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Acoustic Vinyl Flooring | Forbo Flooring Systems
Acoustic Vinyl Flooring | Forbo Flooring Systems. Turn down the volume with Acoustic Flooring. Forbo is a specialist in acoustic floors with more than 30 years' experience. In our different ranges you will find floors with an impact sound reduction of 15, 17 & 19dB. Achieving lower noise pollution is essential to reducing stress and promoting the well-being, comfort and efficiency of people working or learning.

Architectural Advisory Team | Escea Fireplaces
Architectural Advisory Team | Escea Fireplaces. Escea offers a free Architectural Advisory service providing information and support. The Architectural Advisor will be your first port of call for advice on which fireplace is best suited for a specific situation in terms of aesthetics, performance and function. This will allow the fire to become an integral part of the design from concept stage ensuring openings, flue and duct runs are designed into the project early.

Astra Parker Mild Steel Sculpture | ARTPark Australia
Astra Parker Mild Steel Sculpture | ARTPark Australia. A splendid way to present the earthy tones of mild steel. This amazing sculpture by artist Astra Parker really stands out and speaks for it self. Stylistic symmetry is over delivered with this large and unique piece that will sit well in any indoors or outdoors space. Combining weathered steel and wood to create something quite special that could really compliment any space it is brought into.

Australian Manufactured Products | ACO Polycrete
Australian Manufactured Products | ACO Polycrete. Peering into the future of Australian manufacturing. The face of Australian manufacturing has changed dramatically over the past few years. With the recent closures of key industry players, ripples of home grown manufacturing dying out continue to spook firms and increase media hype. Successful manufacturing comes from seeking innovation, opportunities and new methods to take the process to the next level.

Avoid Galling with Anti-Seize Lubricants | Anzor
Avoid Galling with Anti-Seize Lubricants | Anzor. Avoid a Galls-Up! What is stainless 'galling'? Galling is when two threads bind together and seize. It can be fairly common when using stainless steel fasteners. This seizing or 'cold-welding' can result in fasteners having to be cut away as un-threading is impossible. Lubricate the threads - when it comes to choosing a lubricant, it is important to use a Nickel based stainless lubricant or a lanolin based lubricant.

Baird Statement Wall Sculpture | ARTPark Australia
Baird Statement Wall Sculpture | ARTPark Australia. Michael then began working for a Sydney based company that specialised in decorative finishes, murals and 3D works where he formed an interest in sculpture and metal working and during this time completed courses in Ornamental Ironwork and Welding. In 1997 he formed his own Decorative Finish and Theming company working on many projects in Sydney and around Australia.

Basement Wall Drainage with VersiDrain | KHD
Basement Wall Drainage with VersiDrain | KHD. VersiDrain - Perfect for Basement Walls. With the growing density of residential development and increased traffic in urban areas, many buildings now have underground or basement parking as standard. Unfortunately, if basement walls are not adequately waterproofed, leakage can occur through retaining walls and this can lead to structural damage as well as damage to any cars or property within.

Bespoke Facade Features | Axolotl
Bespoke Facade Features | Axolotl. There's no place like Home. It has been a while since we have brought you up to date with some of the inspiring residential projects we have been working on. Architects and designers regularly use us for bespoke features in homes. Here we show some more recent examples to provide you with a master class in working with metal tones, textures and patterns.

Bonethane Splashback Installation Video | ISPS Innovations
Bonethane Splashback Installation Video | ISPS Innovations. The DIY friendly splash back Bonethane Premium. Bonethane Premium has greater heat distribution than DIY Acrylic Splashbacks in the market place. Bonethane Premium Splashbacks are the right choice, everything else is just plastic! Buy Direct from ISPS Innovations. ISPS no longer supply custom Bonethane Splashbacks to the Bunnings stores.

Braille Services | Hillmont Braille Signs Sydney
Braille Services | Hillmont Braille Signs Sydney. Hillmont Braille Signs is one of the most successful and innovative manufacturers of Braille in Australia and have been manufacturing and supplying Braille / tactile and general signage solutions throughout Australia for over 15 years from our Northwest Sydney location (now based at Castle Hill). High profile projects include the award-winning wayfinding system at the University of Sydney.

Brighten Up Series | Solatube Daylighting Systems
Brighten Up Series | Solatube Daylighting Systems. Perfecting sunlight through invention We didn't invent the sun. We just improved it. Solatube® Daylighting Systems are engineered to efficiently capture the sun's rays and deliver them into your home. From sunup to sundown you'll get brighter, more colourful rooms that cost nothing to light.

Cavalier Bremworth Carpet Collection
Cavalier Bremworth Carpet Collection. Lisburn / 3050. This linen-look loop pile has both softness and substance - beautiful to the eye while providing excellent durability. It has a strong neutral palette in keeping with its organic origins. The chunky base yarn in felted wool is overlaid with a finer yarn to create real textural and visual interest. The two yarns, contrasting in both size and colour, combine to create a stunning variegated effect.

