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Adorable children's curtains exclusively from Current Line Europe
Adorable children's curtains exclusively from Current Line Europe

Attic Ladders - Don't waste your roof space
Take the clutter out of your life and turn wasted roof space into a great new storage area! Attic Ladders have the largest range of foldaway attic ladders in Australia with a style to suit most roof types.

Baby change tables for commercial bathrooms from RBA Group
Baby change tables - as all parents of young children know, nappy-changing can be a dirty business. It's even more awkward when you're not at home.

Basins, baths and toilets suites by Villery & Roch from Argent Australia
Villeroy and Boch have manufactured ceramic china for over 250 years and during this time have built a world wide reputation for developing high quality products for the home.

Bathroom fittings with both form and function from Argent Australia
Argent are market leaders in quality bathroom accessories which rival European counterparts. Our range of sanitaryware provides the latest designs at an affordable price.

Be covered with Open Shutters' service and support
Open Shutters is a brand name of a long established locally owned company, Australian Timber Shutters. So, when you choose an Open Shutter, you've the reassurance that comes with the service and support of a local manufacturer.

Be streetwise with Dulux's essential anti-graffiti powder coatings
Evidence suggests the best way to deter graffiti is to expedite its removal. With this in mind, Dulux Powder Coatings has formulated an anti-graffiti powdercoat called Armourspray(R) AG.

Be inspired with Open Shutters
Open Shutters works with representatives of a diverse group of industries on issues which are common to all Australian manufacturers - innovation, staff management, OHandS, regulation and skills shortages to name a few.

Bette pressed metal baths from Argent Australia
Using a self-developed deep draw manufacturing process, Bette have been able to create a diverse range of baths that set them apart from the competition.

Celmec International's Celmist cooling solutions
Celmec present a cooling option to complement the HeatRay Umbrella Systems, Celmist Cooling. Celmist is an evaporative misting system which disperses pressurised water through specially designed nozzles.

Colan - technology in industrial textiles
Colan Products is an internationally recognised manufacturer of industrial textiles. A privately owned Australian Company, Colan Products has over 40 years experience in the area of engineered textiles.

ComfortLine ceiling heating panels from Devi
ComfortLine Ceiling Heating Panels have a fast warm up time and are the ideal choice for large, difficult to heat areas or small, personal spaces.

Dow Corning RTV Mouldmaking Rubbers from Era Polymers
We are currently stocking most grades in the range at our Sydney warehousing facilities, making Dow Corning mouldmaking rubbers easily accessible to the local Australian / New Zealand market.

Dune's wide range of floor decoration and design
Dune's range of floor decoration features a wide range of floor designs and styles to suit any ambience.

Durable, energy efficient, cost-effective structures from Thermomass
Composite Technologies Corporation (CTC) was founded in 1980 by Robert T. Long. His innovative thinking and vision led to the development of the Thermomass® Building Insulation System.

ecospecifier setting eco-priorities on timber and wood products
Forest management practices, particularly with regard to protection of biodiversity, remains as the most significant wood products sustainability issue. Plantation management is coming under increasing scrutiny, as are related silvicultural issues such as the use of genetically modified tree crops.

Environmentally friendly pool filters, compressors & valves from Waterco
Constructed from high impact polypropylene and designed for easy maintenance, Opal Cartridge filters are designed to give years of trouble free service. The Opal cartridge filter's screw on lock ring allows easy access to the filter cartridge for removal, cleaning and installation in a matter of minutes.

Envirofan subfloor fan-forced ventilation systems
In the nineteen seventies a Telecom engineer created a fan-forced ventilating system for sub floor areas that would replace passive vents whether brick size or terracotta size. As now clients can take control of their sub floor ventilation needs and not be at the mercy of the wind or the lack of it to aerate their sub-floor areas.

Era Polymers foam pigments - fluoro, translucent and more
Era Polymers has a comprehensive range of pigments for all kind of pigmentation. The main range are compatible with our elastomers and foams. For marine applications or where a bright colour is required the fluoro colours are ideal.

Frosted glass mosaics from Dune Australia
The Dune frosted glass mosaic range features a satin finish which provides a unique look and feel. Dune's frosted glass mosaics convey a freshness in colour and feel that simply looks stunning. Available in 12 designer colours.

Genesis timber window finish from DecoWood
Genesis(TM) windows and doors have been designed with a unique aluminium frame, allowing different window products to be integrated together throughout your home. The suite features high quality hardware and components, ensuring reliability now and into the future.

Housing report card highlights ongoing supply pressures in Victoria - Housing Industry Association
Australia's most comprehensive report card on Victoria's new housing industry has again highlighted the current difficulties in putting an affordable house or unit on the ground.

Hyde® Wet & Set™ wall and ceiling repair patch from Altamonte
Ideal for fixing one or two large holes in drywall, plaster or stucco on flat, curved, or uneven surfaces. Or cust into smaller peices for multiple small repairs.

