timbers Brisbane Distributor for Wood Floor Solutions
Big River Timbers Brisbane Distributor for Wood Floor Solutions. Wood Floor Solutions (Aust), the timber flooring specialists are pleased to announce that Big River Timbers are our new distributor in Brisbane. Big River Timbers supply a myriad of timber products such as plywood, framing timber, prefinished and raw engineered flooring, fibre cement products and much, much more to trade customers such as builders.

Bonethane vs Acrylic vs Glass Splashbacks Video | ISPS
Bonethane vs Acrylic vs Glass Splashbacks Video | ISPS. Bonethane Vs Acrylic Vs Glass Splashbacks for the DIY Enthusiasts. New online shop, buy and save. To understand the difference between the substrates one must ask them selves what material is the right choice for their application. The substrates used in this clip are to demonstrate the clarity of each product which have been applicated with the same colour and shows there is no difference in clarity.

Building with Insulated Concrete Forms | Insulbrick ICF
Building with Insulated Concrete Forms | Insulbrick ICF. It certainly gets cold in Ballarat- even colder in Buninyong. Owners Tania and David chose Insulbrick ICF to protect them from the extreme weather. Our team installed the walls and local award winning Builder, Greg Smith Homes, performed the rest of the build. The Owners could not be happier with the results and our team and Greg Smith Homes enjoyed an excellent business relationship.

Bulletin Board Linoleum Designer Pin Board | Forbo
Bulletin Board Linoleum Designer Pin Board | Forbo. The all natural solution to hold your thoughts. Bulletin Board is a renewable linoleum based surfacing material which has a multitude of applications. Its properties make it ideally suited for use as a notice board while providing a functional finish to walls, furniture, door panels and cupboard.

Carbonised Floorboard | Wild River Timber
Carbonised Floorboard | Wild River Timber. Wild River Timber Flooring Endeavour Carbonised floorboard is constructed from recycled European Oak (French Oak) for the top layer and bonded onto a multi-plywood base (Engineered), this will ensure stability. As these boards are recycled some of the boards could be well over 250 years old.

Catenary Lighting Catalogue | Ronstan Tensile Architectural
Catenary Lighting Catalogue | Ronstan Tensile Architectural. Catenary lighting systems are now recognized globally as a great way of lighting larger public spaces with new levels of accuracy, efficiency and without the clutter of traditional pole solutions. We are proud to announce another world first from Ronstan Tensile Architecture, our Catenary Lighting Catalogue, which outlines the many benefits of Catenary Lighting and spells out the key design considerations.

Ceiling Fan with Light Hunter Nova | Prestige Fans
Ceiling Fan with Light Hunter Nova | Prestige Fans. The New Hunter Nova. Just arrived on our shores is the first of many new products from Prestige Fans this summer. The Hunter Nova is compact yet powerful, modern yet timeless in its appearance. At 42' or 107cm, the Nova is perfect for small rooms up to 3m x 3m, and with the sleek light kit which has 2 x E27 light sockets (rated 14w max), it can be the perfect ceiling fan for bedrooms.

Ceramic Tile Colour Range | Designer Ceramics
Ceramic Tile Colour Range | Designer Ceramics. Designer Ceramics Australia has introduced 31 new colours to their range to bring the total 44 colours. These colours are available on all 56 designs, 198mm and 152mm including the newly released Luxor 198x15 strip. This huge range will suit all periods of renovation from early Victorian through to contemporary. All products are still proudly manufactured in Australia and have been since 1980.

Chalk Emulsion Paint Finish Video | Porter's Paints
Chalk Emulsion Paint Finish Video | Porter's Paints. Porter's Paints has an exciting new product 'Chalk Emulsion', and we are eager for you to meet the new addition to the Porter's family! Chalk Emulsion is a self priming matt finish for painting broad walls, timber, metal and plastic, giving the surface a beautiful matt and chalky appearance. Available in an extensive range of standard and custom colours so you can be wildy creative!

Commercial Skylight Solution | Solatube
Commercial Skylight Solution | Solatube. The Solatube SkyVault Series is a groundbreaking line of modular, high output tubular daylighting devices that deliver massive amounts of daylight to large volume spaces with high, open ceilings. This gives building designers a daylighting solution that provides maximum output while minimizing impact on the building envelope and significantly reducing installation costs.

Commercial Grade Kitchen Flooring | Altro
Commercial Grade Kitchen Flooring | Altro. How safe is your kitchen floor? Across the world safety flooring is tested in various ways. You might have heard of the Pendulum Test, which mimics a shod foot slipping across a floor, resulting in a measurement of slip potential. Wet flooring that measures ≥36, which translates to a one in a million chance of slipping, has a low slip risk and all of our safety flooring exceeds this.

Composite Water Meter Covers | EJ
Composite Water Meter Covers | EJ. Covers That Won't Go to Water with Heavy Traffic. Light and Tough Water Meter Covers by EJ. In an innovative move, EJ has recently acquired GMI in the United States. This company manufactures a wide range of composite access covers for use in a broad variety of applications, including pavement or footpath water meter pits.

Composite Access Covers and Frames | EJ
Composite Access Covers and Frames | EJ. A Plumber's Story - How EJ goes Above and Beyond. On a recent project at The Samantha Riley Swim School at Forest Lake, a south western suburb of Brisbane, I encountered an unusual set of problems with some very stubborn access covers. The indoor pool at this facility features a wet-edge of plastic grating to allow the water to be level with the surrounding coping.

Contact Adhesive for Flooring and Wall Coverings | Mapei
Contact Adhesive for Flooring and Wall Coverings | Mapei. Ultrabond Eco Contact - Solvent-free contact adhesive for resilient and textile floor and wall coverings. WHERE TO USE. Ultrabond Eco Contact is a contact adhesive for internal use for bonding steps, skirting, fillets and corner pieces made from the following materials: PVC; all types of carpet; linoleum; rubber; cork. On all types of substrate normally used in the building industry.