Cedar Louvres Ellipsoid System | JWI Louvres
Cedar Louvres Ellipsoid System | JWI Louvres. JWI 140.E Cedar. The JWI 140.E CEDAR Ellipsoid Louvre System consists of a 140mm wide Western Red Cedar blade in a range of standard colours and finishes. The louvre blades are fitted to aluminium clips or stainless steel end caps with stainless steel fittings and are interconnected via a stainless steel operating rod at a maximum pitch of 130mm. A variety of alternate mullion sizes are available.

Commercial Upholstery Fabric Collection Video | Nolan.UDA
Commercial Upholstery Fabric Collection Video | Nolan.UDA. The Nolan Collection from Nolan.UDA combines comfort, elegance and a robust finish capable of withstanding the harshest commercial environments. We offer exceptional durability as well as a comprehensive colour and pattern range that will bring style and luxury to any interior. Our collection has been established with the values of continuous innovation through the utilisation of cutting edge technology.

Commercial Waterproofing Case Study | Bayset
Commercial Waterproofing Case Study | Bayset. WATERPROOFING TRAINING GROUND OF FUTURE CHAMPIONS. The Centre for Excellence is Cricket Australia's multi-storey multi-purpose athlete development centre, based in Albion, Queensland. Project Details: In 2013, the complex underwent extensive renovations and now includes a gymnasium, indoor practice wickets, synthetic turf, a 25 metre indoor lap pool, sports science facilities, commercial space and basement parking.

Commercial Refrigeration Supply and Service | Britex
Commercial Refrigeration Supply and Service | Britex. A rare behind the scenes shoot of the recent remote installation of a new refrigerated custom display cabinet for Belmont Village Meats in Geelong. With space constraints on premises, a crane was hired for a remote rooftop install ensuring the display cabinet worked flawlessly with all motor elements hidden from view.

Concertina Foil Batts Sydney | Solartex
Concertina Foil Batts Sydney | Solartex. The NSW Government Agency for land development is known as Landcom and they are committed to providing affordable energy efficient and environmentally friendly housing. The Landcom Energy Efficient Home is at Ferraby Drive at Melaleuca Estate, Metford in the Hunter Valley of NSW and is the showcase for energy efficient living. Solartex Insulations was chosen to supply and install its Concertina Foil Batts insulation product.

Concertina Attic Ladders | Attic Group
Concertina Attic Ladders | Attic Group. Fantozzi Scále Attic Ladders - Manual & Electric. Stylish Italian Concertina Attic Ladders brought to you by the Attic Group. The Fantozzi Truss Manual attic ladder is suitable for newer homes with truss roofs. This attic ladder is suitable for home owners who need safe and easy access to their roof space and who are after a stylish design.

Concrete Stain Concretal Lasur | Keim Mineral Paints
Concrete Stain Concretal Lasur | Keim Mineral Paints. Create the look of fair-faced concrete with Keim concretal-Lasur. Any vertical concrete surface can be transformed with Keim, leaving you with the beautiful, organic and 'unpainted' appearance that natural concrete provides. By using a perfect balance of colour shade and opacity, Keim Concretal Lasur can equalize unacceptable colour variations, hide unsightly repairs, reduce surface dusting.

Curved Slatted Timber Ceiling | Supawood
Curved Slatted Timber Ceiling | Supawood. Undulating slatted timber ceiling a warm and welcoming feature. As part of the multi-million dollar redevelopment of one of Sydney's most iconic commercial towers, an extensive SUPAWOOD SUPASLAT slatted timber ceiling has been installed throughout the new Food Court. Opened in 1977, the original concept for the MLC Centre as envisaged by its designer Harry Seidler was to create a vibrant 'city within a city'.

Custom Carpets and Rugs with Catalina Carpet Laboratory
Custom Carpets and Rugs with Catalina Carpet Laboratory. Catalina Carpet Laboratory shows a commitment to what is fundamental and essential in design. Like any art, décor is first of all conceptual, and concepts like handcrafted Carpets and Rugs begin with the foundations that bind and structure the details into a unified whole. At The Cat Lab, we strive to achieve that perfect inspiration for our clients, with unique styles, colours and texture.

Custom Artworks | SOHO Galleries
Custom Artworks | SOHO Galleries. This wonderful piece by artist Jankovic sits in situ and very comfortably in this lounge room setting. Flawlessly complementing its surroundings and adding that much needed artistic touch the room needed. Commissioned by the interior designer directly through us to the artist. Maybe a custom piece of art work is what your unique space needs? Contact us to see how we can help.

Customised Drainage Covers and Grates | EJ
Customised Drainage Covers and Grates | EJ. Partnership Leaves a Legacy of Efficient and Safe Drainage Solutions by EJ. Legacy Way is the latest of three vehicular tunnels that crisscross under Brisbane to relieve evolving surface roads traffic congestion problems. As with all of Brisbane's tunnels, Legacy Way showcases a range of EJ covers and grates. This specific tunnel was designed and built to reduce traffic on Milton Road and Coronation Drive.

Custom Letterboxes | Clone Stone Australia
Custom Letterboxes | Clone Stone Australia. Clone Stone is able to provide any type of pier to suit a letterbox style or design. Don't worry if there is a particular letterbox style that you haven't seen on our website, we can custom make it to suit your requirements.

