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Adjustable Screwjack Pedestal | Pasco
Adjustable Screwjack Pedestal | Pasco. BUZON DPH-3 pedestal from Pasco is adjustable from 50-78mm. The PH5 slope corrector (0-5%) and numerous fixing accessories are available to support all types of structures, and can be used on all models from DPH0 to DPH3. Height range. Millimetrically adjustable from 50 to 78mm. Addition of PH5 slope corrector gives 0-5% slope correction.

Aluminium Scissor Doors and Gates | Australian Trellis Door Co
Aluminium Scissor Doors and Gates | Australian Trellis Door Co. The Australian Trellis Door Company (ATDC) has successfully launched an extensive range of world class aluminium scissor doors and gates suitable for securing any residential, commercial and industrial applications including beachside and coastal homes, café's, restaurants, alfresco area's, pubs, clubs, reception counters, serveries, shopfronts, warehouses, showrooms and many more.

Aluminium Facade Anodised by Universal Anodisers
Aluminium Facade Anodised by Universal Anodisers. Coffs Harbour Justice Precinct. PTW Architects were commissioned in 2010 to undertake the Master Planning and Concept design for the Coffs Harbour Justice Precinct. The new four storey Courthouse contains some of the most advanced technology in any NSW court, and takes over from the dated Moonee St builidng built in 1963.

Architectural Metal Finishes | Astor Metal Finishes
Architectural Metal Finishes | Astor Metal Finishes. Providing bespoke & durable architectural metal finishes for all types of projects, including; residential, products, furniture, hospitality, commercial and retail. We have Australia's largest capacity for electroplating brass, copper, bronze, nickel, silver, gold, black nickel finishing onto mild steel, aluminium and stainless steel.

Art Deco Skirting Boards | Australian Moulding Company
Art Deco Skirting Boards | Australian Moulding Company. In Australia 'Art Deco' refers to the 1930's. The Art Deco style originated in France in the 1920's following the popular art nouveau movement, although a Hollywood influence was apparent as well. An understated elegance together with the use of geometrics motifs and characteristic colours associated with the art deco era.

Bacteria Cultures for Wastewater Treatment | Bio Natural
Bacteria Cultures for Wastewater Treatment | Bio Natural. ROETECH 106PS is a highly concerntrated mixture of spores and vegetable bacteria. Six patented bacillus bacteria combined with two pseudomonas species provide a multiple enzyme producing culture with enhanced capacity to degrade sufactants, hydrocarbons and other chemicals in addition to standard sewage components. This blend is designed for use in wastewater treatment systems.

Bespoke Lift Options | Shotton Lifts
Bespoke Lift Options | Shotton Lifts. Bespoke to your needs. Dealing direct with the manufacturer gives 'Standard Product' a new meaning. Just because you require a Through Car or Corner Car configuration does not mean increased lead times and complications when you deal with Shotton Lifts. We even have customers who prefer to fit out their own car interior.

Bespoke Balustrade Suites | Axiom Group
Bespoke Balustrade Suites | Axiom Group. Nestled into historically significant bushland this tree-house style apartment development has dwellings suspended over sandstone cuttings and single story apartments floating within the trees. After many months of design consultation with the aim to design a development boasting a unique relationship with the bushland context, Axiom Group was able to design a bespoke balustrade suite to help achieve the architects vision.

Bitumen Alternative TurfPave XD | KHD Landscape Engineering
Bitumen Alternative TurfPave XD | KHD Landscape Engineering. TurfPave XD - An Alternative to Bitumen. Would you like to find an alternative to bitumen for areas with modest traffic, for example office car parks, overflow parking or access roads? TurfPave offers a great alternative to bitumen and this easy to install system has a number of benefits over using a bitumen surface in your landscaping.

Bonethane vs Acrylic Blow Torch Test | ISPS Innovations
Bonethane vs Acrylic Blow Torch Test | ISPS Innovations. Best DIY experience Splashback in the market place! ISPS provides a practice piece with every custom Bonethane order. ISPS are determined to provide the ultimate DIY cutting experience with your installation of Bonethane by allowing you to cut into a practice piece prior to cutting your sheet.

Bonethane VS Acrylic Candle Burn Test Video | ISPS
Bonethane VS Acrylic Candle Burn Test Video | ISPS. Bonethane®, available in any colour & EFX. A Polymer based product & coating formula, crafted & customised modelling strength, flexibility & colour spectrums that are simply endless. Bonethane® Premium has a continuous service temperature of 120°C.