Curved Stainless Steel Drain | Hydro Construction Products
Curved Stainless Steel Drain | Hydro Construction Products. Cucina Vivo is an upmarket Italian Restaurant situated at the Jupiters Resort and Casino on Queensland's Gold Coast. During its construction as part of a major refurbishment in late 2014, Hydro Construction products worked closely with the builder to design a custom made curved stainless drain for the outdoor eating area.

Curved and Acoustic Linings | Supawood
Curved and Acoustic Linings | Supawood. Magnificent contours define iconic multi-purpose sports hall. Arresting Curves dominate the large multi-purpose sports hall at Abbotsleigh School for Girls, Wahroonga, NSW. SUPAWOOD's SUPACOUSTIC acoustic panels line the interior and SUPALINE smooth panels feature strongly on the exterior. Reminiscent of their international award winning Milson Island Recreation Hall, Architects AJ+C have drawn from this successful design.

Custom Mosaic Tile Designs | Trend Group
Custom Mosaic Tile Designs | Trend Group. Artistic Designs created by our in house design team to re-create any desired image or drawing in mosaic tiles.

Danfoss AB-QM Control Valve | Devex Systems
Danfoss AB-QM Control Valve | Devex Systems. The Danfoss AB-QM is a pressure independent balancing and control valve is able to continuously optimise large HVAC systems delivering significant running cost savings. It has been a huge success in Europe, North America, the Middle East and in Asia, and has been the preferred valve specified on several projects throughout Australia including most recently the Barangaroo project in Sydney.

Danish Style Chair | Wild River Timber
Danish Style Chair | Wild River Timber. Available to buy now in the Spec-Net Online Shop, this beech frame elbow chair with brown leather Seat the perfect for a modern look. Simple, yet elegant, the organic flow of this Danish style wood chair makes is suitable as a dining chair or as a feature piece in your home. The frame on our Leather Chair is solid and made from sturdy timber, with a soft comfy seat pad. The frame is in natural Ash with a light wood lacquer.

Deep Penetrating Sealer | Masonry Waterproofing Systems
Deep Penetrating Sealer | Masonry Waterproofing Systems. Masonry Waterproofing Systems product Evo is different from other sealers due to it being made from an environmentally safe polyester polymer and other proprietary ingredients that once in the concrete fills the pores and blocks moisture from coming through the matrix. Other sealers are either silicones or derivatives such as silanes or siloxanes which are only surface sealants and therefore subject to wearing.

Digital Print Vinyl Flooring | Forbo Flooring Systems
Digital Print Vinyl Flooring | Forbo Flooring Systems. A new dimension in flooring design... The new Forbo Eternal Digital print vinyl collection is a combination of ultra-modern designs in a durable, fit-for-all-purpose applications and now thanks to our advanced digital printing technology our collection now includes a series of digitally printed flooring designs that offer a new dimension in colour, design and freedom to truly create your own space.

Ductile Iron Covers and Grates | EJ
Ductile Iron Covers and Grates | EJ. The chorus of laughing clowns will tell you there's nothing at the Brisbane Exhibition - the Ekka - that's too hard to swallow when it comes to confectionery. One more thing that's not too hard to swallow is the exhibition of EJ product featuring in Sideshow Alley, the Showbag Pavilion and even ringside. The star of the show is the BRIO™, which has been installed in several strategic locations throughout the grounds.

Eco Friendly Swimming Pool Eqiuipment Video | Waterco
Eco Friendly Swimming Pool Eqiuipment Video | Waterco. With pool owners increasingly looking for ways to save time, water and energy when it comes to selecting the right pool equipment, Waterco has put together its unique new EnviroPro range. The EnviroPro range consists of a select number of Waterco's high quality, energy efficient and award-winning water saving products.

Efflorescence Remover Eff-Erayza | Dry-Treat
Efflorescence Remover Eff-Erayza | Dry-Treat. Eff-Erayza is the powerful, safer acid cleaner for removing efflorescence. The non-fuming acid cleaner is specially designed to remove rust stains, limescale, grout haze, soap scum, mortar mess and fireplace soot from concrete and non-acid sensitive surfaces. We have recently released a video on how-use this product on our YouTube channel! It features our former marketing assistant, Aaron.

EJ Inventory of Infrastructure Solutions Available on USB
EJ Inventory of Infrastructure Solutions Available on USB. Got a Construction Project on? Take an EJ Stick to it. EJ is pleased to release their entire inventory in a digital stick format for quick and easy reference. It doesn't matter what you're looking for - trench covers, stormwater grates, access covers of all shapes, sizes and specifications, specialty covers for airports and ports - everything you'll need is on the stick.

Electric Chain Winders | Unique Window Services
Electric Chain Winders | Unique Window Services. Unique Window Services offers The Linco Aura Series of motors, which is a brand new range of electric chainwinders. Our Aura Twin 240 is the dual chain 240 volt motor in this series. Being 240 volt the motor can be used in Fire Control and Smoke Ventilation Systems. This motor suitable for use on any sashes of over 1500mm in width.

Electric Radiant Heating for Dining Areas | Celmec International
Electric Radiant Heating for Dining Areas | Celmec International. Celmec's Electric Radiant Heaters on Sydney's waterfront. LuMi is a modern European style bar located on the waterfront in Pyrmont, Sydney. The owners of LuMi wanted an efficient way to heat their indoor dining area, allowing patrons to enjoy the 180 degree views of the harbour in comfort. Celmec's Electric Radiant Heaters (ERH) were mounted to the perimeter walls, providing even coverage.

Environmentally Safe Outdoor Cleaner | Masonry Waterproofing
Environmentally Safe Outdoor Cleaner | Masonry Waterproofing. Masonry Waterproofing Systems EVO-SALTAWAY effectively removes the calcium/lime build up without damaging the integrity of the surface it is cleaning unlike more harmful cleaners such as muriatic acid. EVO-SALTAWAY is an environmentally safe, non toxic alternative that will not harm plants or animals and does not discharge any offensive odour, making it the ideal cleaner for application in public areas.

