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90 Degree Wrap Around Grab Rail | RBA Group
90 Degree Wrap Around Grab Rail | RBA Group. RBA Group supply a 90 degree wrap around grab rail. Features include; - AS1428.1-2009 compliant Grab Rail when installed correctly - Satin Finished Stainless Steel - 32mm Dia, 60mm clearance, concealed fixings.

Anti-Slip Drainage Grates and Public Safety | ACO
Anti-Slip Drainage Grates and Public Safety | ACO. 7 Surefire Tips to Reduce Public Falls and Accidents. Australian culture surrounding trips or falls has changed dramatically, gone are the days of having an accident and only having ourselves to blame. Influenced by the suing culture of overseas countries, the number of lawsuits and filed against businesses, local governments and individuals have risen rapidly.

Aquajet Marmoleum Flooring | Forbo
Aquajet Marmoleum Flooring | Forbo. Forbo's Aquajet linoleum flooring is a range within the Marmoleum collection that uses water cutting technology to create intricate designs that allows endless creativity. A natural floor associated with true sustainability, durability that includes a solution for virtually any type of application. Thanks to Forbo's water cutting technology, you can create your own flooring with the use of standard models or your own design.

ARA HVACR Energy Efficiency Seminar 2016
ARA HVACR Energy Efficiency Seminar 2016. The Australian Refrigeration Association (ARA) is officially announcing the launch of the 2nd Annual HVACR Energy Efficiency Seminar 2016 being held at the Australian Technology Park on 5 & 6 April 2016 and covers the HVACR component of High Performance Energy 2016 in Knowledge Theatre 1. We are offering all HVACR stakeholders an intensive two day programme.

ARA Submission to the OPSGG MA Review in Brief
ARA Submission to the OPSGG MA Review in Brief. The Australian Refrigeration Association has made a submission to the Federal Department of the Environment regarding their Review of the Ozone Protection and Synthetic Greenhouse Gases Management Act (OPSGG MA). This press release is to make it easy for you to access our submission. The submission itself is complex because the topic is complex.

Automatic Hand Dryer Fast Dry | Star Washroom Accessories
Automatic Hand Dryer Fast Dry | Star Washroom Accessories. MODEL S-201-8 is High speed and long-lasting ECO friendly product. It dry hands completely in 8 - 10 seconds and is 3 times faster. It is 95% cost savings vs. paper towels. It is Energy saver, which uses 80% less energy. Power Supply is 220V/ 50HZ, 8A, 1800w. And Size: (WHD) 290x320x170mm. The electrical Voltage 220V/50Hz, 8A. The Cover is fabricated with steel with white powder coated.

Automated Cavity Sliders | Smooth Door Systems
Automated Cavity Sliders | Smooth Door Systems. Smooth Door Systems' Automatic Cavity Sliding (ACS) door systems are fully custom made to suit your specific project requirements. We use the products from our high quality Standard (STD) Cavity door system, together with advanced smart automation to achieve a fully automated cavity sliding door system, that suits both Glass and Timber door blades up to 120kg.

Black Anodised Doors Seals | Kilargo
Black Anodised Doors Seals | Kilargo. Leading architectural doors seals now available in new finish. Leading Australian architectural door seals manufacturer Kilargo has released a selection of its most popular seals in a black anodised finish in response to continuing industry demand. For years Kilargo has provided the industry with a powdercoated black option but has now gone one step further with the anodised finish.

Building and Waterproofing a Retaining Wall | Projex Group
Building and Waterproofing a Retaining Wall | Projex Group. If you are looking at creating usable space on a sloping site or create visual interest in an otherwise flat garden, then building a retaining wall is often the best way to do so. Regardless of whether the retaining wall is designed for aesthetic or practical purposes, however, unless it is designed and constructed well it won't serve either purpose.

Air-Conditioning Dampers Manual Winders | Unique Window Services
Air-Conditioning Dampers Manual Winders | Unique Window Services. The Cyclone Shelter in Bowen is one of 10 built by the Queensland Government. These shelters were built with the help of a generous donation from the United Arab Emerites. Unique Window Services were involved through out the design stage as well as the installation phase of the projects.

Caroma Marc Newson Bathroom Collection Wins HIA Award
Caroma Marc Newson Bathroom Collection Wins HIA Award. The Caroma Marc Newson Collection Wins the Industry Innovation Award, 2015 by HIA Caroma's famous & stylish luxury bathroom collection by renowned designer Marc Newson has another award to its credit, winning the Housing Industry Association-CSR Hunter Housing and Kitchen & Bathroom Award in 2015, in the category of Industry Innovation.

Cleaning and Sealing Concrete Floors | Dry-Treat
Cleaning and Sealing Concrete Floors | Dry-Treat. Puerto Vallarta Condo - Lobby. THE PROJECT: Puerto Vallarta is a Mexican beach resort city situated on the Bay of Banderas brimming with hotels, resorts, and luxury condos. The owner of this particular property found that the maintenance cost of cleaning the surfaces was too high. He needed a solution that would cut down the maintenance cost while providing superior stain protection.

