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12mm Hardwood Cladding Profiles | TIMBECK architectural
12mm Hardwood Cladding Profiles | TIMBECK architectural. New From TIMBECK architectural 12mm Hardwood Profiles suitable for both internal panelling and external cladding available in Coastal Blackbutt and Queensland Spotted Gum. Grade - Standard & Better. Width - 70mm and 120mm (cover)(80mm & 130mm cover also available for internal use only). Profiles - Shiplap and Vee Joint. Shiplap profiles available in 4 groove widths (3mm, 6mm, 12mm 18mm).

20 Years of Innovation with Axolotl
20 Years of Innovation with Axolotl. 20 years and still innovating. In July 1995 my brother Kim and I launched Axolotl from a one-car garage space in Redfern. This month marks our 20th anniversary and to celebrate we wanted to share our story, and to thank all of those who have been involved. From humble beginnings, booking presentations with architects and designers to showcase our four metal samples (available in a single texture!), we have long grown out of the garage.

Access Covers and Grates Technical Catalogue | EJ
Access Covers and Grates Technical Catalogue | EJ. It has always been the catalogue that anyone in construction and infrastructure industry has reached for, the EJ Technical Catalogue. The next generation catalogue is on the streets. It features all your favourite parts and products as well as a large paperback 'warehouse' of brand new global innovation from our affiliates in several countries - USA, France and Germany.

Accredited Cladding Systems | Unitex
Accredited Cladding Systems | Unitex. Unitex, over 30 years ago, was leading the change in Australia, a local manufacturer that introduced Australia to lightweight cladding as was already developed in Europe and was fast moving to a dominant position in European and UK markets as the cladding of choice for its insulated and protective properties.

Acrylic Bathroom Splashbacks | ISPS Innovations
Acrylic Bathroom Splashbacks | ISPS Innovations, bathroom splashbacks,laundry splashbacks, acrylic splashbacks, acrylic bathroom diy splashbacks, shower splashbacks, shower splashbacks, vanities, bathroom vanities, bathroom wall panels, australia made, product of australia, australian made splashbacks

Alspec Sliding Doors and Framing Specified for 2 Girls Building
Alspec Sliding Doors and Framing Specified for 2 Girls Building. The 2 Girls Building is a mixed use building that fuses art, photography and architecture. The project explores the relationship between the three disciplines and blurs their respective boundaries resulting in one craft overlapping and appropriating with the characteristics of the others in the form of a new medium.

Aluminium Extrusions Finishes | Aluminium Partition Systems
Aluminium Extrusions Finishes | Aluminium Partition Systems. Aluminium Partition Systems stock a wide range of Aluminium Extrusions, in Various Finishes, and Accessories for the Office Fitout and Shopfront markets. They also stock a wide range of commercial hardware and act as distributors for various companies and can quote on your door schedules. They have delivery vehicles in Sydney and the Central Coast to provide a quick and reliable delivery service to site or to your factory.

Aluminium Sliding Privacy Screens | Open Shutters
Aluminium Sliding Privacy Screens | Open Shutters. Privacy and access. These slatting screens are fitted on sliding tracks to ensure privacy, as well as access to garbage bins.

Architects Specify Acrylic Splashbacks
Architects Specify Acrylic Splashbacks. Acrylic splashbacks are fast becoming a popular glass alternative for large developments. Innovative Splashbacks use the highest quality acrylic in the world, a renowned & trusted brand that has been utilised in both commercial and residential projects world-wide for over 80 years.

Architectural Moulding Products | Unitex
Architectural Moulding Products | Unitex. Unitex Uni-shape mouldings, render, texture and Unitex Base Board systems used to convert this house from old and plain to outstanding! All products used were Unitex, and the project was overseen by Unitex's in house architectural mouldings team.

Artwork for Building Foyers | SOHO Galleries
Artwork for Building Foyers | SOHO Galleries. Two examples of what art can do for your space. Honours Field, mix media on canvas by artist Conchita Carambano, really brings the eye to the back of the room and adds color and flare to an other wise monochrome space. A little bit of color really goes a long way. In the other hand a more subtle approach but with equal impact, Commissioned BAS Aluminium Wall Relief Panels by artist Antonio Colangelo.

Automatic Soap Dispenser | Davidson Washroom
Automatic Soap Dispenser | Davidson Washroom. Visit the Davidson website to view our extensive range of soap dispensers that look good and are robust enough to handle the high traffic of commercial washrooms.

Backlit Printed Interior Panels | Supawood Architectural Linings
Backlit Printed Interior Panels | Supawood Architectural Linings. Dynamic oriental theme illuminated by SupaExpance backlit printed panels SUPAWOOD'S SUPAEXPANCE Printed taut ceiling panels generate a captivating impact when entering the newly renovated first floor of the City of Sydney RSL in George Street Sydney. The client's brief for the designers, Innersphere, was to integrate an oriental theme throughout this floor for the club's Dragons Fortune Bar.

BAL40 Compliant Windows and Doors | Alspec
BAL40 Compliant Windows and Doors | Alspec. Bushfires in Australia are almost a common occurrence during the hotter months due to Australia's hot and dry climate. Bushfire events in New South Wales, South Australia, Canberra, Western Australia and Victoria have been the most tragic bushfires events to occur in Australia's history. The ALSPEC BAL40 aluminium range has been designed to withstand temperatures of up to 40kW without failure to the glazing system.

Balustrade Suites for Henry Windsor Apartments | Axiom
Balustrade Suites for Henry Windsor Apartments | Axiom. Effortlessly stylish from every angle, Henry Windsor is bold, angular and boasts a strong architectural profile. With 53 apartments portraying contrasting colours, textures and interesting features it's easy to be right at home in eclectic Windsor. Located on the crossroads of cosmopolitan Prahran, Bayside, bohemian St Kilda and Albert Park this is definitely Melbourne's exciting new place to call home.

Bathroom Orientation Signage | CareVision Shop
Bathroom Orientation Signage | CareVision Shop. Bathroom Board with Velcro - Green. These Orientation Signs, using symbols and imagery, act as visual cues to help dementia patients quickly and easily locate rooms. Locating the rooms in the home can be stressful for people suffering from dementia. These Orientation Signs are available as stickers or foam boards, and are easy to adhere or mount on the door of each room in the home.

Bianca Perla Marble | Sareen Stone
Bianca Perla Marble | Sareen Stone. The Bianca Perla Marble is a beautiful hard stone with neutral and white tones and some veining. Understated, but elegant looking at the same time, it will complement without taking over your design. Not readily available due to the source of supply being from a quarry near the Afghan border territories, making it a very exclusive stone. Definitely well worth the effort.

