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Access Solutions French Foundary Video | EJ
Access Solutions French Foundary Video | EJ. EJ is the world leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of access solutions for water, sewer, drainage, telecommunications and utility networks worldwide. Our highly trained and experienced in-house product development teams will provide the optimum solutions to solve our customers' challenges. We will continue to explore the use of alternative materials for special application areas.

Acoustic Fence System | Poly-Tek
Acoustic Fence System | Poly-Tek. Poly-Tek Australia Pty Ltd is excited to release its newest acoustic fence system. The Enduro fence panel comes at a price point that gives a developer/builder every conceivable fence requirement at the being the most price competitive in our range. The Poly-Tek Enduro Noise Fence Panels will meet and exceed any product for value and performance.

Acrylic Splashbacks Australian Made | ISPS Innovations
Acrylic Splashbacks Australian Made | ISPS Innovations. Product of Australia licence granted for Bonethane DIY Splashbacks & Australian Made licence granted for IPA Acrylic DIY Splashbacks by ISPS Innovations. Its official ISPS Innovations are elated & wish to advise that Australian Made Organisation have accredited our processes and have granted ISPS Innovations not just the Australian Made logo for our IPA Acrylic Splashbacks.

Adjustable Hand Rail Brackets and Fittings | ECIA
Adjustable Hand Rail Brackets and Fittings | ECIA. In stock now, ECIA's growing stock list now has the new shaped hand rail brackets. Designed for many applications, the flange shown is adjustable to accommodate a range of thicknesses. The new products are available in #400 satin finishing and #600 high polished 316 stainless steel finishing. All products are our own original designs and are direct from our manufacturer.

Aluminium Roller Shutters | Undercover Blinds & Shade Systems
Aluminium Roller Shutters | Undercover Blinds & Shade Systems. MOTORISED Electric Roller Shutters via a 240Volt or 12 Volt options (depending on customers requirements). No electrician needed! (For 12Volt System) That's right; you do not need to spend any extra money on an electrician! The E-Series is an affordable motorised control system that is battery operated and therefore is not reliant on mains power.

Anti Slip Timber Coatings | Whittle Waxes
Anti Slip Timber Coatings | Whittle Waxes. The Australian Building Codes Board has come up with some new slip resistant regulations and laws for stairs, we are now among the toughest country for laws about slip safety on staircases in the world. The Australian Building Codes Board has come up with some new slip resistant regulations and laws for stairs, we are now among the toughest country for laws about slip safety on staircases in the world.

Australian Standard Compliant Windows | Paarhammer
Australian Standard Compliant Windows | Paarhammer. Recently some high profile projects were in the media for all the wrong reasons: their windows did not comply to the Australian Standard. The Australian Standards AS2047 and AS1288 set out minimum mandatory specifications under the Building Code of Australia which your windows and doors have to meet. All window manufacturers must comply with this Standard and must be able to verify compliance on request.

Authentic Look Laminate Flooring | Preference Floors
Authentic Look Laminate Flooring | Preference Floors. Preference Floors offer the Oakleaf Collection, which is an authentic look laminate flooring range in the popular European oak style of washed out cool muted tones. Combined with a long wide plank, the Oakleaf Collection offers a real alternative to timber flooring without compromising quality and look.

Automated PVC Strip Curtains | DMF International
Automated PVC Strip Curtains | DMF International. The Auto BiFlex is designed and manufactured by Sydney based company, DMF International Pty Ltd, and is a unique automated PVC strip curtain that opens and closes automatically with a complex accordian motion. DMF has been manufacturing and supplying Visiflex PVC Strip Curtains for decades, for various applications requiring protection from dust, temperature or noise, in which there is a lot of traffic flow.

Balustrade Safety Glass | Axiom
Balustrade Safety Glass | Axiom. Adelaide Oval has been a feature in the city since it was built in 1871. It boasts a rich sporting history having been used for AFL, state and international cricket and has also played host to international soccer and rugby. Axiom Group assisted in the redevelopment by supplying toughened laminate safety glass to various viewing areas and balustrades.

Basement Waterproofing Case Study | Bayset
Basement Waterproofing Case Study | Bayset. Waterproofing a new basement storage area. The property is the last one in a line of units, all built over a basement car-parking area. The owners wanted to convert the basement storage area into a 'granny flat' and Newton System 500 was installed internally to treat water ingress. The property is the last one in a line of units, all built over a basement car-parking area.

Bridge Deck Concrete Waterproofing | Radcrete Pacific
Bridge Deck Concrete Waterproofing | Radcrete Pacific. King Abdulaziz International Airport, SAUDI ARABIA. Radcon #7 - Used in Saudi Arabia for 15+ years. Does not blister, puncture or delaminate like membranes. Ideal for Hot Humid Climate. Tested to 165 °C.

Bronze Pedestal Sculpture by Stephen Glassborow | ARTPark
Bronze Pedestal Sculpture by Stephen Glassborow | ARTPark. This stunning Medium sized solid bronze sculpture 'Mouth Piece' by Sydney artist Stephen Glassborow, delivers a striking impression for anyone who view's this piece in the flesh. The Bronze is indulged in a colouring process called a 'patina' giving the sculpture are Marble like finish and can vary in many different colour tones to suit various applications.

Car Park Deck Waterproofing | Radcrete Pacific
Car Park Deck Waterproofing | Radcrete Pacific. The Whitford Shopping Centre constructed by Westfield's Design & Construction in Western Australia was treated with Radcon #7 to approximately 1,600 square metres of car park deck and plant rooms. During the curing of the car park deck some minor plastic shrinkage cracks developed, which often occurs particularly with large expanses of concrete.