Clear Water Based Plywood Coating | Mirotone
Clear Water Based Plywood Coating | Mirotone. Lady Cilento Children's Hospital - MIROTEC WB 8060. The hospital features an atrium style interior with plywood walls and ceilings featured throughout every floor. With a clear focus on families, the design incorporates the use of bright colours, space, eccentric shapes and has a huge focus on environmentally sustainable design principles, including reducing emissions.

Colourful Facade Perspex Sunshades | Allplastics
Colourful Facade Perspex Sunshades | Allplastics. Allplastics were contracted by Ichor Constructions to manufacture a colourful range of PERSPEX® Frost shapes for the Western Sydney University Campus in Nepean. PERSPEX® Frost has a double sided matt surface which gives an effect similar to that of sandblasted or etched glass. PERSPEX® Frost is available in subtle shades from clear and opal to fresh pastel colours, right through the spectrum to deep warm reds.

Commercial Kitchen Safety Flooring | Altro
Commercial Kitchen Safety Flooring | Altro. Altro Stronghold 30/K30™. Offering luxury accommodation and contemporary dining this 5 star hotel in the heart of the city is surely Adelaide's most iconic hotel. The magnificent Mayfair Hotel recently updated their busy kitchen and came to Altro for a safety flooring solution to match their elegant interiors. Altro Stronghold/K30 was installed throughout providing an R12, P5 for slip resistance.

Conductive and Antistatic Flooring Colorex Vinyl | Forbo
Conductive and Antistatic Flooring Colorex Vinyl | Forbo. Forbo's Colorex is a high performance flooring system that you can rely on. It is the ideal solution for ESD, cleanrooms, health care and industry. It provides a long life and consistent high quality - no matter the demand of application. Protecting your technology. Specifically designed to control static discharge in sensitive areas such as cleanrooms, operating theatres and the electronics industry.

Curved Acoustic Ceiling | Supawood Architectural Lining Systems
Curved Acoustic Ceiling | Supawood Architectural Lining Systems. 10 years on and a curved ceiling created with SUPAWOOD'S perforated acoustic panels remains an enduring feature in the multi award winning restoration of a complex of some of Sydney's oldest public buildings. This ceiling has been blended with the adapted heritage structures and has successfully addressed noise reverberation in what is now a versatile theatrette/function room.

Custom Decorative Window Films | Window Energy Solutions
Custom Decorative Window Films | Window Energy Solutions. W.E.S. has the ability to apply any customized design or photo to film. All that is required is for the client to furnish us with computer files of designs or images as well as the layout of the glass intended to be filmed. Sample photos can be uploaded for the client to view prior to signing off. Entire walls can be transformed into murals or paintings in this way.

Custom Made Ventilation Grilles | Hydro Construction Products
Custom Made Ventilation Grilles | Hydro Construction Products. With Hydro's growing strength in supplying bespoke stainless steel wedgewire products we can offer a quality finish with our custom made ventilation grilles. We offer a range of apertures to meet air flow and aesthetic requirements as well as options for slip resistance and structural reinforcement to meet specific traffic or load requirements.

Discreet Outdoor Heating System | Thermofilm
Discreet Outdoor Heating System | Thermofilm. Recent Project - heating up the Yarra Valley, VIC. One of our latest winter heating projects is the Sir Paz Estate located in the famous wine growing region of the Yarra Valley, near Melbourne. According to owner Peter Zapris, the challenge was to find an outdoor heating system that was effective, unobtrusive and high quality.

Domestic Macerators | Maxijet
Domestic Macerators | Maxijet. Maxijet offer SOLOLIFT2, a unique range of compact macerators, enabling drainage of any domestic sanitary appliance without worrying about the location of the existing gravity drain system. Whether it is an extra toilet in the attic or a new bathroom below sewer level in the basement SOLOLIFT2 will efficiently dispose of the wastewater. And provide maximum protection against backfl ow from sewer systems.

Dorf Tapware 20 Year Warranty | GWA Bathrooms & Kitchens
Dorf Tapware 20 Year Warranty | GWA Bathrooms & Kitchens. Dorf's new warranty a first for the industry. Two decades may be a long time in the life of most tapware... but not Dorf. Its 60-year reputation as a trusted name in tapware has recently been enhanced with the introduction of a tapware warranty extending to 20 years. This industry-leading new warranty covers all residential installations of Dorf mixers, tapware and showers.

Double Sided Skirting Board Adhesive Strip | Mapei
Double Sided Skirting Board Adhesive Strip | Mapei. Mapecontact Double sided reinforced adhesive strip for laying profiles, skirting-boards, covings and resilient and textile coatings on steps. WHERE TO USE Laying the following on internal surfaces: - skirting boards, base-boards and rubber and PVC profiles; - angular pieces and protective profiles for the edges of steps and sharp edges in general.

Drainage Design and Technical Support | ACO
Drainage Design and Technical Support | ACO. When selecting a product or service we are often looking for the complete package, not only searching for the most cost effective and most suitable service, we want to know that we are working with companies who go above and beyond the simple purchase of a product. In such a competitive market place, it's vital that a company recognises the needs of its customers to stay ahead of the game.

Drain Installation Protection Tape | Reln
Drain Installation Protection Tape | Reln. Concrete Tape. Protect your RELN surfacewater grate when pouring concrete with the brand new RELN concrete tape. Tape is easy to apply and remove and fits RELN grates for Storm Drain, Storm Mate, Rain Drain and Rain Mate. Features and benefits: - Tape matches channel width. - Easy to apply and remove. - Leaves no sticky residue. - Keeps products clean and protected.