Decorative Iron Components | Artistic Wrought Iron Suppliers
Decorative Iron Components | Artistic Wrought Iron Suppliers. ARTISTIC WROUGHT IRON SUPPLIERS. Check out our new showroom display, were you may visualize an extensive range of decorative iron components suitable for all types of projects. www.wroughtiron.com.au or simply call us for a catalogue. We are now located in Sydney's growing building supply estate of Wetherill Park. AWIS Supplying AUSTRALIA'S FINEST wrought iron components.

Decorative High Pressure Laminates Dekodur | Allplastics
Decorative High Pressure Laminates Dekodur | Allplastics. Dekodur Surface Finishes Used in the New Spirit of Tasmania. In 2015 The Spirit of Tasmania vessels underwent a major refurbishment with the interiors completely redesigned. The New Spirit of Tasmania I and II were designed by Swedish architects Figura and the outcome is a stunning contemporary feel with open spaces on all decks. Allplastics Architectural and Building division provided Dekodur High Pressure Laminates.

Devex Systems 2015 Sustainability Awards Finalists
Devex Systems 2015 Sustainability Awards Finalists. Devex Systems was one of eight finalist in the Innovation of the Year category for the 2015 Sustainability Awards last week. The Innovation award recognises businesses that have recently launched a sustainable innovation into the marketplace. Devex Systems was nominated for the Solamander® Hydronic Energy Hub system, an integrated and sustainable energy solution that meets a variety of domestic heating needs.

Dorf+ Creative Collaboration Series | GWA Bathrooms & Kitchens
Dorf+ Creative Collaboration Series | GWA Bathrooms & Kitchens. Dorf Creative Collaboration produces stunning results. Throughout its 60-year history, Dorf has aimed to excite creative minds with tapware that allows them to express their personal style. In turn, Dorf has always been influenced and inspired by the creativity of individuals across a diverse range of industries when developing and refining tapware designs.

Dorf Kitchen Sink Mixers | GWA Kitchens & Bathrooms
Dorf Kitchen Sink Mixers | GWA Kitchens & Bathrooms. Move over, sharp angles: thin, natural curves emerge as new tapware style favourite. Smooth geometrics and playful proportions are at the forefront of kitchen tapware style, with the industry shifting towards a new take on the modern traditional kitchen with warm, neutral aesthetics.

Drainage Systems and Construction | ACO
Drainage Systems and Construction | ACO. A fundamental but often forgotten part of construction: Drainage. How drainage works. Drainage is the removal of surface and sub-surface water from a particular area. The water can then be repurposed elsewhere to rivers, creeks and beach outlets to avoid saturation of land and damage to homes, commercial property and farm land.

Eco Friendly Particleboard Flooring | Simmonds Lumber
Eco Friendly Particleboard Flooring | Simmonds Lumber. As a wholesaler of building products we take pride in selling products that we believe are environmentally friendly. So we are proud to be selling the D&R Henderson range of Particleboard Flooring. This product is manufactured using 100% recycled wood products which in turn benefits the environment and land fill.

Efficient Gas Log Fireplace | Escea
Efficient Gas Log Fireplace | Escea. Discover the slimline and heat efficient Escea AF90 gas fire. With the creation of the AF700, Escea entered into a market category with an energy-efficient gas fireplace that offers two times more visible flame and the slimmest fascia currently available. Yet, they knew they could extend on this model and make an even more powerful fireplace.

Electric Awning Window Controls | Unique Window Services
Electric Awning Window Controls | Unique Window Services. The view from this Byron Bay residence is certainly one to be enjoyed by the owners and one to be envied by the rest of us. Unique Window Services was brought in to provide electric window controls for the high level awning windows. As you can see from the photos, the motors are non-intrusive and barely visible in the environment.

Exotuf Swimming Pool Filter Strength Test | Waterco
Exotuf Swimming Pool Filter Strength Test | Waterco. Waterco Ltd has launched the Exotuf - the toughest thermoplastic granular pool filter available on the market today. 'The Exotuf offers superior strength and dependability and is designed to cope with the cyclic pressures of the modern day swimming pool,' says Bryan Goh, group marketing director, Waterco.

Extra Large Folding Arm Awnings | JWI Louvres
Extra Large Folding Arm Awnings | JWI Louvres. JWI Piazza XL awning, designed in Sweden as a full cassette awning to securely protect the fabric when retracted from both dirt and moisture. The heavy duty arms use Dyneema connections for superior strength and durability, whilst powerful springs ensure excellent fabric tension. The JWI Piazza XL comes as standard with motorised operation and completed with a wireless remote.

Fast Dry Automatic Hand Dryer | Star Washroom Accessories
Fast Dry Automatic Hand Dryer | Star Washroom Accessories. This White powder coat finish Hand Dryer is Auto sensing high speed and long-lasting ECO friendly product. It is very elegant and low maintenance. It is very good for the Home and office use. It Dry hands completely in 8 - 10 seconds and 3 times faster. It is 95% cost savings vs. paper towels. The Air Velocity 60M/S Air Flow 200M3/H Drying Time 8-10S Sensor Range 5-15CM Protection Level IP23.