Carbon Neutral Fireplace Fuel Greenflame Briquettes | Evalock
Carbon Neutral Fireplace Fuel Greenflame Briquettes | Evalock. Evalock is proud to introduce 'Greenflame' briquettes. A sustainable, clean, high heat efficient hardwood fuel, for all fire applications. Low ash residue, no binders, minimal smoke and consistent high heat and long clean burn times, makes this product superior in the market.

CareVision Shop is Mobile Friendly
CareVision Shop is Mobile Friendly. Shop and browse through a range of supportive and assistive products in our Online Shop with ease via the user-friendly functional layout. Built specifically to provide a simplistic, yet efficient shopping experience to you on your tablet or mobile device. CareVision believes that everyone deserves the opportunity to stay at home to age in place while maintaining quality of life.

Cast Ductile Iron Access Covers MAESTRO™ | EJ
Cast Ductile Iron Access Covers MAESTRO™ | EJ. Tweed Shire Council, located at the southern end of Australia's famous Gold Coast, explored the efficiency of MAESTRO™ at a new residential subdivision in the regional coastal village of Cabarita. The trial was a sensational success with both installers and Council itself highly impressed at the ease of installation and the working features of MAESTRO™ in terms of accessibility and safety for workers.

Cold Weather Tiling Information | LATICRETE
Cold Weather Tiling Information | LATICRETE. Technical - Cold Weather Tiling and Grouting. LATICRETE products are well known to deliver the productivity and performance required by the contractor as we move into the colder months. After all, LATICRETE was developed in a part of the world that gets extremely cold. Conventional Portland cement tile setting beds, thin-set adhesives, grouts and cement plasters have retarded setting times in these cooler temperatures.

Cold-formed Steel Framing Workshop | NASH Engineering
Cold-formed Steel Framing Workshop | NASH Engineering. NASH Engineering Workshop - Unlocking the Mystery. NASH is holding a 2 day cold-formed steel framing workshop on Sunday 26th July and Monday 27th July at Swinburne University in Melbourne, Victoria. This workshop will be technical based and will give attendees: - guidance and information on designing with cold-formed steel in residential and low-rise buildings.

Colonial Style Skirting Boards | Australian Moulding Company
Colonial Style Skirting Boards | Australian Moulding Company. Most Colonial homes are very simple with few decorative features. It was originally influenced by the British Georgian and Regency periods throughout the 19 Century. Attributes of a typical Colonial home include symmetrical design, corrugated iron roofs, brick chimney stacks, multipane sash windows, six panelled doors, brick quoining, external shutters, wide wrap-around verandas, hipped roofs.

Coloured Cement Based Grout Video | LATICRETE
Coloured Cement Based Grout Video | LATICRETE. PERMACOLOR Select is an advanced high-performance cement grout that offers the industry's first dispensable dry pigment solution. PERMACOLOR Select is designed for virtually all types of residential and commercial installations and offers optimum performance on the most demanding exterior or interior applications.

Commercial Pool Water Filtering | Waterco
Commercial Pool Water Filtering | Waterco. Perfect as a pearl: new filter media improving patient care at Leicester Hospital. Hydrotherapy is a vital rehabilitation service for those recovering from major surgery or a serious injury, not to mention the elderly and the very young. The vulnerability of this group makes it absolutely essential for hydrotherapy pools to be free from potentially harmful bacteria.

Commercial Dual Jet Hand Dryer | Star Washroom Accessories
Commercial Dual Jet Hand Dryer | Star Washroom Accessories. Voted best value, the Dual Jet Hand Dryer commercial hand dryer is elegant and popular, due to its easy installation, low maintenance and low power consumption with brushless DC motor (7-10 years life)). Users enjoy this dual hand dryer for its convenience, hygiene and innovative design. The jet dryer is a faster, more hygienic and environmentally friendly way to dry your hands.

Compliant Hospital Ventilation Solutions | Camfil Airepure
Compliant Hospital Ventilation Solutions | Airepure. Seeking compliant solutions for critical Hospital Design Standards? Airepure Australia offer a range of products, services and consulting expertise that can assist you with your compliance to ACHS, DHS VIC Guidelines (and equivalent for QLD, WA and NSW), ISO/IEC 17025:2005 Requirements, AS/NZS 2243.3:2010 and AS/NZS 2243.8:2014.

Concrete Waterproofing with Caltite | Cementaid
Concrete Waterproofing with Caltite | Cementaid. Harbour Area Treatment Scheme (HATS) Stage 2A contract is one of the major sewerage infrastructure project in Hong Kong to improve the water quality of Victoria Harbour. This contract is to construct a diaphragm wall and foundation of a new main pumping station and an interconnection tunnel at Stonecutters Island Sewage Treatment Works (SCISTW).

Contemporary Monocromatic Stone | Sareen Stone
Contemporary Monocromatic Stone | Sareen Stone. Black Titan Jet Microhole is a chic contemporary monocromatic stone. Black Titan Jet Microhole will make a statement to complete a kitchen or bathroom, alternativley to complement basalt tiles or pavers as an outdoor kitchen work surface.

Corten Steel | Edcon Steel
Corten Steel | Edcon Steel. Weathering Steel is commonly known as COR-TEN or Corten Steel. The name Corten is a trademark name held by United States Steel Corporation for their grade of A 242 weathering Steel. This name is commonly used in Australia also to refer to Weathering Steels and many forms of weathering steels are imported under the name Corten while not being sourced from the US.