ELECTROFLO™ Poly-Concrete Pits | EJ
ELECTROFLO™ Poly-Concrete Pits | EJ. In pits that make your life easier, ELECTROFLO™ excels. They're lighter than concrete and therefore installation is less complicated. They're also less hassle when it comes to accessing in-ground infrastructure. Made from an improved, high-quality, poly-concrete compound to withstand heavy-duty traffic, they will endure the harshest conditions nature can throw at them.

Engineered Oak Commercial Flooring | Wild River Timber
Engineered Oak Commercial Flooring | Wild River Timber. The client could not go past the soft hue of Engineered European Oak floorboards in a white oil finish. They are timeless, sophisticated and a very practical choice for a commercial application. Able to withstand heavy traffic, Wild River Timber has an oiled finish so no sanding or staining is required.

External Venetian EV80 Blind Types | Evaya
External Venetian EV80 Blind Types | Evaya. Type 1: Wire Guided: Wire guides are an effective means of anchoring External Venetian Blinds to their fixings and provide minimal visual obstruction. High quality 316 marine grade stainless steel wire is utilised and which is coated with a UV stable PVC sheath to prevent interference and friction with the slat surface. A unique attachment system fastens the wire to the headrail.

Fireplace Design Solutions | EcoSmart Fire
Fireplace Design Solutions | EcoSmart Fire. 300 Pages of Stunning Inspiration. Whether you're creating a custom fireplace, renovating an existing fireplace, or looking for an out-of-the-box solution, our latest catalog offers 300 pages of stunning inspiration. Request Your Copy Today!

Fireplace Island | Escea Gas Fires
Fireplace Island | Escea Gas Fires. You can indeed have a fireplace in the middle of the room and enjoy the ambiance and warmth without the need for a pillar or wall to cover the flue pipes. This is possible through a creative combination of Escea technologies. In the modern world of fireplace you no longer have to have a natural draft flue going straight up through the roof.

Flooring Specifications Recommendations | Altro
Flooring Specifications Recommendations | Altro. The Do's and Don'ts of Flooring Specification. Do not rush into making decisions without researching. Take time to assess your needs. Consider all options and ask questions before committing to a product. Types of questions you should be asking are: does the product I'm interested in suit the projects needs? How long does it last?

Floor Tape Machine GaffGun Video | Design Quintessence
Floor Tape Machine GaffGun Video | Design Quintessence. Making one of the most time consuming stage set up tasks a breeze. The GaffGun is the single greatest advancement in gaffer's tape since the tape was invented. Saving over 90 percent of the time to lay gaffer's tape over cables, it simplifies your job while saving time, money and your back. Using CoreLok technology, you can use any type or size of GaffGun tape on the same device.

Folding Shower Seat | RBA Group
Folding Shower Seat | RBA Group. RBA Group offer a folding shower seat. The shower seat comes with a solid phenolic seat (cannot delaminate) and also comes with a stainless steel frame and brackets. Features include; - Meets Disabled Code, when properly installed. - Certified low VOC. - 960mm [W] x 355mm [D].

Frameless Glass Partitions | Smooth Door Systems
Frameless Glass Partitions | Smooth Door Systems. Our frameless glass partition (FGP) system is a unique addition to the Smooth Door Systems product range. Primarily, designed to be used on commercial Office fit outs, it has also extended out into the Residential sector, for applications such as home offices, studies or media rooms. The basic system consist of a frameless glass door or bi-parting doors, sliding over an adjacent fixed glass panel.

Fully Tiled Pools with Glass Mosaic Tiles | MDC Mosaics
Fully Tiled Pools with Glass Mosaic Tiles | MDC Mosaics. Why Fully Tile Your Pool? Fully Tiled Pools not only look great, but are superior to rendered pools in many ways. Glass mosaics offer a much wider colour choice than traditional ceramic mosaics and provide visual effects such as crystal, gold and pearl that simply aren't available when using ceramic tiles. Their small size complements the modern finishes used in today's homes.

Gas Fireplace Direct Vent Flue Video | Escea
Gas Fireplace Direct Vent Flue Video | Escea. All of our Escea indoor gas fireplaces use a Direct Vent flue. The Direct Vent flue system allows our fireplaces to achieve up to 90 percent efficiency rating in comparison to an open-fronted fireplace which is around 45 percent efficient. Escea gas fires heat you, not the flue! Find out more by watching this video.

Gas Radiant Overhead Heating | Devex Systems
Gas Radiant Overhead Heating | Devex Systems. Schwank Gas Radiant Overhead Tube Heaters & ThermoControl Plus Controller. ENERGY EFFICIENT, INNOVATIVE, ECONOMICAL. High Efficiency, German-made Gas Radiant Overhead Heating Designed for Large Spaces. Schwank is the world leader in gas radiant heating. After having invented infrared gas heating over 75 years ago, Schwank has become internationally recognised.

Garden Designers Discuss FormBoss Metal Garden Edging
Garden Designers Discuss FormBoss Metal Garden Edging. Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show - Designers Talk About Using FormBoss For Their Projects.