Fold Away Shower Seat | Axess Trading
Fold Away Shower Seat | Axess Trading. SHS960 - Fold Away Shower Seats - White powdercoated Stainless Steel Frame. White acrylic slip resistant top with drainage slots. Stainless Steel Frame Powdercoated White.

French Doors | Paarhammer
French Doors | Paarhammer. French doors have been the choice for access to verandas or the outdoors for centuries. The problem was that they suffered greatly from drafts. Our unique framing and metal-to-metal locking system negates the shortcomings of traditional French doors and provide outstanding security. Paarhammer's technologically advanced French doors achieve industry leading energy efficiencies through their unique airtight double rebate framing design.

FSC Certified Fibreboard Arreis FR | Simmonds Lumber
FSC Certified Fibreboard Arreis FR | Simmonds Lumber. Arreis FR Sustainable Design Fibreboard. Awarded CARB NAF Exemption due to formaldehyde free adhesive system. It's amazing what can come from recycling. What this means to you is a product that has NO ADDED FORMALDEHYDE as is produced with the environment in mind. Arries FR (Medite FR).

General Area Vinyl Flooring Eternal Collection | Forbo
General Area Vinyl Flooring Eternal Collection | Forbo. Forbo's New Eternal general area vinyl collection is a combination of ultra-modern designs, and proven durable product that is fit-for-all-purpose applications and meets all the functional and practical requirements demanded across all segments. New collection includes new realistic wood effects, stone and abstract designs as well as a broad palette of colours sure to complement your interior designs.

Graffiti Proof Signage with Bonethane | ISPS Innovations
Graffiti Proof Signage with Bonethane | ISPS Innovations. Custom Graffiti proof signage with Bonethane. DIY Acrylic Splashbacks are great for certain purposes but Bonethane stands up to the ultimate test. The number one headache that plagues businesses is signage vandalism. ISPS Innovations has the right solution for you. See Bonethane be buffed and polished after Graffitti struck. The results speaks volumes.

HEATSTRIP Radiant Heat Panels at Eiffel Tower | Thermofilm
HEATSTRIP Radiant Heat Panels at Eiffel Tower | Thermofilm. From Paris with Love. HEATSTRIP® Classic radiant heaters were recently selected to 'warm up' one of the world's most famous and iconic landmarks. Visitors to the historic Eiffel Tower in Paris, France may not know it, but they are being kept warm and comfortable under ceiling-mounted heating panels from halfway around the world.

Heated Shade Umbrellas | Celmec International
Heated Shade Umbrellas | Celmec International. Zatoka Stuki is an arts and business centre with a beach club located in Sopot, Poland, overlooking the Baltic Sea. The beach club features a summer deck, sun beds and Celmec's Heatray Heated Shade Umbrellas. Heatray Electric radiant Heaters (ERH) and Celights were installed onto the permanent umbrella structures. The four umbrellas are interlinked using Celmec's weather accessories.

Heatray Heated Shade Umbrellas | Celmec International
Heatray Heated Shade Umbrellas | Celmec International. Public Bar recently completed an upgrade of their outdoor entertaining area. As a part of this upgrade two of Celmec International's existing Heatray Heated Shade Umbrella structures had the skins replaced with custom designed fabric. The client wanted the new umbrella skins to showcase Public Bars existing colour scheme. One umbrella was fitted with lime green and white panels.

Heavy Traffic Floor Coating Sparta-Quartz | LATICRETE
Heavy Traffic Floor Coating Sparta-Quartz | LATICRETE. Sparta-Quartz™ is a highly-durable floor coating application which incorporates a double broadcast of colored quartz aggregates with HP Spartacote polyaspartic coatings. The system provides flooring solutions for the most demanding heavy-traffic environments, specifically in areas which require significant traction.

Heavy Duty Strip Curtain Doors | Premier Door Systems
Heavy Duty Strip Curtain Doors | Premier Door Systems. With summer and higher temperatures soon approaching, so to do the extra demands and problems associated for most food production areas including: Insects, Dust and Quality controls for the food service industry. PremFLEX Strip Curtains feature a unique 'ribbed' profile that provides the curtain with an overlapping / interlocking finish that is most effective for insect and climate control.

High Performance Outdoor Pizza Oven | LignaStone
High Performance Outdoor Pizza Oven | LignaStone. Here at LignaStone we love to show how versatile our product is. Our team in the lab has been busy working on a new high performance outdoor pizza oven, designed to maximise heat distribution and minimise heat loss. The convection style design provides instant heating for the oven floor (thermal ceramic shelf), channelling the heat along the walls to the roof and back down onto the pizza surface.

Home Automation System by Somfy | Evaya
Home Automation System by Somfy | Evaya. The TaHoma™ One home automation system simplifies the interaction between you and the motorised applications in your home. It's easy to transform your living environment and manage your blinds, curtains, awnings, roller shutters and RTS enabled lighting to create a simpler way of life - one that is more secure, comfortable and energy efficient.