Custom Colour Splashbacks | ISPS Innovations
Custom Colour Splashbacks | ISPS Innovations. ISPS Innovations are pioneering DIY splashback categories in Bonethane, IPA Acrylic Splashbacks & luxury bathroom wall panels. Benchtops in any colour base together with Kitchen & Joinery used in commercial & domestic projects. Providing biggest range nationally delivered.

Custom Made Timber Doors | Wilkins Windows
Custom Made Timber Doors | Wilkins Windows. Wilkins Windows produce custom made timber doors to match existing designs and to blend both old and new joinery. Thick laminated glass and acoustic panels combined with recognised acoustic seals provide excellent noise reduction.

Custom Glass Mosaics from Your Own Artwork | Trend
Custom Glass Mosaics from Your Own Artwork | Trend. Custom glass tile mosaics, providing modern interpretations of classic mosaic art, are now available from Trend Group Australasia. Drawing upon more than 300 colours of Italian glass mosaic tiles and three different tesserae formats, the Kent-based company is able to work with interior designers and architects on translating any artwork, design, photograph or fabric sample into a gorgeous hardwearing mosaic surface.

Custom Fabricated Acrylic Chairs | Allplastics
Custom Fabricated Acrylic Chairs | Allplastics. Black Poison is Niche Boutique Muffin Coffee restaurant in Five Dock in Sydney. The owner of the restaurant, David wanted to achieve the WOW effect with his decor and seating arrangement. Allplastics fabricated a range of custom made clear 20 mm Thick Acrylic seats with a stunning polished edge. The fabrication was completed in a tight deadline and more than exceeded the client's satisfaction.

Data Centre Hot Aisle Containment from Tate
Data Centre Hot Aisle Containment | Tate. Hot aisle containment isolates hot air from the room and provides a return paths to the plenum. The entire room can be cooled using perimeter CRAC units, with the exhaust air being isolated to keep it from mixing with the cool air in the rest of the room. By containing the hot aisle, the two air streams are kept separate. It segregates supply and return air to provide predictable airfl ow temperature to equipment.

Decorative Floating Timber Beam Ceiling | Supawood
Decorative Floating Timber Beam Ceiling | Supawood. 3D floating beamed ceiling effect completes shopping centre's food precinct. SUPAWOOD'S Supaslat MAXI BEAM forms a decorative floating timber beam effect which flows along the mall ceilings of the food precinct at the Campbelltown Mall in Sydney NSW. Originally for the refurbishment of the mall ceilings the designers, Edge ID, incorporated the lighter timber slats of SUPASLAT in their design.

Door Murals for Dementia Friendly Environments | CareVision
Door Murals for Dementia Friendly Environments | CareVision. Ideally suited to dementia patients, a full-size photographic mural can be used to camouflage doors or doorways that lead to areas where someone may be at risk. Doors leading to stairways, rooms or cupboards storing items may pose a danger to those suffering from dementia or cognitive impairment. These murals help to camouflage the door and deter someone from entering unnecessarily.

Dulux and Ginger & Smart United By Style
Dulux and Ginger & Smart United By Style. Colour is key to creating your style, be it in the home or on the catwalk. To celebrate this, Dulux has partnered with Australian fashion label, Ginger & Smart. Together we've combined the latest fashion and interior trends to create three impeccably styled rooms within an Australian home. Inspired by Ginger & Smart's A/W 2015 collection, Arcadia House is fashion and home united by style.

Eco Friendly Flooring Ranges | Sherwood Enterprises
Eco Friendly Flooring Ranges | Sherwood Enterprises. Sherwood Enterprises has just expanded their Environment Eco-friendly innovative Flooring Ranges & now market Child Care - Preschool - Education with commercial certified Vinyl, Rubber & Eva Foam Floorings plus cushioned shock absorbing Doggy Day Care Kennel Flooring and orders already received on day 1 for loose-lay Acoustic Foam & loose-lay Screed Closed Cell Underlay's.

Eco Friendly Livestock Flooring | Sherwood Enterprises
Eco Friendly Livestock Flooring | Sherwood Enterprises. Sherwood Enterprises is an established Australian Family Owned & Operated Distributor Business since 2004 and based in QLD We are delighted to advise you re our LIVE STOCK FLOORING RANGES. As passionate thoroughbred horse breeders we established through Eastern Australia with great success over the years: Sherprise Horse & Dairy Cattle Rubber Floorings are at Online Discounted pricing DIRECT TO YOU.

Efficient Robotic Pool Cleaner Trident ECO | Waterco
Efficient Robotic Pool Cleaner Trident ECO | Waterco. Waterco unveils new addition to Trident range of robotic pool cleaners. Reducing chemical use and water and energy consumption are high priorities on any pool owner's list. Fortunately, choosing the right accessories is a simple way to meet all of these needs. In fact, Waterco's new Trident Eco Robotic pool cleaner has been especially designed to save water, energy and chemicals.

Efficient Warehouse Heating Solution Case Study | Heat-On
Efficient Warehouse Heating Solution Case Study | Heat-On. Heat-On was requested to do a quote & measure at a poorly insulated warehouse building located in Melbourne's south eastern suburbs. The operators of the building wanted to provide spot heating to 3 separate areas within the building. Heat-On's proposal was submitted and the operators continued their research by speaking with other heating suppliers.

Elmich Green Walls Available from KHD Landscape Engineering
Elmich Green Walls Available from KHD Landscape Engineering. Elmich Green Walls Go International. Elmich is not just making Australia a greener place, it's also branching out overseas to complete some stunning projects as far away as California and Singapore. California: In 2012, an Elmich Greenwall was installed in the plaza and meeting place at the Fashion Valley Mall in San Diego, California.