Bracing Insulated Concrete Formed Walls | Insulbrick ICF
Bracing Insulated Concrete Formed Walls | Insulbrick ICF. Do ICF walls need to be braced prior to the placement of concrete? This is a common misperception in the market place. The reason for the misperception frankly is the differing advices offered by the different ICF suppliers. One Company will tell you their ICF is so strong it does not need to be braced or does not need to be braced 'as often'.

Burning Greenflame Carbon Neutral Briquettes | Evalock
Burning Greenflame Carbon Neutral Briquettes | Evalock. Greenflame is a sustainable firewood fuel made with no binder from the waste product of Australian timber joinery, (sawdust) for all fire applications; outdoor entertaining, pizza ovens, chimineas, combustion fires, open fires, agas etc.

Ceramic Tile Manufacture | Designer Ceramics
Ceramic Tile Manufacture | Designer Ceramics. Founded in 1951 Designer Ceramics has evolved through the years manufacturing various ceramic components. By the late seventies the production of ceramic wall tiles had commenced, and several years later had established a network of retailers throughout Australia that sought its unique product range. We have a highly regarded reputation for producing some of the finest quality embossed ceramics within Australia.

Chain Winder System Brisbane | Unique Window Services
Chain Winder System Brisbane | Unique Window Services. Unique window services offers Solar Breeze a remote operated, battery powered, solar charged chain winder system, that is designed to control your awnings, hopper windows and skylights with no power drawn from the Mains. The operator is powered by a battery pack that is continuously charged by a modestly sized solar panel 15cm by 18 cm.

Cleaning Sandstone and Travertine Surfaces | Dry-Treat
Cleaning Sandstone and Travertine Surfaces | Dry-Treat. The porous sandstone and travertine surfaces were constantly being stained. Sealing the surfaces would limit water ingress, reducing the amount of staining. The travertine pool coping was around a salt water pool. This soft, porous stone was therefore at risk to salt spalling and efflorescence. For these reasons STAIN-PROOF™ Original and DRY-TREAT 40SK™ were selected for the project.

Collapsible Architectural Umbrellas | MakMax
Collapsible Architectural Umbrellas | MakMax. MakMax Architectural Umbrellas range The Leva (cantilever column, collapsible are also available in square, rectangular, truncated square, octagonal and hexagonal canopy shapes with models ranging between 5.8-24.7sqm. Designed to Vdes 40.5m/s (145.8km/hr) wind rating as standard, the cantilevered pole allows for unimpeded use underneath the umbrella canopy.

Colourful Artwork Selections | SOHO Galleries
Colourful Artwork Selections | SOHO Galleries. This colourful piece by artist B.E Oil on canvas, 160x100cm. Sits at home in this living space brining a splash of well needed colour and vibrance. Great art work like this, when carefully and professionally selected can really bring something unique to a living space and become an instant member of the family. SOHO Galleries has over 20 years of exhibition history to be offer a broad selection of artwork.

Comfort Harnesses for Fall Protection | 3M Safety
Comfort Harnesses for Fall Protection | 3M Safety. 3M Safety, the global leader in fall protection has announced the launch of their new DBI-SALA® Delta™ Comfort Harnesses, offering users a winning combination of safety and comfort. Incorporating many of the popular features that made the original range so successful, the new Delta Comfort Harnesses feature shoulder, back and leg padding, making it the most comfortable Delta design yet.

Commercial Remedial Waterproofing Materials | Bayset
Commercial Remedial Waterproofing Materials | Bayset. Case Study - Remedial Waterproofing. Varsity Lakes, Gold Coast, Queensland Renovating an aged care facility. This four-level aged care facility had a partial basement and suffered extensive water ingress issues throughout, in particular the room which housed the battery backup system. This system needed to remain fully operational throughout the works.

Complement Interiors with Artwork | Soho Galleries
Complement Interiors with Artwork | Soho Galleries. A great example of how introducing a bold colour into a space can really add something while complementing its surroundings and not overpowering any of the all ready present attributes. These commissioned acrylic on canvas painting's by artist CB really brings the room to life and works great with the surrounding decor. Note how each colour promotes and supports all other colours present.

Concealed Fix Privacy Screen Fencing | Alspec
Concealed Fix Privacy Screen Fencing | Alspec. ALSPEC is pleased to announce the introduction of our DuraSlat Fencing suite of extrusions which provide an innovative concealed fixing solution for pre-powder coated privacy screens and gates for use in both domestic and commercial screening applications. Unlike other screw together screen options, ALSPEC's Screen System is built on the back of ALSPEC's architectural systems knowledge.

Concealed Shower Set | Cyrue
Concealed Shower Set | Cyrue. Grandira Concealed Shower set is a twin shower with anti-drop saving technology. It is temperature controlled with no scalding and a TempLok Child Safety button. Features include; Swivel hose improves manoeuvrability. Safe-to-touch surface. Built-in Diverter. Switch between overhead. Shower & hand piece. Three-knob integrated design for controlling water temperature, water flow function & built-in diverter.