Hand Made Planter Boxes | CloneStone Australia
Hand Made Planter Boxes | CloneStone Australia. Clone Stone produce planter boxes that come in a range of sizes. These planter boxes are handmade and are custom finished, which will provide any garden setting with a natural looking feature.

HEATSTRIP® Max Heaters for Sustainable Home | Thermofilm
HEATSTRIP® Max Heaters for Sustainable Home | Thermofilm. The Beachmere Sustainability Project, Sunshine Coast, QLD. The Beachmere Project is a launch into sustainable design and building by Sovereign Homes. They were redeveloping a modest beach shack into a luxury, eco-friendly home that will offer long-term efficiency and customer savings, long after construction is completed, more than exceeding the requirements for HIA GreenSmart certification.

Heavy Duty Roller Blind Range | Evaya
Heavy Duty Roller Blind Range | Evaya. The Evaya Heavy Duty roller blind system has been engineered to meet the demands of larger and heavier shading applications. Motorisation. Individual or multiple blinds can be motorised and easily controlled by means of wall mounted switches, remote controls or integration into building management systems.

Heavy Duty Floor Hardners and Toppings Video | LATICRETE
Heavy Duty Floor Hardners and Toppings Video | LATICRETE. Intro to floor hardeners, joint protection, polishable overlay toppings, and water repellents. This video is about dry shake floor hardeners, concrete joint protection and crack repair, polishable overlay wear toppings, water repellents and surface protection.

High Gloss Textured Walls | 3D Wall Panels
High Gloss Textured Walls | 3D Wall Panels. 3D WALL PANELS MAKE SEREN8 LOOK GREAT. Seren8 credits its good looks, to the use of 3D wall panels for the striking feature walls. What was originally a shoe store has been totally transformed into a stylish venue. The owner wanted a classy feel and knew he needed to choose the best materials in order to achieve that. Wall paper was originally thought of but when he couldn't find the exact look or feel he was after.

Hospital Signage | Architectural Signs Sydney
Hospital Signage | Architectural Signs Sydney. Branding and Funding Initiatives. To stay economically viable, today's hospitals are run much like corporate entities. Effective, positive branding is essential, as is identifying supplementary revenue streams. Hospital signage is invaluable on both fronts. First, outdoor sign boards, building directories, waiting room signs, patient room TVs, and other sign installations can all showcase a consistent hospital logo.

How to Apply Liquid Zinc Video | Porters Paints
How to Apply Liquid Zinc Video | Porters Paints. How to apply Porter's Paints Liquid Zinc. This product authentically replicates the soft grey patina of architectural zinc.

Hygienic GRP Doors | DMF International
Hygienic GRP Doors | DMF International. GRP doors (glass reinforced polymer) are the latest design clinical door option for pharmaceutical facilities, hospitals and health, food processing, and cleanroom laboratories. As standards of hygiene are becoming increasing in the pharmaceutical sector, GMP requires a smooth, non porous, ledge free type design. Hospital doors must also meet hygienic standards in operating theatres, wards and kitchens throughout the building.

Jarrah Modwood Decking | Network Building Supplies
Jarrah Modwood Decking | Network Building Supplies. Network Building Supplies, supply Jarrah Modwood Decking. ModWood is versatile, easy to install, and looks great in any setting. Whether you are using it for pool decking, patio decking, or for a large entertaining platform, it will add definite sophistication which is long-wearing, safe and eco-friendly. And because it is splinter-free, it is also safe for use with children.

Lavarosa Limestone | Sareen Stone
Lavarosa Limestone | Sareen Stone. Our lovely Lavarosa Limestone has just returned. We are not the only ones who are fond of our Lavarosa Limestone. A couple of months ago we received a shipment of this beautiful stone and as soon as it hit the warehouse it literally walked out the door. We're talking out the door in a couple of days. For those who missed it last time we wanted to give you the heads up that more has just arrived.

Light Curtain Security Gates | Magnetic Automation
Light Curtain Security Gates | Magnetic Automation. Magnetic Automation recently installed light curtains on an MCG Cantilever Gate at a high-end security facility. The site required additional safety measures to be installed at the gate entrance due to the varying types of vehicles accessing this entrance. Due to the diversity of sizes and shapes of vehicles, on the odd occasion, particular vehicles were not being detected by the existing PE beams and underground loops.

Liquid Copper and Patina Green Paint Video | Porter's Paints
Liquid Copper and Patina Green Paint Video | Porter's Paints. How to apply Porter's Liquid Copper and Patina Green products. These products are used together to recreate copper with the green patination of age. Suitable for almost any paintable surface, both interior and exterior.

Long Lasting Swimming Pool Coatings | Hitchins Technologies
Long Lasting Swimming Pool Coatings | Hitchins Technologies. Proven Pool Coating. Just how long lasting is Epotec hi build epoxy pool coating? Here is the proof from several well used commercial pools, which have had Epotec protection for up to 9 years. Camden Olympic 5 years, Picton Olympic and Warragamba 25 M both 7 years, Liverpool Olympic 8 years and Engadine Boystown 25 M, 9 years.

Low VOC Floor Adhesive Mapecryl Eco | Mapei
Low VOC Floor Adhesive Mapecryl Eco | Mapei. Adhesive in water dispersion with a very low emission of volatile organic compounds (VOC), for bonding vinyl and fabric floor coverings. Mapecryl Eco is used for bonding on all types of internal, absorbent substrates used in the building industry, and which are stable in the presence of humidity.