Biological Washroom Cleaner | Bio Natural Solutions
Biological Washroom Cleaner | Bio Natural Solutions. The Biological Cleaner is a general purpose washroom cleaner that is safe, environmentally friendly and bio degradable. 1 litre makes up to 10 litres.

Boardroom Artwork | SOHO Galleries
Boardroom Artwork | SOHO Galleries. Fine art really adds something 'else' to any space this wonderful piece called 'Somewhere Else' by artist Johnathan Hayed is a real unique, colorful and charming asset to this otherwise bleak office space. Delivering a much needed vibrant color scheme, and at the same time not overwhelming or dominating the room. Our services and experience will help you find the right art for your unique space that just needs that something else.

Breathable Building Wrap Tyvek HomeWrap | Treco Steel
Breathable Building Wrap Tyvek HomeWrap | Treco Steel. Treco Steel has been the official New South Wales distributor of Du Pont's breathable building wrap for over 20 years. Treco currently stocks the 30 mtr rolls of Tyvek HomeWrap in both the 2743mm and 3048mm widths. All it takes is 45 minutes and you'll know why Tyvek HomeWrap is a better way to go whenever you insulate walls with batts.

CAST Nylatron GSM Cylinders | Allplastics
CAST Nylatron GSM Cylinders | Allplastics. Allplastics stocks a range of CAST Nylatron GSM Cylinders, which can be machined to Bushes, Wear Rings and Bearings. Nylatron GSM contains finely divided particles of molybdenum disulphide to enhance its bearing and wear behaviour without impairing the impact and fatigue resistance inherent to unmodified cast nylon grades.

Certified Fire Retardant Timber Linings | Supawood
Certified Fire Retardant Timber Linings | Supawood. Supawood certified fire retardant timber linings co-ordinated for prized building. A mix of SUPAWOOD timber panel products feature extensively throughout many areas of The Australian PlantBank, an important science and research facility in the Australian Botanic Garden at Mt Annan NSW. This building is a plant conservation resource and part of the Royal Botanical Gardens and Domain Trust.

Channel, Grate & Pit Systems | EJ
Channel, Grate & Pit Systems | EJ. In drainage channel technology and engineering, there is no more efficient than the range from EJ. And here is the just released, full story, pictures, specifications, featuring a star studded cast of trenches, grates and new generation pits for both cable and drainage use.

Chlorine Free Pool Hydroxypure Video | Waterco
Chlorine Free Pool Hydroxypure Video | Waterco. New oxygen-enriched pool sanitisation system a real alternative to chlorine Hydroxypure system: natural combination of hydrogen peroxide and ozone. Domestic and commercial pool owners now have a new sanitisation choice that's great news for swimmers with allergies and asthma - or those who just want a real alternative to chlorine.

Class E Grates & Drainage Channels | Hydro Construction Products
Class E Grates & Drainage Channels | Hydro Construction Products. The newly re-furbished United Service station in Labrador on Queensland's Gold Coast was completed in early 2015 and was supplied with Hydro's polymer concrete drainage channels with integrated cast iron edge rails and new style longitudinal ductile iron heelguard grates. The Class E grates are load rated to a whopping 13700kg and can handle any heavy traffic that drives across it.

Classic Look Vinyl Cladding | Austech
Classic Look Vinyl Cladding | Austech. A residence in Sydney breathes new life into their home with the use of Duratuff Select Vinyl Cladding to their home. The Owners chose Duratuff Select Vinyl Cladding in the Heather colour with 30mm foam for extra insulation in their walls. Country Style Cladding installed the cladding which has transformed this house into an easy living, low maintenance home.

CNC Routing Honeycomb Panels | Allplastics Engineering
CNC Routing Honeycomb Panels | Allplastics Engineering. Redback Racing is the University of New South Wales Formula SAE Team. Each year, the team designs and manufactures an opened-wheeled formula racing car for entry into the Formula SAE-Australasia Competition. Typically UNSW Redback Racing consists of around 40 undergraduate students from a range of degrees who are involved in all aspects of the build.

Colourful Acrylic Splashbacks | Innovative Splashbacks
Colourful Acrylic Splashbacks | Innovative Splashbacks. Innovative Splashbacks® On-Trend in the 2015 Colour OF The Year. Innovative Splashbacks have embraced The Pantone Colour Institute's 2015 Colour Of The Year: Marsala by introducing their limited edition version (COTY15) as a stylish and sophisticated colour choice for their acrylic splashbacks and decorative wall panels.

Commercial Warehouse Remedial Waterproofing | Bayset
Commercial Warehouse Remedial Waterproofing | Bayset. The commercial property needed a solution for the water penetration which could be installed quickly to minimise downtime. Newton System 500 was selected as it provided guaranteed results with minimal impact to the business.

Commercial Carpet Tile Range Video | Nolan.UDA
Commercial Carpet Tile Range Video | Nolan.UDA. Lights, Camera, Carpets: Nolan Carpets on Video. If a pictures tells a thousand words, then a video that runs for just over a minutes can tell you a tale of epic proportion. Introducing the Nolan Carpets video; a quick and convenient way for you to get an overview of the comprehensive carpet tile range on offer.

Commercial Sanitary and Nappy Bins | Davidson Washroom
Commercial Sanitary and Nappy Bins | Davidson Washroom. Davidson Washroom is one of the largest suppliers of sanitary and nappy bins to the hygiene service industry. Our LSD Sanitary Bins are one of our best selling product lines. They are, quite simply, a very commercial product - well designed, well made and well priced. These Sanitary Bins are designed and manufactured by us.

Concrete Roof Insulation | Foamular Extruded Polystyrene
Concrete Roof Insulation | Foamular Extruded Polystyrene. 2 Good Reasons to Insulate Concrete Roofs. 1. Concrete is a conductor and heat passes thru concrete as well as being stored in it's thermal mass. 2. Top floor apartments can be uncomfortable and have low energy efficiency because of this. Foamular 300KPA 65mm insulation was recently fitted to the roof of the Newcastle courthouse by NJD Corporation.

Concrete Column Installation | Clone Stone Australia
Concrete Column Installation | Clone Stone Australia. Clone Stone Australia were approached by a Newcastle Builder NJ and JB Building to supply and install 8 Tuscan Columns, that are 600mm in Diameter and 6.5 meters High. The Columns needed to be structural and shafts to be on piece.