Concrete Column Forms for Barangaroo | EzyTube
Concrete Column Forms for Barangaroo | EzyTube. Barangaroo Point is a spectacular new six hectare headland park located in the Sydney CBD. From the outside, the headland looks like a natural botanical garden, however beneath the landscape is an impressive concrete cavern with monstrous internal concrete columns formed using Ezytube Formwork technologies.

Concrete Pit Forms | Polystyrene Products
Concrete Pit Forms | Polystyrene Products. We were approached a few months ago to come up with a product to join two large waste water pipes together somewhat like a manhole pit, the client had very short time constraints and supply was paramount to completing the project. We made a pit form that they then cast in concrete, removed the Eps to give the part finished result then sealed the entire concrete form with a waterproof membrane.

Contemporary Skirting Boards | Australian Moulding Company
Contemporary Skirting Boards | Australian Moulding Company. After the war, housing in Australia hit a boom period. There was a growing availability of mass produced building components and materials. A new lifestyle was adopted and reflected in the interior and exterior design of many modern homes. The term less is more is evident for modern and contemporary homes.

Curved Glass for Gehry Interior | Bent & Curved Glass
Curved Glass for Gehry Interior | Bent & Curved Glass. BCG curved glass in Frank Gehry's Dr Chau Chak Wing Building. Bent and Curved Glass recently had the privilege of contributing to the success of the iconic Frank Gehry designed Dr Chau Chak Wing Building which is the new home of UTS Business school in central Sydney. In partnership with Lend Lease and Foxville Interiors BCG manufactured the curved glass elements forming the meeting room pods and dividing screens.

Custom Made Clear Acrylic Cabinets | Allplastics
Custom Made Clear Acrylic Cabinets | Allplastics. Custom Made Perspex Cabinet for Dr Chau Chak Building. The unique new building designed by architect Frank Gehry is attracting the attention of many experts as well as visitors to the UTS precinct in Sydney. Allplastics provided the Dr Chau Chak building's custom made clear Acrylic cabinets for Karisma Joinery who were engaged to diligently deliver a very challenging fitout in this high profile project.

Custom Retail Displays | SI Retail
Custom Retail Displays | SI Retail. In-store Automated Entry Gates for Supercheap Auto by SI Retail. Here at SI Retail, we are proud of the fact that we can provide more than just your basic Shopfitting needs. We have the capabilities, knowledge and experience to turn your visions into a reality whether you need custom displays, flooring or full store fitout. We combine this expertise with both our team based in Australia and in China.

Dairy and Equine Eco Friendly Flooring Ranges | Sherwood
Dairy and Equine Eco Friendly Flooring Ranges | Sherwood. Based at our Head Office Warehouse in Brisbane & due to client enquiries Sherwood Enterprises is now seeking Stockist Distributors in other Australian States & the Northern Territory/Darwin to stock & market our Horse/Dairy Rubber Ranges: Please enquire via email for further details. Quality Horse mats and roll matting along with cushioned horse pavers and Dust Extracted Cardboard horse bedding.

DDA Compliant HEELPROOF Grates | EJ
DDA Compliant HEELPROOF Grates | EJ. No Business Wants to be Known as a Heel - Specify DDA Compliant HEELPROOF™ by EJ. Just for the experience, hire a wheel chair and try rolling it through some of the established public spaces around the country. There is an appalling lack of consideration for those who are permanently wheel-chair bound. Slippery trench grates with wide gaps that wheels can easily jam in create mobility and even tip and fall issues.

Designer Carpet Ranges | Prestige Carpets
Designer Carpet Ranges | Prestige Carpets. Meticulously manufactured in Australia, the Prestige Carpets portfolio comprises some of the world's highest quality, innovative and chic carpet products. Our carpets are featured in publications such as Vogue Living, Belle and Inside Out, and can be seen in some of Australia and New Zealand's finest homes.

Design Your Fire | Escea Gas Fires
Design Your Fire | Escea Gas Fires. Our Design Your Fire tool allows you to create and compare a wide range of Escea gas fireplace ideas. Select a gas heater model, then add a fascia (fireplace surround) and fuel bed. Use our interactive sliding tool to compare different options side-by-side and select your preferred fireplace design. Escea Design Your Fire is super easy to use.

Drainage for Tram and Rail Applications | Hydro Construction
Drainage for Tram and Rail Applications | Hydro Construction. HYDRO DRAIN TRAFFIC. For the complex and varying requirements associated with tram and rail applications. When it comes to tram and rail applications every project is different and requires specially adapted products and innovative solutions. No matter which channel system you use for the task in hand, Hydros' DRAIN Traffic delivers decades of expertise in professional surface drainage.