Ethanol Fireplace Grates | EcoSmart Fire
Ethanol Fireplace Grates | EcoSmart Fire. Transforming an existing wood burning fire into a clean burning ethanol fireplace is easy. Simply attach the grate to a level platform with our easy fitting system and fill it with liquid bio-ethanol. Then sit back and relax. Burning bioethanol fuel doesn't produce any smoke or dangerous gases, so you can use an EcoSmart smokeless fireplace grate with or without an operational chimney.

Expandable Security Doors | The Australian Trellis Door Company
Expandable Security Doors | The Australian Trellis Door Company. The recent success of The Australian Trellis Door Company's (ATDC) expandable security door installations for retailers at Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne International Airports has led to similar successful projects at overseas international airports such as Heathrow International, Hong Kong International, and Nadi (Fiji) International Airport.

Expansion Joint Covers | Pasco
Expansion Joint Covers | Pasco. Pasco's distribution of The Latham Ultimate Series offers a range of expansion joint covers suited to most floor and floor-to-wall applications. The systems offer generous thermal and structural movement and shrinkage and will accommodate limited seismic movement. Systems are available in stainless steel, aluminium and brass to complement most facets of architectural design, whilst incorporating the required movement element.

External Venetian Blind Effectiveness | Evaya
External Venetian Blind Effectiveness | Evaya. EFFECTIVENESS OF EXTERNAL VENETIAN BLINDS. Assessing the impact of window blinds on levels of heat gain through glass. Heat gains that occur within internal spaces can be classified on the basis of their origin. These may result directly from internal sources of heat or from the external environment. Heat sources produce thermal energy which acts to directly increase air temperature.

External Shutters vs Internal Shading | Evaya
External Shutters vs Internal Shading | Evaya. External Shutters Outperform Internal Shading Devices. Benchmarks set by the 'German Industry Standard VDI' show external shutters to be outperforming internal venetian or vertical blind system. External covers over glass areas with a northerly aspect stop over 85% of the heat whereas the internal systems allow nearly 5 times as much energy to pass.

Fire Tables and Outdoor Fireplaces | EcoSmart Fire
Fire Tables and Outdoor Fireplaces | EcoSmart Fire. CREATE INSTANT AMBIANCE TODAY! The ground may still be damp, but Spring has officially sprung! Now is the time to get your outdoor space back into shape and with Brown Jordan Fires it's never been easier. From the time you place your order to delivery and set-up you can have an outdoor fireplace up and running in no time at all - a few simple steps and you're ready to go.

Flat Pack Concrete Column Forms | EzyTube
Flat Pack Concrete Column Forms | EzyTube. Ezytube Flat Pack is an innovative new formwork tube which is rapidly expanding in use to create round concrete columns on major construction projects. Ezytube Flatpack is lightweight, easy to set up and remove, and occupies less than 5% of the volume that a round tube would occupy therefore transport costs to site are only a fraction of the cost compared to conventional round tubular column forms.

Floor Heating Thermostat by DEVI | Devex Systems
Floor Heating Thermostat by DEVI | Devex Systems. As intuitive to use as the latest smartphones, DEVIreg™ Touch offers a hassle-free heating control with an ultra-stylish design and a modern, well-lit touch-screen. DEVIreg™ Touch is the first floor heating thermostat with touchscreen operation featuring an innovative 'click-fit' design. DEVIreg™ Touch can even be combined with an existing system.

Frameless Glass Hand Rail Fittings | East Coast Industries
Frameless Glass Hand Rail Fittings | East Coast Industries. ECIA have a large variety of Hand Rail Brackets suitable for glass installations. Multiple shapes and sizes can be mixed and matched to provide the desired look you prefer. All ECIA products are designed by our own professional designers and produced through ECIA's network of quality manufacturers. ECIA is an experienced supplier to the building industry.

Frameless Balustrading Melbourne | Axiom Group
Frameless Balustrading Melbourne | Axiom Group. The Axiom Group is an established organisation with over a decade of experience in the Glass and Construction Industry. There are many examples of Axiom's design flair within the frameless balustrade range. Using glazing channels and standoff fittings, the frameless range indicates just how many options are available within the AxiLume range to achieve the look your project demands.

Freestanding Bioethanol Fireplaces | EcoSmart Fire
Freestanding Bioethanol Fireplaces | EcoSmart Fire. Our freestanding fireplaces don't require a flue or a chimney, or any complicated installation. This makes them incredibly quick and easy to install. You'll have the ability to move these contemporary, stylish pieces of portable furniture from room to room. Or, relocate your bioethanol fireplace from inside your residence to the outside during parties or festivities and store away through the warmer months.

FSC Certified MDF | Simmonds Lumber
FSC Certified MDF | Simmonds Lumber. Looking for a FSC® certified mdf look no More. We have available a range of mdf that is either manufactured from recycled fibre or comes from a sustainable forest in New Zealand. Arreis (a no add formaldehyde mdf that is manufactured from pre consumer and post consumer fibre in USA by Sierra Pine composite). Arreis FR the same as above but with the added advantage of being Fire retarded).

Furniture Linoleum | Forbo Flooring Systems
Furniture Linoleum from Forbo Flooring Systems. Furniture linoleum is a finishing touch for everyone who wants to create breathtaking, beautifully designed and functional furniture surfaces that will stand out from the crows while also standing the rest of time. Features: - Natural product created from linseed oil, rosin, limestone and very finely ground wood flour. - Water based finish prevents scratching and staining.