How to Apply Wood Wash Video | Porter's Paints
How to Apply Wood Wash Video | Porter's Paints. How to apply Porter's Paints Wood Wash. Wood Wash is a translucent coating that subtly softens and ages the appearance of bare timber.

Hydraulic Rain Water Change Over Device | Maxijet
Hydraulic Rain Water Change Over Device | Maxijet. Maxijet supply the MaxiSAVE MHR Series which is a fully automatic Hydraulic rain/mains water changeover device designed for pressure pump supply systems for harvesting rainwater for toilet, laundry and household applications with automatic mains backup. The MaxiSAVE MHR Valve is designed to operate with an electronic pressure controller with auto restart not requiring float switch.

Hydraulic and Fire Safety Infrastructure Solutions | EJ
Hydraulic and Fire Safety Infrastructure Solutions | EJ. In Hydraulics and Fire Safety EJ Takes the Gong. When ideas and innovation from two different specialist sources come together, you would have to sit up and take notice of the outcomes. So it is when EJ and the Queensland AHSCA share their ideas and innovations that solutions to infrastructure hydraulic and fire safety problems are resolved.

Industrial Fabric Video | Nolan.UDA
Industrial Fabric Video | Nolan.UDA. When it comes to reinforced PVC, quality is paramount. Our comprehensive ranges of reinforced PVC fabrics are specifically designed for the harsh Australian environment. Tough and reliable are the core features which have been proven and trusted time after time.

Industrial Style Sliding Door Hardware | Brio
Industrial Style Sliding Door Hardware | Brio. Industrial elegance with fingertip operation. The heavy duty industrial appearance of Brio's Open Square Rail Timber will suit any contemporary interior. 304 stainless steel rollers and brushed stainless steel rail produce a stylish product suitable for timber panels up to 150kg and 2m wide. Exposed precision bearings and 304 stainless steel strap fixings offer a unique industrial aesthetic.

Insulated Glazing Systems | Thermal Insulated Glass Products
Insulated Glazing Systems | Thermal Insulated Glass Products. Today, remarkable new framing and glazing materials have changed the energy performance of windows in a radical way. Energy efficient window will make your home more comfortable, dramatically reduce your energy costs and help to create a brighter, cleaner, healthier environment.

Interior Beams | Supawood Architectural Lining Systems
Interior Beams | Supawood Architectural Lining Systems. A path of beams winds its way through award winning interior. The flexibility of design in the use of SUPAWOOD'S Supaslat MAXI BEAM is demonstrated in varied themes across multiple floors of the award winning corporate workplace of Nathan Lion's HQ at Homebush NSW. Designed and built by PCG, the expansive 5 floor workplace integrated several of Lion's food and beverage divisions.

Interior Lining Coating Products | Mirotone
Interior Lining Coating Products | Mirotone. Mirotone coatings used to great effect on the Shrine of Remembrance. Mirotone worked with ARM Architecture to ensure that the right coating systems were specified for the project. One of the images below shows the 137 seat Shrine Auditorium in the Education Centre coated in MIROSTAIN 2616 Pigmented stain in Speedy Red, the stained effect helps to achieve the striking red effect.

ISO9001 Certification for Access Covers | EJ
ISO9001 Certification for Access Covers | EJ. ISO9001 Certification Continues - A 24 Year EJ Tradition. 24 years ago, HaveStock became the first Australian manhole cover company to achieve the ISO9001 ceritification and they have continued to retain this standard through all these years. This year is no different. Last month, we once again passed our annual audit which delivers confidence for our clients when they specify and invest in EJ products.

Kitchen Garden Landscaping Video | FormBoss Metal Edging
Kitchen Garden Landscaping Video | FormBoss Metal Edging. FormBoss Metal Garden Edging is available in 8 different heights, 3 different gauges and comes in 3 different finishes: NEW ZAM Steel, (incredibly durable silver looking steel) Galvanised (shiny and doesn't rust), Corten (weathered rustic steel with durability).

Lace Mosaic Tile Design | Trend Group
Lace Mosaic Tile Design | Trend Group. Beautiful new lace design mosaic by Trend Group.

Laser Engraved Pens | Architectural Signs Sydney
Laser Engraved Pens | Architectural Signs Sydney. One of the most important advantages that metal pens offer over some other pens is that most can be laser engraved, rather than screen or pad printed. The image created when using engraving is simply stunning and provides an opportunity to promote a message for the full lifespan of the pen, ensuring your message stays right in the mind of the recipients for a longer period of time.

LED Pier Lighting | WE-EF
LED Pier Lighting | WE-EF. The pier at Heiligendamm Baltic resort, Germany. The unique atmosphere of the pier jutting 200 metres into the Baltic Sea in the German resort town of Heiligendamm invites all to stroll along it and stay for a while. Even as twilight fades and dusk sets in, the pier with its scenic lighting continues to draw people. The pier's inviting atmosphere is the result of a finely tuned lighting concept realised entirely with WE-EF luminaires.