Drainage Channels by MEAGARD | Hydro Construction Products
Drainage Channels by MEAGARD | Hydro Construction Products. When it comes to drainage, the most important thing for homeowners is the need for simplicity! Hydro Drain's MEAGARD drainage channels for home and garden really are user-friendly and are as easy to install as they are to maintain. The required accessories are restricted to a minimum - and as such are highly effective.

Drifting Sands Sandstone | Sareen Stone
Drifting Sands Sandstone | Sareen Stone. If you are after a beautiful looking sandstone, then the Drifting Sands sandstone might be what you are looking for. Its trademark looks of creamy peach ivory base colour with subtle copper marbling make it a popular choice for residential applications. The variation of colour in the sandstone makes it pliable with almost any other material used in outdoor or landscaped areas.

Drop Down Grab Rail | Axess Trading
Drop Down Grab Rail | Axess Trading. Axess Tradings Bariatric Drop dowm grab rail is designed and manufactured in Australia. Features; - This design allows for vertical (SWL) up to 300kg and lateral (SWL) up to 160kg. - Support leg with height adjustable anti slip foot-pad. - Support leg locks in position when open. - Grabrail is locked in upright position by a locking mechanism. - Left or right hand available. - Manufactured using 38mm tube.

Eco Friendly Graffiti Remover Gel | Bio Natural Solutions
Eco Friendly Graffiti Remover Gel | Bio Natural Solutions. The ready to use graffiti remover gel is a unique product formulated to remove paints, polyurethane and other coatings from porous surfaces such as brick, stone, masonry, marble, footpaths, pavers and terracotta. It is suitable for any vertical, inclined or overheated surfaces. This is a safe-to-use graffiti remover that overcomes the need for harsh chemical based cleaners.

Exposed Twin Shower Set | Cyrue
Exposed Twin Shower Set | Cyrue. Cyrenia Exposed Shower Set is a twin-shower sliding rail with anti-drop water saving technology. Additional Features; - Controlled temperature - No scalding - Templok Child Safety Button - Swivel hose improves manoeuvrability - Safe-to-touch surface - Built-in diverter - Switch between overhead shower and hand piece - Comes with 300mm round brass shower head.

Fabric Tension Awning System | Evaya
Fabric Tension Awning System | Evaya. The FTS Fabric Tension System awning has been specifically designed to be installed over Glass Roofs, Conservatories, or Pergolas to assist in heat reduction and to provide shelter. Manufactured largely from extruded aluminium, and with Stainless steel fittings, the powder-coated finish will ensure your FTS awning has an extensive life. The fabric remains taut at every stage of movement of the front bar.

Fast Action Fold Up Doors | DMF International
Fast Action Fold Up Doors | DMF International. High speed roll doors are a very popular door type to secure and seal secure large openings in logistics, warehousing, mining, processing and production. DMF can now supply an alternative solution for large openings over 10m in width. The High Speed Fold Up Door is new to the DMF range, presenting a new door type to consider for larger openings options, and at a surprisingly affordable price.

Flotex Flocked Floor Tiles | Forbo Flooring Systems
Flotex Flocked Floor Tiles | Forbo Flooring Systems. Forbo's Flotex flocked flooring tiles and sheets are suitable for areas that experience high traffic and are able to withstand extreme wear. New technology and design options allow a space to be functional and long lasting while still visually appealing. When it comes to durability and ability to be cleaned and maintain looks, Flotex is by far the clear choice.

French Provincial Style Staircase | S&A Stairs
French Provincial Style Staircase | S&A Stairs. Stairs in tight spaces can be restrictive and look cramped, but with clever planning and design you can still achieve something very special. This French provincial inspired project in Brighton highlights the precision and detail S&A are renowned for. With two painted curved closed outer stringers - allowing the stair to widen at the base and top - the shape of the stair itself is quite unique.

Gas Ducted Heating with Escea DX Series Fireplaces
Heat Ducting is part of Escea DX Series Fireplaces. Escea's unique Multiroom Technology fireplaces push the warmth of the gas flames to the farthest reaches of a room, boosting the efficiency and heat output of their DX Series gas fireplaces. The heated air from the fire is transported through ceiling or floor ducts to the outlets located either within the same room or throughout the house.

Handcrafted Concrete Columns | Clone Stone Australia
Handcrafted Concrete Columns | Clone Stone Australia. If you are after concrete columns of the highest quality with timeless appeal, look no further then Clone Stone Australia. Our concrete columns are handcrafted and finished to the highest specifications, with the result replicating natural stone. Our extensive range of concrete columns can be custom finished in a size that best fits your application.