Engineered Retaining Wall System | Concrib
Engineered Retaining Wall System | Concrib. Stone Strong: The Great Wall of Warner. Located adjacent to Reflections Lake, Stage 120 release required a retaining wall of significant height and length to provide near-flat blocks with a great view over the lake. The project's developer PEET, has set high standards for the estate, and in keeping with this philosophy it was important to choose a retaining wall system that not only offered a sound engineering solution.

Ergonomic Arthritis Pen | CareVision Shop
Ergonomic Arthritis Pen | CareVision Shop. The Etac Contour Pen is a lightweight pen, specially designed to enable handwriting with poor gripping ability. Ideal for people suffering from rheumatism and arthritis. The pen rests comfortably in the hollow of thumb and index finger, preventing point pressure and strain on the fingers. Light fluid ink further reduces required strength.

Ermatic Access Cover Operational Video | EJ
Ermatic Access Cover Operational Video | EJ. We complement our extensive in-house knowledge with third-party research and input from industry experts. Our product designers use the latest software to generate designs. We also ensure that our products perform optimally through finite element analysis, in-house tests on materials, and load tests on product prototypes.

External Venetians Shading and Insulation | Evaya
External Venetians Shading and Insulation | Evaya. EFECTIVENESS OF EXTERNAL VENETIAN BLINDS. Assessing the impact of window blinds on levels of heat gain through glass. Heat gains that occur within internal spaces can be classified on the basis of their origin. These may result directly from internal sources of heat or from the external environment.

Fine Art Sculpture | ARTPark Australia
Fine Art Sculpture | ARTPark Australia. Sculpture makes a clear Statement of style and design. ARTPark Australia can offer the architect/designer or home owner the opportunity to consider a vast range of sculptural works by living Australian artists. Encompassing internal smaller scale works to large scale works, suitable for commercial or public placement, ARTPark Australia has a form to suit!

Fire Resistant Pipe Insulation | Thermotec
Fire Resistant Pipe Insulation | Thermotec. Thermotec E-flex ST is a high quality general purpose pipe insulation which is ideally suited for HVAC applications and general plumbing duties. E-flex ST is a fire resistant, closed cell, elastomeric rubber foam tubing, with excellent thermal properties, and is also available as a self-seal product. E-flex ST is a complementary product to our E-flex HT, which is a solar rated, high temperature, UV stable product.

Galintel Cavi-T-Bars | Treco Steel
Galintel Cavi-T-Bars | Treco Steel. Treco Steel, the original lintel specialist, stocks the full range of the easy to use galvanised structural Cavi-T-Bar. The Galintel Cavi-T-Bar lintel is the ideal solution for cavity walls, either double brick, or brick veneer with timber trusses. The Cavi-T-Bar was developed in response to demand from builders for an economical substitute for built-up steel sections.

Galintel Rendabars | Treco Steel
Galintel Rendabars | Treco Steel. Treco Steel has been supplying the residential building industry with Galintel's Rendabar range since their introduction in the mid 1990's. Galintel Rendabar angles are total load bearing bars, specifically designed to facilitate cement rendering. Galintel Rendabars are easy to work with as compared to the concrete alternative.

Garden Statue Stain Protection | Dry-Treat
Garden Statue Stain Protection | Dry-Treat. Four residents of a Belgian garden needed some help. An odd couple, an alert Scottish terrier and a lethargic angel were being ruined by stains. The owners of the concrete statuettes requested that their beloved garden figurines be cleaned with Oxy-Klenza™ and sealed with STAIN-PROOF Original™ to keep them looking their best.

Glass Balustrade Brackets | East Coast Industries Australia
Glass Balustrade Brackets | East Coast Industries Australia. East Coast Industries Australia (ECIA) - Stainless Steel 316 Glass Brackets with a Weldable flat plate. All products are our own original designs and are direct from our manufacturer. We offer wholesale prices and all items are kept in stock. Our products are manufactured through strict quality control procedures from high quality stainless steel all for competitive wholesale prices.

Glow in the Dark Toilet Seat | CareVision Shop
Glow in the Dark Toilet Seat | CareVision Shop. Allure Glow in the Dark Toilet Seats are made from strong, lightweight double moulded polypropylene, containing a proven anti-microbial substance to inhibit the growth of bacteria and microorganisms. Easy to install and fully adjustable to fit most toilet bowls, the seat will glow in the dark for up to 12 hours, from just a few minutes exposure to sufficient light source.

Handcrafted Timeless Bricks | LIGNASTONE
Handcrafted Timeless Bricks | LIGNASTONE. LIGNASTONE is available in either sandstone or cobblestone finishes. Sandstone blocks provide a more contemporary look combining a textured finish with greater dimensional precision. The cobblestone effect produces a rustic irregular finish that may range from subtle to a pronounced bellying on all sides, with notable variations in height and length.

Heat Pump Water Heater | Bosch Hot Water Systems
Heat Pump Water Heater | Bosch Hot Water Systems. If you are after a Heat Pump Water Heater, look no further than the Bosch Compress 3000. The air-to-water heat pump water heater represents the very pinnacle of energy efficient water heating innovation. Its multiple award-winning technology uses the same principle as a refrigerator, but in reverse - extracting heat from the air, transferring it into the water.