Gas Log Fireplace Video | Escea
Gas Log Fireplace Video | Escea. New Video for Escea AF700 Gas Insert. The Escea AF700 gas log fire is elegant in style, efficient in operation and easy to use. Its carefully considered dimensions make it the perfect replacement for an open fronted wood fireplace in Australia. The AF700 can also be installed straight into a timber framed wall without the needed for expensive fire rated materials.

Glass Reinforced Polyester Drainage Channels | Hydro Construction
Glass Reinforced Polyester Drainage Channels | Hydro Construction. Hydro are proud to announce an exclusive new range of glass reinforced polyester (GRP) drainage channels. Since 2003 Hydro Construction Products have been the exclusive Australia and New Zealand supplier of one of the world's leading manufacturers: German based MEA Group Drainage systems. Hydro have supplied MEA's linear drainage systems to marque Australian projects including the Adelaide Oval.

Green Star Compliant Roller Blinds | Solis
Green Star Compliant Roller Blinds | Solis. Introducing the Denton Corker Marshall designed Sydney UTS FEIT building built by Lend Lease; this project involved the supply and installation of over 1,000 Green Star compliant Solis Roller Blinds fitted with stainless steel side wires for easy operation. Solis is one of Australia's largest window furnishing suppliers and offers the ultimate one-stop solution.

Green Roof Gardens | KHD Landscape Engineering Solutions
Green Roof Gardens | KHD Landscape Engineering Solutions. Green roof gardens are a sustainable way to create an appealing feature on your building as well as helping with heat and sound insulation. While green roofs are becoming more popular in urban areas, if installed correctly, they can lead to leakage issues and damage to the surrounding area. Fortunately there is a way to create a fully functional and great looking roof garden without the stress or worry.

Guide: How To Select Images For Printed Splashbacks
Guide: How To Select Images For Printed Splashbacks. PRINTED INNOVATIVE SPLASHBACKS® GUIDE ON HOW TO SELECT AN IMAGE FOR YOUR SPLASHBACK & WALL PANELS. Innovative Splashbacks® Printed acrylic allows you to add personality and individual style to your kitchen, bathroom, laundry and any wall in your home or business. Below is a useful guide on how to choose an image for your printed acrylic splashback & decorative wall panels.

Hand Forged Mild Steel Sculpture | ARTPark Australia
Hand Forged Mild Steel Sculpture | ARTPark Australia. Sculpture mild steel. This bold statement will suit any outdoor or indoor space boosting size, style and a unique look. Vertebrae 2 by artist W.M constructed in hand forged mild steel then powder coated for a stunning aesthetic. ARTPark Australia can offer the architect/designer or home owner the opportunity to consider a vast range of sculptural works by living Australian artists.

Healthcare Safety Flooring Case Study | Altro
Healthcare Safety Flooring Case Study | Altro. Sydney Adventist Hospital Altro Stronghold 30/K30™ & Altro Whiterock™. Hospital kitchens can spell danger. Just picture what can end up on the floors and walls. Grease, fat, cooking oil, flour, baking powder, food particles... and the occasional chopped carrot! These tough locations require tough solutions offering slip-resistance, cleanability and comfort to all users.

Heating Solutions for Outdoor Dining | Celmec International
Heating Solutions for Outdoor Dining | Celmec International. Celmec's Heatray Heated Shade Umbrellas in Beirut, Labanon. Meito International was founded in 2009 in Munich, Germany, and has been rapidly expanding across Europe and, more recently, the Middle East. Meito's newest store, due to open mid 2015, is located in Beirut, Labanon. Celmec International has been involved in the design of a complete weather and heating solution for the outdoor dining area.

Heating and Cooling Training Seminars | Devex Systems
Heating and Cooling Training Seminars | Devex Systems. What you need to know about specialised heating & cooling for your next project! We offer technically rich and informative training presentations for continued professional development on a variety of specialised heating and cooling product categories for architects, builders, contractors, specifiers, engineers and builders!

Holdsworth Unveils Preston Hire Racing Commodore
Holdsworth Unveils Preston Hire Racing Commodore. Lee Holdsworth has unveiled his newly-coloured Preston Hire Racing Commodore ahead of the endurance season opener at Sandown Raceway next weekend. Preston Hire announced a continuation of its partnership with the team as they gear up for the 2015 Pirtek Enduro Cup. Holdsworth's fresh look sees the traditional blue-coloured Commodore, turn to black and yellow for the Wilson Security Sandown 500.

Hoop Pine Plywood Mural | Keystone Acoustics

Hunter Galileo Ceiling Fan | Prestige Fans
Hunter Galileo Ceiling Fan | Prestige Fans. The Hunter Galileo has arrived. Just arrived on our shores is another of the many new products from Prestige Fans this summer. Just like its namesake Galileo Galilei, (the Italian astronomer, physicist, engineer, philosopher, and mathematician who played a major role in the scientific revolution during the Renaissance), the Hunter Galileo is a perfect balance between modern and traditional.

Industrial Aesthetic Basin Mixer by Dorf | GWA
Industrial Aesthetic Basin Mixer by Dorf | GWA. Style Focus: Colour trend sees tapware take centre stage. Bold statement pieces will be one of the biggest upcoming trends for tapware in 2016, allowing proud individualists to express their unique sense of style. One of the strongest emerging trends taking hold at this year's ISH fair in Frankfurt, the world's biggest bathroomware showcase, was the industrial aesthetic combined with an infusion of colour.

Insulated Concrete Floors | Insulbrick
Insulated Concrete Floors | Insulbrick. Insulbrick Insulated Concrete Floors is a great alternative to conventional solid concrete floors and deck applications in homes, townhouses and apartment buildings. The Insulbrick ICF Insulated Concrete Formwork system is a lightweight, stay-in-place form made of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) and used to construct site-cast or precast concrete floors, roofs, decks, and walls for commercial, industrial and residential applications.