Heavy-Duty Load Capacity Access Covers and Frames | EJ
Heavy-Duty Load Capacity Access Covers and Frames | EJ. Heavy Metal, Solo Access - The EJ Solution at Sim's Metal. At Sim's Metal recycling plant in Henderson Industrial Park south of Perth, the ground is bristling with 20 new Solo F900 access covers. These heavy-duty hinged covers were selected over standard drop-in units because they are regularly accessed and best of all, they can be easily opened by one person - going it solo, if you like.

Insulated Thermal Mass Construction with THERMOMASS
Insulated Thermal Mass Construction with THERMOMASS. Long-time friends of Composite Global Solutions, de Campo Architects are embarking on their latest project, Boroondara House, in Sorrento. The two-storied dwelling, nestled on a gently sloping site is intended as a place of sublime logic and enduring performance. Recognising the unparalleled advantages of incorporating insulated thermal mass in their designs, de Campo Architects decided to adapt.

Insulated Concrete Form Multi-Story Construction | Insulbrick
Insulated Concrete Form Multi-Story Construction | Insulbrick. Who would you think would have the best understanding of Building Products available in the market place? Builders? Architects? Engineers? Maybe. Building Surveyors? Definitely. This prominent Building Surveyor chose Insulbrick ICFs for his new offices. During construction he enjoyed the benefits of this fast, strong and economic construction system.

Japanese Premium MT01 Roller Blind | Solis Products
Japanese Premium MT01 Roller Blind | Solis Products. For those projects where the best roller blind in the market is required, the system should be as carefully considered as the fabric choice. Japanese designed and manufactured componentry with profile extruded in Australia. Has been tested for 10,000 up and down movements to meet its minimum acceptable quality level. Up to 70% quicker than a standard blind. Pull the chain a metre and the blind rises up to 1.7 metres.

Large Lightweight Picture Frames | Polystyrene Products
Large Lightweight Picture Frames | Polystyrene Products. We were recently requested by a client to manufacture some Frames for External use in an upcoming shopping centre shoot, our brief was to produce a lightweight large scale designer styled frame that could be used by people to have their pictures taken inside of, we manufactured the frame and supplied them in one piece with a hard & durable coating on the outside.

LED Area Lighting Upgrade | WE-EF
LED Area Lighting Upgrade | WE-EF. Premium car brands in new light - Riller & Schnauck Group, Berlin, Germany. Since the end of last year, Berlin's 'ferraristi' and Ferrari enthusiasts wishing to join the owners' club have had a new meeting point in Berlin. The Riller & Schnauck Group opened their new Ferrari showroom in Berlin-Steglitz in December 2014.

Light Fabrication Sydney | Aluminium Partition Systems
Light Fabrication Sydney | Aluminium Partition Systems. Aluminium Partitions Systems offer Powdercoating, Anodising and Light Fabrication as part of the service that they provide. They stock a comprehensive range of Angles, Channels, Rectangular and Square Hollows, Flat Bars and Round Tubing etc. APS can Cut, Mortise and process MDF Panels and Stop Ends at our Facility at St Peters.

Lockable Dual Toilet Paper Dispenser | Star Washroom Accessories
Lockable Dual Toilet Paper Dispenser | Star Washroom Accessories. S-625. Dual Roll Toilet Tissue Dispenser. Size: (W.H.D) 152x305x165mm. Type 304 Stainless steel cabinet and mechanism. Surface mounted. Lockable for vandalism protection. Great for commercial places and public washrooms. Easy to clean and install.

Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring | Preference Floors
Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring | Preference Floors. Preference Legacy luxury vinyl plank comes with an authentic timber look and with a 4 sides click system, it has never been easier to install Vinyl flooring. Features Include: Fibreglass reinforced, enhances stability. No gluing or heavy tools required. Authentic and Realistic Timber look. Water and Stain resistant. Slip and Sound resistant. Eco-friendly, 100% Recyclable and 0% Formaldehyde.

Magnolia Limestone Tiles | RMS Natural Stone & Ceramics
Magnolia Limestone Tiles | RMS Natural Stone & Ceramics. Magnolia - beautiful and consistent limestone that is used for internal and external floors and walls.

Marmoleum Next Generation Linoleum | Forbo Flooring Systems
Marmoleum Next Generation Linoleum | Forbo Flooring Systems. Marmoleum is Forbo's main linoleum brand; it stands for versatility, sustainability and durability. It combines ecological and economic values that help bring modern and contemporary architecture to life. All Marmoleum floors now include Topshield2, a double UV cured finish delivering floor performance in the real world that results in the lowest cost of ownership over its life time.