Contemporary Sculpture | ARTPark Australia
Contemporary Sculpture | ARTPark Australia. This timeless bronze sculpture 'Dessert Flower' by artist Trevor Berry really sets the bench mark high when considering contemporary sculpture. An organic movement encourages a weightless feeling captured in rock solid bronze. Permanently set into the tiles this bronze piece will greet all that enter for years to come. Turning any space into something unique, sculpture offers a stylish investment.

Contemporary Bronze Metal Finishes | Astor Metal Finishes
Contemporary Bronze Metal Finishes | Astor Metal Finishes. When you think bronze metal finishes, you associate it with heritage projects & products including the likes of colonial tapware, vintage lighting and Victorian architectural hardware. However absolutely nothing is ordinary about seeing these aged finishes specified on contemporary products and included in modern sleek joinery details.

Copper Tone Knobs & Handles | Kethy
Copper Tone Knobs & Handles | Kethy. Bring a warmth and richness to your interior finishes with Kethys latest range of copper tones. Available in 3 styles.

Corrugated Perforated Aluminium Anodised by Universal Anodisers
Corrugated Perforated Aluminium Anodised by Universal Anodisers. Giffnock Ave - Macquarie Park interior refurb. On chatting with Ross McCready from Team 2 Architects as to their inspiration for the lobby refurb design. The chosen finish was corrugated, perforated aluminium sheet to allow filtered light into the rooms beyond, providing the enclosing but light effect of a curtain. The anodised finish adds another level to this giving the rich feeling.

Creative Name Badges | Architectural Signs Sydney
Creative Name Badges | Architectural Signs Sydney. A name tag is a badge or sticker which is worn on the outermost clothing as a means of displaying the wearers name for others to view. The customised name badge can be temporary or permanent. Name badges are used by customer service companies, such as fast food restaurants and act as a way of distinguishing or identifying the bearer.

Custom Designed Tube Lights | Astor Metal Finishes
Custom Designed Tube Lights | Astor Metal Finishes. Mim Design as a boutique design brand in itself, required chic, modern and stylish finishes. Mim Design pride themselves on their ability to combine heightened sophistication with simple and unique detail in every interior space they design. As a consequence, it was imperative that we reflected that in our finishes.

Custom Designed Spa Baths | Tilo Tapware
Custom Designed Spa Baths | Tilo Tapware. Tilo Tapware has recently incorporated a range of spa baths to its product selection. Choose from an extensive range of spa types, shapes, sizes and the number of jets to best suit your requirements. Hydrotherapy spa baths have been shown to provide many health benefits including pain relief, lowered blood pressure, improved mobility, agility and flexibility, wellness and heightened mental awareness.

Custom Retail Acrylic Feature Wall | Allplastics
Custom Retail Acrylic Feature Wall | Allplastics. Allplastics completed a customised feature wall at the Miranda Shopping Centre in Sydney for the Paramount property group. The fitout was for Forever Flawless who promote diamond-infused skincare products, so a 'perfect diamond' wall sculpture reflected their brand identity. The large diamond shape was fabricated from grey Euromir acrylic and opal acrylic, for a dramatic impact.

Custom Acoustic Perforated Panel | Keystone Acoustics
Custom Acoustic Perforated Panel | Keystone Acoustics. Keystone Acoustics is the leading manufacturer & supplier of architectural internal & external linings. A turn-key solutions based company, Keystone Acoustics offers design solutions, acoustic solutions, account management, technical information & shop drawings. All panels are custom engineered to meet architectural specifications & are available in a variety of material substrates.

Dementia Orientation Signage | CareVision Shop
Dementia Orientation Signage | CareVision Shop. These Orientation Signs, using symbols and imagery, act as visual cues to help dementia patients quickly and easily locate rooms. Locating the rooms in the home can be stressful for people suffering from dementia. These Orientation Signs are available as stickers or foam boards, and are easy to adhere or mount on the door of each room in the home.

Dining Room Artwork | SOHO Galleries
Dining Room Artwork | SOHO Galleries. This wonderful piece '16 Elements' by artist Michele Whithead really adds that something els to this dining space. We matched the right painting to suit budget, decor, and space ultimately enhancing the owners dining space and home. Notice the colour palate of the painting works perfectly with the rustic wooden furniture, introducing some earthy red tones to the environment balancing well with the greens from the courtyard.

Double Deflection Spring Isolator | Network Building Supplies
Double Deflection Spring Isolator | Network Building Supplies. Network Building Supplies, supply the SI-HD/DD Heavy Duty Double Deflection Spring Isolator. 6.5mm threaded rod to allow for several mounting systems. Currently available in 4.5, 9, 18, 36 & 70 kg options with 25mm deflection. The 18kg spring can support two layers of 16mm board with the Springs spaced at 1200x600.

DURAFLOOR TGA Demonstration Video | LATICRETE. Overview of DURAFLOOR TGA™, (a decorative overlay) at the 2015 World of Concrete Show, Gold Lot Outdoor Exhibit.

Eco Friendly Urinal Blocks | Bio Natural Solutions
Eco Friendly Urinal Blocks | Bio Natural Solutions. Bio Blitz Urinal Blocks use millions of friendly bacteria specially selected to digest uric salt and sludge eliminating the source of unpleasant odours rather than just masking it.

Efficient Hand Dryers | Davidson Washroom
Efficient Hand Dryers | Davidson Washroom. Mediclinics Speedflow - The Green machine. Advanced design has created one of the most energy efficient hand dryers in the world - in a great looking, compact and price competitive package. Dries hands in 10 to 12 seconds. Produces half the noise of leading competitors. 5 x more efficient than conventional dryers.

Efficient Commercial Skandic Mixer Range by Caroma | GWA
Efficient Commercial Skandic Mixer Range by Caroma | GWA. Caroma Reveals Robust Water and Energy Efficient Skandic Mixer Range. Caroma has launched the beautifully efficient and reliably robust Skandic mixer range, to provide solutions for heavy duty and high traffic, healthcare and commercial applications. Engineered for optimum performance, the comprehensive range includes both bathroom and kitchen mixers.

External Insulation with Foamular Metric Extruded Polystyrene
External Insulation with Foamular Metric Extruded Polystyrene. Foamular used to increase the Energy Efficiency in this Home! Cutting edge design coupled with lower energy demand has been achieved in this stunning home from Kieran Mclnerney Architects. Committed to energy efficiency in design, Architect Kieran McInerney has chosen Foamular Metric Extruded Polystyrene Insulation as the external insulation on a number of his projects.