LED Post Top Luminaire RMT320 | WE-EF
LED Post Top Luminaire RMT320 | WE-EF. The factory-sealed RMT320 LED post top luminaire, introduced at the 2014 Light + Building fair, is now available with a versatile choice of beam distributions depending on the lighting task. In addition to the [S65] and [S70] streetlighting versions and the [R65] 'forward throw' distribution, the RMT320 LED now features the [P65] beam distribution for pedestrian and bicycle lanes.

Lightweight Rooftop Paving with VersiPave | KHD
Lightweight Rooftop Paving with VersiPave | KHD. When you're looking for balcony and roof top paving, minimising the weight bearing load is often important, but if you're using sand or screeds in your paving this can be challenging. Fortunately there is another way. VersiPave from Elmich is a lightweight paving solution that does away with the need for heavy bedding sand or screeds and is ideal for balconies, decks and rooftops where weight minimisation is important.

Lightweight GRC Concrete Sandpit | Mascot Engineering
Lightweight GRC Concrete Sandpit | Mascot Engineering. Childs Play... Creative uses with GRC Planter Boxes from Mascot Engineering. A unique use of Mascot Engineering's planters can be seen here where it's used as a backyard sandpit. The surface of Mascot's GRC planters can be finished in any material that is suitable for use on concrete - this sandpit is finished in a playful orange and is complete with a custom aluminium cover.

MAMMOTH Carpark Insulation Panels | Composite Global Solutions
MAMMOTH Carpark Insulation Panels | Composite Global Solutions. Interest in our 100% polyester fibre MAMMOTH Carpark Panels has expanded rapidly as architects and builders alike are beginning to understand the increased scale of fit and finish that can be achieved when compared to conventional under-soffit insulation methods. Our MAMMOTH Carpark Panels provide a budget-price, sophisticated finish that simply can't be matched by typical foil-faced PIR insulation panels.

Marble Sculptures Melbourne Video | Richard Ellis Design
Marble Sculptures Melbourne Video | Richard Ellis Design. Melbourne's master of marble. If you want to recreate ancient Rome in your back garden, Richard Ellis can probably sort that out. Video by Alistair Walsh.

Metallic Polyaspartic Floor Coating System Video | LATICRETE
Metallic Polyaspartic Floor Coating System Video | LATICRETE. Alpen-Glow Metallic Coating Application. Step 1: Black Sparta-Flex® Prime Coat. Step 1 of 3 in the installation of the Alpen-Glow Metallic Polyaspartic Coating System from HP Spartacote. Application of the black Sparta-Flex® base coat.

Metal Garden Edging Rubber Forming Strip Video | Formboss
Metal Garden Edging Rubber Forming Strip Video | Formboss. Metal Garden Edging forming strip video FormBoss™. Reduce your minimum curving diameter by 50%. Metal garden edges supplied by FormBoss can utilize a rubber forming strip to create flawless curved designer landscapes. It will reduce your on site curving diameter by as much as 50%. For more information and tips on the FormBoss Metal Garden Edging systems, please visit our website.

Milk Paint Finish Application Video | Porter's Paints
Milk Paint Finish Application Video | Porter's Paints. How to apply Porter's Paints Milk Paint. Milk Paint has a rustic, chalky appearance that delivers beachside style or country charm, instantly softening and ageing the look of new furniture and complimenting old.

Modern U-Shaped Staircase | S&A Stairs
Modern U-Shaped Staircase | S&A Stairs. Inside this modern home filled with neutral tones and textures, sits a striking stained Victorian Ash stair which is simply unmissable as you walk through into the living/kitchen area. Sitting upon a floating landing, running the length of the stair, sits a u-shaped staircase with an open first flight and closed second flight separated by a cantilevered landing.

Motorised Louvred Windows | Safetyline Jalousie
Motorised Louvred Windows | Safetyline Jalousie. The Snow Centre for Education in the Asian Century, Canberra Grammar School, ACT. Canberra based architectural firm Daryl Jackson Alastair Swayn chose Safetyline Jalousie for the louvered windows at the new Snow Centre at Canberra Grammar School. The architects worked closely with engineering consultant NDY, who had specified Safetyline Jalousie louvre windows on previous projects.

MultiCyclone Unit Saves Water for Car Wash | Waterco
MultiCyclone Unit Saves Water for Car Wash | Waterco. Dapper Dan's Car Wash, Santa Clarita California USA. MultiCyclone used by the world's largest car wash equipment manufacturer. - REDUCING WATER USAGE IN DROUGHT STRICKEN CALIFORNIA. - A SUPERIOR CYCLONIC SEPARATOR MORE RESISTANT TO BACK PRESSURE. - SAVING 1,612,800 GALLONS A MONTH - NEARLY TWENTY MILLION PER YEAR.

One-Component Parquet Floor Adhesive | Mapei
One-Component Parquet Floor Adhesive | Mapei. Ultrabond Eco S955 1K One-component, solvent-free, sililated polymer-based adhesive with a very low emission level of volatile organic compounds (EMICODE EC1 R Plus), for all types of parquet. Bonding wooden parquet and all types and formats of pre-finished materials.