Mass Coverage Carpark Shade | MakMax
Mass Coverage Carpark Shade | MakMax. MakMax mass coverage range of architectural carparks offer complete cover for full carparks and driveways. Perfect for busy shopping centres or traffic areas such as airports. All our mass coverage solutions are designed by our in-house professionals to suit your specific requirements.

Metallic Polyaspartic Floor Coating | LATICRETE
Metallic Polyaspartic Floor Coating | LATICRETE. Retail Center Coating System: The marina's owners were in need of a new flooring system that would be unique, yet functional as a heavy-traffic retail flooring application. The owners selected HP Spartacote's Aplen-Glow™ metallic coating system as a way to enhance showroom's appearance by creating a floor that somewhat resembled the deep blue waters off of Florida's Gulf Coast.

Modern Garden Sculptures | ARTPark Australia
Modern Garden Sculptures | ARTPark Australia. This wonderful sculpture, Strange Brew by artist R.J is constructed with a combination of stainless and Cor-ten steel. Sitting proudly in this garden space, carefully placed symmetrically in the court yard this piece boasts power and style. How is your garden space looking? Could it use something different, unique and intriguing? Professionally sourced art work can bring a new look to your life and a life long investment.

Multipart Access Covers | EJ
Multipart Access Covers | EJ. Victoria Builds For The Future - And of Course, EJ Products Feature. One of Victoria's major construction projects is the $1 billion, world-class cancer centre in Parkville, Melbourne. Amongst all of this, project developers Grocon have placed orders for a sizeable kit of EJ product, including six large multipart covers and one large stainless steel edge multipart as well as a number of small decorative edge and two-part covers.

Mural Protection with UV Grade Polycarbonate | Allplastics
Mural Protection with UV Grade Polycarbonate | Allplastics. Turramurra High School had a beautifully finished mural painted on the wall surrounding their canteen opening. Unfortunately, the artwork was getting damaged due to constant contact with children's shoe marks and the occasional graffiti artist. The school's P&C Association approached Allplastics for a solution.

New Mascot Engineering Website offers Technical Specifications
New Mascot Engineering Website offers Technical Specifications. Technical specifications at your finger tips. Mascot Engineering has launched their new website (mascotengineering.com.au) complete with over 200 pages of comprehensive technical product specifications as well as useful product selection material. This pioneering website covers everything a plumber, electrician, builder and contractor could possibly need, yet is practical and simple to use.

Non Adjustable Pedestal | Pasco
Non Adjustable Pedestal | Pasco. BUZON DPH-0 17mm by Pasco is a non-adjustable pedestal and is the lowest pedestal in the DPH range. The PH5 slope corrector (0-5%) and numerous fixing accessories are available to support all types of structures.

Open Rise Staircase | S&A Stairs
Open Rise Staircase | S&A Stairs. On the first flight (open rise), cantilevered boxed treads cover steel supports from a concealed stringer in the wall. It's a high risk, high care process, but the end result is understated and beautiful. The treads are made with super thick 84mm Blackbutt pieces, which match in profile to the wallrail.

Paper Towel Dispenser and Waste Receptacle | Star Washroom
Paper Towel Dispenser and Waste Receptacle | Star Washroom. Made from Fabricated 304 stainless steel door has a satin finish. Unit locked with tumbler locks and door is attached to cabinet with full length Piano hinge. Capacity to hold 2 packs of slim line interleave paper towel.

Paver Infill Covers | Mascot Engineering
Paver Infill Covers | Mascot Engineering. A cost effective alternative to traditional brass or stainless steel edge covers. Mascot's Paver Infill Covers are available in Class B and Class D loadings. The ductile iron covers are perfect for pavers in urban areas, patios and driveways where you would like the cover to disappear into the surface finish.

Pedestrian Entry and Exit System | Magnetic Automation
Pedestrian Entry and Exit System | Magnetic Automation. Six Magnetic MPR retractable barriers were recently installed for a transport provider. The entry and exit points both had two standard width barriers and one wide width barrier to accommodate large volumes of traffic thoroughfare. The MPR series is designed to control pedestrians entering or exiting restricted areas, usually under surveillance, in low security situations.

Polycarbonate Patio Covers and Awnings | Undercover Blinds
Polycarbonate Patio Covers and Awnings | Undercover Blinds. Carb-o-lite Polycarbonate Patio Covers and Awnings. Renovate your home and office windows with our ultra-modern look dual layered polycarbonate Patio Covers and Awnings. If you are after a solution that is tough, lightweight, versatile, Leak-proof, translucent and long-lasting then this is the product for you.