Exterior Aluminium Louvre Screens | Open Shutters
Exterior Aluminium Louvre Screens | Open Shutters. Large aluminium louvre screens. This home has ensured privacy while creating a fantastic feature outdoors. Open are innovators applying design thinking. From cedar interior shutters to aluminium external louvres for shading, privacy screens to shoji screens, functional requirements are resolved with bespoke product solutions.

Exterior Screening Solutions | Open Shutters
Exterior Screening Solutions | Open Shutters. Gateway. Successful refurbishment of 1950s multistory apartment block. A screen hinged gate with fitted locks hides the downstairs carpark and laudray areas. There is secure access for residents.

External Shading Systems | Evaya
External Shading Systems | Evaya. evaya heralds a new era in attractive and versatile high performance shading systems. Ongoing product development, research and design, coupled with investment in the latest manufacturing technologies ensures we provide our clients with innovative modern ranges, all of which have been developed to benefit the continuing evolution of building design and sustainability.

Fall Protection for Tools Video | 3M Safety
Fall Protection for Tools Video | 3M Safety. 3M Safety, the global leader in fall protection has announced the launch of their new DBI-SALA® range of Python Safety® Fall Protection for Tools, a collection of dropped object prevention solutions for tools and equipment. The Fall Protection for Tools range is third-party tested and is ideal for use in applications that that involve work being performed at height.

Fast Delivery and Reliable Service | EJ
Fast Delivery and Reliable Service | EJ. Protect Your Bottom Line With Reliable Service From EJ. The scene: a construction site where a delivery of access covers is expected to arrive anytime soon. The installation crew is standing around waiting, chatting, swigging on their water bottles. A mobile phone rings, the manager is advised that the access cover stock is delayed for a day. The rostered team has to be paid and there's no actual work for them to proceed with.

Federation Skirting Boards | Australian Moulding Company
Federation Skirting Boards | Australian Moulding Company. Federation and Edwardian style homes were one of the first distinctively Australian homes. Their designs embraced the outdoor lifestyle of the Australian People and are often very eye catching.

Foam Soap Dispenser | Star Washroom Accessories
Foam Soap Dispenser | Star Washroom Accessories. Easy to use with large push buttons that can be hand or elbow operated. They are easily and securely fixed to any wall using re easy to use with large push buttons that can be hand or elbow operated. They are easily and securely fixed to any wall using self adhesive pads or with the screws. This 1200ml refillable foam soap dispenser is the perfect balance between luxury and value.

Freestanding Gas Fireplace FS730 | Escea
Freestanding Gas Fireplace FS730 | Escea. Escea has taken smart, innovative gas heaters to the next level with the latest addition to their award-winning range. The Escea FS730 Gas Fireplace is our freestanding gas fireplace for those with not enough wall space for an inbuilt fireplace or for replacing your freestanding wood burner. A first for Escea, the FS730 is a response to the demand for a mess-free, efficient alternative to freestanding wood burners.

Giant Outdoor Sculpture by CVL | ARTPark Australia
Giant Outdoor Sculpture by CVL | ARTPark Australia. This wonderfully giant white sculpture by artist CVL really speaks loudly to those you want to listen. Constructed of mild steel it will be set like stone in any environment for years to come. Feeling right at home in this picture from the 2014 Australian Garden Show. Think outside the box when you think of sculpture and how it could influence your life and your space.

Glass Pearls Filter Media for Pools Video | Waterco
Glass Pearls Filter Media for Pools Video | Waterco. Waterco's Glass Pearls offer much finer filtration than other alternatives and are therefore capable of providing outstanding water purity and clarity (filtration below 3 microns). They also require 20 per cent less water for backwashing compared to sand. Ultimate water purity. Whereas other filter media may contain different contaminants, Waterco's Glass Pearls are chemically inert for the ultimate water purity.

Greenflame Briquettes Carbon Neutral | Evalock
Greenflame Briquettes Carbon Neutral | Evalock. Some people ask how is it Carbon Neutral? Carbon is an essential element in photosynthesis for the growth of trees, thus burning timber is classified carbon neutral, as the carbon released in the atmosphere is then taken up during the photosynthetic reaction, closing the carbon cycle. Greenflame is also renewable and sustainable, as timber is sourced from 100% controlled forestry, plantation timbers and FSC.

Greenwall Installation with Elmich VGM Modules | KHD
Greenwall Installation with Elmich VGM Modules | KHD. The Largest Greenwall Installation In the World. Elmich Singapore is very proud to be responsible for the largest greenwall installation in the world. The installation, which makes use of Elmich's VGM Green Wall modules, is located at Singapore ITE Headquarters and College Central. The Green Wall stands an impressive 35m high and was created in line with the college's eco-initiative.

Greenwall Facade with Elmich VGM Modules | KHD
Greenwall Facade with Elmich VGM Modules | KHD. The clubhouse of a residential complex in Singapore has taken the idea of green construction seriously by installing an Elmich Greenwall at the facade, the convex wall on the second level and a freestanding wall in the main entrance. This ambitious project used Elmich Vertical Greening Modules to create the stunning final result.

GreenTag™ LCARate Sliver Certification | Karndean Designflooring
GreenTag™ LCARate Sliver Certification | Karndean Designflooring. Karndean Designflooring is pleased to announce its achievement of GreenTag™ LCARate Silver certification of its luxury vinyl designflooring products, which now offer eco-credit points towards GreenStar building projects. GreenTag�™ is a third party green building product rating and certification system. It simplifies the process of identifying, comparing and sourcing products for their environmental credentials.

Greenflame Briquette Technical Information | Evalock
Greenflame Briquette Technical Information | Evalock. Moisture content is guaranteed to be 10 - 12%. Cut timber sits between 20 - 65% moisture. 2 - 3 times more heat energy contained in a briquette compared to the equivalent mass of split wood, this is due to its extremely low moisture content. Therefore fewer logs are required to achieve an equivalent heat value. The uniformity in size, density and moisture ensures a predictable clean burn.

HEELPROOF™ Grates for Barangaroo | EJ
HEELPROOF™ Grates for Barangaroo | EJ. Hopping into Sydney's Barangaroo HEELPROOF™ Grates by EJ. The winning tender for the installation of grates throughout this major development on a prominent headland on Sydney Harbour, has been awarded to McPherson Plumbing, who sourced our grates through Plumbers Co-op.