Orsoni Mosaic Tile Design | Trend Group
Orsoni Mosaic Tile Design | Trend Group. Artistic design created by Orsoni which is part of the Trend Group. Orson has been producing amazing art pieces since 1888 from Westminster Abby London & St Paul's Cathedral London through to the Vatican in Italy as well as many other mosaic masterpieces in Arab and Oriental Cultures.

Outdoor Decorative Panels | 3D Wall Panels
Outdoor Decorative Panels | 3D Wall Panels. Spending time outdoors, enjoying a family BBQ, or just relaxing in the sun, is a great way for Australians to fully enjoy our wonderful climate. You want your space to look great, yet often it's that plain fence or boring old wall that can let you down. If you add the vitality and texture of Australian made outdoor 3D wall panels, they instantly add interest and depth to the whole area.

Bi-Parting Track Gate System | Magnetic Automation
Bi-Parting Track Gate System | Magnetic Automation. Restricted gate run-off constraints. Magnetic recently installed an off-set bi-parting MTG gate for a bus terminus yard. The area where the gate was to be installed had restricted run-off space on one side; therefore Magnetic designed a bi-parting gate that was offset. The gate leaf spans measured 9 metres and 6 metres which also allowed buses to swing into the yard from a tight access road.

Paintings by Australian Artists | SOHO Galleries
Paintings by Australian Artists | SOHO Galleries. Alison COULTHURST - Australian Painter. Inspired by her year of painting and successful exhibitions in Europe with all paintings sold, Alison has returned to her studio in Byron Shire to work on a new body of work entitled 'There are no ordinary moments.' Alison says 'after living in Europe in a completely different environment I realised in this time of my life that it is important to embrace my surroundings.

Preston Hire Sponsors Kings School Art Show
Preston Hire Sponsors Kings School Art Show. For the second consecutive year Preston Hire proudly provided sponsorship and support to the Kings School art show which was held on 29, 30 August 2015. This annual event is famous for being one of the most prestigious and selective shows of its kind in Australia with more than 30,000 visitors attending. This year we set up a display area with our new corporate marquee to promote our range of SuperSiteStorage containers.

Preston Hire Supports Young Talent
Preston Hire Supports Young Talent. Preston Hire was very proud that for the Sydney Motorsport SuperSprint that we have teamed up with 15 year old rising star Luis Leeds as naming rights sponsor during the round of the Jayco Australian Formula 4 Championship at Sydney Motorsport Park. Luis is part of the Dream Motorsport stable and currently 5th in the Championship.

Resin Bound Overlay Paving | StoneSet
Resin Bound Overlay Paving | StoneSet. A station refurbishment at Hazelbrook was part of an upgrade of the Great Western Highway at Lawson. One aspect of the works, was to improve the aesthetics of the existing concrete pathways. HBO+ EMTB Architects wanted to avoid removing the existing concrete pathways leading to the footbridge and utilise the existing surface.

Retractable Steel Security Doors | Australian Trellis Door Co
Retractable Steel Security Doors | Australian Trellis Door Co. The Australian Trellis Door Company (ATDC) has completed a very large installation of its S08 and S05 retractable steel security doors at the prestigious Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School in Melbourne's Keilor East. ATDC were specified for the project by Melbourne based architectural firm McBride Charles Ryan which worked closely with ATDC in detailing all aspects of the security door installation.

Roller Shutter with Ventilated Security Mesh | Rollashield
Roller Shutter with Ventilated Security Mesh | Rollashield. Ventilated Security Mesh 1-1 Roller Shutters. Ideally suited to commercial applications a combination of One-to One and Commercial Forceshield profiles are intermixed in any configuration to allow as much or as little visibility through the shutter as desired to form Security Mesh 1-1.

Sandstone Cladding Panels | Allplastics
Sandstone Cladding Panels | Allplastics. Walls that are NOT Made of Stone. Nugent Developments had a challenging of adding a second storey on a Californian bangalow house in Roseville on the northern suburbs of Sydney. The foundations of the house were made from sandstone and to replicate the same look on the second storey was a difficult task due to the weight and cost of real sandstone.

School Passive Ventilation Systems | Unique Window Services
School Passive Ventilation Systems | Unique Window Services. The Anglican Church Grammar School is one of Brisbane's most respected private boys schools, the sporting programs they offer are of the highest standard. To allow for these programs to be fulfilled the facilities they are working with and playing on need to be of an equal standard. The passive ventilation systems incorporated into this design allow the students to use the courts all year round.

Scissor Doors and Gates | The Australian Trellis Door Co
Scissor Doors and Gates | The Australian Trellis Door Co. There's a prevailing opinion in the market place that Security scissor doors and security scissor gates only have application in a commercial,industrial or retail environment. The public have typically seen security scissor doors installed on shopfronts, in shopping centres, on warehouses, in hotels pubs and restaurants and in many other retail and commercial applications.