Porcelain Paver Supports | KHD Landscape Engineering Solutions
Porcelain Paver Supports | KHD Landscape Engineering Solutions. Why Porcelain Pavers and VersiPave are The Perfect Match. If you're looking for the perfect pavers to use over your VersiPave supports, you may want to consider porcelain. Strong, water resistant and available in a wide range of different styles, porcelain pavers also don't require any maintenance or sealant which makes them the ideal no fuss solution for a range of different surfaces.

Pressure Independent Control Valve by Danfoss | Devex
Pressure Independent Control Valve by Danfoss | Devex. The Danfoss AB-QM is a Pressure Independent Control Valve (PICV) that can be used as a stand-alone, automatic limiter valve or as a combined flow limiter and control valve when fitted with a wide range of Danfoss actuators, providing accurate and stable flow. Most recently, Devex Systems installed this valve in the Barangaroo project in Sydney as is indicated in the below case study.

Preventative Maintenance Program | Magnetic Automation
Preventative Maintenance Program | Magnetic Automation. A Preventative Maintenance Program is one of the most important aspects of any automation system. Performing proactive servicing can help to minimise the risk of breakdowns and associated safety issues. At Magnetic Automation we can tailor a maintenance program and/or regular servicing to suit your needs and ensure that your purchased product maintains the highest quality of operation.

Radiant Outdoor Heating | Undercover Blinds
Radiant Outdoor Heating | Undercover Blinds. Heatstrip Classic Radiant Electric Heater by Thermofilm. Bring summer to your outdoor area this winter with these remarkable electric heaters. For residential and commercial usage, this heater will replace your old gas bottle heaters! Stylish, slimline, classy design, cost efficient and reliable. No ongoing maintenance, just plug and start warming up this winter.

Rapid Setting Cementitious Floor Underlayment | BASF
Rapid Setting Cementitious Floor Underlayment | BASF. MasterTop 546 is an economical, non-sag, cementitious, non-structural, floor patching material intended for use over poured in-situ and precast concrete floors which will be covered by a cementitious underlay. MasterTop 546 has been specifically formulated to achieve fast setting mortar.

Ready to use Grout Plasma Video | LATICRETE
Ready to use Grout Plasma Video | LATICRETE. LATICRETE® PLASMA™ is a revolutionary, professional grade grout that is ready-to-use with no mixing required. Built on a new, patent-pending technology platform, PLASMA provides early strength development, unmatched ease of workability and superior stain resistance. PLASMA is crack and stain resistant and does not require sealing.

Residential Water Filter Micron W300 Video | Waterco
Residential Water Filter Micron W300 Video | Waterco. Enjoy clear water through your whole house. Micron W Series filters all the water entering the house, providing clear water to every tap. Clear water for cooking and cleaning. Cleaner, brighter laundry. Refreshing baths and showers. Extended service life of drinking water purifiers. There are no filter cartridges to clean or to replace.

Retractable Security Barriers | Australian Trellis Door Company
Retractable Security Barriers | Australian Trellis Door Company. Australian Trellis Door Company's (ATDC) retractable security barrier is being widely used across the rapidly expanding Star Carwash network primarily to secure the on-site cleaning chemicals and compounds. With many of these wash bays now being installed in the high traffic car parks of many of the country's leading shopping centre networks.

Sales Increase by 300% in Spec-Net Online Shop
Sales Increase by 300% in Spec-Net Online Shop.

Shackle Wall Plate | Miami Stainless
Shackle Wall Plate | Miami Stainless. DIAMOND SHACKLE WALL PLATE S3213-180PR. This product is designed as a secure connection point and can be fixed to a variety of substrates. The built in 10mm Shackle Eye eliminates the need to purchase the additional shackle normally needed with standard type Wall or Eye Plates that allows the shade to be as close to the fixing point as possible.

Slatted Timber Curved Ceiling with SUPASLAT | Supawood
Slatted Timber Curved Ceiling with SUPASLAT | Supawood. Architectural marvel becomes reality for shopping mall. SUPAWOOD turned a stunning but geometrically complex concept by UK firm ACME into reality at Robina Town Centre. SUPAWOOD designed and engineered SUPASLAT panels to not only curve but also twist in order follow a complex and uniquely curved ceiling in the 'Market Hall' addition, completed and opened in late May 2015.

Square Glass Hand Rail Bracket Assembly | ECIA
Square Glass Hand Rail Bracket Assembly | ECIA. Currently available in ECIA's stock list is the new EC-31 square hand rail bracket assembly for glass installations. It is a stylish and modern alternative to existing brackets on the market. Made from high quality stainless steel (316) the EC-31 system was designed for welding to either stainless steel: flat bar, plate or round tube.