MAESTRO™ 3D Model for Trade Shows | EJ
MAESTRO™ 3D Model for Trade Shows | EJ. Hernia Cases Avoided - With Mini MAESTRO™ by EJ. How would you like to manhandle a 70kg+ manhole cover onto a display stand at a trade show? Hernia country can be avoided with this amazing new technique from EJ in Ireland. Their composite team has devised a way of creating a 3D model of the MAESTRO™. It's a mini version of the real thing and one heck of a lot lighter!

Manhole Covers for Airport and Port Installations | EJ
Manhole Covers for Airport and Port Installations | EJ. When the Rain Falls on the Planes - EJ Takes Control. Brisbane West Wellcamp Airport is laid out across the undulating landscape of the sprawling Darling Downs. It's designed to handle 747 traffic and it is anticipated that it will before too long, become the hub of an international import/export port for freight to and from Asia in particular.

Marine Grade LED Lighting Solutions | WE-EF
Marine Grade LED Lighting Solutions | WE-EF. The pier at Heiligendamm Baltic resort, Germany - Lights over the sea, Part 2. The unique atmosphere of the pier jutting 200 metres into the Baltic Sea in the German resort town of Heiligendamm invites all to stroll along it and stay for a while. The view towards land opens up into an architectural panorama of historical spas, guest houses and grand villas that once hosted a variety of banquets and events.

Merbau Decking Long Lengths | Simmonds Lumber
Merbau Decking Long Lengths | Simmonds Lumber. Ever had trouble just getting long lengths of 90X19 MERBAU DECKING. Then your wait is over, introducing the finger jointed merbau decking which is available in set length packs up 5.7m long. This is usually done with a combination of various shorter lengths finger jointed together making it set length from 4.8 through to 5.7. The finger joint is a side / edge joint which give you a clear straight line across the face.

Micron Commercial Fibreglass Water Filters Video | Waterco
Micron Commercial Fibreglass Water Filters Video | Waterco. Setting new global benchmarks in durability, versatility, reliability and longevity, Waterco's Micron fibreglass filters are the preferred choice for commercial and industrial operations that demand superior water quality. Weighing two-thirds less than its steel counterpart - making it easier to ship and install - with a material that is resistant to both mechanical and chemical influences.

Mosaic Tile Swimming Pool Designs | Trend Group
Mosaic Tile Swimming Pool Designs | Trend Group. Artistic Designs created for stunning pool projects. Trend is the market leader in high end designer projects and create any desired look.

Multifixings Screws | Network Building Systems
Multifixings Screws | Network Building Systems. T25 Torx drive - For positive bit engagement. Ribbed Countersunk Head - For clean finish. Unique Wave Knurl - For better pull down and reduced risk of timber splitting. Cutting Thread Design - For easy drive in and less resistance on the screw. Reduced risk of head snaps and uses less driver torque. Type 17 Point - For quick and easy drilling.

Non Acoustic Smart Clip | Network Building Supplies
Non Acoustic Smart Clip | Network Building Supplies. Network Building Supplies, supply on behalf of Resilient Sound and Isolations, The Smart Clip. The Smart Clip can be used for ceilings, or walls and can be attached to Steel, Timber, or Concrete wall or ceiling systems. The clip has up to 25mm of adjustment available, allowing you to level a wall or ceiling. The Smart Clip will cover up any imperfections that may have occurred in the base build.

Oscillating Directional Ceiling Fan | Prestige Fans
Oscillating Directional Ceiling Fan | Prestige Fans. Prestige Fans offers the Diane oscillating directional ceiling fan. The oscillating directional ceiling fan provides maximum, multi-directional airflow. The Diane can be hung in small, awkward spaces or in front of air ducts to make more efficient the heating, ventilation or air conditioning of any room. The Diane is available in polished chrome, brushed nickel or textured bronze.

Passive Ventilation with Louvres | Safetyline Jalousie
Passive Ventilation with Louvres | Safetyline Jalousie. St Justin's Oran Park, NSW. ThomsonAdsett Architects were engaged by the Catholic Education Office for Wollongong to design this primary school for the new release suburb of Oran Park in south-western Sydney. The brief required consideration of sustainability and as such ThomsonAdsett, working with VIM Sustainability, pursued a passive strategy.

Pedestals for Paving | KHD Landscape Engineering Products
Pedestals for Paving | KHD Landscape Engineering Products. Put your Pavers on a Pedestal. Raised floors are common in many buildings, especially balconies, terraces, podiums, green roofs and pool surrounds. The issue of how to best raise the floor to meet the building specifications is one that is often difficult to resolve especially when you have to keep in mind the waterproof membrane and services beneath.

Perforated Anodised Aluminium Facades | Universal Anodisers
Perforated Anodised Aluminium Facades | Universal Anodisers. Garland Apartments. Stunning impact using perforated anodised aluminium for Garland Apartments. Universal Anodisers is one of the largest designated anodising plants in Australia. Our current plant was 'purpose built' in the year 2000 enabling the expansion of our capabilities. We specialise in anodising aluminium sections up to 10 meters for clear and 6.5 meters in length for colour.