Interference Colour Anodised Aluminium | Universal Anodisers
Interference Colour Anodised Aluminium | Universal Anodisers. GEELONG GRAMMAR. This fabulous structure is the new home for the performing arts, music, drama, assemblies and events celebrating the cultural life of the school. The 3,200m2 building is located in the heart of the campus. This very innovative façade designed by Peter Elliott Architecture displays both embosed and perforated aluminium panels to the external walls of the building.

Iron and Rust Paint Effect Video | Porters Paints
Iron and Rust Paint Effect Video | Porters Paints. Porter's Paints Liquid Iron & Instant Rust. How to apply Porter's Paints Liquid Iron and Instant Rust products. Create an authentic rusted iron effect on any paintable surface with Porter's Liquid Iron and Instant Rust. Filmed at Doug Up On Bourke.

Jet Air Hand Dryer | Star Washroom Accessories
Jet Air Hand Dryer | Star Washroom Accessories. S-21). Drying time in 5-7 seconds with airflow 95m/sec. Made of nonflammable & antibacterial ABS. Automatically stop working after 25s. Overheating, over current, short circuit protection. Ergonomic design opens on both sides, front insertion angle at 15°, which enable hands easy access and allow hands easy into the unit smoothly.

Key Safe Lock Box | Keywatch Systems
Key Safe Lock Box | Keywatch Systems. Available to buy now in the Spec-Net Online Shop, the KeyGuard Pro is a wall mounted key safe lock box. Made from solid alloy and Steel, its perfect for storing spare and emergency keys. This competively priced, spare, share or emergency key container with solid alloy body and an alpha numeric keypad for secure access to keys, cards, remotes, etc. Easy setting and changing of combinations. NO batteries.

Kingspan Insulation to Build New Plant in Melbourne
Kingspan Insulation to Build New Plant in Melbourne. Kingspan Insulation, Australia's leading manufacturer of rigid board insulation for the building sector, has announced that it will invest over $30 million in the construction of a new plant in Somerton, Victoria. The plant, due for completion in the final quarter of 2016, will create 50 new jobs in Melbourne's northern region, and will have the capacity to service demand for high performance insulation.

Kitchen Splashback Range | ISPS Innovations
Kitchen Splashback Range | ISPS Innovations. Reviews, what makes ISPS Innovations Polymer Splashbacks Different & Superior? Bonethane High Heat Polymer, Acrylic Printed Splashbacks & more! Our Polymer Splashback range are available to you custom made in any colour radiating the sentiment of glass. Our Bonethane, PMMA/Acrylic Polymers, Glass & additional CulourTek™ building materials are unsurpassed in quality testing and working history.

Landscape Sculpture Cor-Ten Steel | ARTPark
Landscape Sculpture Cor-Ten Steel | ARTPark. This is a bold statement, a wise investment to be proud of. 'Embrace' by artist A.K, a large piece sitting at 100x100x200cm constructed from Cor-Ten steel. Boasting an elegantly organic design which makes us question and wonder what is possible, and what can I do to fill my space? Are there limits? Art really gives you freedom to do what you want and how you want to do it. The only limit is your imagination.

Large Diameter Column Forms | EzyTube
Large Diameter Column Forms | EzyTube. The Charles Darwin Centre is one of the newest high rise commercial buildings in Darwin. There are approximately 12 round columns per floor level, with the lower 8 level utilising 1000mm dia concrete columns, and the upper 12 floors utilising 800mm dia concrete columns at approximately 3200mm high per level. Ezytube offered an effective solution by supplying these large diameter column forms in a palletised Flatpack format.

Loading Platform for Construction | Preston Hire
Loading Platform for Construction | Preston Hire. PRESTON HIRE GROUP, BROOKFIELD MULTIPLEX, CYSTIC FIBROSIS AUSTRALIA JOIN FORCES FOR CF AWARENESS. Not even the early morning winter chill could deter the eager attendees from watching the grand unveiling of 'Toby's Platform' at Brookfield Multiplex's Sussex St site in Sydney's CBD on Friday 31 July.

Long Life LED Pool Light with Dual Voltage | Waterco
Long Life LED Pool Light with Dual Voltage | Waterco. Britestream Debuts Dual-Voltage Replacement Light. Upgrading to Waterco's long-life pool light just got easier. Waterco's best-selling Britestream LED Lights have undergone significant technical and aesthetic enhancements. And one of the main changes is that the replacement light is now dual voltage, enabling it to be connected to either a 12 volt system or a 24 volt system.

Louvre Window Systems Video | Safetyline Jalousie
Louvre Window Systems Video | Safetyline Jalousie. Learn what make Safetyline Jalousie Louvre Windows Unique. Louvre windows are stylish, functional, energy efficient and can be customised to suit a variety of design possibilities. Louvres allow maximum air circulation - when fully open, they allow twice as much air to circulate compared to traditional window designs.

Low Glare LED Downlight | Brightgreen
Low Glare LED Downlight | Brightgreen. Brightgreen is set to release its deepest recessed LED yet: The ultra low-glare D700+ downlight. Next week, Australian LED technology company Brightgreen will introduce the latest addition to its range of market leading, Tru-Colour interior LEDs-the highly anticipated D700+ downlight. The announcement has created a buzz amongst design enthusiasts, with its predecessor the D900+ having taken out numerous awards.

Mechanical Prusik Rope-Mate™ | 3M Safety
Mechanical Prusik Rope-Mate™ | 3M Safety. 3M Safety, the global leader in fall protection has announced the launch of their new DBI-SALA® Rope-Mate™ Mechanical Prusik. Belonging to the Rollgliss™ Technical Rescue range of products, the Rope-Mate Mechanical Prusik has been designed and certified to meet an array of local and international standards.

Minimise Allergies with Quick-Step Flooring | Premium Floors
Minimise Allergies with Quick-Step Flooring | Premium Floors. The look, feel, quality and functionality are usually the top priorities for customers when selecting a floor for their home. With allergies on the incline in Australia, customers are also incorporating allergen minimisation into their flooring purchasing decision. Carpets are renowned to being sponges for all sorts of respiratory nasties, especially dust related allergens, which are a major trigger to asthma.