Supawood Lining Systems for Royal Randwick Racecourse
Supawood Lining Systems for Royal Randwick Racecourse. Multiple SUPAWOOD products used throughout Sydney sporting landmark. SUPAWOOD'S ALUCLICK aluminium beams feature extensively on the exteriors and SUPACOUSTIC and SUPALINE decorative panels are used throughout most of the interior of the high profile redevelopment of the Royal Randwick Racecourse spectator precinct.

Swimming Pool Lighting with BriteStream | Waterco
Swimming Pool Lighting with BriteStream | Waterco. BriteStream LED underwater pool light. Add a new level of ambience to your pool with a great new range of Multicoloured LED lights from Waterco. Britestream's Multicoloured LED light can produce a multitude of different colours without the need for coloured lenses. The light's multicoloured combinations are easily programmed via its light switch.

Cor-ten Steel Sculpture | ARTPark
Cor-ten Steel Scuplture | ARTPark. This bold and demanding piece 'Wavering Circle' by artist GJ is delivered in Cor-ten Steel and uses symmetry coupled with a flawless organic design. Once again symmetry is achieved with the sculpture situated on top a garden hill inline with the front door. Your gaze is directed through the the centre of this piece as you leave the house.

Textured Patterned Glass HALO | Axolotl
Textured Patterned Glass HALO | Axolotl. The jewel in our crown. As winter finally draws to a close, we celebrate with some new beginnings. One beginning is featured here, a new range of beautiful glass we call HALO. By combining the principles of our core glass processes 'veil' and 'formed', we sculpt the glass surface by carving up to 3mm deep then kiln fire the glass to soften the shape and texture of its surface.

Toilet Backrest | Axess Trading
Toilet Backrest | Axess Trading. Axess Tradings brand of toilet backrest The Eisegrip® is a premium Australian made product designed to satisfy all the requirements of Australian Standard 1428.1-2009 (Design for Access and Mobility) and the access provisions of the Building Code of Australia 2011. Contoured shape and solid mounting provides a comfortable and dignified environment for the user.

Traffic Door for High Impact | DMF International
Traffic Door for High Impact | DMF International. The problem - high trafficked doorways requiring better control against temperature, noise and dust. The solution - a DMF high impact Traffic door. DMF International Pty Ltd is a Sydney based company, and are manufacturers of these high impact swing doors. The Traffic Door is constructed from 40mm thick panels, comprising a compressed foam which provides thermal and sound insulation.

Underslung Tapware G Series Range by Caroma | GWA
Underslung Tapware G Series Range by Caroma | GWA. Caroma's New G Series Underslung Tapware Range assists with Infection Control. Combining functionality with reliability, Caroma G Series Underslung tapware is designed to assist with infection control, offering the perfect solution for hospitals and health facilities. The domed surface reduces water retention and facilitates in easy cleaning and optimal hygiene control.

Undyed Wool Carpet Range | Prestige Carpets
Undyed Wool Carpet Range | Prestige Carpets. Coloured by nature, the 5 earthy tones of this beautiful 4 range collection come from the natural occurring colours of the sheep. With a lightly heathered finish, the undyed Naturals Collection is made from 100% Pure New Zealand Wool, and is suitable for any Extra Heavy Duty Residential application.

Vandal Resistant Public Amenity Products | Britex
Vandal Resistant Public Amenity Products | Britex. Britex Project Spotlight: Winchelsea Toilet Block. Britex is proud to be able to supply a complete fit out for a new toilet block in Winchelsea, Country Victoria. We were able to locally manufacture and supply a complete range of products best suited to public amenities including anti vandal slab urinals, vandal resistant hand basins and tapware, as well as custom stainless steel mirrors.

Wall Basin for Healthcare by Caroma | GWA Bathrooms & Kitchens
Wall Basin for Healthcare by Caroma | GWA Bathrooms & Kitchens. Caroma Extends its Healthcare Solutions with Innovative Care 500 Wall Basin. Caroma leads the way in designing and engineering products for the independent living and care markets and has recently extended this portfolio with the innovative Care 500 Wall Basin. Specifically designed to meet Type C hospital requirements for non-clinical basins, the Care 500 Wall Basin is ideal for general hand washing.

Whittle Waxes Timber Finishes Range at Connollys Timber
Whittle Waxes Timber Finishes Range at Connollys Timber. Come see the full range of our Whittle Waxes product in Connollys Timber new and beautiful showroom. The doors are now open to Connollys' Timber new and beautiful showroom coated from head to toe in Whittle Waxes products. Connollys' Timber is progressive company that knows how to keep up with the trends in the timber and coatings market.

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