Permeable Drainage Grids | Sherwood Enterprises
Permeable Drainage Grids | Sherwood Enterprises. WHY - PUT UP WITH BOGGY MUDDY GROUND THIS YEAR? Yes! It's the wet season coming in QLD as Sherwood Enterprises markets Interlocking Soil Permeable Grid System that STOPS THE MUD by stabilizing the ground by separating the installed grids from the sub-ground thus allowing permeable drainage back to the aqueduct.

Plantation Shutters Sydney | Rollashield Shutters
Plantation Shutters Sydney | Rollashield Shutters. Make your outdoor area a room versatile for all weather conditions. Rollashield Plantation Shutters are the highest quality shutter on the market. 90mm high grade architectural quality aluminium blades with stainless steel fixings. Bi-fold, stacking, sliding or hinged. Custom made to suit your needs. Keep your outdoor area cool in Summer and warm in Winter.

Polycarbonate Acrylic Plastics Melbourne | AC Acrylic Plastics
Polycarbonate Acrylic Plastics Melbourne | AC Acrylic Plastics. AC Acrylic has been supplying polycarbonate and acrylic to Melbourne and surrounds for over 40 years. We can supply polycarbonate and acrylic material cut to size while you wait.

Pre Rendered Insulated External Cladding | Poly-Tek
Pre Rendered Insulated External Cladding | Poly-Tek. Poly-Tek Enviro Panels - Insulated & Pre Rendered External Cladding. With the upswing in the construction sector trades are again becoming scarce and in the case of bricklayers and renderers are holding builders to ransom price wise. This is where Poly-Tek come in. Poly-Tek Enviro Panels are a cladding product that is a cost and labor effective alternative to brick veneer.

Pressure Boosting Circulator Pump | Maxijet
Pressure Boosting Circulator Pump | Maxijet. Maxijet Supply the HBD15-90B, which is a circulator pump designed for pressure boosting of potable water and domestic hot water. The pump provides additional pressure to showers, taps and similar outlet points. The HBD15-90B is for use in open systems. Approval from the local water company must be obtained if the pump is to be connected directly to the water main.

Road Infrastructure Drainage Solutions | ACO
Road Infrastructure Drainage Solutions | ACO. The Development and Investment in Australia's road infrastructures. As part of development of new and existing road infrastructure, Governments are required to assess and maintain road surfaces, transport networks and drainage systems. The Australian Government made a large commitment to investing $50 billion into transport infrastructure which will result in development of new and existing roads, highways and transport links.

Roof Ventilation Fan Solar Star | Solatube
Roof Ventilation Fan Solar Star | Solatube. The perfect solution to soaring temperatures. A very hot summer is predicted and ventilation experts Solatube are suggesting their most technically advanced and environmentally friendly product 'Solar Star'. The solar powered Solar Star slimline roof ventilation fan, eliminates heat build-up in the roof space and transforms your home into a cooler place.

Rustic Driftwood Timber Flooring | Wild River Timber
Rustic Driftwood Timber Flooring | Wild River Timber. Wild River Timber were lucky enough to be involved in the project SALT, an apartment complex and shop fronts in the Main Street of Flinders, Cook Street. In order to remain true to Flinders, the scenic coastal location amongst rolling green hills the designers chose European Oak Engineered timer flooring in driftwood. This gives off a rustic beach feel whilst maintaining essential practicality and modern style.

Safety Grate System SAFE HATCH™ | EJ
Safety Grate System SAFE HATCH™ | EJ. Right where pedestrians and cyclists congregate is where this amazing hatch comes into its own. It's easy to install, simple to operate and houses a clever safety grate system to prevent injuries and utility damage in the pit. The SAFE HATCH™ Safety Grate System is also designed with security in mind with provision for a padlock tucked away in a tidy recess.

Safetyline Jalousie Louvre Windows Case Study
Safetyline Jalousie Louvre Windows Case Study. University of Western Sydney Paramatta Campus Childcare Centre, NSW. When JDH Architects were briefed to design the new Early Learning Centre for the University of Western Sydney's Parramatta Campus, the University requested that they investigate the features and benefits of specifying Safetyline Jalousie louvre windows.

Sareen Stone at Marmomacc Stone Exhibition
Sareen Stone at Marmomacc Stone Exhibition. 'Marmomacc', Verona, Italy, 2015. Our Managing Director, Duncan Blyth, visited Marmomacc 2015 in Verona recently and we ask him for his perspective on one of our industry's biggest conventions. 1. Duncan can you explain what exactly is Marmomacc? Marmomacc is the largest exhibition in the world for the natural stone industry held over 4 days in Verona, Italy. It is also known as Veronafiere's international exhibition.

Simple Lock Spring Latch | East Coast Industries Australia
Simple Lock Spring Latch | East Coast Industries Australia. ECIA's Spring Latch is of simple design and easy to install. Perfect for Securing doors, windows, cupboards, gates and any other job that requires a hassle free locking mechanism. Stocked and available in White or Satin finish 316 Stainless Steel. Approximate dimensions 60x26mm with an 8mm diameter spring release rod.