Secure Motorised Louvre Windows | Safetyline Jalousie
Secure Motorised Louvre Windows | Safetyline Jalousie. CC Cares @ Canberra College is an educational facility for pregnant and parenting students from the ACT and surrounding districts. When designing the building, ACT based Architects May Russell were looking for a window solution that would provide a means of ventilation for the users that could easily connect with the building's building management system (BMS).

Signage for Sporting Events | Architectural Signs Sydney
Signage for Sporting Events | Architectural Signs Sydney. Signage is an essential yet underrated component of sports venue construction. It is often overlooked when designing and constructing sport venues and stadiums mainly because signage is generally inexpensive and is one of the last things to be done before opening the stadium. Yet for the biggest sports facilities and arenas, signage is very important.

Slate Tile Rejuvenation with Intensifia | Dry-Treat
Slate Tile Rejuvenation with Intensifia | Dry-Treat. Hamilton Island is a popular Great Barrier Reef tourist destination in Queensland, Australia. Johrina from Australia Blue was tasked with the enhancing of 658m2 (6580 sq ft) of slate in one of Hamilton Island's residential property. The special requirements for the project called for INTENSIFIA™. The enhancer and sealer combination will provide lasting protection from water and oil-based stains.

Solar Powered Boom Gate | Magnetic Automation
Solar Powered Boom Gate | Magnetic Automation. A Magnetic boom gate was installed in the staff car park of a health care facility. The solar-powered option was ideal for this installation from a cost and economical perspective. The entrance where the boom gate was to be installed was quite a distance from the nearest power source, so it was more beneficial to install a solar-powered boom gate.

Stainless Steel Grab Rail | Star Washroom Accessories
Stainless Steel Grab Rail | Star Washroom Accessories. Ambulant Grab Rail - S32-013L/H-450x700. S32-013 Ambulant Grab Rail is made of 304 Stainless Steel Satin Finish Tube. The circumference for that is 32mm the dimension is 450x700mmx45°. Fabrication for the rail is of type 304 - 1.2mm stainless steel, fabrication for Flanges is type 304 - 3mm stainless steel with 3 fixing holes and the covers is of type 304 - .7mm stainless steel.

Standard Cavity Sliders | Smooth Door Systems
Standard Cavity Sliders | Smooth Door Systems. Our standard (STD) cavity door system is supplied with clear anodised captive reveals and end jamb. This system allows for rough cut 10-13mm plasterboard wall lining to tuck in behind the captive reveals and end jamb taking away the need for additional finish of these corner returns. This system is ideally suited for quick installations, achieving a modern look with the added advantage of providing a better edge protection.

Subway Tiles Sydney | MDC Mosaics
Subway Tiles Sydney | MDC Mosaics. We believe the Subway tile is the most versatile and fun tile there is to work and live with. Whether you want a classic subway look or turn them on them side and choose the herringbone finish, the choice is yours. We just love the fact these funky little tiles can give us a choice and interesting options. The Subway tile fits into many design options while enhancing and providing the perfect finish.

Timber Floor Hardwax Oil Longevity | Whittle Waxes
Timber Floor Hardwax Oil Longevity | Whittle Waxes. Hardwax Oils Saving money in the long run. When choosing a timber floor coating it is important to consider what benefits your coating choice will provide you with in the long run. There is a large price difference between the coating types, which is reflected in the quality of the coating, where it is manufactured and the Health benefits.

V-Frame Scaffold Base Unit | Network Building Supplies
V-Frame Scaffold Base Unit | Network Building Supplies. Network Building Supplies, supply The GTPRO V-Frame Scaffold which is a compact folding aluminium scaffold system. It is a versatile scaffold tower that suits both the Trade and Domestic users as its slimline in design, light and easy to assemble, easy to manoeuvre on sites, dismantle and store. It can also have an extension pack added to increase height to 2.8m.

Vertical Safety Line | LB Wire Ropes
Vertical Safety Line | LB Wire Ropes. LB Wire Ropes supply the BS010120 vertical safety line x 20m fitted with BSM00007 snap hook one end. It also has an Optional BSM0012 manual rope grab available. Vertical safety lines can be set up on a temporary or permanent basis. The purpose of these lines are for climbing structures and being attached whilst climbing or traversing the structure.

Vinyl and Textile Floor Adhesive Rollcoll | Mapei
Vinyl and Textile Floor Adhesive Rollcoll | Mapei. Rollcoll Universal adhesive in water dispersion for vinyl and textile floor and wall coverings. Interior installations of all types of vinyl floor coverings, tufted and woven carpet, needlepunch, cork, coconut fibre flooring, textile, PVC and cork wall coverings. Rollcoll is a fast-setting synthetic polymer-based adhesive in water dispersion formulated in a light beige paste for application in a single coating.

Waterproofing Heritage Listed Buildings | Bayset
Waterproofing Heritage Listed Buildings | Bayset. Case Study - Waterproofing A Listed Building. Warwick, Queensland. Waterproofing a state heritage listed historic building. Plumb's Chambers is a historic building registered as a 'Place of Cultural Significance', located in Warwick, Queensland. The building dates to 1874-75 and was structurally compromised with substantial rising damp issues.

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