Mixer with Diverter for Bath and Shower | Tilo Tapware
Mixer with Diverter for Bath and Shower | Tilo Tapware. Key to simplicity in the bathroom is a diversion mixer. The A2 Series Wall Mixer with Diverter provides modern style with Tilo's high quality and functional design. Finished in chrome, this bathroom wall mixer has a 35mm Taiwanese cartridge with 140mm Wall Plate.

Modular Stainless Steel Drainage | Hydro Construction Products
Modular Stainless Steel Drainage | Hydro Construction Products. The Hydro Stainless Foodpro system coupled with Hydro's expertise in bespoke fabrication was the perfect drainage solution for the recently completed Woolworths Meat Co. Temperature Controlled Distribution Facility. The preferred modular system, fabricated in grade 316 stainless steel, incorporated design elements such as a sloped base for increased hydraulic performance.

Mosaic Tile Polyurethane Backing System | Trend
Mosaic Tile Polyurethane Backing System | Trend. An amazing Photo using our innovative and market leading polyurethane 'Plus' backing system. The Trend 'Plus system' forms a structural bonding system between the mosaic sheets.

Mountain Ash Wall Lining Timber | Simmonds Lumber
Mountain Ash Wall Lining Timber | Simmonds Lumber. Simmonds lumber is proud to announce that we now carry and have available to order the complete range from Ryan and McNulty sawmillers.

Natural Timber Veneer Panels | Supawood
Natural Timber Veneer Panels | Supawood. Distinctive warmth of timber in award winning interior at Ravenswood School. The interior of the multi award winning Mabel Fidler Building at Ravenswood School for Girls in Gordon NSW is enhanced by a robust palette of materials and crafted detail in which SUPAWOOD Anegre natural timber veneered panels play a leading role. Designed by BVN and already honoured with several high profile awards.

New Raven Architectural Catalogue 115 Out Now!
New Raven Architectural Catalogue 115 Out Now!. Celebrating 65 years this year, Raven pioneered and continue to lead the door and window sealing industry in Australasia. Raven offer a tested and certified range of door and window sealing systems for the containment of energy and the exclusion of noise, fire, smoke, vermin, insects and bushfire embers. Raven's latest architectural catalogue 115 is now available for download or you can request a hardcopy by emailing.

Passive Fire Protection Compliance Documentation | TBA Firefly
Passive Fire Protection Compliance Documentation | TBA Firefly. Advisory Note for Passive Fire Protection Compliance Documentation. 1.0 Purpose Statement. Contained within is some information which you may find helpful in your role, administering Compliance to the Building Code. Which may help to address some of the grey areas surrounding what can and cannot be used to sign off on Passive Fire Protection products and systems.

Pedestal Paving System | Pasco
Pedestal Paving System | Pasco. A new and exciting product has been introduced by Pasco Construction Solutions that will appeal to architects and builders when it comes to the design and construction of raised floors. The award-winning Buzon Pedestal can be used with pavers, timber decking and steel grating to create raised floors on balconies, terraces, green roofs, temporary floors and water features.

Perimeter Trench Drainage System for Adelaide Oval | ACO
Perimeter Trench Drainage System for Adelaide Oval | ACO. Adelaide Oval is an historic stadium built in 1871 and located north of the Adelaide CBD. The oval is famous for national cricket matches and AFL football games and also caters for other football codes and large entertainment performances. The oval has recently undergone a $575 million redevelopment and caters for more than 53,000 people.

Perspex for Commercial Fit Outs | Allplastics
Perspex for Commercial Fit Outs | Allplastics. Hilton Digital required unique looking light pendants for their showroom in Melbourne. In consultation with Simon Herman of Sempha Constructions a doughnut shaped 'Glownut' was designed. Allplastics provided a choice of vivid colours for the designers. A combination of Plexiglas Snow Satin Ice and Perspex Frost Citrus Yellow was chosen by the client for the circular shaped fixtures.

Polystyrene Waste Pit Quarter Circles | Polystyrene Products
Polystyrene Waste Pit Quarter Circles | Polystyrene Products. We are supplying a client with a void area to reduce the volume of weight used in a multi-level concrete pour. Which they will then place a large water tank inside of for collection of rainwater. Again another short time frame project that the client was immensely appreciative of our supply time, along with the overall quality finish of the product we supplied.

Polyaspartic Floor Prime Coat Instructional Video | LATICRETE
Polyaspartic Floor Prime Coat Instructional Video | LATICRETE. Prime Coat Application - HP Spartacote Instructional Series. HP Spartacote instructional video describing the application of the pigmented Sparta-Flex� polyaspartic prime coat direct to concrete.

Polyplan Architectural Fabric Range | Nolan.UDA
Polyplan Architectural Fabric Range | Nolan.UDA. Nolan.UDA proudly presents the Polyplan range of architectural fabrics. Polyplan Architectural Fabric: Where strength meets style. The flexibility of architectural fabrics and its natural response to pre-stress loading means that there is more opportunity to create unique shapes and designs. However as the fabric forms the essential part of the structure, quality is more paramount than ever.

Pressfit Pipe Technology for Barangaroo | Viega
Pressfit Pipe Technology for Barangaroo | Viega. On the edge of the famous Sydney Harbour and at the heart of Barangaroo's brand new commercial district, there are three high rise towers currently under construction. The towers sit at an impressive 49 floors, 43 floors and 39 floors respectively. All three mechanical contractors, Axis, Brown & Moodie and Sydmec, plus the hydraulic contractor, are using Viega's Propress technology.