Slate Cladding Panels with TOTALStone | Allplastics
Slate Cladding Panels with TOTALStone | Allplastics. Voulez Vous! TOTALStone® Panels for TV surrounds. Voulez Vous is a contemporary restaurant which was opened in 2015 in Surry Hills in Sydney's architectural precinct. The owners of Voulez Vous, Balsha Rajkovic and Minja Tucinovic approached Allplastics to clad the surrounds of their large television screens and fireplace with an element that looked like slate.

Smoke Dispersal Systems Brisbane | Unique Window Services
Smoke Dispersal Systems Brisbane | Unique Window Services. This project located in the Queen Street Mall and consisted of two stages; the first was the refurbishment of the old T&G Building; the second was a completely new 11 storey building on the corner of Albert and Elizabeth Street. Due to the building being heritage listed there were many compliance issues which expanded over 7 years before completion.

Soft PVC Sheet Membrane System | Projex Group
Soft PVC Sheet Membrane System | Projex Group. Projex Group offer Cosmofin which is a high-polymer, soft PVC sheet membrane system manufactured in Germany. The sheet edges are closed - without capilliaries. The membrane is 1.5 mm thick and the standard colour is light grey. Cosmofin membrane is suitable for waterproofing flat roofs, balconies, terraces, podium slabs, under tile applications, retaining walls, planter boxes etc.

Solamander® Hydronic Energy Hub: Your Intuitive Energy Solution
Solamander® Hydronic Energy Hub: Your Intuitive Energy Solution. A sustainable, all-in-one system that's simple in concept, yet sophisticated in performance. Solamander® is an integrated and innovative energy solution that prioritises renewable energy sources for a variety of energy uses in your home. The Solamander® Hydronic Energy Hub won the Regional NSW Business Chamber Award for Innovation.

SOLIS EnviroWeave Sunscreen Roller Blinds
SOLIS EnviroWeave Sunscreen Roller Blinds. This project at Macquarie Street Sydney involved the supply and installation of 650 SOLIS spring assisted Roller blinds using EnviroWeave Sunscreen Alu fabric, Colour - Icon. EnviroWeave Sunscreen is a Trevira-CS (PVC free) window shading fabric allowing natural control of light, heat and glare, with a view. Meticulously tested to meet international standards for green and fire retardant fabrics.

Spartacote Floor Coating Systems | LATICRETE
Spartacote Floor Coating Systems | LATICRETE. SPARTACOTE® coating systems offers a full line of patented DUAL-CURE® coatings for concrete. Our high performance commercial and industrial flooring systems provide owners with superb concrete protection and longevity in even the most demanding heavy-traffic situations. Specifiers and designers may select from a multitude of colours, blends and finishes to create customised resinous flooring solutions.

Splashback Colour Tips | ISPS Innovations
Splashback Colour Tips | ISPS Innovations. 7 Tips to choosing the right colour collaboration for your next renovation or fit-out. The mystery of shades & white on white. Choosing the right shade? The mystery of white on white. There are so many variations of white, which create colour differences from the purest of white falling into greys and yellows.

Stone Cladding | Craftstone
Stone Cladding | Craftstone. Transform your home with Craftstone. Stone cladding is a very popular and a simple way of decorating and transforming your external walls or columns of your home. The simplicity and elegance of Craftstone enables you to add the ambience of nature and a stylish appearance to your home. Craftstone comes in a variety of colours and textures to suit any design and can be applied to both interior and exterior areas.

Sub Floor Ventilation Fan | Austech
Sub Floor Ventilation Fan | Austech. Make sure your home has proper ventilation this summer! With the temperatures increasing and summer just around the corner the homes most affected will be the ones without proper ventilation and insulation. The EcoFan is a powered sub floor ventilator which creates a continuous flow of fresh air and is one of Austech's most popular ventilation products sold on our Online store.

Surface Mounted Linear Wallwasher | WE-EF
Surface Mounted Linear Wallwasher | WE-EF. WE-EF introduces the VLR100 series - linear lighting at the highest level. In addition to the comprehensive range of luminaires for lighting streets, footpaths and public spaces, WE-EF has a wide range of luminaires for architectural lighting requirements. Now the VLR100 takes the spotlight, as this new linear wallwasher series joins the WE-EF product range.

Surface Water Drainage Solutions | Hydro Construction Products
Surface Water Drainage Solutions | Hydro Construction Products. HYDRO SPORTS AND RECREATION SURFACE SOLUTIONS. Hydro are the exclusive Australian and New Zealand suppliers of MEA Water Management systems. We offer a range of surface water drainage products suitable for installation around synthetic turf fields, tennis courts, running tracks and general sports fields. We are also the suppliers of Electrical Pits and Access Covers suitable for sports lighting in-ground.

Sustainability and Urban Living | KHD Landscape Engineering
Sustainability and Urban Living | KHD Landscape Engineering. Sustainability for a Residential Home. If you think sustainability and urban living are a contradiction in terms, think again. A few years ago, Chris Knierim of Designer Constructions decided to go about designing and building his own sustainable building in Forest Lodge, Sydney. The building was constructed on a very small plot of land next to Chris' home and it uses every square inch of the property.

Sustainable Vessel Bodies | LignaStone
Sustainable Vessel Bodies | LignaStone. Here at Ligna Stone we are highly versatile and as a result of this we are always looking at how we can replace concrete and other conventional materials for new applications. Last year Rory Davenport approached us about his unique aquaponic project. Pisces Garden is a sculptural redesign of an aquaponic system for education and awareness of the system and sustainable practices.