Intelligent floor heating systems from Devi
In the modern world, the Danes have perfected the process, so that beautiful and practical hard floors can be warm and inviting all year long.

Karndean's Flotex launch at DesignEX
Karndean International, the Australian distributors of Flotex, are delighted to announce the launch of our new 2007 Flotex colours at DesignEx, Melbourne Exhibition and Conference Centre, 19 - 20 April 2007. DesingEx is the premier exhibition in Australia for interior architecture and design.

Multi-media product guide for landscaping and building products from DécoR Stone
DecoR Pebble, Australia's leading brand name in decorative pebbles and stones has released the second edition of its popular multi-media product guide.

Natural, sustainable raw materials from Whittle Waxes
Whittle Waxes is the first Australian company dedicated to promoting premium natural waxes for the protection and enhancement of all timber surfaces. Established in 2004, the company's founders have extensive experience working with wood both abroad and in Australia.

Paint finishes from Di Emme - Respond to the versatile and brilliant qualities of paint
Visit Di Emme's ever-expanding library of traditional and contemporary paint finishes or work with our talented artists to achieve personalised effects for your project. Our skilled team is experienced in maintaining a unified application of complex finishes over large commercial areas.

Preston Group raising the bar on construction access systems
For over 30 years, the Preston Group has continuously raised the level of expectations for the local and international construction industry by developing equipment that saves precious time and money.

Product listing updates from ecospecifier
Since the beginning of 2007, ecospecifier has listed over 100 new eco and health preferable products on ecospecifier.org. That's over 10 new products a week!

Projex releases new membrane protection with acoustic properties
Projex Group has released a new version of its super-tough Shockmat material with acoustic properties that meet and exceed Australian Acoustic Building requirements (ASTM E 989-89).

PVC strip curtains from DMF International... more than just for doorways
The PVC Visiflex Strip Doors can be used for a variety of applications other than just doorways and impact doors. DMF have supplied to many projects where the PVC strips are used as a partitioning to separate areas of processing or packing.

Quality floor heating for Australians from Devi
The increasing number of DEVI heating systems being installed around Australia suggests that floor heating is no longer considered a luxury.

Rigid spray from Era Polymers - Erathane SR Series
The Erathane SR Series is a range of two component spray systems to produce rigid polyurethane spray foam. The systems are designed to be sprayed at a ratio of 1:1 by volume through a high pressure spray machine such as manufactured by Gusmer.

Rubber binders from Era Polymers
The Erapol EMD RB Series is a range of polyether based prepolymers intended to be used in one component moisture cure applications for binding together recycled rubber crumb, as well as other materials such as shredded foam and fibres.

Safety and Security Films with 3M™ from Sunscreen
3M Safety and Security Films(TM) offer property and personal protection against crime, violent weather, explosions, fires or vandalism.

StairTrak from CarpetCare designed to increase stair safety
stairTrak is a non-slip step edge designed to stop carpet wear at its most vulnerable point - the front edge - and to increase safety with a sure-footed grip from Carpetcare.

Synteko's Best waterbase floor finish
Everyone from the most sophisticated architect and interior designer to the most experienced floor sander have discovered that Synteko waterbases are more durable than those of our competitors.

The Ultimage Open Shutter - custom joinery for the ultimate fit
Open Ultimate is for those accustomed to the best. The pinnacle of our range, this custom made shutter is the distillation of 20 years of continuing innovation.

The latest designer fabrics and curtains from Current Line Europe
Curtains from the lastest designer fabrics across Europe available from Current Line Europe.

The Autumn collection from Karndean designer flooring
Karndean Design Flooring is currently showcasing its Autumn Collection, designed to complement any home, apartment or venue.

The Maxim aluminium shutter system - a quality solution to sun control
The Maxim aluminium shutter system is designed to be a long-term, quality solution to control sun, wind, privacy and security. All finishes are powdercoated and anodised with up to a 20 year warranty.

Thermomass' green building insulation
The Thermomass building insulation system can make a substantial contribution toward that goal of 'green building'.

Thermomass' concrete sandwhich wall insulation - a history of success
For over 20 years, Thermomass(R) has been the industry leading system for concrete sandwich wall construction.

Two new draft standards from Good Environmental Choice Australia
Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) are releasing two new draft standards for comment. The standards are now available online.

Ultrabond ECO® 90 multipurpose flooring adhesive from Mapei
Ultrabond ECO 90 is an economy-grade multipurpose adhesive with an open time designed for installing carpet. Ultrabond ECO 90 also works well with felt-backed, sheet-goods flooring.

Window film stars in the energy debate - Australian Window Association
The Window Film Association of Australia and New Zealand (WFAANZ) offers a compelling and environmentally-sound solution to this problem for energy-conscious home owners, buyers, owner builders and renovators - window film.

Wolfin - waterproofing the highest structure in Australia
Situated on the side of Mt Kosciuszko (2228 metres high) and approximately 50 metres in altitude below its peak is a new toilet block. The building is constructed from concrete and masonry block and is built into the side of the mountain at Rawsons Pass.

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