Heritage LED Street Lighting | WE-EF
Heritage LED Street Lighting | WE-EF. Combining classic elegance and outstanding optical performance - ASP530 LED post top luminaire from WE-EF. The ASP530 LED product is a WE-EF 'bell-shaped' luminaire, originally designed for use with conventional lamp technology combined with a reflector. In 2012, as part of the 'LED revolution' in the exterior lighting market, the ASP530 luminaire was converted to LED technology by using the patented WE-EF 'butterfly' LED lenses.

High Traffic Carpet Range | Prestige Carpets
High Traffic Carpet Range | Prestige Carpets. Providence Solution Dyed Nylon Carpets are designed to maximise luxury, elegance, style, and comfort underfoot. They are engineered to deliver the highest performance in high traffic residential areas, including stairs. Look to our ranges for beautiful fresh colours, textures and designs to enhance the ambience of your home.

High Speed Folding Doors | Premier Doors Systems
High Speed Folding Doors | Premier Doors Systems. Premier Door Systems recently supplied and installed a range of specialty High Speed Doors to the VISY Food Can production facility in Victoria. Key to the project was providing a solution to the entrance of a proposed airlock, which housed an automatic robotic pallet trolley that transferred all produced cans from production to warehousing.

Historic House Waterproofed with Wolfin System | Projex Group
Historic House Waterproofed with Wolfin System | Projex Group. Historic House waterproofed for the long term with Wolfin System. Elizabeth Bay House, in Elizabeth Bay, Sydney, was designed in the 1830's by the very fashionable architect of the time, John Verge. The building was commissioned by the Colonial Secretary Alexander Macleay. The construction was completed in 1839.

Home Mini Lifts | Eastern Elevators
Home Mini Lifts | Eastern Elevators. Quiet and with accurate floor levelling, this fully automatic lift is designed according to Australian Standards, and the Building Code of Australia, and is roomy enough to accommodate a wheelchair. Eastern Elevators home lifts are packed with standard and optional features so that you can have a lift that is ideally suited to your needs.

Imperial Oyster Marble | Sareen Stone
Imperial Oyster Marble | Sareen Stone. Imperial Oyster (Light) is imported from Indonesia and is a rich, beautiful veined marble. This stunning marble offers subtle veining throughout. Imperial Oyster (Light) showcases impeccable elegance along with practicality. Perfect for bathroom wall and floor tiles, this stone will offer both style and impact. Imperial Oyster marble mosaics are also available, providing seamless transitions from one space to the next.

Interior LED Lighting Design Case Study | Intralux
Interior LED Lighting Design Case Study | Intralux. RACV ROYAL PINES, GOLD COAST, QLD, AUSTRALIA. Award winning Lighting design from Tony Dowthwaite Lighting Design (TDLD) Utillizng the Enepro Xicato LED Downlights. TDLD (Tony Dowthwaite Lighting Design) was approached to be a part of the design team for the RACV Royal Pines Ballroom and Pre-function room refurbishment located on the Gold Coast.

LED Landscape Lighting for Carrum Foreshore | WE-EF
LED Landscape Lighting for Carrum Foreshore | WE-EF. Lighting the way to a revitalised Carrum foreshore. The landscape lighting of the redeveloped Carrum foreshore has played a pivotal role in the successful upgrading of this seaside suburb shore precinct. In 2012 the City of Kingston (Victoria) made the decision to upgrade the Carrum foreshore precinct, concurrent with the construction of a new Life Saving Club, to create an innovative and exciting area.

LED Tracklighting T900 H Curve | Brightgreen
LED Tracklighting T900 H Curve | Brightgreen. Brightgreen introduces the T900 H Curve - gallery-grade illumination in a minimalist tracklight design. Melbourne-based premium LED company Brightgreen has launched the latest addition to its popular range of track and surface-mounted downlights, the T900 H Curve - providing tracklight versatility in a sleek, contemporary fitting.

Magnetic Whiteboards | Allplastics
Magnetic Whiteboards | Allplastics. Allplastics has just added a new range of Magnetic whiteboards to its extensive range of architectural surfaces. The magnetic High Pressure Laminates have a durable surface, can be easily installed and is lightweight. It is available in white or black. Dekopin can serve as a marker board or whiteboard and is made in Germany.

Masonry Facade Protection | Cementaid
Masonry Facade Protection | Cementaid. Constructed in stages between 2005 & 2008, developers of Bali's exclusive ALILA VILLAS ULUWATU RESORT made extensive use of Batu Jogia or Jogia Stone, a luxurious, creamy-white coloured limestone. The region's high humidity and tropical temperatures however, mean that porous masonry such as Jogia Stone rapidly becomes weathered & discoloured by mold & fungal growth.

Master Builder Solutions Video | BASF
Master Builder Solutions Video | BASF. With Master Builders Solutions, BASF introduces a global brand of advanced chemical solutions for construction. The brand builds on the strengths of many existing BASF brands and products and represents our experience of more than 100 years in the construction industry. The Master Builders Solutions brand brings all of BASF's expertise together.

Maxibinder Load Binder | LB Wire Ropes
Maxibinder Load Binder | LB Wire Ropes. Safe and simple 'load binder' to tension transport chain, no recoil chain ratchet style. - 1/8 Chain link length adjustment. - alloy steel, heat treated for durability. - conforms to AS/NZ4344 standard. - designed for a higher pre-tensioning strength.

Modern Classic Bathroom Accessories | Caroma
Modern Classic Bathroom Accessories | Caroma. Caroma Introduces New Accessories to Pillar Collection. Australia's leading bathroomware brand Caroma has launched its new range of Pillar Accessories designed to complement its best-selling Pillar Mixers, combining trusted performance with sophisticated design. A modern interpretation of a classic design, the new Pillar Accessory range, perfectly matched with the Pillar Mixers.