Printed Splashbacks: A Viable Option For Large Developments
Printed Splashbacks: A Viable Option For Large Developments. Many large projects have for a long time been faced with this major dilemma. Your high quality apartments and developments deserve high quality features and finishes. However when the estimator and builder comes in, many of the most stunning features get taken out. And one of the most desirable features is a printed splashback & wall feature in a shower or in a kitchen.

Protection for Concrete Floors | LATICRETE
Protection for Concrete Floors | LATICRETE. Tipping floors found in waste transfer stations and MRF's under attack. Tipping floors found in waste transfer stations and MRF's undergo attacks that are extreme and unique to the solid waste industry. In fact, there isn't a more abused floor than one found in this industry. The attacks come in three forms: abrasion, impact and chemical.

Pull Out Kitchen Sink Mixer | Tilo Tapware
Pull Out Kitchen Sink Mixer | Tilo Tapware. Regency Pullout Veggie Spray Mixer. Practical solutions in the kitchen deliver efficient results. Tilo Tapware's Regency Pullout Veggie Spray Mixer enables the home cook to clean fruits and vegetables with ease. Finished in chrome the Regency Pull out mixer, has an Ez-adjust handle for precision water flow. Conveniently, this Spray mixer is available to buy now in the Spec-Net Online Shop.

Raven's Back in Black Available Now!
Raven's Back in Black Available Now! Raven, the leader in door and window sealing systems has launched a selection of their most popular seals in a hard wearing black anodised finished. Trends have seen black door hardware and fittings continue to grow across the building and architecture industry and Raven now have a range to compliment the other components of design. The range includes several popular door bottom, perimeter and astragal seals.

Ready-to-Use Bonding Promoter Primer | Mapei
Ready-to-Use Bonding Promoter Primer | Mapei. Eco Prim Grip. Multi-purpose, ready-to-use bonding promoter primer made from synthetic acrylic resin and silica inserts with a very low emission of volatile organic compounds (VOC) for render, smoothing and levelling compounds and adhesives for ceramic tiles. WHERE TO USE. Multi-purpose, ready-to-use primer for internal and external floors and walls.

Recycled Rubber Matting | Sherwood Enterprises
Recycled Rubber Matting | Sherwood Enterprises. SHERPRISE FANTASTIC SAVINGS EQUINE ANIMAL RUBBER MATTING SALE. Sherwood Enterprises has commenced our Sept 1st/10Th Clearance Sale at Discounted pricing on Equine Animal re-vulcanized & Recycled Rubber or Porous Rubber Pavers. DISTRIBUTOR DIRECT TO YOU! Dense Rubber Mat Equine /Animal or Gym Mat 1 meter x2 meters x 17 or 12 mm thick in recycled re-vulcanized quality non-porous non-absorbent rubber.

Recycled Commercial Rubber Flooring | Rephouse
Recycled Commercial Rubber Flooring | Rephouse. Neoflex™ rubber flooring has a number of excellent features to enhance the look, feel and life of your floor. Neoflex™ commercial and recreational flooring is an environmentally friendly, homogeneous EPDM/recycled rubber floor covering for areas subject to heavy wear. The durability, flexibility, safety, comfort, slip resistance and aesthetic appeal makes Neoflex™ the true perfect solution.

Red River Gum Timber Flooring | Simmonds Lumber
Red River Gum Timber Flooring | Simmonds Lumber. Simmonds lumber is proud to announce that we now carry the Tasmanian oak range of T&G flooring and other species from Ryan & McNulty sawmill.

Sculpture Wall Relief | SOHO Galleries Sydney
Sculpture Wall Relief | SOHO Galleries Sydney. This stunning timber wall relief is something to be seen in the flesh. A large piece at 150x150 cm by artist A.H really sets the seen on this wonderful Sydney balcony, mixing excellent views with excellent art work can produce a wonderful entertaining area. Do you have a space that needs something special?

Signage For Building Growth | Architectural Signs Sydney
Signage For Building Growth | Architectural Signs Sydney. Buildings Up. NSW is in an unprecedented building boom. Residential construction is driving the boom with 50,000 new buildings expected to be built in NSW this year, 2015 according to HIA (Housing Industry Association) figures. This is almost double the rate in the decade before the sector's 2013 turnaround and the demand for skills and services is compounded by an uptick in the renovation market.

Slatted Ceiling Tiles | Supawood Architectural Lining Systems
Slatted Ceiling Tiles | Supawood Architectural Lining Systems. Mood in iconic memorial museum enriched by rustic slatted ceilings. SUPAWOOD DRIFTWOOD SUPATILE SLAT slatted ceiling tiles have been use to delineate the mood in selected areas of the National Anzac Centre at Mount Clarence within Albany Heritage Park, Western Australia.

Sound Absorption Products | Acoustic Answers
Sound Absorption Products | Acoustic Answers. From adhearable acoustic panels to suspension baffles, our sound absorbency products are simple, clean and rapidly installed. For those on a budget they are very suitable for DIY. There are no special health, safety or OHS issues or handling requirements for our acoustic absorbency products.

Statement Kitchen Mixer Tap by Dorf | GWA
Statement Kitchen Mixer Tap by Dorf | GWA. Statement tapware trend brings artistic vibe to the hub of the home. Bold tapware has become the new artwork for kitchen spaces, as thoughtful design and modern living continue to reshape the traditional role of the kitchen as the new place to eat, entertain and relax. This evolution has seen stylish homeowners, interior designers and architects seeking to infuse their creative kitchen space with expressive and visual tapware.

Steel Lintel Durability Ratings | Treco Steel
Steel Lintel Durability Ratings | Treco Steel. All lintels supplied by Treco Steel are hot-dip galvanized in accordance with the Australian Standard for Hot-dip Galvanized (zinc) coatings on fabricated ferrous articles. The impact resistance of the galvanized coating complies with Australian Standard for built-in components for masonry construction.