Height Adjustable Decking Pedestals | Elmich
Height Adjustable Decking Pedestals | Elmich. This tired roof terrace in Brisbane has been revived using the range of Elmich Pedestals. Using SpiraPave very low height pedestals under decking tiles, provides a new appealing surface without the need for a major roof renovation and still maintaining access to drainage outlets for routine maintenance.

High Performance Polymer Splashback used by Architects
High Performance Polymer Splashback used by Architects. Bonethane is a high heat Polymer Splashback and Wall Panel which comes with GRIPTEK backing, a barrier application which controls colour consistency, delaminating and imperfections within the wall or adhesives applied to the backs of sheets. Unlike conventional coloured Acrylics, Bonethane does not split or crack when cutting, drilling or planning and is equipped with self extinguishing properties.

High Quality Carpets | Prestige Carpets
High Quality Carpets | Prestige Carpets. Meticulously manufactured in Australia, the Prestige Carpets portfolio comprises some of the world's highest quality, innovative and chic carpet products. Our carpets are featured in publications such as Vogue Living, Belle and Inside Out, and can be seen in some of Australia and New Zealand's finest homes.

High Efficiency Tube Heaters with Modulation | Devex Systems
High Efficiency Tube Heaters with Modulation | Devex Systems. High Efficiency, German-made Gas Radiant Overhead Heating Designed for Large Spaces. Schwank is the world leader in gas radiant heating. After having invented infrared gas heating over 70 years ago, Schwank has become internationally recognised for their state-of-the-art, high performing overhead heating systems.

Hydronic Heating Systems | Bosch Hot Water Systems
Hydronic Heating Systems | Bosch Hot Water Systems. Bosch Hydronic Heating Boilers provide hydronic heating comfort using condensing technology to harness 'waste heat', which would normally be expelled. This unique method of operation is more than 90% energy efficient.

Hydro Construction Products at Build NZ
Hydro Construction Products at Build NZ. Hydro featured an impressive looking stand at this year's Build NZ show on the weekend in Auckland! On display was our exciting new Mearin GRP Range, our Solution Shallow channel systems, the Ductile Iron Wave grate and the new Hi-Flow Grate and Profix locking system which was recently installed on the Wainui Road Southern Bound On Ramp in Silverdale.

Inground LED Luminaires | WE-EF
Inground LED Luminaires | WE-EF. ETC300 LED inground luminaire family is now complete. ETC300 LED inground luminaires with a shallow housing (max. 200 mm) are recommended when the depth for flush installations is limited. In 2015, WE-EF completed the ETC300 LED inground luminaire family, with the addition of the ETC310-FS LED and ETC340-FS LED, which are the smallest and largest sizes, respectively.

Innovation Excellence Solamander Hydronic Energy Hub | Devex
Innovation Excellence Solamander Hydronic Energy Hub | Devex. Excellence in Innovation - Sustainable Comfort Heating. The Solamander® Hydronic Energy Hub is a recently patented innovation designed and developed by the team at Devex Systems. This integrated energy solution has set new benchmarks for sustainable technology in the building industry.

Kitchen Exhaust Abatement Systems | Camfil Airepure
Kitchen Exhaust Abatement Systems | Airepure Australia. Before exploring the most appropriate kitchen exhaust abatement system for your site, it is important to know the food type and cooking methods being undertaken as well as the air and noise quality expectations of the site surrounds. Ideally, there are appropriate places to remove various contaminants within any given kitchen exhaust abatement system.

Leak Detection System | International Leak Detection
Leak Detection System | International Leak Detection. The EFVM® leak detection system is now available in Australia and makes flood testing of waterproofing membranes a thing of the past. Initially introduced to the United States market in 2001, the EFVM® System is now used extensively around the world. Waterproofing membrane defects can occur during or after installation.

LED Lighting Thermal Efficiency | Brightgreen
LED Lighting Thermal Efficiency | Brightgreen. Melbourne-based premium LED company Brightgreen has released a comparative study on the effect recessed and surface-mounted LEDs have on home thermal efficiency. Modelled on government and academic research, the study outlines how choosing surface-mounted LEDs instead of recessed equivalents can save homeowners so much in temperature control, that it covers the cost of lighting up an average-sized Australian home.

LED Boom Gates | Magnetic Automation
LED Boom Gates | Magnetic Automation. LED BOOM GATES FOR INCREASED SAFETY VISIBILITY. Magnetic Automation recently installed three MHTM boom gates at a caravan park. The boom gates were programmed to function in sync with the caravan park reservation system already in place. By integrating the reservation system with the boom gates, key pads or proximity cards can grant patrons access into the park out-of-hours.

Light Raw Stain Floor Coating | Whittle Waxes
Light Raw Stain Floor Coating | Whittle Waxes. Due to popular demand of clients loving and wanting to keep that freshly sanded raw look we have created our own Whittle Waxes Light Raw Stain. For light timbers such as pine, oak, black butt, ash, etc. Light Raw Stain gives a freshly sanded look that lasts. By neutralizing the darkening of the following coats of harwax oil, keeping the timber clear and as close to its natural raw colour as possible.

Liquid Cold-Applied Waterproofing Membrane | BASF
Liquid Cold-Applied Waterproofing Membrane | BASF. MasterSeal HLM 5100TIX & 5200SL. External below grade: BASF has introduced two new products for use in covered membrane installations such as retaining walls, basements, planter boxes, podiums and podium gardens. MasterSeal HLM 5100TIX is a single component water based thixotropic polymer membrane with high elongation and fast curing characteristics.

Living Space Artwork | SOHO Galleries
Living Space Artwork | SOHO Galleries. This wonderful and timeless commissioned work by artist Marshal Williams really sits at home with equally stunning surroundings. This living space sitting above the Pacific ocean was calling for something of true beauty to coincide with the natural wonders of the world outside. Keeping in sync with a nautical theme, this water colour really compliments the space as does the space to the art work.

Manufacturing Facility High Speed Doors | Premier Door Systems
Manufacturing Facility High Speed Doors | Premier Door Systems. Founded in 1971, ABCOR Pty Ltd, trading as Preston General Engineering (PGE) quickly built a reputation for delivering quality products. Premier Door Systems has helped Abcor achieve these outstanding standards via the use of the Efaflex range of High Speed Doors. Abcor's recent extension included an additional 4 Efaflex High Speed Doors taking the total onsite to 10.