Mono String Staircase | S&A Stairs
Mono String Staircase | S&A Stairs. Sitting inside one of Melbourne's most remarkable bayside properties is a stair that is simply astonishing. Feature Stair 36 comprises of a 150 x 100mm steel centre carriage with steel plates which have been rebated into the 66mm Amercian Oak treads. At the base of the stair is a series of striking American Oak feature platforms.

Multi-Residential Drainage and Access Cover Solutions | EJ
Multi-Residential Drainage and Access Cover Solutions | EJ. For the Apartment Development Boom EJ Teams With Aussie Plumbers. Someone once coined the expression Vertical Living. For those who don't know, it means high-rise apartment lifestyle and it's becoming ever more popular across Australia, with many new developments in full swing; you just have to observe the cranes in city skylines across the country.

Natural Stone Look Porcelain Tiles | MDC Mosaics
Natural Stone Look Porcelain Tiles | MDC Mosaics. The ability of tile manufacturers to mimic the look of natural stone has become so convincing you can now enjoy the beauty of Marble and Terracotta without any of the inherent drawbacks of these sensitive stones. You still get Natural Stones Character Strengths - Distinct natural patterning and enduring beauty. - Ability to compliment a wide range of design schemes.

Newton System 500 Remedial Waterproofing | Bayset
Newton System 500 Remedial Waterproofing | Bayset. Terraced House, Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast. Waterproofing a house with sloping ground levels. This terraced house is on a sloping ground level, and there were damp problems at the lower levels, resulting in the formation of mould and water ingress. Wetlock Waterproofing installed Newton System 500 internally, to address all issues.

Non Acoustic Smart Clip | Network Building Supplies
Non Acoustic Smart Clip | Network Building Supplies. Network Building Supplies offer The Smart Clip that is used for ceilings, or walls. It can be attached to Steel, Timber, or Concrete wall or ceiling systems. The clip has up to 25mm of adjustment available, allowing you to level a wall or ceiling. The Smart Clip will cover up any imperfections that may have occured in the base build.

Office Artwork and Consultation Service | SOHO Galleries
Office Artwork and Consultation Service | SOHO Galleries. This wonderful piece 'Comfort Zone' by Jonathan Hayed, indulges in subtle earthy tones yet still delivering a powerful visual impact turning any ordinary office, work space or room into something a bit more special and unique. The rich red tones complementing the individual seats, the dark browns play harmoniously with the carpet, while the white's and grey's create a sense of space, tuning in with the walls.

Organic Bathroom Collection Cupid by Caroma | GWA
Organic Bathroom Collection Cupid by Caroma | GWA. Caroma Brings Sculptural Elegance to the Bathroom with New Cupid Collection. Australia's leading bathroomware brand, Caroma, captures natural organic aesthetics with its new Cupid Collection, delivering understated elegance to any bathroom space. Beautifully crafted, the curved vessel style basins are central to the collection, providing a sculptural element to the bathroom.

Original Artwork Selections | SOHO Galleries Sydney
Original Artwork Selections | SOHO Galleries Sydney. Original Artwork adds colour to your home and inspiration to your life! SOHO Galleries has over 20 years of exhibition history to be offer a board selection of artwork for your home or office. Offering a valuable consultation service for advise on size and style that may best suit the environment in question, given the brief by the client or designer.

Pedestrian LED Lighting New Farm Riverwalk | WE-EF
Pedestrian LED Lighting New Farm Riverwalk | WE-EF. Illuminating a city's symbol of resilience. Opened during late September 2014, the New Farm Riverwalk in Brisbane is a walkway that has not only been restored after being washed away by floodwaters, but has triumphantly returned to provide a key connection between New Farm and the Brisbane City centre.

Petrol Station Drainage | Hydro Construction Products
Petrol Station Drainage | Hydro Construction Products. The ideal drainage solution for petrol station applications. Secure, rattle free and robust helps to make MEA Precast Polymer Concrete channels an ideal drainage solution for Petrol Stations. Combined with our Heavy Duty Ductile Iron Heelguard grates, the complete system adds reliability and functionality.

Polymer Concrete Drainage Channels | Hydro Construction Products
Polymer Concrete Drainage Channels | Hydro Construction Products. Next to appearance and the type of fall, the expected maximum load is the decisive criterion in the selection of a drainage system. Hydro Drain Supreme

Polymer System Splashback Specialists | ISPS Innovations
Polymer System Splashback Specialists | ISPS Innovations. With expertise in custom designed Splashbacks in a range of categories, ISPS Innovations provide a variety of services that not only offers the commercial industry quality custom designed Splashbacks, Wall Panels, Digital Printed splashbacks & signage but the versatility of choice. ISPS Innovations are able to dominate the proficiency of our Splashback range passing on the savings.

Pressed Metal Door Frames | Taylors Doors & Frames
Pressed Metal Door Frames | Taylors Doors & Frames. In Australia, no other manufacturer takes the fight against premature corrosion more seriously than (TDF) Taylors Doors and Frames. At Taylors Doors, we have manufactured thousands of quality pressed metal door frames. All designed and precision engineered to the demanding Australian climate including hot dry as well as salty humid coastal conditions.

Preston Hire Crane Supports Black Dog Institute
Preston Hire Crane Supports Black Dog Institute. In a show of support for the Black Dog Institute, Preston Hire has painted their 50th Maeda crawler crane in its SuperCranes fleet black and will be donating $5,000 from the machine's hire (February to November 2015) to help the Institute's efforts to improve mental health in the community.