STG Gates and MPT Turnstiles | Magnetic Automation
STG Gates and MPT Turnstiles | Magnetic Automation. Two STG heavy-duty cantilever gates and an MPT pedestrian turnstile were recently installed by Magnetic Automation for an oil and gas plant. The plant was undergoing an expansion and required extra security measures for both vehicles entering and exiting sites and employees. The products installed had to meet high standards for safety and security measures.

Surface Mounted Wall LED Lighting | WE-EF
Surface Mounted Wall LED Lighting | WE-EF. QLS400 series surface mounted wall luminaires with LED. Surface mounted wall luminaires are considered to be key elements in accentuating the architectural design of facades. The QLS400 LED series of surface mounted luminaires provides effective illumination on vertical and horizontal surfaces - for the facades on which the luminaires are mounted, the pavements below, as well as ceilings and canopies above.

Tall Basin Mixer Tap | Tilo Tapware
Tall Basin Mixer Tap | Tilo Tapware. Looking for the right tap for your above counter basin? Available to buy now in the Spec-Net Online Shop, the A2 Tall Basin Mixer Straight Spout from Tilo Tapware is a contemporary and sleek addition for any bathroom. With a chrome finish, this tall basin mixer tap has a 3 star WELS rating 8L/m, 35mm Taiwanese Cartridge and has a 5 year parts only manufacturer's warranty.

Telescopic Track Gate | Magnetic Automation
Telescopic Track Gate | Magnetic Automation. Perimeter security for an airport service provider. Magnetic recently installed an MTT telescopic track gate at an international airport. The MTT Track gate is ideal for areas with restricted run-off area to accommodate the gate length requirement, with the layout of the site, this was the perfect solution for the client.

Thermostatic Showers | Cyrue
Thermostatic Showers | Cyrue. Cyrue's new thermostatic shower range is always the perfect temperature for ultimate convenience and safety. The thermo safety valve's high sensitivity ensures water delivery is at the desired temperature within a fraction of a second and keeping it constant for your shower duration. Resulting in, less time, water and energy. In the event cold water supply is lost, the hot water is automatically shut off to avoid the risk of scalding.

Treatex Hardwax Timber Oils | Whittle Waxes
Treatex Hardwax Timber Oils | Whittle Waxes. Spring is in the air, time for a fresh start for your timber. Whittle Waxes is fortunate enough to carry its own brand of products as well as the Treatex Range. When you choose hardwax oils, you're not only choosing a healthy alternative to other coatings, your choosing a durable product that's easily maintained. With a longevity of around 8 years before a total recoating.

Tubular Skylight with Integrated LED Lighting | Solatube
Tubular Skylight with Integrated LED Lighting | Solatube. Solatube® Smart LEDTM System - Daylighting designed with integrated lighting. Technology that Creates Light in a Smarter Way. The Smart LED System combines two of the world's most energy efficient light sources into one high-performing unit. Featuring a patented rooftop dome, the system captures the sun's rays, transfers them up to 20 ft (6 m) through highly reflective tubing.

Tubular Skylights SolaMaster Series | Solatube
Tubular Skylights SolaMaster Series | Solatube. Solatube® SolaMaster® Series Powered by the sun, built for versatility. The Solatube SolaMaster Series uses advanced optical technologies to balance illumination intensity, consistency, and thermal performance while reducing system costs and maintenance. Ideal for spaces with ceiling heights ranging from 2.5 m-9 m.

Vomit Absorber and Cleaning Kit | Bio Natural Solutions
Vomit Absorber and Cleaning Kit | Bio Natural Solutions. Spew Off Emergency Remover Kit. Spew Off is a cleaning kit designed to remove and clean up organic spills such as vomit, blood, food and drinks. This kit contains a powder that solidifies the spills, a scoop that can be used to remove the spills and a Biological product that digests the remaining debris.

Waterproofing Pool Areas and VersiJack | KHD
Waterproofing Pool Areas and VersiJack | KHD. Waterproofing pool areas comes with some very specific challenges and as pools are usually surrounded by pavers or decking, support is essential to minimise both leakage and ponding around the area. VersiJack is a stackable support system, which provides low height support for beams, pavers and decking. Used in a number of different projects both locally and internationally, VersiJack is great for water features.

Water Repellent Grout | MDC Mosaics
Water Repellent Grout | MDC Mosaics. There's Grout and there's Grout. Whatever you do don't skimp on your Grout. I know it's easy to pop down to your local hardware and just buy the cheapest, but don't! Today I'm going to talk about Mapei's Ultracolour plus, in our opinion it's the best on the market. It's a fast setting, fast drying, high performance grout. An absolute winner when it comes to anti mould and water repellent.

Waterfront LED Street Lighting | WE-EF
Waterfront LED Street Lighting | WE-EF. Lighting technology brings vibrancy to the Hobart waterfront - Tasmania. The Hobart waterfront has experienced a renaissance in recent years, which has put it on the map for cultural visitors and seafarers alike. The first stage in redeveloping the public space areas, from Sullivan's Cove to Princess Wharf, included a new lighting scheme using state-of-the-art luminaires from WE-EF LIGHTING.

Window Electric Chain Winders | Unique Window Services
Window Electric Chain Winders | Unique Window Services. The designers of this iconic Scott Steet Apartments in Brisbane, not only allowed for the exchange of air but also created some extraordinary vistas for the residents and their guests to experience. Using glass and windows, the way a space is used can be controlled and manipulated to ensure maximum enjoyment. It is a wonderful option to have so that spaces can be utilised for different purposes throughout the year.

WSAA Approved MAESTRO Access Covers | EJ
WSAA Approved MAESTRO Access Covers | EJ. MAESTRO™ gets the WSAA Tick of Approval - More EJ Innovation. While MAESTRO™ is already making a name for itself on the streets of New Zealand and some parts of Australia, it's reassuring to know that both MAESTRO™ covers - the 600mm and 800mm - are now WSAA Approved. Approval was granted after almost 12 months of intensive testing that involved the thorough investigation of all components.

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