Matte Finish Bathroomware Sunstone Collection by Caroma | GWA
Matte Finish Bathroomware Sunstone Collection by Caroma | GWA. Caroma Unveils Timeless Sunstone Solid Surface Collection. Caroma, Australia's leading bathroomware brand continues to bring timeless sophistication to the bathroom with the unveiling of the new Sunstone solid surface collection. This range of basins and incredibly decadent freestanding bath offer a pared back aesthetic and create an unassuming authority in any bathroom.

Minimal LED Pendant Lights | Brightgreen
Minimal LED Pendant Lights | Brightgreen. Brightgreen releases its third design in as many weeks - meet the stylishly simple P900 Curve LED pendant light. Melbourne-based premium LED company Brightgreen expands its latest collection of surface-mounted designs to include the company's first pendant downlight - the minimalist P900 Curve.

Multi-Purpose Architectural Panels | Polystyrene Products
Multi-Purpose Architectural Panels | Polystyrene Products. Polystyrene Products have a computer generated cutting machine that will cut virtually anything. They supply a wide range of architectural mouldings and decorative features such as columns, fluted columns, keystones, gable moulds and fence caps just to name a few. The items menetioned can be used in houses, shopfronts, factories and high rise apartment blocks.

Oak Flooring | Preference Floors
Oak Flooring | Preference Floors. The Prestige Oak Flooring range distributed by Preference Floors throughout Australia is proving to be a popular choice by leading interior designers and architects. Manufactured from sustainable harvested French Oak the Prestige Oak Flooring range is engineered to provide lasting durability and strength whilst enhancing the unique warmth and character of our natural French Oak.

Open and Closed Cell Insulation Boards | Kingspan
Open and Closed Cell Insulation Boards | Kingspan. Open versus closed cell phenolic foams. When comparing different rigid phenolic insulation boards, it is important to distinguish between 'Open Cell' and 'Closed Cell' designs, as their respective performance characteristics vary widely. Kingspan Insulation's Kooltherm® insulation boards are made using Closed Cell phenolic foam for the following reasons.

Passenger Terminal Concrete Waterproofing | Radcrete
Passenger Terminal Concrete Waterproofing | Radcrete. RADCON Formula #7 - fast tracking construction of the new T3 Passenger Terminal at the São Paulo/Guarulhos - Governador André Franco Montoro International Airport. RADCON proved to be the uncontested waterproofing alternative for this 11,000 square metre raised pre-cast platform, with application completed in 15 nights - allowing for subsequent asphalt coating.

Patching and Repairing Concrete Video | LATICRETE
Patching and Repairing Concrete Video | LATICRETE. Perk Restore, a fast setting, two-component resin for patching and repairing concrete. This video is about Perk Restore, a fast setting, low odor, two-component advanced polymer resin designed for patching and repairing concrete. Perk Restore's very thin consistency and high bonding properties allow it to penetrate deep into concrete and create a tenacious bond for a permanent repair.

Paver Infill Aluminium Hatch | EJ
Paver Infill Aluminium Hatch | EJ. The No-hitch Hatch Now with Paver Infill New Generation from EJ. The aluminium hatch from EJ has always been up there for safety, security and easy access. But now it comes in an attractive package that can be fabricated to match the paved surrounding pedestrian way. This access cover has always featured a practical and easily operated recessed handle.

Perforated EQUITONE Tectiva Facade | Keystone Acoustics
Perforated EQUITONE Tectiva Facade | Keystone Acoustics. PROJECT: Caulfield Grammar School (EST: 1881)-Victoria Malvern Campus Learning Centre. PRODUCT: EQUITONE Tectiva (Colour: TE10-Beige). DESCRIPTION: Designed by Hayball Architects the Malvern Campus Learning Centre is a statement that the old can co-exist with the new as an innovative learning space for generations to come.

Personal Self Retracting Lifelines | 3M Safety
Personal Self Retracting Lifelines | 3M Safety. 3M Safety is pleased to announce the launch of our new PROTECTA range of Rebel Personal Self Retracting Lifelines. The latest update to our Rebel compact SRL range involves a refreshed and updated look, along with product enhancements to increase value for our users. Models within the Rebel Personal range are available from 1.8 to 6 metres and include a 4.5 metre Hot Work model.

Polystyrene & Polyurethane Manufacture | Polystyrene Products
Polystyrene & Polyurethane Manufacture | Polystyrene Products. If you are after an Australian leader in the manufacture and supply of polystyrene and polyurethane, look no further the Polystyrene Products. Many of Polystyrene Products customers are creative teams from movie sets who use polystyrene in unimaginable yet highly creative ways.

Polyaspartic Concrete Coatings by HP Spartacote | LATICRETE
Polyaspartic Concrete Coatings by HP Spartacote | LATICRETE. For several years, HP Spartacote has exclusively developed and manufactured polyaspartic coatings under the license of United States Patents 6,833,424 and 7,169,876. These two patents directly reflect what many within the industry consider to be the optimal raw material mixing ratio or 'index' for dual-component polyaspartic concrete coatings.

Proof Coil Chain | Bridco
Proof Coil Chain | Bridco. Bridco proof coil chain is manufactured from AISI 316 Stainless Steel. It is up to 50% stronger than commercial stainless steel chains and has been subjected to a proof load half the MBL sizes 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch.

Purchasing Door Frames | Taylors Doors
Purchasing Door Frames | Taylors Doors. At Taylors Doors we provide various 'easy to do business' purchasing options for our customers. We have online purchasing facilities, we accept email and fax orders and our staff are more than happy to take your call and dicsuss your project requirements with you directly or provide additional information.

Raised Toilet Seat | CareVision Shop
Raised Toilet Seat | CareVision Shop. The BetterLiving Fixed Height Raised Toilet Seat with Lid is easy to attach, remove and clean. Ergonomically designed, the contoured one-piece seat sits directly on the porcelain bowl. Front and rear recess for increased hygiene access. Includes a flip-up lid for improved appearance and increased hygiene. Available in three heights - Low (50 mm), Medium (100 mm) and High (150 mm).

Recessed Paper Towel Dispenser | Star Washroom Accessories
Recessed Paper Towel Dispenser | Star Washroom Accessories. Recessed Paper Towel Dispenser shall hold and dispense 2 packs of slim line interleave paper. Towel dispenser door, frame and cabinet shall be fabricated of 304 stainless steel with a satin finish. All exposed surfaces shall be satin finish and be protected during shipment with a PVC film easily removable after installation.

Recycled Polymer Bonethane Terrazo | ISPS Innovations

Reliable and Fast Waterproofing Installation | Bayset
Reliable and Fast Waterproofing Installation | Bayset. Aveo Bridgman Downs - Renovating a serviced aged care facility. The bedroom in this property had been flooded on three occasions. Newton System 500 was selected due to its reliability and quick installation time. The bedroom had been flooded on 3 occasions during very heavy flooding, each time causing high stress for the owner-occupant.