Printed Acrylic Splashbacks | Innovative Splashbacks
Printed Acrylic Splashbacks | Innovative Splashbacks. Innovative Splashbacks® are Australia's PRINTED Polymer/Acrylic Splashbacks trailblazers. Innovative Splashbacks® are high quality products & designs at an affordable price. Supplying commercial and domestic markets with both painted and printed luxury acrylic (polymer) splashbacks is our specialty.

Rail Yard Stabling Security Gates | Magnetic Automation
Rail Yard Stabling Security Gates | Magnetic Automation. Magnetic has developed a high security gate design for train stabling yards. The purpose of the gate is to prevent vandals and pedestrians accessing trains when they are not operational. The gates vary in size to accommodate the number of tracks, with single leaf gate up to 7 metres and bi-parting gates up to 14 metres. The design of the stabling gate is similar to our MSG swing gate.

Reducing Door Frame Corrosion | Taylors Doors & Frames
Reducing Door Frame Corrosion | Taylors Doors & Frames. From the moment a welded door has been installed in your building, severe weather conditions and ambient moist humid coastal conditions can corrode frames. Just prior to installation a typical welded door frame should be re-coated but this adds cost to the initial purchase price.

Restroom Air Freshener Dispensers | Davidson Washroom
Restroom Air Freshener Dispensers | Davidson Washroom. Quality Air Freshener and Insecticide Dispensers deliver great added value for very little cost. Guarantee a pleasant restroom experience with our automatic Air Freshener and Insecticide Dispensers. All of these Air Freshener and Insecticide Dispensers are ultra-reliable, low profile, low maintenance units that have proven themselves in a demanding and competitive field.

Ring Jaw Sets for Press Fitting Tools | Viega
Ring Jaw Sets for Press Fitting Tools | Viega. Viega continues to innovate with ring jaw sets. Continuing innovation is at the core of Viega, the world leader in pressing technology. And its ring jaw sets, designed for Viega's press fitting tools, are no exception. 'We developed the ring jaw sets in response to customer feedback and ongoing research and development,' says Robert Hardgrove, Viega's technical manager / strategic projects in Australia.

Rooftop Terrace Winter Garden | KHD Landscape Engineering
Rooftop Terrace Winter Garden | KHD Landscape Engineering. Iconic Winter Garden and Roof Terrace in Sydney. A collaboration between leading architects Architectus in Sydney and Ingenhoven Architects in Germany at 1 Bligh Street in Sydney culminated in a stunning winter garden and roof terrace with million dollar views. The building delivers on the creative vision of the architects though the six metre high winter garden with Sydney Harbour views.

Sliding and Hinged Timber Shutters | Open Shutters
Sliding and Hinged Timber Shutters | Open Shutters. A clever solution in this kitchen - a combination of sliding and hinged shutters work around the tapware. At OpenShutters, we offer you Australia's most popular brand of custom made shutters and screens. We are also Australia's most-awarded shutter maker. With our ongoing innovation and development, we assure you of outstanding choice and quality.

Sliding Barn Door Hardware | Brio
Sliding Barn Door Hardware | Brio. Open Square Rail Timber 150. The heavy duty industrial appearance of the Brio Open Square Rail Timber will suit any contemporary interior and with capacity of 150kg panels at 2m wide, the system is sure to impress. Exposed precision bearings and 304 stainless steel strap fixings offer a unique industrial aesthetic which is in high demand for residential and commercial applications.

Slim-Line Concealed Cisterns | Viega
Slim-Line Concealed Cisterns | Viega. Viega launches new concealed cisterns in Australia. Viega, one of the leading international manufacturers of installation technology, has released a new range of concealed cisterns in Australia - the Mono Slim. The focus is on providing a slim-line, dual-flush cistern that's easy to install and use. And the cisterns can be fitted with a comprehensive range of architectural flush plates from Viega.

Soil Stability with TurfPave | Elmich
Soil Stability with TurfPave | Elmich. TurfPave - Improve Emergency Access and Soil Stability. TurfPave is a viable alternative for essential access roads and overflow parking. Adding much needed soft landscaping to help manage stormwater. Improved aesthetics and better for the local environment. The trafficable surface is ideal for Emergency vehicles, family cars, golf carts and high levels of foot traffic.

Sound Insulation Mount | Network Building Supplies
Sound Insulation Mount | Network Building Supplies. Network Building Supplies, supply The RONSTDC and STDC04x2 that are very versatile products. The most common use is the decoupling of wall systems. The design of the RONSTDC can be used in new construction or renovation. The STDC04X2 is twice as strong as the RONSTDC for use when heavy items need to be acoustically decoupled for noise isolation.

Stainless Steel Sculptural Works | ARTPark
Stainless Steel Sculptural Works | ARTPark. Sculpture makes a clear Statement of style and design. This wonderful Stainless Steel piece 'Orion's Gateway' by Artist Trevor Berry encourages you to think outside the box. Enriching its surroundings by complementing each element. Taking on the organic form of the green plants in the foreground, while remaining strong as steel like the building that sits in the background.

Stainless Steel Balustrading Components | LB Wire Ropes
Stainless Steel Balustrading Components | LB Wire Ropes. Stainless steel components and hardware for balustrading. LB Wire Ropes supply a wide range of quality stainless steel balustrade componentry. Service is the corner stone of our business. We stock a wide range of products and strive to provide a top level of service to meet your needs.