Textural Interior Wall Panels | 3D Wall Panels
Textural Interior Wall Panels | 3D Wall Panels. JOES BAR - BACK TO THE 70'S. Joe's Bar in the award winning East Hotel in Canberra, is taking its patrons back to the 70s with its groovy interior created by Kelly Ross, director of The Gentry. Kelly wanted to add a textural element which she found in 3D Wall Panels. The showpiece in the bar, a feature wall in the Pyramids design, has been a hit, with many customers enticed to touch it.

Torch On Rooftop Waterproofing by Soprema | Bayset
Torch On Rooftop Waterproofing by Soprema | Bayset. LEAKING ROOF JOINTS AT MAJOR HOSPITAL. Brisbane Private Hospital had leaking roof joints which affected the rooms below. Soprema Torch On waterproofing was applied to rectify the problem. Project Details. Brisbane Private Hospital is the city's leading inner city hospital treating over 20,000 patients each year.

Touch Free Tap | Zip Water
Touch Free Tap | Zip Water. The AquaSense touch-free tap is a popular choice in washrooms worldwide. It offers superior hygiene, reduces water wastage and is built to deal with heavy traffic demands. The automatic sensor is positioned to prevent accidental activation and the nozzle gives a higher cleansing capacity at a low flow rate. Team with Zip instantaneous hot water products, and Horne™ thermostatic mixing valves for water temperature control.

Trackless MHG Gate | Magnetic Automation
Trackless MHG Gate | Magnetic Automation. The MHG gate does not require tracks above or below the gate, significantly reducing the time taken for installation - approximately 2 days. This results in ease of installation for remote locations. There is a solar powered option where electrical supply may be a challenge. The gate takes up very little space for ease of transportation; it also does not require a crane or heavy lifting machinery to install.

Trend Catalogue: Passion for Art Magazine
Trend Catalogue: Passion for Art Magazine. Passion for Art Magazine is a quarterly magazine shared internationally and created to make known to the whole world some of the beautiful artistic projects developed by our Trend offices. The goal of this magazine is to surprise and excite the readers by telling, directly through the voice of Art Designers, some of the most interesting projects that are becoming reality.

Ultra High Gloss Cabinetry Panels | Polytec
Ultra High Gloss Cabinetry Panels | Polytec. Nine exciting new decors added to the polytec CREATEC ultra high gloss range. polytec's CREATEC range is a unique UV cured, ultra high gloss decorative surface. Created from moisture resistant E-Zero MDF board, the new range of CREATEC ultra high gloss Solid and Timberprint colours are sure to impress. With trending shades of dark browns and greys added alongside bright timber Coloured Oak highlights.

Warehouse Racking Gates | Australian Trellis Door Company
Warehouse Racking Gates | Australian Trellis Door Company. Australian Trellis Door Company's (ATDC) versatile steel warehouse racking gates are a unique and effective inventory control aide for valuable merchandise or hazardous materials. These warehouse racking gates are fully ventilated and completely see through allowing one at all times to visualize the position of the stock being secured.

Water Management for Extreme Weather | ACO
Water Management for Extreme Weather | ACO. Planning for extreme weather - the effective ways you need to manage a harmonious water cycle with ACO's system chain. Effectively managing water can be tricky where extreme weather is involved. For the environmentally conscious among us the idea of water wastage sends a shiver down our spines and protecting this from happening by incorporating sustainable methods helps to encourage the waters reuse.

Water Feature Maintenance with Hydroxypure | Waterco
Water Feature Maintenance with Hydroxypure | Waterco. WATERCO CASE STUDY - Muslim Burial Ground Hydroxypure installation. Easy maintenance keeping the peace at renowned resting place. 'No chlorine smell or corrosion, and it produces perfect crystal clear water. It is also easy to install, fully automated and makes maintenance simple.' A brand new architectural water feature installed in the acclaimed Muslim Burial ground in Woking UK.

WE-EF Success at Focus Open 2015
WE-EF Success at Focus Open 2015. CFT500 LED post top luminaire awarded Focus Silver. The sophisticated product concept for WE-EF's CFT500 outdoor luminaire series has received the Focus Silver in the lighting category for extraordinary design performance. This post top luminaire uses classic shapes, but manages to do so in a contemporary, minimalist way.

What Do Michael Caine, Yoko Ono & Innovative Splashbacks® Have In Common?
What Do Michael Caine, Yoko Ono & Innovative Splashbacks® Have In Common?. Bet you can't guess...If you are as old as Michael Caine, Yoko Ono, Willie Nelson, Quincy Jones, Gene Wilder or even Seabiscuit - that famous American racehorse - then you share the same birthday year (1933) as the brand of acrylic we use; Plexiglas®. If not, then the acrylic we use is not only older than you and me.

Window and Door Renovation Advice | Paarhammer
Window and Door Renovation Advice | Paarhammer. Top 5 Renovation Regrets. Insufficient insulation, air leakage, poor lighting, not selecting double glazing, and poor design are the Top 5 renovation regrets, according to the research of the Victorian Government and as stated on their website www.sustainability.vic.gov.au. Let's look at those regrets in the context of Paarhammer windows and doors.

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