Relocatable Pedestrian Turnstiles | Magnetic Automation
Relocatable Pedestrian Turnstiles | Magnetic Automation. Magnetic recently completed a job for a gas plant construction site which included manufacturing and installing our MPP Pedestrian turnstiles. The turnstiles were made on relocatable plinths and included wireless access control to allow for easy mobility around the site when required. These pedestrian turnstiles are used to control the flow of workers entering and exiting restricted areas on the site.

Rendered Sun Hoods | Poly-Tek
Rendered Sun Hoods | Poly-Tek. Poly-Tek Sun Hoods are supplied Pre Rendered affording your project modern aesthetics without the need for on site rendering or constructing the hood from more labor intensive methods. Poly-Tek Sun Hood shade devices come in 6 standard sizes with vertical wings available to suit each size.

Reusable Pressure Test Plugs | Viega
Reusable Pressure Test Plugs | Viega. The world leader in press technology, Viega, has launched a unique new reusable pressure test plug designed for pressure testing of gas and water fittings. Viega's new bronze test plugs are good news for plumbers/installers testing the pipework joints as either a preliminary check on a section of piping or a final quality check before going into service.

Ripple Cream Limestone Cladding | Sareen Stone
Ripple Cream Limestone Cladding | Sareen Stone. The Ripple Cream, is reminiscent of weathered, corrugated iron and gives a local flavour and appeal to those wanting to incorporate an 'Australian' look into their design.

Roller Blind Revolution Fabric Video | SOLIS
Roller Blind Revolution Fabric Video | SOLIS. Be Revolutionary, Be Green with REVOLUTION® Sunscreen Fabrics by SOLIS. How it's made: - Revolution is made by extracting sugars from plants (corn) grown annually. - These sugars are converted into lactic acid through a fermentation process. - This bioplastic is called Ingeo. - Ingeo fibre offers the best of both worlds: the appeal and aesthetic of a natural based fibre with the cost and performance benefits.

Roller Blind Fabric Cradle to Cradle Certified GOLD | SOLIS
Roller Blind Fabric Cradle to Cradle Certified GOLD | SOLIS. What is - Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Gold - Roller Blind Fabrics by SOLIS. REVOLUTION® is the first sunscreen fabric for roller blinds in the world to be Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Gold and made from plants, and meets the same performance standards as the conventional sunscreen fabrics.

School Hall Acoustic Linings | Keystone Acoustics

Sculptural Works by Australian Artists | ArtPARK
Sculptural Works by Australian Artists | ArtPARK. This stylistic stainless steel piece 'Neo Rising' by artist Master Chen is another fine example of how sculpture can offer a unique blend of visual charm, and striking appeal. The sandstone surrounding the sculpture helps the the stainless steel really pop, yet still remaining subtle and pleasing to the eye.

Sectional Pipe Installation | Polystyrene Products
Sectional Pipe Installation | Polystyrene Products. Polystyrene is used for Sectional Pipe Insulation, SPI, due to its light weight, exceptional insulating properties and resistance to the adverse effects of moisture and temperature. Polystyrene Products have created pipe sections for use in commercial and industrial locations for chilled and cold water lines. The required R Value and Radial Values can be calculated to meet your requirements for all your SPI needs.

Skirtings and Architraves | Australian Moulding Company
Skirtings and Architraves | Australian Moulding Company. AMC are proud to offer one of the largest range of Skirtings and Architraves online catalogue in Australia. Not only do we offer a vast range of skirting and architrave but we can also manufacture cornice mould, picture rail, dado rail, curved architraves, insert mould, bolection mould, linings board, window nosing and much, much more.

Slatted Timber Ceiling Paneling | Supawood
Slatted Timber Ceiling Paneling | Supawood. Supawood rustic timber slatted ceiling feature denotes sophisticated retail interiors. SUPAWOOD's DRIFTWOOD rustic timber slatted paneling has been used as one of the elements to denote the contemporary branding distinctive to King Living retail showrooms.

Slip Resistance Additives by Polycure | Mirotone
Slip Resistance Additives by Polycure | Mirotone. Achieve an R10, R11 or R12 Slip Resistance Rating with Polycure Slip Resistance Additives. Polycure is pleased to introduce its new range of Slip Resistance additives suitable for use in water based and solvent based coatings. New slip resistance requirements became effective for stairs in May 2014 for some states.

Slip Resistant Safety Flooring | Altro
Slip Resistant Safety Flooring | Altro. Altro Aquarius safety flooring provides optimum slip resistance in wet and dry environments. It is suitable for bare feet and any type of shoe. With 16 vibrant colours, it is suitable for healthcare facilities or apartment style living where noise reduction will improve the wellbeing of users.

Stage Truss Variable Hinged Junction | Design Quintessence
Stage Truss Variable Hinged Junction | Design Quintessence. No-one could accuse the Lux Events team in Perth of being unhinged, certainly not now that they have purchased 25 of our new F34 variable hinges that can be set at angles from 0° to 25° in 2.5° increments. David Trapp, managing director at Lux, first came to DQ asking for pricing on a custom 40mØ F34 Truss arc to suit their new 40m curved projection screen on a 130° sweep (17.5m radius).

Stain and Odour Remover GECA Approved | Bio Natural Solutions
Stain and Odour Remover GECA Approved | Bio Natural Solutions. Wee Off™ Bio-Bacterial Stains & Odour Remover is a natural and revolutionary way of removing the cause of stains and odours from any hard and soft surfaces.

Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring | Preference Floors
Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring | Preference Floors. Preference Flooring Supply Vedura Bamboo Flooring. By selecting Verdura bamboo flooring It will help sustain a greener planet. Traditional timber flooring is made from trees that take forty to sixty years to grow, in old growth forests and rainforests. Verdura bamboo flooring is made from bamboo poles selected when matured after only four to five years. These bamboo poles are from our sustainable and carefully managed forests.

Sustainable Flooring Ranges | Sherwood Enterprises
Sustainable Flooring Ranges | Sherwood Enterprises. DON'T DELAY - Now is a fantastic time for small business to invest in business floor coverings by taking advantage of the tax break write off up to $20,000. (ABN Number Required). Whether it be with our export quality recycled rubber Gym Fitness Tiles, Vinyl Planks, Carpet Tiles, Broadloom Carpet, Vinyl Tiles, Vinyl Sheet, Horse or Doggy Day Care Floorings, Playground matting we can supply or supply install.