Steel Framed Construction in Bushfire Areas | NASH
Steel Framed Construction in Bushfire Areas | NASH. The new NASH Standard - Steel Framed Construction in Bushfire Areas is referenced in the National Construction Code 2015 edition, which was released on 1 February and came into force in all States and Territories on 1 May 2015. This means that this Standard is now deemed-to-satisfy solutions in the NCC and hence must be accepted by Building Surveyors and Certifiers.

Sunscreen Blind Fabric Made from Plants | SOLIS
Sunscreen Blind Fabric Made from Plants | SOLIS. REVOLUTION® Hi-Tec Sunscreen Blind Fabrics Manufactured from Plants by SOLIS. REVOLUTION® is the first sunscreen fabric for roller blinds in the world to be Cradle to Cradle Certified(TM) Gold. Unlike the standard polyesters used to make conventional blind fabrics REVOLUTION® is a fabric made from PLA (polylactic acid).

Sustainable Fireplace Fuel with Briquettes | Evalock
Sustainable Fireplace Fuel with Briquettes | Evalock. Greenflame Carbon Neutral Briquettes. Low ash residue / Minimal smoke. Easy to light - No kindling needed. Sustainable hardwood fuel. Suitable for all fire applications. Green energy. Reliable long burn. High even heat output. No binders and chemicals. Moisture content 10 - 12%. Convenient clean 20Kg bag. Australian Made.

Sustainable Timber Shutters | Open Shutters
Sustainable Timber Shutters | Open Shutters. We are committed to ensuring a low impact on the environment. Our sourcing program requires us to think sustainability, for example with timber sourced from managed forests. Nature created Western Red Cedar, naturally strong, durable with good looks. Open selects the finest fliches of cedar, cut from the centre of the log for consistent grain and inherent stability.

Sustainable Urban Living Video | BASF
Sustainable Urban Living Video | BASF. For us, sustainable development means the combination of long-term oriented economic success with environmental protection and social responsibility. The strategic and organizational implementation of sustainability helps us identify risks at an early stage while opening up new business areas for BASF. This requires a continuous dialogue with numerous stakeholders.

Textured Feature Wall Panels | 3D Wall Panels
Textured Feature Wall Panels | 3D Wall Panels. Fairmont Homes display home Scout Street, Willowdale NSW. The Mosaic design 3D wall panels, as artwork, gives warmth and richness to the stylish dining room in this Fairmont Homes display home. The Dunes design 3D wall panels have been painted to match the entrance wall and provide a wonderfully textured backdrop to various artworks.

Thermal and Acoustic Pipe Insulation | Thermotec
Thermal and Acoustic Pipe Insulation | Thermotec. Total Pipe Insulation Solutions - E-flex®. E-flex ST - HVAC, General Plumbing. E-flex HT - Solar HW, UV Resistant. Exceeds BCA Requirements. Self Seal Available. E-flex ST - minus 40°C to 110°C - Fire Rated. E-flex HT- minus 40°C to 150°C - Fire Rated. AS/NZS1530.3:1999 exceeds BCA 2015. BS476- parts 6&7 - Class 0.

Timber Slat Interior Paneling | Supawood
Timber Slat Interior Paneling | Supawood. Warm slatted timber interior for Army Memorial Chapel. SUPAWOOD'S SUPASLAT bespoke slatted Cambria Ash timber wall and ceiling panels fill the interior of the new RAE Memorial Chapel at Holsworthy Barracks with the transcendent warmth that only wood can provoke. The new non-denominational chapel is a valued element included in the relocation of the Moorebank Units to Holsworthy Barracks.

Trackless Bi-folding Swing Gates | Magnetic Automation
Trackless Bi-folding Swing Gates | Magnetic Automation. Protecting food manufacturing facilities from unauthorised entry with Magnetic Automation's safety trackless bi-folding swing gates. This gate installation ensures pedestrians and vehicles were prevented from entering the site. Magnetic's bi-folding gates were able to accommodate the 35-metre opening and also enabled multiple B-double trucks to enter the site at the one time.

Unique Abstract Artwork | SOHO Galleries
Unique Abstract Artwork | SOHO Galleries. A great addition to any home or office, bringing colour to where it is needed. This wonderful piece by Artist Conchita Carambano really brings a healthy presence to any space. Her vibrant, colourful and sometimes intense style really makes you stop and stair. You may find yourself sailing away on a colourful gurney once you lock eyes with one of Conchita's wonderful paintings.

Victorian Style Skirting Boards | Australian Moulding Company
Victorian Style Skirting Boards | Australian Moulding Company. Victorian home architecture incorporates various styles ranging from classic facades and Georgian styles to extremely ornate and decorative embellishments. Typical features of this period include decorative cast iron or lace work, terrace housing, steep pitched roofs, fret work, chimney stacks, multi coloured brickwork or red brickwork, stain glass windows, double pane windows.

Windows for Bushfire Areas | Wilkins Windows
Windows for Bushfire Areas | Wilkins Windows. Wilkins Windows offer a selection of windows and doors in either Timber or uPVC that comply with Bushfire Attack Levels. To determine your home's BAL rating and any special requirements for building in your area, consult your local council, government or local fire authority. Safety must always come first, so with this in mind once you have your BAL rating, you can rely on Wilkins Windows to deliver your choice of windows.

Woodcore Panel Access Floor System | ASP Access Floors
Woodcore Panel Access Floor System | ASP Access Floors. ASP Access Floors offers a CWC system that is designed to cater for small to medium data/comms/switch room environments. This panel was originally developed to give builders, architects and building owners an alternative to the cementitious panel. System Applications: Any small to medium sized application with the necessity for an antistatic high pressure laminate finish.

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