Sustainable Flooring for Livestock | Sherwood Enterprises
Sustainable Flooring for Livestock | Sherwood Enterprises. Sherwood Enterprises is an established Owned & Operated Australian Flooring Distributor since 2004 & based in Brisbane QLD. As passionate QLD Thoroughbred horse breeders we stock high quality long term performance Rubber Floorings at very Affordable Pricing DIRECT TO YOU.

Swimming Pool Heater Electroheat Video | Waterco
Swimming Pool Heater Electroheat Video | Waterco. The new generation Electroheat heat pump is the latest advancement in swimming pool heating. It has been built with ozone friendly R410A refrigerant, described as the refrigerant of the future, which has dual benefits. Not only is it kinder to the environment, but it also improves the heat pump's performance.

Thermostatic Mixing Valve by Caroma | GWA Bathrooms & Kitchens
Thermostatic Mixing Valve by Caroma | GWA Bathrooms & Kitchens. Caroma Introduces its First Thermostatic Mixing Valve. With a reputation for engineering excellence and continued investment in Australian design and innovation, Caroma extends its extensive product portfolio with the introduction of its first high performance Thermostatic Mixing Valve (TMV20). Caroma's TMV20 sets the benchmark for functionality, reliability and safety.

Timber Look Laminate Flooring | Preference Floors
Timber Look Laminate Flooring | Preference Floors. If you are after a beautiful flooring solution that gives you a quality timber look combined with a tough finish, then look no further then the Preference Classic Collection. It's practical, economical, and stunningly attractive. Preference Flooring's high quality standard and lifetime structural warranty ensure your lifelong enjoyment of the floor.

Timber Shutters and Insulation | Open Shutters
Timber Shutters and Insulation | Open Shutters. Open cedar shutters help improve the quality of life through their thermal qualities. Being solid Western Red Cedar, we have found that Open Shutters insulate a home by improving heat loss by up to 47%. The resultant reduction in heat transfer significantly lowers the requirements for air conditioning. Which simply means lower power bills.

Timber Privacy Shutters | Open Shutters
Timber Privacy Shutters | Open Shutters. Outside looking in. Even with blades open shutters offer privacy. The contrast between the outdoor window framing and interior shutters is eye catching. Open Shutter is Australias most awarded shutter maker and we make it all in NSW, on the Central Coast.

Trackless Security Barriers | Australian Trellis Door Co
Trackless Security Barriers | Australian Trellis Door Co. The Australian Trellis Door Co, ATDC, is proud to announce that its trackless portable security barriers have successfully passed the relevant Australian Standards AS 4687-2007 for Temporary Fencing and Hoarding. This is the first case of a mobile trackless portable barrier successfully crossing over to the Temporary Fencing Industry.

Travertine Sealer | Dry-Treat
Travertine Sealer | Dry-Treat. This home in the Netherlands is an entertainer's dream. An expansive backyard contains a paved travertine patio and swimming pool. The owners of the home desired the surfaces to have protection against staining but the original look of the pavers had to be retained. The wet-slip resistance of the flooring could not be affected either, especially around the pool surrounds.

VGM Module Green Wall System | Elmich
VGM Module Green Wall System | Elmich. Elmich Effect: Inner city Greenwall and Revived Roof Terrace. Elmich VGM 150 Modules recently supplied for a greenwall at this inner city pool and landscaping project. Ken Hitchcock Designs (Elmich Agent in Victoria) consulted with the Designers and Contractors on this project and supplied 68 pre-planted VGM Greenwall Modules. Each module was pre-planted in a nursery to allow proper establishment.

Wall Relief Sculpture by Michael Baird | ARTPark
Wall Relief Sculpture by Michael Baird | ARTPark. This timeless wall relief commissioned Steel Mesh 4.5mtr sculpture by artist Michael Baird really brings some organic flare into this space. While accentuating the size of the wall its mounted on and dynamically filling the space, it sits harmoniously in its environment. This sculpture sublimely contributes class and elegance while remaining subtlety dominate.

Watertight Concrete with Radmyx | Radcrete
Watertight Concrete with Radmyx | Radcrete. Radcrete's long term Sydney distributor/applicator and technical advisor, Mr John Harris oversaw the application of Radmyx on the Sydney Adventist Hospital's recent redevelopment. Radmyx has a higher 'active ingredient' content than other similar products, resulting in watertight concrete and a leak-fee project.

Waterbased Undertile Membrane MasterSeal 615 | BASF
Waterbased Undertile Membrane MasterSeal 615 | BASF. Internal wet areas: BASF's internal wet area system combines water based technology and superior jointing systems to create a secure and long lived membrane system for a wet area. MasterSeal 615 a water based single part polymer membrane is fast curing, low VOC and simple to apply to horizontal and vertical surfaces.

White Vein Polished Marble | RMS Natural Stone
White Vein Polished Marble | RMS Natural Stone. Bianco Vena - Timeless and classic, this white vein (bianco vena) polished marble can be used to create an Italian renaissance style room. At RMS Natural Stone & Ceramics, we are proud to be one of Australia's leading importers of the finest natural stones available for over 20 years. Our consultants work with architects, designers, builders and individual clients to help select products to suit the project.

White Tuscan Column | Clone Stone Australia
White Tuscan Column | Clone Stone Australia. Clone Stone Australia have recently installed some White Stone Tuscan Columns, that were 260mm in Diameter. The installation and removal of stone columns occurred at premises in Sydney.

Wide Gates and Restricted Run-off Space | Magnetic Automation
Wide Gates and Restricted Run-off Space | Magnetic Automation. Solutions for areas with restricted run-off space for wide gate openings. Magnetic recently installed a 15-metre wide bi-parting gate for a warehouse storage facility and distribution centre. A further two MHTM boom gates were installed to compliment the site's perimeter access. The purpose of the boom gates is for the site staff to recognize who is coming in and at what time they entered the site.

Wood Look Plank Flooring | Karndean Designflooring
Wood Look Plank Flooring | Karndean Designflooring. KARNDEAN DESIGNFLOORING ADDS TWELVE ON-TREND WOOD DESIGNS TO ITS POPULAR VAN GOGH COLLECTION. Australasia's market leader in luxury vinyl flooring Karndean Designflooring is expanding its popular Van Gogh Wood collection, available from July 2015. For centuries, wood has been the base material for furniture, cabinetry, flooring and other construction projects.

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